It’s often said that cryptocurrencies are “smart money” because they are generally used by computer literate individuals. This nickname may apply to the best projects in the space, but not all crypto investments are smart investments. History has shown the world that choosing the right crypto investment requires research, determination, and skill.

Thankfully, you can start your research right now. These coins all have made this list because they possess unique technologies and market strategies that allowed them to serve certain niche markets perfectly. Here are the smartest Crypto investments of 2020



Apollo Is a project that continues to receive media attention due to its unmatched flexibility and advanced security features. Many in the market consider this blockchain to be the first true fourth-generation blockchain in the market. A quick glimpse at its technologies and it’s easy to see why Apollo makes the top of the list.


Quantum Resistance

What happens when quantum computers go from costing millions to only costing thousands? This is the question that fourth-generation blockchains attempt to satisfy. Quantum computers are a very real threat to the ecosystem because they possess the ability to easily overpower the consensus mechanism in use today to secure blockchains. Apollo was the first blockchain to achieve true quantum resistance. 

Apollo provides users with a wide array of blockchain-based functionalities including the ability to conduct ICOs, Atomic Swaps, digital identification verification, and advanced tokenization. Another advantage of the platform is its transactions-per-second rate. Impressively, Apollo is on par with global processors like Visa. 


Easy to Use

Anyone can build a token on Apollo’s blockchain. The developers integrated a user-friendly interface to make this process as painless as possible. You can find Apollo on the BitMart exchange. Registration only takes 5 minutes and you are ready to go.



GSX is a close relative of Apollo. This stable coin is pegged to a series of profitable mining operations and physical gold. Keenly, GSX holders receive dividends for their investment equal to their percentage in holdings. The best part is that the dividend payments include the appreciating value of the company’s gold reserves and growing properties.

GSX is unique in that it fills nearly every cryptocurrency use case. The coin functions perfectly as a digital peer-to-peer currency. It retains the stability of gold, yet it has the growth potential of an investment token. On top of that, it pays dividends. Since GSX lives on the Apollo blockchain, it is also quantum resistant. In fact, it’s the first and only, quantum-resistant stable coin in the market today.



GSX is different from many of the other gold-pegged stable coins. This platform is all about transparency. The company allows third-party auditors to keep track of its holdings and publish the data on the blockchain. In this way, GSX holders receive the most investor insight possible. 

Currently, GSX is available in pre-sale only at Investors receive a substantial discount of up to 50% on their coins when they purchase during the pre-sale event.



LINK is the utility token that services the Chainlink oracle network. Chainlink seeks to eliminate the main problems facing oracles today. Oracles are sensors that have the ability to trigger actions on the blockchain. In most cases, this is a smart contract. 

For example, imagine if you bet on your favorite sports team and your funds were locked into a smart contract. If your bet wins, the protocol releases your rewards without any human intervention. Amazingly, oracles can be set to any sensory system.

Oracles suffer from severe centralization. Chainlink wants to create a decentralized oracle network to combat miss information. The system is impressive. It can verify an oracle’s reliability and remove faulty ones from the system. Chainlink is available on Coinbase Pro currently.



Ethereum is a classic in the market. Despite its maturity, the platform continues to introduce game-changing updates. Ethereum is the second-largest blockchain network in the world and the largest Dapp ecosystem. Additionally, there are more ERC-20 Tokens than any other type of token in the world. 

All of these factors keep Ethereum as relevant as the day it entered the market. Now, the platform intends to do a major upgrade to its consensus mechanism. Specifically, Ethereum will go from a PoW system to a PoS system before the end of the year. The advantages of such an upgrade are less power consumption and the ability to provide users with a passive income via staking.

Ethereum is almost single-handedly responsible for the ICO explosion of 2017. This platform continues to remain a smart option for companies seeking a high level of interoperability for their tokens within the market. You can find Ethereum on any respectable exchange.


Lightning Network Bitcoin

The last coin on this list is really a coin plus a protocol. The Lightning Network is an off-chain protocol that provides Bitcoin with nearly unlimited scalability and “lightning” fast payments. This revolutionary protocol continues to achieve notable milestones.

This month saw the Lightning Network remove channel capacity and transaction limits. Additionally, the Lightning Network allows Bitcoin to enjoy smart contract functionality and oracle networks. For years analysts predicted that Lightning Network Bitcoin would be held at a premium to regular Bitcoin because of its added liquidity.

Now that this protocol is close to a public release, the excitement around the project is palpable. The network is the biggest and most secure it has ever been. Additionally, the ecosystem now includes a robust development sector. You can get Lightning Network Bitcoin at a number of exchanges such as Bitfenix.


The 5 Smartest Crypto Investments in 2020 

You don’t have to be a genius to be a crypto investor. All you really need is a will to succeed and the ability to remove your emotions out of the equation. All of the platforms listed above hold a pivotal position in the market. Consequently, they will grow as the entire crypto sector expands.