In this digital world content like audio, video, software, games etc. is now being distributed online. This content is generally downloaded, streamed or distributed as soft copies. An artist has minimal control over his or her digital content and hence the rightful credits are lost most of the time. Therefore, there is a need for a Digital Rights Management system that enhances the digital content sharing system and bridges the gap between an artist and a fan. The RIGHTS Distributed Digital Network backed by blockchain technology creates the best interactive fan experience by protecting copyright rights of an artist.

In the distributed digital network, the database is shared and synchronized among the users of the network. All the transactions are recorded, and no third party mediator is involved in the transactions. This regulates the digital content usage among the network members. There are multiple benefits of the RIGHTS Distributed Digital Network that will revolutionize the digital data distribution ecosystem. The benefits are:

  • Safeguard of copyrights: The roles of data custodians and managers are clearly identified in this ecosystem. Until authorized by the data owner, no one can access the digital content. Capture of timestamp and a cryptographic signature of the transaction further protects and regulates the data sharing and synchronization. The blockchain technology makes the digital content owners immutable.
  • Digital Cards ecosystem: The members can buy digital cards created by their favorite artists. The digital content is embedded in these cards that provide a heartfelt experience to the buyers. The digital watermark linked to each card will prevent illegal distribution which is an added benefit for the artist. Since an artist issues their own digital points on RDDN, the customer loyalty will improve. RIGHTS is an open ecosystem where even small-scale contents can be distributed, making a profit.
  • Digital Assets: Currently unavailable datasets like images, video, and audio will be registered on the blockchain. Digital contents will change the very fabric of blockchain through real-exist assets.
  • Creation of Socializing space: RIGHTS connects the artists and fans digitally; hence the artists can perform fan services regardless of time and place. The ‘Chat on Air’ feature is a virtual communication space where the artists and fans can enjoy live recording videos. The fans can even meet their artists in real time and share moments with a minimal service charge. AI based analysis provides a secure place for the artist and fans to interact, thereby bridging the gap between the two. And furthermore, artists can notice their fans potential demand throughout this function, like direct marketing.
  • Crowdfunding & Events: By using the RIGHTS Infinity Sphere the artists and fans can execute crowdfunding where they can raise funds for projects by selling goods designed by artists. RIS can also function as voting ticket, event etc. and supports the realization of projects like tournament competitions, general elections etc.
  • RIGHTS Infinity Sphere: It is the utility token of RIGHTS. It can be used to purchase various crowdfunding and ticketing events. RIS can only be purchased in a country that allows crypto ecosystem for trading.
  • Transforming the content world: With the help of 5G technology, the connections to digital content will be thousands time faster. The 5G technology will further enhance the virtual reality evolution by supporting ultra-high resolution displays data transfer and the real-time connections.RIGHTS will work with this evolution.

The RDDN technology is here to revolutionize the way artists and fans interact and connect by not only protecting the artist’s copyright material but also giving the fans real-time access to their favorite artists. The blockchain technology on the backend further enhances this experience by securing the fan and artist interactions. Get ready to connect with your favorite artists in real time.