Conventional cryptocurrencies have had a fair share of criticism, such as Bitcoin. Their main drawbacks include lack of physical support and reliance on peer-to-peer device transfers. Since no one can see the money, the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies has long been in doubt by critics. The asset-backed cryptocurrencies idea originated as a solution.

If it’s your first time learning about asset-backed cryptocurrencies, there are digital currencies that are linked to the value of physical assets like real estate, oil, energy, minerals and even precious metals like gold.

What are gold-backed cryptocurrencies?

Gold-backed cryptocurrencies are digital currencies tied to gold. It means that while the crypto coins are on a distributed ledger and therefore easy to exchange, they also have something intrinsic value that is missing in conventional cryptocurrencies.

How do gold-backed cryptocurrencies work?

The basic concept of the gold-backed cryptocurrencies is certainly convincing. A digital token that represents a certain value of gold is released. A token X coin, for example, represents the worth of one gram of gold.

A reliable third party stores the gold to which the token is hinged. Certain token-holders may exchange the gold.

The value of the gold-backed token shall be equal to the prevalent rate of gold at any given time. That means it will still be priced at the current gold price should the token fail to take off. When the token gains popularity, on the other hand, its value will grow above that of gold.

Difference between gold-backed cryptos and other cryptocurrencies

Besides intrinsic value, its entry-level costs are the other difference between gold-backed cryptos and mainstream cryptocurrencies. Most of the investors in their early days who were quick to buy mainstream cryptocurrencies had to spend only pennies. Nevertheless, for a cryptocurrency backed by gold, the minimum investment must be equal to the current gold price.

The difference between these two classes on cryptocurrencies is their price fluctuations. While the price of digital mainstream coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum will rise and fall to any point, cryptocurrencies backed by gold have a built-in stop loss.

As we have already stated, the value of a cryptocurrency backed by gold cannot fall below the value of gold. When such a coin achieves huge popularity, its price could well rise above that of gold. But if the gold-backed crypto isn’t doing well, its value will stay at a gold pace.

Now let’s look at the best Gold backed cryptocurrency which is going to launch soon.

Sudan Gold Coin

Sudan Gold Coin with the token name SGC Token is among the few real Gold backed Cryptocurrency. It is a unique blend of Blockchain and Real Gold Mining Technology. SGC Token aims at addressing the confusion that the cryptocurrency market is currently facing.

The project will also indirectly invest in Sudanese gold mining operations to give users of the open platform the right to purchase the gold mined in Sudan. Furthermore, the Sudan Gold Coin (SGC) Project provides its crowdsale investors a unique opportunity to participate in a project in which both crypto and real-world assets are linked to digital tokens (Sudan Gold Coin), with the additional right to purchase a predefined amount of physical gold.

 Important News 

SGC is launching the IEO on coming 26th Feb 2020 on a reputed Korean Exchange ChainX, you can buy the tokens directly from the exchange here – and also from the official website –

Benefits of Mining Gold in Sudan

Sudan is one of Africa’s largest countries, covering approximately 1 881 998 square km. This ranges between 8.45-2, Sudan3.8 N latitudes and 21.49-38.34 E longitudes. The population is 33,419,625 million. 

Sudan’s mining sector contributes to the national economy by about 8 percent. Gold, chromium ores, gypsum, salt, and building materials primarily cement raw materials are the only resources mined in Sudan today.

With such a large area and diversified geology fusing across the borders of seven countries, Sudan has enormous mineral potential yet to be assessed and developed.

Geological studies indicate the diversity and abundance of Sudan’s mineral resources, especially gold, with the majority of deposits having geology and structure highly favorable for exploration and mineral mining.

Nevertheless, to develop and improve the infrastructure suitable for mineral exploration, the large area of Sudan requires considerable resources and investments that the country currently lacks. Therefore, the Government is now taking numerous steps to encourage investment (i.e. FDI) in precious metals (gold and other) mining, especially in the northern, northeastern and Blue Nile regions, making the development of the mining industry a priority task for the Ministry of Energy and Mining of Sudan.

Sudan has a huge mineral potential that awaits exploration, evaluation, and growth, namely in gold mining.

Infrastructure is evolving, and the investment climate at the national level is supportive and encouraging so the gold mining in Sudan will be beneficial.

How the SGC will be a revolution for Gold Mining

Sudan Gold Coin (SGC) is a revolutionary Blockchain project aimed at developing a groundbreaking decentralized network for the exchange of gold and other precious metals and receiving information on the gold and precious metals markets.

The project will also indirectly invest in gold mining operations in Sudan to provide the right to buy the gold extracted in Sudan to users of the open platform. In addition, the Sudan Gold Coin (SGC) Project offers its Crowdsale investors a unique opportunity to participate in a project in which both crypto and real-world assets are connected to digital tokens (Sudan Gold Coin), with the additional right to purchase a predefined amount of physical gold.

The SGC plans to run a gold mine, which incorporates mineralization on the surface and is dispersed spatially in a manner that is ideally suited to open pit mining methods. Gold quality distribution and the findings of preliminary mineral processing studies suggest that traditional Heap Leaching methods and CIL (Cyanide-In-Leach) can be used to extract the gold from this deposit.

The necessary equipment requires to open pit mining is 30 ton excavators and trucks. Mining is planned on a schedule of 6 days per week, with two 8-hour shifts a day, 312 days a year. Ore production is expected at a nominal rate of 2000 TDP, which is equivalent to 740,000 tons per annum if $10 million is raised. As stated, the project can be scaled so that the output of the ore increases proportionally.

Capital investment amounts to $9,864,000, if $10 million is raised during the Crowd sale. Given the project’s high scalability, the capital investments are $24,660,000, if the desired $28,000,000 is raised. The Project’s total operating cost is about $35.98 per ton of mined ore.


Contributing to the SGC Project is one of the best opportunities to have access to the SGC Network and the right to buy Gold, tangible assets of everlasting worth, with SGC tokens.

Important News 

SGC is launching the IEO on coming 26th Feb 2020 on a reputed Korean Exchange ChainX, you can buy the tokens directly from the exchange here – and also from the official website –

Bitcoin versus Ethereum: An Overview

Ethereum (ETH) has gotten a great deal of consideration since its declaration at the North American Bitcoin Conference in mid 2014 by Vitalik Buterin. As a characteristic result of its rising prevalence, Ethereum has always been contrasted with Bitcoin (BTC), the main decentralized, computerized money. It is significant for speculators to comprehend the likenesses and contrasts among Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Bitcoin flagged the development of a profoundly new type of advanced cash that works outside the control of any administration or enterprise.

With time, individuals started to understand that one of the fundamental developments of Bitcoin, the blockchain, could be used for different purposes.

Ethereum proposed to use blockchain innovation for keeping up a decentralized installment organize as well as for putting away PC code which can be utilized to control carefully designed decentralized monetary agreements and applications.

Ethereum applications and agreements are fueled by Ether, the Ethereum system’s cash.

Ether was planned to supplement as opposed to rival Bitcoin, however it has in any case developed as a contender on digital currency trades.


Bitcoin was propelled in January of 2009. It presented an original thought set out in a white paper by the strange Satoshi Nakamoto—Bitcoin offers the guarantee of an online cash that is verified with no focal power, dissimilar to officially sanctioned monetary forms. There are no physical Bitcoins, just offsets related with a cryptographically verified open record.

Throughout the years, the idea of a virtual, decentralized money has increased some acknowledgment among controllers and government bodies. In spite of the fact that is anything but an officially perceived vehicle of installment or store of significant worth, it has figured out how to cut out a specialty for itself and keeps on coinciding with the budgetary framework regardless of being routinely examined and discussed.

Toward the beginning of 2017, Bitcoin’s fairly estimated worth represented near 87% of the all out digital currency advertise. Ether at that point detonated from 4% of the complete market to practically 32%, while Bitcoin’s piece of the overall industry dropped to 38% in mid-2017, however from that point forward Bitcoin’s offer has recuperated to almost 70% of the market, while Ethereum has dropped to 8%.


Blockchain innovation is being utilized to make applications that go past simply empowering an advanced money. Propelled in July of 2015, Ethereum is the biggest and most settled, open-finished decentralized programming stage.

Ethereum empowers the arrangement of shrewd agreements and decentralized applications (dapps) to be constructed and run with no vacation, misrepresentation, control or impedance from an outsider. Ethereum comes total with its very own programming language which runs on a blockchain, empowering engineers to manufacture and run conveyed applications.

The potential uses of Ethereum are wide-extending and are controlled by its local cryptographic token, Ether. In 2014, Ethereum propelled a presale for Ether, which got a mind-boggling reaction. Ether resembles the fuel for running directions on the Ethereum stage and is utilized by designers to manufacture and run applications on the stage.

Ether is utilized chiefly for two purposes—it is exchanged as a computerized money on trades like different cryptographic forms of money, and is utilized on the Ethereum system to run applications. As indicated by Ethereum, it very well may be utilized to “arrange, decentralize, verify and exchange pretty much anything.” One significant task in the Ethereum biological system is Microsoft’s association with ConsenSys which offers “Ethereum Blockchain as a Service (EBaaS) on Microsoft Azure so Enterprise customers and engineers can have a solitary snap cloud-based blockchain designer condition.”

Key Differences

While both Bitcoin and Ethereum are controlled by the rule of appropriated records and cryptography, the two contrast in fact from multiple points of view. For instance, Ethereum exchanges may contain executable code, while information joined to Bitcoin exchanges are commonly just for keeping notes. Different contrasts incorporate square time (Ethereum exchange is affirmed in seconds contrasted with minutes for Bitcoin) and the calculations that they run on (Ethereum utilizes ethash while Bitcoin utilizes SHA-256).

Bitcoin and Ethereum contrast, nonetheless, in their general point. While Bitcoin was made as an option in contrast to national monetary standards and is accordingly a vehicle of trade and a store of significant worth, Ethereum was expected as a stage to encourage permanent, automatic agreements, and applications by means of its own cash.

Bitcoin and Ether are both computerized monetary forms, yet the basic role of Ether isn’t to build up itself as an option fiscal framework (not at all like Bitcoin) however to encourage and adapt the activity of the Ethereum savvy contract and decentralized application (dapp) stage.

Ethereum is another utilization case for a blockchain that supports Bitcoin, and hypothetically ought not so much contend with Bitcoin. Be that as it may, the fame and rising business sector capitalization of Ether acquires it rivalry with all digital currencies, particularly from the exchanging point of view. As of now, the market top of Ether is more than XRP and Litecoin, in spite of the fact that it’s still a long ways behind Bitcoin. Overall, Bitcoin and Ethereum are various utilizations of blockchain innovation that are both picking up footing, despite the fact that the plan behind the tasks is particular.

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Source Griffex:

Griffex is a marketplace for smart sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies, a flexible trading platform presenting an opportunity for seasoned investors, retail traders, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts at managing multi-currency investment portfolio. Griffex adores the flexibility of trading with multiple cryptocurrencies, the sensational charm in new-age commerce and financing that has attracted millions towards this revolutionary mannerism of investing. However, the inefficiencies inherent the traditional crypto-exchange models, coupled with the dearth of quality tokens and lack of incentives continue to act as a bulwark against the eventual adoption of technology that has such far-reaching consequences.


Blockchain versus Bitcoin by griffex

The objective of blockchain is to enable advanced data to be recorded and appropriated, yet not altered. That idea can be hard to fold our heads over without seeing the innovation in real life, so we should investigate how the most punctual utilization of blockchain innovation really works.

Blockchain innovation was first laid out in 1991 by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta, two analysts who needed to execute a framework where archive timestamps couldn’t be messed with. In any case, it wasn’t until right around two decades later, with the dispatch of Bitcoin in January 2009, that blockchain had its first certifiable application.

The Bitcoin convention is based on the blockchain. In an examination paper presenting the computerized money, Bitcoin’s pseudonymous maker Satoshi Nakamoto alluded to it as “another electronic money framework that is completely shared, with no confided in outsider.”

Here’s the way it works.

You have every one of these individuals, everywhere throughout the world, who have Bitcoin. As indicated by a recent report by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, the number might be the same number of as 5.9 million. Suppose one of those 5.9 million individuals needs to spend their Bitcoin on goods. This is the place the blockchain comes in.

With regards to printed cash, the utilization of printed money is directed and checked by a focal position, generally a bank or government—yet Bitcoin isn’t constrained by anybody. Rather, exchanges made in Bitcoin are checked by a system of PCs.

At the point when one individual pays another for products utilizing Bitcoin, PCs on the Bitcoin organize race to confirm the exchange. So as to do as such, clients run a program on their PCs and attempt to take care of a complex scientific issue, called a “hash.” When a PC takes care of the issue by “hashing” a square, its algorithmic work will have likewise checked the square’s exchanges. Griffex stated the finished exchange is openly recorded and put away as a square on the blockchain, so, all in all it gets unalterable. On account of Bitcoin, and most different blockchains, PCs that effectively confirm squares are remunerated for their work with cryptographic money.

Despite the fact that exchanges are freely recorded on the blockchain, client information isn’t—or, at any rate not in full. So as to direct exchanges on the Bitcoin organize, members must run a program called a “wallet.” Each wallet comprises of two extraordinary and particular cryptographic keys: an open key and a private key. People in general key is where exchanges are saved to and pulled back from. This is additionally the key that shows up on the blockchain record as the client’s advanced mark.

Regardless of whether a client gets an installment in Bitcoins to their open key, they won’t have the option to pull back them with the private partner. A client’s open key is an abbreviated adaptation of their private key, made through an entangled scientific calculation. In any case, because of the unpredictability of this condition, it is practically difficult to turn around the procedure and produce a private key from an open key. Hence, blockchain innovation is viewed as classified.

Source Griffex:

Griffex is a commercial center for brilliant deal and acquisition of digital currencies, an adaptable exchanging stage showing an open door for prepared financial specialists, retail brokers, and cryptographic money lovers at overseeing multi-cash venture portfolio. Griffex reveres the adaptability of exchanging with various cryptographic forms of money, the exciting appeal in new-age business and financing that has pulled in millions towards this progressive quirk of contributing. In any case, the wasteful aspects characteristic the customary crypto-trade models, combined with the deficiency of value tokens and absence of motivators keep on going about as a defense against the possible reception of innovation that has such sweeping results.

Is it true that you are intrigued to purchase Bitcoin in South Africa?

It isn’t unexpected to feel to some degree confused when you are beginning, and that is most likely why you’ve discovered this piece. The whole universe of cryptographic forms of money regularly sets aside some effort to see subsequently, hold on, and we are going to lead you on the standards of purchasing Bitcoin in South Africa.
This has been assembled as a novice’s guide on how best to buy Bitcoin without the language so you may promptly get a handle on the fundamental techniques to purchase Bitcoins.

What’s Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is among the very notable cryptographic forms of money. It’s an advanced bit of leeway, a kind of electronic cash. Bitcoin works on a decentralized framework without the need of a national bank or an administrator for this issue. Bitcoin can be transmitted between clients by means of a companion evaluated blockchain arrange with no middle people between.

Exchanges happening inside the Bitcoin framework are affirmed through cryptography and presented on an openly dispersed record. It had been designed namelessly by an individual or a gathering who passed by the title Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008. New Bitcoins are created through a procedure called mining, which is generally a type of advantage for checking exchanges and keeping the framework secure.

The coin supply, yet has been limited to 21 million anyway you can purchase even little divisions of a Bitcoin.

Things you should know before you purchase Bitcoin in South Africa

As the world turns out to be increasingly dependent on the web and computerized assets, Bitcoin is currently an unavoidable theme and it has increased a lot of consideration in the most recent decade. Bitcoin is openly available and worldwide, which essentially makes it increasingly accessible rather than conventional banks that clarifies the motivation behind why financial specialists are resolved to putting resources into Bitcoin.

Here are a couple of things you’d have to know before you choose acquiring or putting resources into Bitcoin.

Cost of Bitcoin

Bitcoin doesn’t have a fixed expense. It is set by market powers of interest and supply. The expense of Bitcoin at rands is 1,25,945.30 at the hour of writing.Bitcoin has been popular for its ability to contact high as can be rates.

When to contribute or buy Bitcoin?

With the market being so unpredictable, regardless, it is elusive the perfect time of venture, in spite of the fact that Bitcoin has expanded in esteem dynamically with defeats before it balances out once more. You will discover apparatuses like Cryptowatch or even Bitcoin Wisdom that assist you with examining value outlines. Bitcoin is a worldwide cash and isn’t controlled by any administration or organization and overall tumult is some way or another seen as a type of a silver covering for Bitcoin estimating since it is past the immediate impact of any legislature, so a perfect time to contribute would be if the value slides down.

The most ideal approach to contribute and where to contribute?

The instrument for buying digital currency would change contingent upon the country. For example, In Africa, you can either choose to swap on universal stages, for example, Bitfinex, CoinSwitch, Griffex, Binance, and Coindirect. There are a few different ways to verify your Bitcoin resources. Like most valuable resources, Bitcoin is additionally an obvious objective for criminals, con artists, and programmers. You generally need to find a way to shield your speculation.


Griffex is a business opportunity for smart deal and acquisition of cryptographic forms of money, an adaptable exchanging stage showing an opportunity for prepared financial specialists, retail vendors, and digital money fans at overseeing multi-cash speculation portfolio. Griffex venerate the adaptability of exchanging with numerous cryptographic forms of money, the sublime appeal in new-age exchange and financing that has pulled in millions towards this progressive quirk of speculation. Then again, the wasteful aspects basic the traditional crypto-trade models, combined with the deficiency of evaluation tokens and absence of motivators keep on functioning as a rampart against the inevitable reception of innovation which has such expansive consequences.Griffex is a quickly developing measure of starting coin contributions (ICO) has added to in excess of 2000 new cryptographic forms of money.

The Most Effective Method to Purchase Bitcoin in Belgium

These stages are in this way simpler for new clients to get on since they have a semi conventional financial structure which the amateurs feel good utilizing. The exchange charge of such stages changes and it very well may be anyplace between one to five percent.

Here’s a different rundown of trades that you should take a gander at to purchase bitcoin in Belgium.


Coinbase is one of the greatest BTC specialists on the planet. They are extremely simple to utilize and advantageous for first-time clients. Coinbase additionally has a worldwide reach crosswise over 30 nations which incorporates Belgium. The clients from Coinbase can without much of a stretch buy Bitcoin by means of installment techniques, for example, SEPA move, wire move, and plastic.


High purchasing cutoff points and liquidity
Very simple for novices to explore through
They have a moment purchase alternative for charge cardholders
Exchange charges are moderately lower

Note: The handling time for any bank move can take as long as five days before finishing. Coinbase likewise can follow your exercises related with the Bitcoin you have acquired.


Coinmama is one more stage that can give you a chance to utilize your charge or Visa. Their exchange charge can be up to 6% per exchange. Belgium clients can utilize SEPA move to purchase Bitcoin on this stage for a much lower charge.


It has a worldwide reach
Gives higher cutoff points to purchasers utilizing a charge card
Trusted and solid

Note: Higher exchange charge will be caused while utilizing charge or Visa.


Luno is one more BTC trade which is situated in Singapore. It likewise has its extension in Europe. This stage bolsters the acquisition of Bitcoin through SEPA move, iDEAL, SOFORT and charge card.


This trade has been around for quite a while and along these lines can be depended upon
Simple to utilize
Quicker preparing
Security is low
Lower Withdrawal expenses and free stores

Note: It is prudent that you don’t store the Bitcoins in their wallet administration.


Bitpanda is situated in Austria and is a serious prominent merchant stage in Europe. They have lower charges and higher installment limits with a few installment strategy choices. Bitpanda likewise offers its clients to purchase BTC by means of plastic, SEPA, giropay, NETELLER, Skrill, SOFORT and even bank moves.

They acquire low exchange charges when utilizing credit or platinum card
They are solid, quick, secure and dependable

Note: The charges won’t be indicated independently on the site however will naturally be incorporated into the purchasing passage. is likewise another well known stage that gives you a chance to utilize your charge card for purchasing Bitcoin. They additionally have a few other installment strategies choices, for example, AstroPay, SEPA move, and money. In any case, the buys that you make with your charge card are reflected right away. works fine for Belgium clients and aficionados.


It bolsters a large portion of the nations including Belgium
It offers lower exchanging charge up to 0.2%
They are solid, simple to utilize and surely understood

Note: They have a broad confirmation process that requires a great deal of individual information including a photograph.


LocalBitcoin is known to be an escrow administration which sets Bitcoin venders with purchasers, Here the most widely recognized strategy for installment is through money. The clients can likewise determine their installment technique inclination in their individual promotions. LocalBitcoins give quicker and increasingly solid Bitcoin buys on their foundation.


Confined bitcoin exchanging
They are quicker, simpler and progressively private
Bitcoin buy alternative by means of money store

Note: The costs may fluctuate since they give included protection. Clients are to remain caution and check the broker they are purchasing from. Be that as it may, you won’t have the option to purchase in mass instead of huge stages where you can.


Griffex is a commercial center for savvy deal and acquisition of cryptographic forms of money, an adaptable exchanging stage displaying an open door for prepared speculators, retail merchants, and digital money lovers atmanaging multi-cash venture portfolio.Griffex is a quickly developing number of starting coin contributions (ICO) has prompted in excess of 2000 new digital currencies .Griffex revere the adaptability of exchanging with numerous digital forms of money, the hair-raising appeal in new-agecommerce and financing that has pulled in millions towards this progressive characteristic ofinvesting. Nonetheless, the wasteful aspects inborn the customary crypto-trade models, combined with the shortage of value tokens and absence of motivations keep on going about as a rampart against the eventualadoption of innovation that has such broad results.

If you have been in the world of cryptocurrencies for a long time, you should have experienced the evolution of the business models. In the initial phase, there were many business models linked to advertising.

The already known “faucets”, and the PTCs (Paid To Click) were a viable way of acquiring small portions of cryptocurrencies to go deep into this world. Then multiple problems arrived and only the best projects have survived.

And today we introduce you one of those projects that have adapted and improved over time to continue having a place in the saturated world of internet advertising: BTC Surf.

What is BTC Surf?

BTC Surf is a community, developed by the professionals of the Spanish Blockchain Association.  Anyone can register for free and enjoy various benefits (depending on the type of membership).

Depending on the activity in the community you can earn Bitcoins, you can earn traffic for your web portal or meet new portals and investment opportunities.

Advertise forever

Members can advertise with a single payment and enjoy the service for a lifetime. In this way, the advertiser will be able to receive traffic from real users throughout his life and thus increase his yields.

Those users who do not wish to advertise can also earn while they see ads from the partners that are advertised, and also know quality alternatives that are being promoted by the other members of the community.

Other sources of benefits: The Affiliate System

Apart from the normal activity of the community, it can also be earned by recommending the platform to other users, with which we will subsequently earn a percentage of the profits that are generated later thanks to that user.  The BTC surf affiliate network is up to 11 levels deep (for the highest memberships).

Clarity with financials

The distribution of money generated by the community is a clear system designed with transparency to guarantee confidence in the system.

The distribution is as follows:

• 50% – Membership plan distributed in 11 levels.

• 20% – External Surfing Promotion for all advertisers, generating visits from other traffic sources.

• 10% – Weekly Bonus.

• 10% – Random bonus per activity.

• 10% – Management and maintenance of BTCSURF systems

The newest: The pool

The latest and most innovative service that BTC Surf partners offer us is the “pool”.  When we talk about pool we do not mention what we all know as a mining pool.  A pool, in general, is a group of people (or companies) that come together to offer a service or take advantage of a business opportunity.

In this case, the Pool offered by BTC Surf is intended to exploit the affiliate network market.  With the contributions of the members of the community, the affiliate networks of top quality portals within the Bitcoin universe and cryptocurrencies are exploited.

Next, let us show the chart of profitability of the pool.

As can be seen in the above graph, profitability ranges between 0.20% and 1% of daily gain.  Which is a fairly profitable investment if we consider the tremendous competition in the internet advertising market.

In addition, the pool evolves as the community decides since they will make investments in the portals that the members themselves decide: a tool for the community!


BTC Surf is a mature, profitable community that continues to innovate to offer profitable services for its community, as evidenced by the recent launch of its commission POOL.

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