Subaj is an online decentralized network that acts as a crypto exchange by offering services to various businesses, merchants, retailers and companies all across the world. It is an award winning banking network of Europe. It gives mutual benefits to all of its valuable clients. It is based on the advanced blockchain technology and it focuses mainly on the aspects of artificial intelligence and business intelligence.


The users of this platform are allowed to make crypto currency trades and crypto currency exchanges inside the platform. The exchanges here are usually done between crypto currencies and fiat currencies (crypto to fiat or fiat to crypto). Adebayo Surakatu is the Founder as well as the Chief Executive officer (CEO) of this platform. The tokens of SUBAJ are generally referred to as SBJ tokens, which are digital utility tokens and are utilized mainly for the purposes of giving rewards, in appreciation for the loyalty of customers.


Unique features of Subaj:

  • It is a BaaS (Blockchain as a service) platform that facilitates communication and interaction between the customers and merchants, thereby enhancing the transparency of the system.
  • It contains a highly sophisticated infrastructure that gives a greater support to its merchants.
  • It ensures the aspect of customer engagement with the help of its Geodrop technology.
  • Each and every user of this platform is authorized to get instant access to all kinds of discounts, rewards and offers announced by the system.
  • It eliminates all the issues faced by the normal globalized networks, by offering excellent solutions to the users.
  • It has an exclusive mobile application (app) for online users.
  • It has highly experienced technical team with a greater support.
  • It accepts both offline and online mode of payments from the customers.
  • It gives a variety of rewards and discount coupons to the worthy users.

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