In 2018, Facebook was implicated in one of the biggest data mining and sharing scandals in history. The social media platform was accused of mining and sharing nearly 2.2 billion user’s information with third parties. This breach included exposing private messages, chat threads, users’ contact information, and even their usernames. 

It goes without saying that while on social media, most users are concerned about the security of their personal information and the privacy of their data. Existing social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram mine and share user’s personal information and private data with other external organizations. Stratus seeks to redefine the internet in so many ways, and data privacy and security are at its bigger priorities.

The Stratus Ecosystem 

Stratus is a new all-inclusive social media platform. It is an ecosystem of all your frequently used social media platforms, plus many more services, condensed into one. It will feature functionalities of sites including Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Instagram, PayPal, Medium, eBay, Amazon, etc.

Considering this ecosystem offers access to social media, financial services like payment platforms, and access to your e-wallets, security is critical. Stratus boasts convenience, functionality, interoperability, and the highest level of data privacy and security.

Data Privacy

Stratus will not share or sell the user’s personal information and private data. Moreover, users retain absolute control of their feeds, who can access their information on Stratus and their information ownership. The ecosystem will protect users through access control and a privacy framework that will ascertain secrecy while users browse. Its platform framework is set up in such a way that it protects the privacy of user’s data through end to end encryption. Furthermore, Stratus will install password systems linked to biometric identification to restrict unauthorized access to the users’ private information. 

Platform Security

The blockchain technology of Apollo Fintech facilitates Stratus. The technology gives Stratus users a guarantee of safe user experience with their data protected and integrity upheld. Due to the comprehensive services available and user’s information online, it is expected to worry about data security and privacy. Stratus’ ecosystem is built in the Apollo blockchain, making it the most technologically advanced social media platform in the world. The blockchain features advancements such as database level sharding, Apollo atomic swaps, adaptive forging, Apollo updater, and node synchronization, to mention a few.  


Database Level Sharding

Database level sharding is splitting very large databases into smaller segments. Primarily, it is either algorithm or user-defined partitioning. Algorithm-based sharding relies on algorithms to determine which user can access which database. On the other hand, user-defined relies on the user’s identity to define which user can access which database. Hence it restricts and inhibits unauthorized access.

Furthermore, sharding means more machines can get added onto the system, so it runs faster and allows more databases. Hence users can continue using the platform even if one database division is down. It speeds up the blockchain and allows for an increased volume of transactions and interactions, download speeds, and the ecosystem’s overall ability. This feature cements Stratus’ position as the most secure social media.


Apollo Updater

The Apollo blockchain delivers security updates to every end of the blockchain, thus providing uniform security updates. These updates not only ensure adequate anonymity but, more importantly, zero data breaches. 


Independent Access Function

Even though Stratus will be an all-inclusive social media platform, users will still need to access each function independently. This access feature recurring throughout the ecosystem will facilitate interoperability while also ensuring individual site autonomy. For example, to log into Facebook, users will need to access the main dashboard and specifically select Facebook. This way, users are protected from data breaches, which guarantees data privacy and security.


Advanced IP Masking

Apollo’s feature on IP masking 2.0 eliminates all the worry by ensuring anonymity. This advanced IP is a data encryption feature that hides a user’s real-time physical locations from potential criminals and hackers. More importantly, as users’ information will not be shared with third parties, sparing users from nuisances like targeted ads.


While all these features are in place, Stratus promises to pioneer new security levels in social media. Users will no longer feel vulnerable as they browse or feel as if they are exposing themselves to potential hackers when online. The Apollo blockchain on which Stratus is built boasts so many safety-oriented features to protect your data privacy and ensure security. These numerous and distinct features continue to cement Stratus’ security and privacy by providing immutability and incompatibility. Stratus is set to redefine social media as the most secure social media platform.