Stratus has just launched in Q3 of 2020 as the largest social media ecosystem. It intends to replace the current social networking giants, including Facebook and Twitter. 

This new platform boasts unique capabilities, utterly unheard of in the social media world, foremost being freedom from censorship. It’s going to be the first-ever social media platform to campaign for freedom of speech on the internet. 

To be specific, Stratus will not be banning or restricting any content or opinions. Therefore, journalists, activists, content creators, and everyday folks who want to chat with friends or voice their opinions on current issues will enjoy a completely censorship-free environment. 

Stratus CEO Stephen McCullah has made it clear on several occasions that no user on his social platform will be vilified for posting content or comments that show their personal opinion or the truth. 

Moreover, the new social media platform emphasizes that it will not collect and sell user data; instead, it aims to ensure all the users remain anonymous. 

To protect user data integrity, the network institutes high-end encryption techniques for personal and group communications, leaving no backdoor to individual accounts. 

Users Can Enjoy Trade on Status Conveniently 

Stratus endeavors to become an expansive social network that will not just stand out for its socialization and entertainment tools but also provide services for the financial sector, including e-commerce. 

This unique integration into the social media ecosystem will enable users to access a safe and convenient marketplace to find, buy, and sell goods from any location globally. 

The trading platform will possess advertising features similar to those found in existing social media platforms, i.e.stories, groups, channels, pages, and friends. 

Using the Stratus Digital Payment Options

Stratus aims to become the social media ecosystem with its own digital currency. The Apollo currency enjoys a similar blockchain hub as Stratus does. As such, it introduces a convenient and secure means of exchange for users engaged in peer-to-peer trading within the ecosystem.

Moreover, Stratus will have a crypto payment option dubbed Knox world pay, an Apollo based CBDC platform that allows nations to adopt digital currency. 

The Knox platform will also enable traders and merchants to send Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, to others in less than 2 seconds. This Stratus-Knox merger will speed up the widespread adoption of crypto; therefore, it’s quite clear that Stratus will have an excellent value to the economy. 

Users will have access to a universal wallet supporting a wide range of the world’s top crypto assets, giving investors an easy time holding different cryptocurrencies.

Trading Cryptocurrency on The Status Network

To fasten the exchange of the crypto assets, Stratus will launch a universal crypto exchange platform that integrates the features of U.S based crypto trading giant Coinbase.

Stratus is bringing diverse investment options similar to those found on popular trading app Robinhood, encouraging inventors to trade in stock and gold in the fiat world. 

Stratus will also introduce a payment option similar to Paypal, but that offers advanced functionalities that will appeal to current Paypal users.