The “STO & Financial Internet” content is based on research on what blockchain managers and engineers, as well as international investors, would expect from the best book on The Financial Internet of the Future. It literally contains every aspect of tokenized funding you need to know in order to work with digital assets in the shortest notice. The book’s core is a big part of the technical analysis of the systems that are the basis for electronic payments, tokenized security and financial internet principles

Industry inside on The Financial Internet

This clear, concise, and accessible explanation from two industry experts, Alex Bara and Clemente Alvarez, shows you how to understand the foundations of digital assets ― and how the investment process allows converting these funds into the share of your financial future. This book considers cryptocurrency as an investment and offers explanations of what this industry represents, as well as why these virtual tokens can be considered as a new type of financial asset. 

For readers who want to explore more theory, the “STO & Financial Internet” is a structural explanation of the big picture where STO and tokenized assets play a major role in creating The Financial Internet of the Future. The book covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of STO and aims to provide readers with a deep understanding of it as well as the foundation for building international ecosystems.

Funding with STO

Another essential information that you can learn from the book is how the system of international investment gives users or digital investors the power and privacy in making investments that are represented in digital share. The idea for writing this book was to build greater awareness of the Financial Internet proper processes in detail. Besides, to show the ways in which STO can work from the market point of view and when the possibility of increased regulation is the biggest challenge STO platforms face. 

To conclude, the book provides precise information to those who are interested in the digital future of international startups and funding ecosystem of the future.