Artificial intelligence and DeFi have a lot in common. Both of these revolutionary technologies rely on automation and high-end deterritorialization of complex processes, as they allow the removal of unnecessary human intermediaries and replacing them with automated solutions such as smart contracts. MAR Token combines DeFi and AI in a single, MetaDeFi platform designed with maximum profitability in mind.

Integration Between Artificial Intelligence (AI) & BlockChain

Lately, AI and blockchain are proving to be a pretty powerful combination, improving almost every industry they’ve been in. Blockchain and artificial intelligence are combining to upgrade everything from food supply chain logistics and healthcare record sharing to media licensing costs and financial security. The integration of AI and Blockchain affects many aspects, including Security – Cybersecurity because AI and blockchain will provide a dual shield against cyber attacks, which are increasingly common & dangerous.

Because with its advantages, AI can effectively exploit huge data sets and generate new scenarios and discover patterns based on data behavior. The blockchain part effectively eliminates errors and fraudulent datasets. New AI-generated taxonomies and patterns can be verified on a decentralized blockchain infrastructure and verify their authenticity. This can be used in any business for, such as retail transactions. Data obtained from customers through blockchain infrastructure can be used to create marketing automation through AI.

What Is the MAR-AI Bot?

MetaDeFi takes full advantage of the application of AI and Blockchain such as: Intelligent Computing Power, Diverse Dataset Generation, Data Protection, Data Monetization, and Trust in Decision Making AI is carrying the system MetaDeFi takes a new position with the creation of MAR-AI Bot in financial trading.

The MAR-AI Bot is a groundbreaking artificial intelligence system designed specifically with the goal of making traders maximally enhance and keep the profits of financial exchanges, including DEXs (decentralized exchanges), NFT marketplaces and other DeFi platforms.

Thanks to the MAR-AI Bot, the MAR Token ecosystem will be able to collect and analyze the arbitrage data of prices of all kinds of assets with maximum efficiency. By utilizing the full potential of artificial intelligence, the MetaDeFi platform will be able to drastically increase overall profitability by gathering the data from all major marketplaces in the world, including the top 10 exchanges with the largest trading volume in the world, such as the largest crypto exchange in the world — Binance.

So what’s remarkable about MAR – AI Bot here?

The difference thing creates value makes MetaDeFi a great step forward, especially in NFTs in particular and the global Blockchain ecosystem in general, which is to successfully develop and bring the value of AI personnel into the system. MAR-AI Bot will be able to collect and analyze the arbitrage data of prices of all kinds of assets with maximum efficiency. This not only helps investors save time to research the market, the market share in hundreds of exchanges available in today’s cryptocurrency ecosystem – helps to reduce risks in the trading process, but It also helps to optimize profits from investors’ available assets.

MetaDeFi is entering the development and testing of MAR-AI Bot Al, marking the beginning of a perfect combination of artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology. The main technological feature of the NFT MAR Token ecosystem is relegating the underlying infrastructure of the NFT DeFi platform to advanced algorithms ICD DeFi by advanced smart contracts. MetaDeFi, what distinguishes the MAR Token from other projects is the fact that it is fully based on artificial intelligence — the cutting-edge MAR AI Bot is responsible for making the ecosystem maximally profitable for all traders at all time.

MetaDeFi is an easy-to-use platform that allows investors to profit from arbitrage trading types based on data from the Top 10 Largest Decentralized Exchanges based on completely reliable artificial intelligence and optimize investors’ profits.