When we think of data storing we often think about physical location data storage, but computers are connected to the internet and are readily reachable from everywhere. When there are vulnerabilities in firewall software or edge perimeter software, there is always a risk that anyone can reach your data.

When people think about where their data is being stored, like it being stored by their shady neighbor, when really they should be thinking how their data is stored: Is it encrypted, encoded, redundant? This matters so much more than the physical location.

Ironically, centralized cloud storage is quite prone to attacks because of its lack of encryption and because you have to trust the provider. Decentralized networks create zero-knowledge, zero-trust environments where the host couldn’t access the data even if they wanted to.

Does distributing the Data Must Make it Slow when it runs over a blockchain network?

Another common myth is that decentralized cloud storage is slow. This misconception comes from the idea that if you have to distribute all these pieces all over the network, retrieve them and encrypt them, it must be slow. The reality is that decentralized cloud storage is amazingly performant.

Instead of downloading a single file from a single location and serializing that transfer, what you get is this parallelism where an endpoint can download the fastest 29 pieces from 80 locations in parallel. This means there are no bottlenecks. Your data is only limited by the bandwidth where the actual download is occurring. If you’re in a high-bandwidth area, you can really get massive performance out of that parallelism.

Is the Decentralized Model Too Complex to Work With ?

When people first learn about decentralized cloud storage, they tend to see it as incredibly complex, almost like a Rube Goldberg version of cloud storage. The fact is, a lot of the early decentralized projects were quite complicated to use. With advancement, comes simplification.

At KRYPTOX, we’ve been highly focused on building a decentralized cloud storage system that delivers an incredible user experience for developers. We’ve made it super easy to get all of these advantages of decentralized cloud storage — the enhanced privacy, the enhanced security, the enhanced performance and the great economics — without creating a huge layer of complexity. We’re S3 compatible. We take credit cards. Fundamentally, we’ve eliminated the barriers and made it comfortable and risk-free to get started with a free trial.

While it takes a lot to create a decentralized cloud storage network like ours and keep it running, from the developer standpoint, it’s very easy to use and very easy to get started.

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