As more stablecoins enter the market, it’s vital to take a moment to try and recognize the key differences between the various platforms. It’s not enough to just see that a coin is pegged to an asset and make an investment. You need to stick to reputable projects that have undergone the scrutiny of the market. In this way, you are sure to find some treasure.


One such coin that is set to inspire a flood of copycats is GSX. This unique financial instrument combines the best features from nearly every digital asset class to create a highly useful coin. These reasons and more are part of the draw that has so many in the market discussing this coin’s potential.

What is GSX

GSX is a stable coin that lives on the Apollo blockchain. Unlike stablecoins that are pegged to fiat currencies such as Tether USD, GSX derives its values from gold. Specifically gold mining operations and mine.

Gold-pinned Stable Coin

Gold-pinned stablecoins are considered superior to fiat-based coins because they are more stable. Fiat currencies are more stable than cryptocurrencies but they are not on par with the stability found in the gold market. Additionally, fiat currencies come and go. History is riddled with the printings and coins of countries that no longer exist. While these coins hold historical value, they are not as valuable as finding gold coins.


Gold continues to reign supreme as the world’s premier global currency. Gold-pegged stable coins leverage this stability and integrate it with the futuristic capabilities of blockchain networks. In this way, investors get the best of both worlds with minimum risk.

What Features Make GSX so Versatile?

GSX is one of the most advanced projects in the crypto sector at this time. This stable coin bridges the gap between stablecoin, investment coin, and cryptocurrency. No other stable coin is so flexible and secure. Here’s how GSX is able to fulfill all of these roles without the need to ever alter its core protocols.


As a stablecoin GSX far exceeds the competition. For example, most gold-pegged stable coins derive value from physical gold. This gold is usually stored in a custodian’s vault. Most platforms allow you to trade in your tokens for physical gold if you so choose. Only the best platforms allow you to do this at any time.


To be a successful stable coin, you need to keep the community faithful in your underlying asset and your holdings. To accomplish this task, GSX provides third-party audits of its holdings. This data is sent over the blockchain to token holders. This strategy allows the entire blockchain to monitor the progress of the GSX ecosystem in real-time.

Investment Vehicle

GSX takes its ownership concept further. You own more than just the gold that resides in the vault. You also are a part owner in the land the mine resides on and all of the equipment used to mine this precious metal. GSX token holders are the true owners of this entire operation. As such, you are entitled to dividends.


These dividends are paid out automatically on a yearly basis to your wallet. The entire process is automated through the use of advanced smart contracts. These protocols completely remove the need for human intervention throughout the entire process.

Exponential Growth

Because you are a true owner of these assets, your dividends are paid out in proportion to the amount of GSX you hold. These dividends are set to rise exponentially because the price of both gold and real estate has no top end. This makes GSX the only stable coin in the world to provide exponential ROI growth potential.


Both Gold and real estate are two of the best investments in the world. Combining these assets into a single digital asset is a smart decision on the part of developers. Investors recognize this well thought out strategy and add it to the long list of reasons why GSX beats out the competition.


You can also use GSX to make payments. The system is as easy as sending Bitcoin. You just select the address to send your GSX to, and seconds later it’s there. Amazingly, you can send millions of GSX globally for pennies. The same transaction using fiat currency would cost you thousands of dollars.


GSX is far faster than Bitcoin or Ethereum. In this way, GSX users may find it more convenient to participate in Apollo sponsored ICOs using their GSX. They save on fees and time employing this maneuver.


GSX is the only quantum-resistant stable coin in the world. Quantum computers are on the verge of a public release. It’s reasonable to expect to see these powerful machines enter the business realm within the next 10 years. When this integration arrives, it will render all the PoW blockchains in the sector obsolete.


A single quantum computer has a hash rate of over 51% of Bitcoins blockchain. Today, these computers are nearly impossible to own, a decade from now they may be within the reach of your local institutions. It’s best to be prepared for this time, and not leave your investment strategy to luck.

Apollo Blockchain

GSX attains its quantum-resistant characteristics from its underlying technology, the Apollo blockchain. Apollo is a fourth-generation blockchain that pushes the boundaries of functionality in the sector. Many consider Apollo to be the most advanced blockchain ever built. For this reason, GSX developers chose to base their versatile coin on the Apollo blockchain,

Is GSX the Most Versatile Stabelcoin Ever – Yes

If there is a more versatile coin in the market than GSX, it must be invisible. Try as you might, no other coin in the world has all the usability found in this digital asset. It’s no wonder so many people consider this coin to be the top project in the crypto sector for 2020. For now, you can get GSX at GSXCDE. The platform has 50% discounts for VIP investors.