The 5 Most Important NFT Collections for 2022

We could say that an NFT is a cryptographic token that represents an asset in a unique way. Let’s be clear: it can repres...
July 5, 2022

World’s First Play-to-Earn Cricket Game Bowled NFT sells out in seconds

Final bids soared up to 9x of the floor price for some assets. Bowled, World’s first and most anticipated play-to-earn Cricket ...
May 5, 2022

The first cross-chain NFT marketplace launching on Avalaunch

  NFT market is becoming more and more popular and hyped, cross-chain NFT asset trading and DeFi spreads to wider masses. ...
March 29, 2022

Squirreling Squirrels a Community-based NFT Project is Ready to Support the Planet

February 20, 2022 / Squirreling Squirrels is a community-based NFT project with an initiative to support the planet! Our commun...
March 5, 2022

NFTGamingStars: The Fully Decentralized Binance Smart Chain Platform for Play to Earn Games

The future of play-to-earn games is assured by NFTGamingStars as it enables users to trade cryptocurrency directly from their w...
February 25, 2022

The “whirlwind” NFT Game and Dragon Pool is the highlight of the ecosystem Blockchain – Gaming

Decoding the “fever” of the NFT game, the phrase “Play – to – earn” is no longer strange an...
October 13, 2021

The benefits and potential cannot be ignored when taking the opportunity to buy DP-NFT right at the Presale round.

Every investor has a need to find a potential coin to Hold and Trade. Choosing the right, standard at the time of investment in...
October 13, 2021