Join the WALL token pre-sale and earn a lot of money

IDOWall offers a variety of investment options that add value to the average investor. Today we will be talking about this plat...
February 1, 2022

Ape Gorilla: Seeks To Fund Holder’s Business Projects and Create Real-Life Club Experiences.

NFT project includes funding for holder’s business projects, a real-life club, events and masterminds Jan. 13, 2022 — Ape...
January 27, 2022

Metaverse Gains Favor in South Korea, YooShi Occupies Korean Market with Its Incubated Blockchain Games

Recently, the crypto asset market remains in the doldrums, which greatly affects the originally hot Metaverse blockchain game s...
January 26, 2022

Pokemon like Game Experience, How Does StarMon Create a Hot Blockchain Game in GameFi 2.0?

Inseparable from the game, the capital-favored metaverse makes gameFi blockchain game very promising. In the GameFi 1.0 stage, ...
January 23, 2022

Meta Yoka – new play-to-earn game with free starter option

The developers of the pla-to-earn game, Meta Yoka, announce the launch of a platform, with the opportunity to participate in th...
January 4, 2022

REI Network Mainnet Officially Launches with “$1.5 Million Bug Bounty Program” & Node Election Campaign

On 14 July 2021, REI Network testnet (previously GXChain 2.0) was launched. After more than six months of stable operation, GXC...
December 30, 2021

Start Interstellar Exploration in Web3 Oriented Game — iFighter Infinity

“Where no man has gone before” is a phrase made popular by Star Trek.   Inspirations to explore the future and...
December 27, 2021

Universe Island Announces Highly-Anticipated IGO

Universe Island has just announced its highly anticipated IGO and token sale. The IGO and token sale has been scheduled for 23r...
December 23, 2021

War of Tribes: Redefining the New Age Crypto Gaming

15 December 2021: WAR OF TRIBES is about to change the dynamics of online multiplayer games using blockchain technology. Recent...
December 15, 2021

MAR AI Bot – The Launch Marks The Position Of MetaDeFi In The Blockchain Ecosystem

Artificial intelligence and DeFi have a lot in common. Both of these revolutionary technologies rely on automation and high-end...
December 14, 2021