It is not far when Artificial Intelligence or AI will gradually take over the human work force. We cannot deny the dramatic influence of AI in our many facets of life, but said so; we can also not deny how it is going to replace the human workforce and employment in the near future. Tasks which are repetitive and monotonous will be at risk of automation. Tasks such as operation and production line in factories, documentation, customer service, banking services, wage labour etc will be outperformed and outnumbered by Robots. So, human work force is at the verge of decline. Moreover, traditional organizations lack the infrastructure and the necessary technological tools to bring out the optimum utilization of its workers. The workers and employees are often unhappy due to lack of proper infrastructure, a healthy work environment and inadequate and unequal compensation structure.

The Blackbox Operating System or BBOS was designed by a highly efficient group of professionals whose sole purpose was to collaborate with Artificial Intelligence and human resource to build a more balanced future work model.


What is Blackbox Foundation?

The Blackbox Foundation is a community of 60+ PHDs, technologists, and professionals joining hands to build a decentralized future of work. Built on decentralized Blockchain platform, it focuses on building an empire of next generation workforce based on merit, talent and efficiency.


How does it work?

Built on the Ethereum platform, the Blackbox OS or BBOS is a token-operated next generation ecosystem that aims to serve the Blackbox Network comprising of the token holders, organizations, and other companies. BBOS eliminates repetitive and duplicate workflows and generates a more technology driven future work force. The AI driven futuristic Blackbox module will bridge the gap between organizations and improve human cooperation. Decentralization will reduce cost and improve trust of the network.

When a project is submitted in the Blackbox, the software tools will look for and coordinate any repetitive tasks. The Quality Control team will ensure maximum quality of the tasks, track the reputation and ensure transparency as well. Organizations can earn revenue through smart contracts and BBOS tokens.


Blackbox Features:

  • Once you are listed in the Blackbox community, you get a unique identity based on your reputation and expertise, which helps you to get further recommendations and compensation.
  • Improve in decision making and management based on the feedback mechanism.
  • Blockchain based smart contracts will ensure more security and transparency.
  • Blackbox will eliminate the common organizational problems and does not depend on corporate revenue, or size and anyone can now enjoy its benefits.
  • BBOS will treat everyone alike and will work in consensus with all the departments of the organizations.
  • Low transaction cost resulting in higher rewards and compensations.
  • Artificial Intelligence or AI prevents data misuse and ensures security in the system by eliminating false identities.
  • An Open Ownership ecosystem where everyone is the owner based upon their support and contribution.
  • Improves collaboration between organizational teams.
  • Bridges the gap between organizations and improves interoperability between organizations.
  • Eliminates repetitive workflows.


Blackbox is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO, which envisions to build a community of up-skill workers bringing in more and more proficient personals based on talent and efficiency and eliminating the evils of organizational bureaucracy, inefficient reward system and stake of share of the financial institutions.


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