The UNICAP.Finance project offers a crypto exchange-traded fund (CETF) that holds digital assets such as cryptocurrency, tokens, and coins. The company created FINEXPO and currently has a total value of $250,686 locked into the fund accounts.  

The UNICAP team has analyzed the market and created a secure, profitable, and transparent token fund with a DeFi ecosystem. Users on the platform can access lucrative DeFi instruments such as token staking and liquidity pool investment.  

Participants in the project can earn additional profits from their inactive crypto assets by creating a collective crypto investment fund.  

The CETF divides ownership of itself into UCAP tokens held by investors; thus, each token holder indirectly owns the fund’s assets. CETFs are priced continuously throughout the 24-hour-trading, thus guaranteeing price transparency. 

The UNICAP Pre Public Swap Level 1 

UNICAP allows users to swap UCAP tokens for some of the most liquid and promising tokens such as USDT, TUSD, USDC, PAX, BUSD, and DAI.  

Their pre public swap level 1 will offer 300,000 UCAP (0.30%) at USD 0.8 – 1 per UCAP while the private swap offers 250,000 UCAP (0.20%) at USD 0.8 per UCAP. The total sale allocation is capped at 100 million tokens. 

The token swap to user funds is multi-leveled with a minimum of 90 levels. The price will increase by $0.1 on every next level (300,000 – 1,000,000 tokens). 

The starting price for the token sale is $1-$1.5, which will increase up to more $20 by the end of allocation of all tokens, allowing the first fund investors to earn lucrative returns. 

Users collectively invest in the fund by swapping their crypto funds to UCAP tokens. The swapped UCAP tokens are allocated at the fund accounts and will initially be 90% collateralized with real crypto assets and liquidity tokens. 

The company management will reserve 10% of the supply allocation for control, development, and listings at the leading exchanges. This reserve fund will also support the UNICAP ecosystem via project advertisements, referral programs, and airdrops. 

After the pre-public swap period, tokens will be listed on Bittrex, OKEX, Huobi, Binance, FTX, BitHumb, UpBit, BitFinex, and more. Liquidity pools will also be created at all leading DeFi platforms. After Pre Public Swap Levels and listings are finalized, tokens will swap at a price set by each exchange.  

Swap UCAP Tokens to the “Buy Back” Fund 

Following the initial token listing, investors will have the opportunity to buy UCAP tokens into Stablecoins via the “Buy Back” fund. This feature will be available after level 90 with the minimum “Buy Back” swap amount set at 5,000 USDT. 

All tokens returned to the collective fund will be frozen and swapped to cryptocurrency in the future with 5% off commission. 

Alternatively, investors can use their tokens as a financial instrument for DeFi liquidity pools on Uniswap or exchange trading.

Join the UNICAP Token Sale Now! 

The UNICAP CETF and the DeFi ecosystem provides a transparent, reliable, and low-risk platform for investors to earn income from collateralized token swaps.  

Interested investors can join the platform by opening a Personal Account at

Referral program 5% and internal exchange.

The UNICAP team also expects professionalism and courteousness at all times. Any FUD/bad behavior/bad language/spam from any member will result in an instant ban.

All members should also be aware of scammers. Admins on the platform won’t PM directly (to prevent spoofing) and never ask for payments.

Since its launch in May 2019, Bithumb Global (BG) has developed into a globally prominent crypto exchange. 

The exchange established a competitive platform offering cryptocurrency trading and services. It now provides better trading and investment experiences for over 900,000 users from 151 countries and regions globally.  

Earning Through Learning with Bithumb Global  

Bithumb Global places a particular emphasis on educating new investors with its revolutionary BG Learning platform that launched in August 2020.  

The learning platform exposes users to important fundamentals of carefully chosen crypto and blockchain projects. 

The perks of BG learning are a reward system that incentivizes users with project tokens for their participation.  

Even if a user chooses not to invest in a particular project after learning what it’s about, they still share the reward allocation with BG Learning.  

This learning platform aims to introduce BG users to hidden gems in the blockchain space while providing a unique and lucrative springboard for learning and earning crypto. 

In the past, the learning platform has launched five successful events with thousands of participants. Some of the most popular project features on BG Learning include Proxi DeFi (CREDIT), Hedget (HGET), Mantra DAO (OM), and Gather (GATH). Users who participated in these BG learning events earned lucrative prices. 

How Does BG Learning Work?

The BG Learning zone found its niche fostering premium blockchain projects while giving back to the community.  

Bithumb Global understands the need to guide folks to make the right investment decisions to retain users long-term. The exchange thus holds several content-rich Q&A Season from time to time via their official global debut stage. 

The Season gives users a chance to learn in detail about new blockchain ventures. This way, new investors get to take the plunge into various promising investments without falling prey to frauds and misunderstandings. 

Users who give the correct answer earn project tokens as rewards. The average net of asset holdings a specific individual accumulates will determine the number of votes they enjoy in the voting events. 

Users stand to obtain one vote for every 200 USDT equivalent of token holdings, including BTC, ETH, and USDT. On the other hand, every 200 USDT equivalent of token holdings other than BTC, ETH, and USDT earns the user 0.5 votes.

Earning Votes via Transaction Volume 

Users can also earn votes by making transactions worth at least 100 USDT. The number of votes gained by making transactions is the total transaction volume 14 days before the voting.  

All votes earned from a user’s average net asset holdings in the 14 days before the event are combined with the transaction volume votes. At the end of each learning Season, users who have answered correctly will earn a share of the project token airdrop based on the proportion of total votes in the event. 

Once a particular project hits a certain threshold (currently 10,000 votes) within a set period predefined in each Season, it gets listed on Bithumb.

BG Learning Completes Season 6  

On Sep 27, 2020, Bithumb Global’s learning platform completed its 6th season. The forum will provide its users with a unique opportunity to learn about the crypto sector and earn profits through crypto investments at the same time. 

Under BG learning Season 6, users will understand vital aspects of various promising projects, including their financial models, viability, and expected return. This way, investors are likely to learn about specific investment opportunities that are compatible with their needs.  

Moreover, learners can benefit from peer learning, study, and discuss other learners’ first-hand experience on the platform. They also get the chance to connect and discuss various crypto investment concepts with experts in the blockchain field. 


Bithumb Global makes the learning experience increasingly rewarding for investors by awarding them free tokens to correctly answer straightforward questions about various new projects. 

BG learning is an ideal educational platform for investors who wish to venture into crypto investment but can’t seem to grasp various projects’ terms and rules.  

Bithumb Global has successfully designed a platform that offers a win-win scenario for investors and blockchain projects.  

Investors get to benefit from a safety net that equips them with knowledge before they pool their money into new projects. They can then apply this knowledge through practical investment opportunities. 

On the other hand, projects get some much-needed exposure and potential investors when they advertise on the Bithumb Global platform. 

BurgerSwap is an open-sourced democratized automated market maker (AMM) that focuses on decentralization. The protocol hit the DeFi space by storm, reaching a liquidity of $400M with the staking of 12 million BNB tokens in ​​just one day. 

The platform launched on September 10th at 16:00 PM UTC and is already hailed as the very first Uniswap-like application to launch on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). By leveraging BSC, BurgerSwap benefits from faster speeds and lower trading fees compared to similar ETH-based DeFi projects.  

The BurgerSwap team sees BSC as having the potential to be one of the top Proof of Stake (PoS) ecosystems. Thus, they have applied for Binance’s $100 million DeFi and CeFi Accelerator Fund to foster the BurgerSwap AMM and ecosystem expansion.

BurgerSwap V2 Can List bTokens 

On Sep 22, the Burgerswap team unveiled V2 of its protocol that introduced a Burn Mechanism where a percentage of the BURGER tokens converted from trading fees will be burned forever. 

Under BurgerSwap V2, traders will also be able to swap ETH and BSC-based assets via a unique custom built cross-chain BEP20 bridge. 

The bridge facilitates the conversion of any ERC20 token to a wrapped bToken issued on BSC. This wrapped token can then be listed on BurgerSwap to trade and provide liquidity. 

Burgerswap’s team is currently working on tutorials for how to list bTokens and interact with other important features on the BurgerSwap platform. 

LP’s Get More Control Over their Assets

Another hot feature integrated into the V2 protocol is an enhanced ability for LP’s to redeem their rewards at any given time, creating instant liquidity without the need to remove liquidity.

BurgerSwap V2 also offers liquidity providers more control over their assets by allowing them to choose the currency they want to receive their rewards. LP’s can currently receive rewards in BURGER, BNB and USDT.

Since BurgerSwap doesn’t have an LP token, it can implement even more unique elements. For instance, projects on the protocol can opt to reward liquidity providers on their token pairs with their own project token or any other token. 

The new BurgerSwap protocol introduces a new default distribution setting for staked rewards. Under V2, 40% of the rewards will be allocated to liquidity providers on the platform, while 30% of the rewards will go to governance/voting participants. The remaining 30% of rewards are burned forever. 

User Interface (UI) Improvements

BurgerSwap V2 is built on BSC, and so all tokens will have BNB pairs. Each asset is also required to have a BURGER pair, accounting for a minimum of 1% of the asset’s liquidity to be eligible for mining rewards. 

The protocol recently improved the UI around it to empower users to trade BEP20 assets in a decentralized and democratic way. 

The platform continues to call on community members interested in joining its UX/UI designers and smart contract dev team to send their applications at


BurgerSwap V2 emphasizes on community and governance to bring more users, traders, and liquidity to DeFi. 

The platform’s BURGER token is the first fully community governed token with no maximum supply. Each block produces 40 Burger tokens, with users getting a share of the rewards relative to the liquidity they provide.  

Users can add any pair by providing liquidity, but only BNB and BURGER pairs can mine BURGER tokens.  

Unlike SushiSwap, users on BurgerSwap can vote to change the platform’s parameters such as trading fees, staking rewards, and mining speed.  Of course, even the reward allocations for LPs and participants in voting can also be changed by voting.

BurgerSawp’s community governance has been a success, with numerous proposals already created and executed since launch. Currently, 2 million staked BURGER tokens are pledged per vote. 

The project now seeks to improve its governance system to ensure the model’s sustainability and enhance voting and access to liquidity.

Their dev team is currently working to integrate more DeFi functionalities to the protocol to build a comprehensive DeFi experience on BSC.  

Burgerswap is also looking to cap the maximum supply of BURGER tokens to determine the project’s long-term value. Currently, BurgerSwap has an upper limit set at 120 BURGER per block and the lower limit of 1 BURGER.  

Users can vote on the number of tokens produced per block, but the amount needs to stay within the set range to maintain a healthy state of the protocol.  

As more stablecoins enter the market, it’s vital to take a moment to try and recognize the key differences between the various platforms. It’s not enough to just see that a coin is pegged to an asset and make an investment. You need to stick to reputable projects that have undergone the scrutiny of the market. In this way, you are sure to find some treasure.


One such coin that is set to inspire a flood of copycats is GSX. This unique financial instrument combines the best features from nearly every digital asset class to create a highly useful coin. These reasons and more are part of the draw that has so many in the market discussing this coin’s potential.

What is GSX

GSX is a stable coin that lives on the Apollo blockchain. Unlike stablecoins that are pegged to fiat currencies such as Tether USD, GSX derives its values from gold. Specifically gold mining operations and mine.

Gold-pinned Stable Coin

Gold-pinned stablecoins are considered superior to fiat-based coins because they are more stable. Fiat currencies are more stable than cryptocurrencies but they are not on par with the stability found in the gold market. Additionally, fiat currencies come and go. History is riddled with the printings and coins of countries that no longer exist. While these coins hold historical value, they are not as valuable as finding gold coins.


Gold continues to reign supreme as the world’s premier global currency. Gold-pegged stable coins leverage this stability and integrate it with the futuristic capabilities of blockchain networks. In this way, investors get the best of both worlds with minimum risk.

What Features Make GSX so Versatile?

GSX is one of the most advanced projects in the crypto sector at this time. This stable coin bridges the gap between stablecoin, investment coin, and cryptocurrency. No other stable coin is so flexible and secure. Here’s how GSX is able to fulfill all of these roles without the need to ever alter its core protocols.


As a stablecoin GSX far exceeds the competition. For example, most gold-pegged stable coins derive value from physical gold. This gold is usually stored in a custodian’s vault. Most platforms allow you to trade in your tokens for physical gold if you so choose. Only the best platforms allow you to do this at any time.


To be a successful stable coin, you need to keep the community faithful in your underlying asset and your holdings. To accomplish this task, GSX provides third-party audits of its holdings. This data is sent over the blockchain to token holders. This strategy allows the entire blockchain to monitor the progress of the GSX ecosystem in real-time.

Investment Vehicle

GSX takes its ownership concept further. You own more than just the gold that resides in the vault. You also are a part owner in the land the mine resides on and all of the equipment used to mine this precious metal. GSX token holders are the true owners of this entire operation. As such, you are entitled to dividends.


These dividends are paid out automatically on a yearly basis to your wallet. The entire process is automated through the use of advanced smart contracts. These protocols completely remove the need for human intervention throughout the entire process.

Exponential Growth

Because you are a true owner of these assets, your dividends are paid out in proportion to the amount of GSX you hold. These dividends are set to rise exponentially because the price of both gold and real estate has no top end. This makes GSX the only stable coin in the world to provide exponential ROI growth potential.


Both Gold and real estate are two of the best investments in the world. Combining these assets into a single digital asset is a smart decision on the part of developers. Investors recognize this well thought out strategy and add it to the long list of reasons why GSX beats out the competition.


You can also use GSX to make payments. The system is as easy as sending Bitcoin. You just select the address to send your GSX to, and seconds later it’s there. Amazingly, you can send millions of GSX globally for pennies. The same transaction using fiat currency would cost you thousands of dollars.


GSX is far faster than Bitcoin or Ethereum. In this way, GSX users may find it more convenient to participate in Apollo sponsored ICOs using their GSX. They save on fees and time employing this maneuver.


GSX is the only quantum-resistant stable coin in the world. Quantum computers are on the verge of a public release. It’s reasonable to expect to see these powerful machines enter the business realm within the next 10 years. When this integration arrives, it will render all the PoW blockchains in the sector obsolete.


A single quantum computer has a hash rate of over 51% of Bitcoins blockchain. Today, these computers are nearly impossible to own, a decade from now they may be within the reach of your local institutions. It’s best to be prepared for this time, and not leave your investment strategy to luck.

Apollo Blockchain

GSX attains its quantum-resistant characteristics from its underlying technology, the Apollo blockchain. Apollo is a fourth-generation blockchain that pushes the boundaries of functionality in the sector. Many consider Apollo to be the most advanced blockchain ever built. For this reason, GSX developers chose to base their versatile coin on the Apollo blockchain,

Is GSX the Most Versatile Stabelcoin Ever – Yes

If there is a more versatile coin in the market than GSX, it must be invisible. Try as you might, no other coin in the world has all the usability found in this digital asset. It’s no wonder so many people consider this coin to be the top project in the crypto sector for 2020. For now, you can get GSX at GSXCDE. The platform has 50% discounts for VIP investors.

We are extremely thankful to our great community for helping us reach such great attention and volume during the first days after we launched the BurgerSwap platform. And we want to take the opportunity to update you about the current situation of the project and our next steps.

Application for the Binance Smart Chain DeFi Accelerator Fund

We believe that the Binance Smart Chain has the potential to be one of the major PoS ecosystems and we would be glad to grow together with it.

We have been in contact with the Binance Smart Chain team since shortly after launching and feel encouraged to apply for their $100 million DeFi and CeFi Accelerator Fund to support development of our AMM and ecosystem.

We have submitted our application and hope it will be granted, so we can work to reach the next level with support of the Binance Smart Chain community and bring even more users, traders and liquidity to Binance Smart Chain.

UI improvements

Rome wasn’t built in one day. And if you have read our articles about the origins of BurgerSwap, you know that our unique technology has been in development for a while, but we have just recently created the UI around it to enable users to trade BEP20 assets in a decentralized and democratic manner.

BurgerSwap is still a raw product, but we are definitely here to stay. We have received lots of positive reactions from the community but also some feedback aimed at the user experience, which we know is not flawless yet but we are working around the clock to improve it.

To speed up the process, we are looking to expand our team with talented UX/UI designers and smart contract engineers who are willing to contribute and add value to our project. Working at BurgerSwap is more than just a paycheck. It’s an opportunity to build a successful future with the perks and flexibility of a side gig. We are open for applications, send us a DM in Twitter at:


Our experiment with community governance has been quite successful. Many proposals have been created and executed and around 2 million staked BURGER are pledged per vote.

Again, we are aware the system is not perfect and we are working on improving it. After comprehensive observation of the space and the usage of our governance system, we are realizing that some changes should be made to ensure sustainability of the model.

Some ideas we are playing with at the moment are:

  • Display APY for staking, voting and providing liquidity
  • Burning BURGER tokens in the voting process to add more value for token holders and participants in our ecosystem
  • Ideas around the maximum supply of BURGER to be able to determine the long-term value of the project
  • Add more DeFi functionalities to the platform to create a complete DeFi experience on Binance Smart Chain

Moreover, as we are a democratized exchange, we highly value input form our community and are open to more ideas which lead to improvement of usability, governance and number of users. Please send your ideas in DM to Twitter at:


TRIBUTE (TRBT) is a deflationary DeFi platform that uses game theory analysis and social influence to create an exciting and unique economic landscape. 

The TRBT ERC20 token follows a liquidity distribution mechanism called “Proof of Decentralized Liquidity” (PoDL), with about $1M in liquidity currently locked in the protocol. 

This model allows users to have a direct share in stabilizing the TRBT price, which is currently holding steady at $9.65 on CoinMarketCap

The platform saw a $3M trading volume on its first day, with 640 unique wallets holding TRBT in 4 days. In the past few days, about 4% of the total token supply was burned. This high burn rate creates an incentive to hold the token by bolstering the circulation’s token demand. 

The Tribute ecosystem already has three dApps at its disposal; conTRIBUTE, ENFORCED TRIBUTE, and TRIBUTE TO LIQUIDITY. These dApps give the project a rare aspect of instant utility in the DeFi space.

Moreover, these dApps create a separate incentive to interact with the project’s native token and maintain a steady flow of TRBT moving through the ecosystem.

Why is TRIBUTE Unique in DeFi?

Tribute features fully decentralized elements that delegate full ownership and control to its users, allowing them to choose which dApps integrate into the platform. The team has no dev fees on any of the dApps. 

The project has started building upon the starting suite of dApps with the long-term vision of outlining longer-term dApp incorporating governance. 

The first dApp, conTRIBUTE, is well funded and has an established token distribution model which rewards TRIBUTE token holders and staked users via a “synergistic method.” 50% is sent to conTRIBUTE as dividends to the stakers directly.

The dApp’s solid distribution model guarantees that 5% of all buys and 15% of all sells into conTRIBUTE are disbursed to players as dividends. Each user gets rewards that are proportionate to their percentage share, with 

In the past few days, 11% of the total token supply was staked in conTRIBUTE. Holders utilizing the dApp earned $51,000 dividend rewards, with $730,000 worth of tokens now remaining.

Moreover, the conTRIBUTE PoDL concept offers TRBT users access to initial liquidity after 100 days via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). 


TRIBUTE’s Deflationary Mechanism Bolsters Token Demand

The project’s ENFORCED TRIBUTE dApp uses a solid distribution model with an initial supply of a scarce 75,000 tokens. 

Every 12 hours, any user can trigger a smart contract to transfer 10,000 TRBT tokens, which go into a secondary contract within the dApp. 

The top 50 holders receive 5% of the total number of tokens transferred, while 500 TRBT are burned instantly, as per the project’s whitepaper

This process repeats itself after 12 hours, where the same contract transfers 10,000 tokens from the secondary contract to the initial one and burns 500 TRBT while triggering a reward drop of 5%. 

In this way, the dApp creates an increased sense of scarcity in an already scarce economy, bolstering the circulation’s token demand. The reward and burn process creates a self-cycling and hyper deflationary ecosystem. 

The TRIBUTE Lottery Rewards System

The final dApp at launch, TRIBUTE TO LIQUIDITY, further implements the PoDL mechanism by granting the community members full control of the DeFi protocol.

It does this via a lottery system in which users can purchase tickets using TRBT to enter into a daily raffle. The raffle utilizes a secure and trust-less algorithm to pick one lucky winner. 

50% of all TRBT entered into the lottery is burned, creating a hyper deflationary mechanism into the platform’s smart contract. 

Rewards issued for the lottery are a percentage of the total number of tokens controlling the TRBT/ETH liquidity pair on Uniswap

The DeFi Platform for Community Development

The TRBT project promises to solve many of the problems facing DeFi by building an ecosystem that focuses on community-driven growth. The Tribute team announced different partnerships already, with more collaborations expected soon. 

The future now looks bright for this project that seeks to establish itself as one of the pioneering protocols exploring the DeFi/Deflationary landscapes.

A national currency is a sovereign medium of exchange issued by a country’s central bank or other monetary policy made in a state. The primary use of currencies is paying for goods and services. The British pound and the United States dollar are this era’s most robust currencies. 

For instance, the British pound is the oldest national currency globally. It’s been in use for over 1200 years, surviving numerous changes and financial crises. The pound is the topmost strong currency of our time. Similarly, the United States Dollar has been in use since 1972, surviving many problems clouding currencies, including inflation and volatility.


Inflation is the year-round biggest threat to any fiat currency. Even the unshakable coins globally have inflationary prospects. In August 2020, the US dollar’s inflation rate hit 1.3%, while the British pound had an inflation rate of 3.05%. Unstable currencies, including the Venezuelan and Zimbabwean currency, saw surging inflation rates striking over 1 million percent. But what drives inflation? There are three main known reasons for currency inflation;

  • Demand-pull inflation- It arises when product demand surges and surpasses a product or service’s general supply. The upsurge in unfulfilled demand quickly swirls the prices, thus demand-pull inflation. 
  • Cost-push inflation- This arises when general production costs, like wages and materials, increase. To make profits, companies ultimately increase the prevailing prices of the new product. 
  • Expansionary fiscal policy- Fiscal policies set up by the government like tax cuts or lowering interest rates impact currency values. For instance, if a government cuts taxes, the long term result is a higher demand for products due to affordability. Similarly, a reduction in interest rates may have a long term effect of increasing demand, rising prices. Any rise in demand affects currency stability.


Non-fiat assets, i.e., crypto assets, face severe volatility issues. Since its inception, bitcoin has been the most volatile asset in cryptography. Between 2017 October and January 2018, its volatility rate nearly hit 8%. Crypto assets are, therefore, not reliable investment currencies owing to their volatility.

Mitigating  Inflation and Volatility

A new blockchain-based government, the United Allied States, merges the most stable, reliable investment and medium of exchanges. It tasks the finance department in overseeing financial matters, its core function being instituting a digital sovereign currency. This government will have a stablecoin, which gets high credits due to its stability. The stability is owing to the asset backing its value, gold.

Gold has remained highly valuable for several millennia, thus leveraged as a store for value and medium of exchange. The worthiness is owing to its surging prices over time driven by the market forces of demand and supply. Gold’s demand perpetually rises to a level where the annual gold production cannot wholly fulfill the existing need. The scarce supply leads to the increase in prices of the gold assets in circulation. 

Leveraging gold’s capabilities makes the UAS national currency a towering medium of exchange. Due to the perpetual gold value increase, the UAS national currency will increase in value, thus remaining deflationary. 

Moreover, the volatility threats in digital currencies don’t affect the UAS national currency. Gold is immune to volatility, meaning its prices do not plummet beyond the set minimum prices. Thus backing the UAS national currency with gold offers citizens security and stability of the coin.

The Backing Technology

Apollo fintech leverages Apollo blockchain capabilities in bolstering the UAS currency stability. Apollo blockchain is the most advanced, futuristic blockchain in the crypto world. 

Quantum Resistance

Apollo blockchain merges quantum-safe functions in preparation for the soon global evolution to quantum computing. Quantum computers receive reverence because of their high computing capacity and power efficiency. Therefore, these computers will dominate in hosting government systems; however, the current government systems won’t fit quantum computing since they aren’t quantum enabled. However, the UAS system will survive after the migration.

Adaptive Forging

The adaptive forging algorithm helps in solving blockchains scalability issues by stopping the non-stop block creation. Block creation occurs on a need basis when a transaction is underway. That ensures there are enough resources to complete every transaction.

Database Level Sharding

Apollo blockchain introduces a unique functionality, database level sharding. This algorithm ensures that the database is partitioned into small independent shards. The shards are independent in that they can be operated from different computers, thus more speed and resources for transaction completion. 

IP Masking

The IP masking algorithm parallels the Zk SNARKs algorithm in the protection of user data. The IP address of the computer used by persons transacting in the Apollo blockchain is entirely out of reach. That will allow UAS citizens to complete transactions safer without fears of traceability.

Final Word

The United Allied States, a new blockchain-based government, will be the solution to nationalism problems clouding the current governments. However, the government gives more financial reliability to its citizens by providing a stable digital sovereign currency. The currency’s stability is owing to the backing asset, gold. The deflationary nature of gold makes it the best investment to back UAS new national currency. 

Additionally, the backing technology makes UAS government systems and currencies the most reliable. Zero transaction downtimes, fast and secure completion of transactions are the attributes of UAS new digital currency. The currency will solve all problems clouding the current medium of exchanges and investment assets. It’s the ultimate deflationary and non-volatile sovereign currency.

The dynamism of technology continues to transform the world, and the banking sector seems to be among the most affected by recent innovations. Blockchain technology came into force about a decade ago when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The introduction gave birth to a new era of cryptocurrency that seems to be slowly taking over the economy. Moreover, organizations have been integrating blockchain technology in their operations, and several governments have come out to explore its exciting benefits. 

However, despite the diverse applications, this innovation is notably disrupting the banking and finance industry the most. The industry has had its fair share of drawbacks that blockchain seems to solve altogether. Apollo Fintech, a financial technology company, has been among the top companies stretching blockchain capabilities beyond the limits. The company has a collection of blockchain-based products and services and is still exploring more. It recently unveiled a National Payment Platform that will solve existing banking services problems and open up new windows for financial institutions, including central banks. 

Transaction Processing Speed

As noted by one memSQL writer, banks today need a real-time transaction processing system. Unfortunately, some of them still use traditional systems introduced to the industry in the 20th century. Such systems are of a design that does not support real-time data availability, and this slows down transactions. On the other hand, customers want a system that can verify transactions and bring back the answers they need at ATMs, when using credit cards, or applying for a loan. 

The national payment platform will provide customers all the banking services they need at high speeds. The database combines analytical and transactional data processing capabilities in a fast, secure, and scalable system. Besides, transactions are peer-to-peer with no intermediaries and will save both time and transaction costs.

Accessibility of Banking

Traditional banking incorporates policies that make it difficult for some groups to access banking services. There are requirements for opening an account and banking service agents tend to focus more on the urban market. Apollo Fintech’s new platform will make it easy for people to access and use banking services. The platform will be cashless as it will utilize Knox World Pay and Apollo Cash. Moreover, it will allow central banks to issue their digital currency, the CBDC. 

The platform will have an online wallet that replaces the traditional account. Owners can perform all their banking services using the wallet, including deposits, withdrawals, payments, etc. Anyone can sign up for the wallet online without the restrictions associated with the accounts opening. Besides, individuals can perform instant transactions using their mobile devices. Users without smartphones can also send or receive digital currency via offline codes, SMS, or cards. The program will also have government-approved agencies throughout the country and commercial banks for physical access.


Cybersecurity still ranks high among the prominent threats in the banking sector. In 2018, cyber bank robberies were reported to have contributed up to $1 trillion in total cybercrime losses. The national payment platform will support central bank digital currencies and could thus be a perfect target for cybercriminals. Fortunately, the entire platform is based on Apollo blockchain, which has cutting edge security features. Several blocks of data form the chain that is usually protected using various mechanisms that feature mathematical models and cryptographic techniques. 

Of all the mechanisms, immutability and consensus play the most critical roles. The consensus mechanisms regard the system’s agreement on the entire network’s state and validity of transactions. Immutability regards the ability to prevent any alteration of transactions once they get executed. Users of the new platform will further enjoy the protection of a quantum-resistant data encryption system. 

International Payments

The banking sector currently suffers a considerable blow when it comes to international remittances. Other than the high transactional costs on international payments transfer, cross-border transactions can take up to seven days. The blockchain-based national currency platform provides a perfect solution as users can enjoy frictionless payments from their wallets to both local wallets and abroad. The instant payments come with the additional benefit of reduced transaction costs. 


While Apollo Fintech is providing real banking solutions via its new platform, it also brings new capabilities. One of its major contributions will be the adoption of digital currency. The adoption of cryptocurrency has significantly been put on delay by the lack of regulation. Crypto coins are usually decentralized, and not tied to any rules, making them exciting baits for con artists. However, NPP will allow central banks to introduce their digital coins, which will take the form of a stablecoin. 

Citizens and commercial entities will have the confidence to invest in and use the coin since it comes from the central bank. Furthermore, the platform comes with a point of sale system that will allow merchants to publish and sell their goods directly to customers while receiving payment via the platform. Therefore, Apollo Fintech’s new system is also creating opportunities for utilizing the central bank digital coin.

CoinStats is a real-time crypto tracker  that seeks to simplify the entire investment sector through the integration of advanced monitoring technologies and a friendly user interface. This unique app provides users with a one-stop-shop for all everything crypto. Specifically, users can manage and trade digital assets directly from the Dapps intuitive portal.

What Problems Does CoinStats Fix?

Let’s face it, investing in cryptocurrency is a time-consuming process that requires you to learn and apply new knowledge constantly. While some people possess the mental aptitude to handle these tasks off the rip, most people need a few go-arounds before even the terminology of the sector sets in.

In this way, investing in cryptocurrencies can get to be a bit overwhelming for your average user. The entire process of monitoring different developments across different platforms is extremely tedious. Additionally, these issues only get worse when you begin to incorporate multiple platforms and exchanges. CoinStats simplifies these problems.

Trackability Issues

CoinStats integrates a proprietary cryptocurrency tracking tool that allows you to monitor your assets with ease. These advanced monitoring protocols allow users to receive real-time pricing for over 8,000 digital assets. Even more impressive, the platform can gather this information from 250 crypto exchanges.

From here, you can easily set up alerts for market movements that you want to be made aware of. The app possesses unmatched flexibility in this sector. For example, you can set alerts for price movements (pumps/dumps), news, project updates, and other relevant indicators. You’re never out of the loop with CoinStats. 

Data overload

Another major issue facing investors in the blockchain sector is data overload. There is just so much going on. Whenever you have an emerging industry coupled with new technologies, the outpouring of developments is almost impossible to track. 

Luckily, CoinStats streamlines this process for you in an interesting way. The Dapps interface is fully customizable and provides you with all the relevant details you need to make the most informed investment decisions possible. In this fast-paced market, these tools play an integral part in any investor’s strategy.


Along with so much data, there comes the problem of how to store and access all this new information. It does you no good when there exists a platform tailored to suit your needs, yet you are unaware of its existence or how to access it.

CoinStats allows you to keep your data organized. You can set what information you desire to see in the news tab. This customizable feature provides you with the ability to decide if you want items such as the latest news, bullish news, bearish news, or news on specific projects.

As with most tech-related industries, the news plays a major role in the direction of the market. Staying up-to-date on all the latest regulatory developments in the sector is a great way to guide your investments to success. For example, if the news reads that the EU or the US recognizes Bitcoin as a legal tender, you can expect prices to skyrocket. Don’t miss the boat with CoinStats.

How CoinStats Works

CoinStats integrates a variety of proprietary technologies to create a fully immersible cryptocurrency experience. Primarily, the platform simplifies the entire process via its easy-to use-interface. This portal allows investors to keep track of all crypto prices, project developments, and news at a glance. 

Signup is easy. You just go to your Google or Apple store and download the Dapp. Once it’s downloaded, you can complete registration in minutes. Linking your exchanges and wallets to CoinStats is easy also. However, you will need to create a view and trade-only API to take advantage of the most advanced features of this platform.


Integration is another powerful aspect of CoinStats. Yes, you can track your portfolio manually, but who wants to do that. Instead, link your crypto exchange accounts via API. CoinStats is incredibly flexible in this way. Specifically, the platform supports Binance, Binance US, Bitfinex, Bitmex, Bitso, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Bitmax,, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Deribit, Gemini, IDEX, HitBTC, Huobi, Kraken, KuCoin, Liquid, OKEX, and Poloniex. 


CoinStats also provides users the ability to sync wallets on Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Chain, Litecoin, XRP, Siacoin, NEO, Dash, DeepOnion, Cardano, Tron, IOST, EOS, WAVES, and TEZOS. This feature is just one more way that COinStats empowers investors and frees up your time.

Where to Get CoinStats

CoinStats is available for download at both the Google Play Store and Apple Store.  The program has high ratings on both platforms. On Google, the Dapp has a 4.7 rating with 5000 reviews. The Apple Store shows a 5.0 rating with over 40,000 reviews.

Free vs. Paid Subscription

You have two options when you download CoinStats – Free and Pro version. Both versions of this software are filled with features that are sure to simplify your life. However, for the $40/per year price tag, the Pro version of the software delivers above and beyond what you would expect. The company also offers a lifetime membership for 0.02 BTC.

Premium features 

If you are the type of investor that wants access to the best tools in the market, then CoinStats Pro is the right choice for you. As a Pro member you get:

  • Detailed Portfolio Analytics
  • CoinStats Score
  • Portfolio Export
  • Coin insights
  • Open Fill Notifications 
  • Customer Support
  • Auto on New Listings
  • Pump and Dump Alerts 

CoinStats Here to Save the Day

It’s good to see platforms like CoinStats take the time to focus on what investors really need. This Dapp integrates a combination of features that makes it one of the most helpful platforms in the market. You can expect CoinStats to continue to garner attention as more investors become aware of this revolutionary platform.

Trading and generating income from cryptocurrencies can be tedious and challenging. Crypto mining has been the main way to release new coins into the crypto world since the introduction of bitcoin in 2009. Unfortunately, mining comes with several significant problems. Among them are the high energy costs, vulnerability to cryptojacking, and centralization of the mining process. Attempts to streamline the processes have proven futile. 

Fortunately, there has been a rise in the use of the Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol in cryptocurrency income generation. PoS coins don’t consume a lot of energy or require expensive hardware to generate, making them more profitable than other coins. This rise in interest in the protocol has also led to the rise of staking-as-a-service platforms like MyCointainer.

Mycointainer is making profit generation easier without users needing first hand experience. MyCointainer is the ultimate platform that provides automatic staking and masternode services to crypto traders. 

MyCointainer in a Nutshell

Mycointainer is an automated online staking and masternode platform that generates profit for its users in the form of stakes. The objective of the platform is to assist its users to trade coins and make a profit in the form of stakes. Staking involves collateralizing cryptocurrency, to get a chance in participating in transaction validation and block completion. The investors get staking rewards as a profit for holding their cryptocurrency.

This platform offers excellent products and services and educates people on how to get even more rewards. Currently, MyCointainer offers tens of digital assets, including Tezos, Kava, Cosmos, Tether, Neutrino dollar, bitcoinPos, Horizon, terracredit, Rapids, Energi, Waves.

The platform adds over 40 new assets every week and will soon cover all the crypto assets.

Regulatory Compliance

The company is registered in Estonia by FIU intelligence to crypto exchange and wallet management services. It’s licensed under the number FRK000469 & FVR000557, and their address is Tornimae tn 5, 10145.

How Does It Work?

First, individuals need to select a useful asset, purchase, and send it to their MyCointainer staking wallet. MyCointainer uses proof of stake and masternodes to calculate and generate profits.

A masternode is a form of server in the blockchains that can complete unique functions and execute private transactions. Masternodes keep real-time copies of the blockchain. Masternodes focus on staking a given amount of cryptocurrency within the currency’s blockchain. The stake acts as collateral to ensure that investors won’t try to mislead the system by having a stake in the system.

MyCointainer automatically grants permissions of the shared masternode staking, to all the investors subject to the benefits. All rewards therein depend on the value of the stake. The higher the staking value, the higher the generated reward. What makes this platform unique from others is that every user, even those with limited coins, can benefit from their stakes.

MyCointainer automatically generates rewards with an average reward fee for 59 cryptocurrencies being 1.91%. Even if the value of the stake is low, all investors get a share of the reward. Every reward is subjected to compound interest, so the longer you stake the higher your rewards.

Completing a Deposit or Withdrawal from MyCointainer

Most stalking wallets have a minimum amount of currency to purchase. However, MyCointainer has neither a deposit nor a withdrawal limit. 

To deposit fiat on the platform, you need to choose the currency from the wallet then deposit. The process of withdrawing is akin to deposit; only you choose the withdrawal option. Completion of all withdrawals takes just 24 hours. 

Some of the fiats supported include Pound Sterling (GBP), Polish Zloty (PLN), Swiss franc (NOK –CHF), American Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), and Norwegian Krone

MyCointainer Power Subscription Plan

MyCointainer platform offers different subscription plans through MyCointainer Power. The basic subscription plan is free. However, it gives partial benefits to the plan. MyCointainer also provides other plans that offer more service to users.

The platform gives the power plus option. This option has shared masternode access to all assets and completely covers the costs of running nodes. The monthly subscription to the power plus choice is 3.90 euros.

The power max option provides a 0% staking fee on all assets. Moreover, it offers VIP giveaways to its users. The average price for the power max option is 13.99 EUR. 

The power percent option comes with a vast range of services and benefits, including all those in power max. This option’s price is 39.90 EUR per month.

Benefits of

Rewards aside, MyCointainer platform brings a wide range of services and advantages for users compared to other staking platforms.

  • Convenience- The application is accessible both from the google play store and the AppStore.
  • User friendly- Allows easy access to the dashboard  and the processes of depositing and withdrawing are straightforward.
  • Users have unrestricted access to MyCointainer; thus, they can easily invest.
  • The platform comes with added safety for users’ assets. That’s owing to the registration of the company to a regulating authority. Moreover, the platform uses multiple-factor authentication techniques to prove ownership.
  • Diversity- Users can choose from a wide range of crypto assets and stake all major PoS coins using the platform.
  • The support team is always online to assist anyone who encounters problems staking.
  • State of the art technologies and data encryptions bolster the privacy and security of all details. Moreover, the platform does not sell any private information to unwarranted persons.


The Future

MyCointainer’s future power plan will foster faster crypto adoption globally. They plan to achieve that by giving everyone equal benefits from rewards that come from various digital assets. MyCointainer is working to better the service provision. The platform plans to introduce better services in the coming years and to feature even more crypto assets.

MyCointainer will offer great value to customers, product design education, and excellence. It’s planning a future of partnering with new platforms, teams, exchanges, and entrepreneurs to complete its future projects.


Numerous crypto traders have held on to the idea that profit-making is merely through buying low and selling high. However, the platform has proved that there are innovative ways to make profits once you join the crypto market. MyCointainer provides users with an excellent network to maximize profits. It is by far the most reliable platform for crypto staking. 

Users with the least number of coins can still enjoy the benefits of convenience and diversity. Even better is the subscription plan, which gives one primary option and two power options. All this bolsters the service delivery to investors.

Even with low stakes, users can still share in the rewards. To increase their returns, however, investors are supposed to put an even higher stake. MyCointainer is working towards faster crypto adoption, all thanks to its rewards. It’s by far the best staking platform for maximized rewards.