TunaDog, one of the projects lying among the kings of Memecoins, is holding its presale on July 7. The countdown is on!

The project provides a platform that artists can participate in to create unique NFT collections with their theme, Tuna The Dog. It wants, in the future, to create TunaDog merch and aTunaDog game, whereby 90% of the proceeds will be allocated to help stray animals and animals with diseases through organizations.

TunaDog Presale

The platform will hold it on Binance Chain DxSale – the first actual decentralized locker and launchpad service on the platform offering presales.

Once the presale ends, TunaDog will be listed in Pancakeswap with liquidity locked and ownership renounced. 

Presale Information

Price: 1 BNB = 880000 TUNADOG

Soft cap: 300 BNB

Hard cap: 600 BNB

Conditions: Min 0.1 BNB / max 5 BNB

Listing price: 10% higher than public presale

How to Buy from DxSale

  1. Go to the sale link from your web3 supported browsers (going to be posted 10 hours before countdown end)
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Input amounts of BNB you want to contribute with, e.g., 0.1 to 5 BNB
  4. Click Contribute Buttons & Confirm The Transaction
  5. You will receive $TUNADOG tokens once the presale ends, and you can collect them on the DxSale page.


Liquidity is automatically provided to create a price floor for the token. The smart contract charges a 2 percent fee on all transactions to auto replenish the liquidity pool.

In addition, a 4 percent charge on all transactions is given to all token holders. That is, you don’t have to take or provide liquidity to gain money with TUNADOG. It’s going to benefit all holders!

TunaDog is deflationary; therefore, in each transaction, 2% is permanently burned, our supply will be lower every day. The platform will take another 2 percent charge on all transactions distributed to TunaDog Marketing/Development wallet. It will be aimed at effective marketing to maintain the growth of the platform.


Total supply: 1B TUNADOG (100%)

Fundraise: 561.6M TUNADOG (56.16%)

Pancakeswap Listing: 315.9M TUNADOG (31.59%)

Marketing: 50M TUNADOG (5%)

Exchange Listings: 50M TUNADOG (5%).

Initial Burn: 22.5M TUNADOG (2.25%)


For the third quarter of 2021, we can expect to see the first NFT collection, fundraising. Listing on CMC/CG, Launch on Pancakeswap, and LP token lock. For the fourth quarter, there will be more marketing and campaigns. We will also see more partnerships and even a CEX listing. 

In 2022, this is when the TunaDog merch and the TunaDog game are scheduled for production. The NFT launchpad is also expected at this time. Last but not least, the new blockchain integrations may come around this first quarter of the year if all goes according to plan and schedule. 

About TunaDog

TunaDog is a project, the king of Memecoins, to give users and artists a chance to interact with the NFT world. 

Interact with the project;

Website: Click Here

Twitter: Click Here

Telegram: Click Here

Contract Address: Click Here

Introduction to Margin trading

Trading in cryptocurrencies is a profitable investment option. However, not everyone has the money to make it big in the market. Margin trading is a solution for those confident in their skills to invest but do not own the cash. And it is not only the crypto market where margin trading prevails. It is one of the most sought-after choices by experts in all the trade markets.

What is Margin Trading?

Margin trading is a method of trading where a third party provides funds to the trader to trade in an asset. It allows traders access to more funds, thus higher investments, and more profits, even for the same ROIs. This method is popular, especially for less risky investments. Still, it has found its way into volatile crypto trading as well. That is because mostly the margin funds in crypto markets get their funds from the crypto traders who receive an interest when someone borrows their money. Some exchanges provide the funds as well.

How does it work?

Even though other people provide the money for the trader to ride on, it is not charity. To initiate a margin trade, the trader has to commit some capital from their pocket. This fund is called margin and is strongly related to how much funds one can get. The money raised against this capital is called leverage. Every market and platform has a different leverage rate. A ratio of 100:1 would mean that the trader needs to commit $1 from their pocket to initiate a $100 trade.

Margin trading has the upside of bringing in more profits without the trader having to transfer huge sums from their account or risk all of their money. Additionally, it is a good tool for diversification as well, and when added with reliable crypto signals, it becomes highly successful. However, the greater the reward, the greater is the risk as well. Just as the vast investment can bring in more profits with even a slight fluctuation, the same is the case with losses. Even a small price drop causes losses that are hard to cover. When the price drops significantly, the trader gets a margin called where they need to commit extra money to their margin account to reach the threshold of the total margin requirements. If the trader doesn’t do that, their holdings get liquidated to pay back for the losses.

Margin Funding

Margin Trading is an inherently risky business, and investors who do not like this much risk are much reluctant to the proposal even with the chance of high profits it brings. The same is the case for beginner traders, who should also avoid margin trading as even experts are very prone to risk in this case.

The crypto exchanges have come up with a solution to this problem where they pool money in the margin funds. These margin funds are used by loaning the money to traders doing margin trading. The investors get their money back after a while and receive interest as well. It is much less risky than direct margin trading, as the crypto exchange shields the investor.


Margin trading is a risky investment option. More so in the case of the volatile crypto market. Anyone thinking about it should have considerable trading experience and expertise in technical analysis before delving into this option. And even so, Caution remains a priority. The risk is as high as the possible rewards. Cryptocurrency trading signals can always help as a guide to mitigate such risks.

Thoughtful and high-quality tokens design with the moon promising words no longer optional. Gone are the days that any company could launch with bare-bones tokens. The demand side of holders has been changed— holders are seeking the unique but safe tokens that offer them stable earnings. The problems and opportunities have stayed quite similar, but the markets and opportunities have gotten much larger.

When demands like this come and the Apollo11 crew reacts, 

In launching A11 tokens the company was working to make the community-driven project built on Binance Smart Chain #BSC. They established the most revolutionary mechanism to the BSC ecosystem. Users easily earn $BNB just by holding an A11token. Apollo11 also marks the previously bootstrapped important milestone in cryptocurrency history. 

Just by virtue of making it more accessible to holders, traders who have never won in their trading or hodl history, when they hold A11 tokens, 7% of every transaction including sell, buy, or transfer that is re-distributed to all A11 holders in $BNB. This amount of BNB called the BNB pool. Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn are seen as key functions that occur during each trade. 

The size of A11 tokens, in particular, has gotten infinitely larger as the total supply is up to 20,000,000,000,000 A11. It should be highlighted that 70% of the total supply is allocated for the fair presale, 3% for airdrop, 12% For a foundation with the purpose of building dex exchange. The marketing activities currently comprise 19% of the total supply and finally, 10% will be distributed for the Apollo11 team.

The project sounds like sci-fi — but it’s really an attempt to take what has been a relatively potential and safe profit for the Apollo11 community. Apollo11 Expert makes A11 token available as an on-demand capability — take advantage of the advances in the speed and availability of the next-generation tokens for the community. In better economic conditions, you can afford to cast a wide net, simply hold A11 tokens and passively earn BNB without full-time trading.

In other words, opportunities are ripe for massive profit value creation in the cryptocurrency industry. Many unicorns will be built in these spaces, and while the Apollo11 crew still in the early innings, there are a few specific sides where users can approach freely A11 tokens through airdrop phases. They are going to keep building for the next few years and then Apollo11 tokens will be in a spot to be strong public tokens.

Follow Apollo11 project on the official channels:

Website: https://apollo11.cc

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/apollo11.cc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Apollo11_cc

Telegram Official: https://t.me/Apollo11Channel

Telegram Community: https://t.me/Apollo11Grou

By spearheading the pilot in the new “moon” routine, we will see a large chunk of POKE tokens released in the upcoming weeks. POKECHAIN is the latest and expected project of 2021. POKE token offers strong profitable factors that highlight the opportunity to get your original investment and profit along the way of ratio holding POKE token and attract the attention of eager people who are looking for a safe haven during choppy markets.

By using a cutting-edge, clean mechanism and crypto-friendly regulations, POKECHAIN takes advantage of the latest smart contract generation that tokens holders not only earn dividends but also anti-Whales negative impacts. POKE holders easily earn passive incomes BNB from each transaction on the Pancakeswap platform. POKECHAIN enables crypto enthusiasts to generate liquidity from their digital assets without having to spend them. Only hold POKE and earn BNB by the POKE token transactions from the community. 

The security element is paramount importance and the POKECHAIN team is seeking to balance that with speed and ease. The transactions are going to be implemented under transparent technology. Smart Chain open-source smart contract (which is developed by Binance blockchain developer team) helps anyone to easily check their Smart Contract. The Smart Contract is invariant. It means no one can decide to hold BNB for themselves. When anyone uses BNB to purchase POKE, their BNB would not be held by anyone, it is being put into the BNB in the Rewards Pool that almost all risks possibilities are covered.

POKE tokens, which have been characterized as lucrative tokens. It will generate BNB for POKE holders by the smart contract mechanism. Describing the POKE tokens in detail supports earning passive income from the transactions (buy and sell) in between BNB and POKE on PancakeSwap platform. Each transaction charges a 10% as so-called collectible tax, which divides to eight percent (8%) is taken and re-distributed to all POKECHAIN holders in BNB Reward Pool and another two percent (2%) is taken and re-distributed to all POKECHAIN holders in POKE token. 

POKE is undertaking a design that absolutely avoids Whales manipulation in the Pre-Sale phase and afterward. POKECHAIN team chooses the DXSALE platform to distribute a fair structure and toward the community’s benefits. This is a community-driven token. Therefore, the majority of POKE tokens being sold would be locked on PancakeSwap – an automated market maker platform on Binance Smart Chain that makes sure every upgrade is compatible and maintains its strict policy.

That is the main reason why POKECHAIN will outperform other projects in the upcoming time. In particular, POKECHAIN is in a bid to bolster POKE transparency with  60% of the total supply being sold at the Pre-Sales Fair Launch on DXSALE. The fundraised amount POKE would be listed and added to the liquidity pool on Pancake Swap. The liquidity will be locked in six (06) months on DXSALE. POKECHAIN smart contract also grasps new advancements like the project will be audited by the most creditable audit smart contract firm in the world.  

The move has been long-awaited in crypto circles, with some speculating that it has come to be widely accepted by the community who want to make the safe earning with their cryptocurrency desires. 

Visit Website: https://pokechain.io 

Visit POKECHAIN project via social media channels:
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/PokechainChannel

Telegram Group: https://t.me/pokechaingroup

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pokechain.io

 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pokechain_io

On 18th June, PancakeSwap officially launched Hotbit Syrup Pool, with which users will be granted free Hotbit native token (HTB) by staking CAKE. As we know, Syrup Pool is the greatest derivative in the DeFi world. Like funds in the stock market, Syrup Pool can sharply lower the threshold of participation by private investors. With Syrup Pool, users can easily get access to DeFi and earn without much common sense as long as they hold the relevant Syrup Pool token. This is similar to obtaining stock returns by holding funds in the stock market. PancakeSwap’s Syrup Pool is also known as a leader among DeFi Syrup Pools. Each project selected to list in Syrup Pool is extremely promising and excellent and has created extremely high returns for users. Some major examples are; Litentry’s token (LIT) which grew by 15 times, O3 Swap’s token (O3) grew by 10 times which begs the question of how well will HTB perform with the help of Syrup Pool? Why HTB Should See a Better Performance? There is another point well worth our attention which is Hotbit’s clear difference from Litentry and O3 Swap. The latter two are new quality projects launched in this round of bull market, while Hotbit is a well-established exchange that has spanned the bull and bear market periods. A Brief Introduction About Hotbit Hotbit is an encrypted service and trading platform that was launched in January 2018 when Blockchain experienced its worst-ever bear market. Hotbit grew up with Blockchain moving from a bear to a bull market. Up to now, Hotbit has owned over 2.5 million registered users from more than 170 countries and regions around the world. It has successively established in-depth cooperation with well-known partners in the Blockchain industry, including F2pool, Spark Pool, Mytoken, Slow Mist, HashQuark, etc. in an effort to provide a stable, safe and feature-rich environment for cryptocurrency investors and traders. Thanks to the unremitting efforts, Hotbit has gained a prominent position in the industry and ascended into the list of mainstream trading platforms. Hotbit’s token HTB rose by over 2000% this year, witnessing remarkable performance. Accordingly, Hotbit has helped each participant who went along with Hotbit earn enormous returns. PancakeSwap’s official launch of HTB Syrup Pool is offering us another opportunity to get HTB for free. Users will witness awesome promotional benefits, earn high returns and enjoy wide coverage. Be sure to cherish this opportunity! How Powerful is HTB Syrup Pool? The total number of tokens produced by this HTB Syrup Pool is 9 million HTB, which will be released in 60 days. What does this mean? If HTB price is fixed at 0.05 USDT, the total amount produced by this HTB Syrup Pool will reach 450,000 USDT, and the daily amount will reach 7,500 USDT!
How awesome the benefits are! It is extremely attractive! Please refer to the following detailed information on tokens released: ·Total tokens: 9000000 HTB ·Release period: 60 days ·Starting block: 8399200 ·End point: 10127200 ·Token reward per block: 5.2083 HTB How High are Returns from HTB Syrup Pool? So how high are returns from this HTB Syrup Pool? Here we will sort out and analyze two Syrup Pools of HTB in PancakeSwap. Syrup Pool 1: Obtain HTB by Staking Single-currency CAKE Hotbit’s first Syrup Pool in PancakeSwap is a low-risk single-currency staking pool. If users hold CAKE themselves, they can do risk-free staking in the single-currency staking pool and earn value-added returns. The annual returns of HTB’s single-currency staking pool reach is about 80%, as shown in the figure below:
Some Valuable Tips If users don’t hold CAKE themselves, can they stake at low risk? Of course, they can. Users can obtain HTB by staking single currency CAKE in PancakeSwap. Many trading platforms provide CAKE lending service, and users can obtain HTB by paying a small amount of interest and borrowing CAKE for staking; annual returns of 80% can fully cover this expenditure. Users don’t need to bear the risk caused by the drop of the price of CAKE, so it is safe and efficient. It is worth mentioning that HTB is on ERC while this PANCAKE is on BSC. More attempts will be available later. Coming soon… Syrup Pool 2: Obtain CAKE by Staking HTB/BNB LP HTB’s second Syrup Pool in PancakeSwap is a liquid LP mining pool with higher risk but more substantial returns – users can get CAKE by providing liquidity for HTB and BNB in PancakeSwap, and the annual returns can reach as high as 210%, as shown in the figure below:
We often say that there are some risks in liquid LP mining. The main reason is that only two currencies are paired for LP. One of two currencies is possibly low-value “air coin”, and our valuable coin may be easily considered as air coin, which may incur losses. This is one of the drawbacks caused by the low-threshold DeFi. However, this risk is manageable. In particular, if we pair two promising currencies based on LP liquidity (for example, HTB and BNB from Hotbit’s liquid Syrup Pool in PancakeSwap are valuable currencies), it is unnecessary for us to worry about the risk above. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy low risks and get high returns at the same time. In fact, if we take a holistic look at Hotbit’s launch of PancakeSwap and opening of Syrup Pool, we can discover some interesting details. Why does Hotbit invest 450,000 USDT in holding promotional activities? In addition to repaying users, what are Hotbit’s other motives? Hotbit is a well-established prominent trading platform that was founded in the bear market period and has experienced the bull and bear market periods, so it is imperative for Hotbit to get closer to popular investment spots, attract and serve more users. PancakeSwap benefits from the DeFi craze and has some advantages that Hotbit needs. As they complement each other, they can bring us large benefits and help us earn 450,000 USDT of HTB for free. The market has entered a deep correction since BTC reached the new ATH. Whether the market is bullish or bearish in the future, we still need to screen valuable currencies for investment to help us continue earning or surviving the bear market. Undoubtedly, HTB, which has a record of spanning the bull and bear market periods, is an extremely good choice. HTB Syrup Pool on PancakeSwap undoubtedly provides a low-cost solution for participants. This chance really deserves cherishing. Attachment: 1. For the official HTB token contract in the Binance Smart Chain, please visit: https://www.bscscan.com/address/0x4e840aadd28da189b9906674b4afcb77c128d9ea 2. Hotbit Website:www.hotbit.io 3.Referral article:https://pancakeswap.medium.com/pancakeswap-welcomes-hotbit-to-syrup-pool-a2629d73e87c

DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP), a top yield farming protocol that allows users to provide liquidity and earn lucrative returns, has reached yet another landmark moment. On June 23, 2021, the project announced its expansion to Avalanche, an open-source platform for launching highly decentralized apps.

The DeFi protocol’s move to build a platform on Avalanche will enable users to leverage DYP’s advanced trading tools. DYP users will also benefit as they will continue earning yield on their crypto assets while taking advantage of Avalanche’s high throughput (4,500+ TPS), low fees, and sub-second finality.

Mihai Nicusor, CEO of DYP, explained that the expansion gives the avalanche community enhanced functionality while strengthening the entire DeFi ecosystem. He reckoned that building a decentralized platform on Avalanche also enhanced security and transparency to DYP. 

What New Products Does DYP’s Expansion Introduce?

DYP’s expansion to Avalanche, scheduled for completion in July 2021, will launch with yield farming, NFT dApp, and DYP Tools. These three products are designed to enrich DYP’s diverse suite of features.

The DYP yield farming product will launch with a DYP/AVAX pair on Pangolin, offering Avalanche liquidity providers the opportunity to contribute to AMM pools and earn yield in DYP tokens. 

The unique platform will facilitate users to earn daily rewards in PNG, AVAX, or wrapped ETH by staking their tokens for durations of 3, 30, 60, and 90 days. Users who stake for longer durations will receive higher rewards.

The DYP Tools product, scheduled to launch on Avalanche in Q3 2021, will offer users a functionality akin to DEX Tools. It will provide advanced features that make it easier to track yield data, whale transactions, tokens, and more, allowing investors to make informed decisions that maximize yields.

The DYP NFT dApp will provide a dynamic marketplace for NFTs on Avalanche. It will enable artists to mint, trade, showcase, and sell their creative digital artwork on an interoperable, highly scalable platform that boasts a fast-growing network of users. 

NFT enthusiasts will also benefit from the Avalanche ecosystem’s low fees, near-instant finality, and environmentally sound technology. 

DYP Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds

The DYP team is also delighted to announce it has integrated its protocol with the industry-leading decentralized Chainlink Oracle network. The integration brings high-quality, tamper-proof price feeds to DYP, helping to secure yield farming data on Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Mainnet.

The Chainlink Price Feeds, sourced from premium data aggregators, will help secure ETH and BNB data values on DYP in a decentralized manner. Liquidity providers on DYP farming pools can now utilize the tamper-proof asset data to access the exact value in USD for their ETH and BNB rewards.

The integration of the Chainlink Oracle solution on DYP means a lot for DeFi users. It will ensure broad market coverage by providing price data aggregated from multiple exchanges and volume-weighted to reflect current global market rates. The feeds are also resistant to flash loan attacks and are securely delivered on-chain for consumption by the DYP application.

What Makes DYP a Unique Yield Farming Aggregator?

DYP made history in the DeFi space by becoming the first and only protocol to reward users in ETH or BNB. Since its launch, DYP has paid out 8,455.24 ETH and 4,622.56 BNB worth over $20M to liquidity providers.

The leading yield farming platform also offers its innovative Earn Vault that integrates the Compound protocol. Investors can tap the automated yield farming contract to earn higher yields than those offered on rival DeFi protocols.

Furthermore, the DYP platform utilizes a unique anti-manipulation feature that guarantees fair access to the platform’s liquidity by preventing whales from manipulating DYP prices to their advantage.

Essentially, the feature converts yield earned into ETH or BNB, limiting the market impact from whales converting pool rewards into AVAX and other native platform tokens. Users can take advantage of the newly-launched DYP bridge to swap DYP tokens between the ETH and BSC networks. 

DYP also offers a host of other unique features, including an ETH mining pool and staking dApp with a referral system integrated.

Although newly launched, Rabiz has spread out not only in its home country – China but also all over the world,  becoming a “cross-border” application, meeting supply-demand in the whole market. Facing the strong development needs of the cryptocurrency market as well as having a top leading team of engineers, Rabiz is predicted to be the most prestigious application with the potential for rapid development in a short time. 

Before learning about Rabiz, let’s have a quick look at these following concepts:

What is blockchain? 

Blockchain is regarded as a ledger that stores and transmits information in the most accurate and transparent manner that cannot be altered or compromised retrospectively. Nowadays, Blockchain is increasing in its popularity and widely applied in numerous industries such as financial economics, entertainment, agriculture, technology, education …

What is DeFi?

DeFi is short for Decentralized Finance. This is an umbrella term for a variety of financial applications built on Blockchain. Ethereum, Tron, Eos are typical examples of the current decentralized finance trend.

The total capitalization of DeFi is growing strongly, along with the development of DeFi protocols. The Total Value Locked (TVL) in DeFi applications has increased exponentially over the years, showing a strong growth potential of this financial platform.

Featured Yield Farming projects – Yearn Finance:

Yearn Finance is a DeFi product suite, including a robot advisor that allocates deposits to protocols with highest yield. YFI governance token is issued with unique properties of no previous owner and no external funding, fixed supply, and earning through Yield Farming. At launch, capital flowed into farming and yields were up to 1,000% APR.

What is TRON?

TRON is a decentralized entertainment platform that is based on blockchain technology and P2P. TRON (TRX) is a next generation social media platform where users can create and share messages with anyone in the world. 

TRON – The world’s #1 platform TRON has absolutely unlimited accessibility. Anyone with an Internet connection can send transactions, as well as become a validator. Hence, it is not surprising that TRON is currently rated as the number one platform in the world.

Rabbiz – A leading Yield Farming from China 

Rabbiz is a blockchain-based decentralized financial application of Tron(Trx). This is a DeFi project that has received the most attention recently. Rabbiz is a token with exponential growth over time due to trading on major exchanges, accompanied with interesting and fun games during user’s participation.

Rabbiz is a token with exponential growth over time due to trading on major exchanges, accompanied with interesting and fun games during user’s participation.

Vision and Mission:

With an effort to change the way cryptocurrencies to be a more balanced and sustainable ecosystem, Rabbiz is released in 2021. In particular: 

  • Rabbiz offers its users the most diverse, unique ecosystem in the financial markets.
  • Rabbiz helps users to maximize personal finances in the most efficient manner through its ecosystems.
  • Rabbiz helps users to connect with each other simply, easily and conveniently through the Internet.

Vision is set by the management board is that Rabbiz will become the top 30 Crypto in the Cryptocurrency market.

Advantages of Rabbiz:

  • The most novel and appealing DeFi application currently. 
  • Limited amount of tokens, resulting in scarcity. 
  • High security, low cost, fast and accurate confirmation time. 
  • Diverse and attractive ecosystem that is easy to join.

Token Rabiz:

  • Token RABBIZ denoted as RBIZ. 
  • Platform: Tron(Trx). 
  • Algorithm: Trc20. 
  • Total supply: 20,000,000 (Rbiz).
  • Starting price: $USD 0.1.
  • Will be traded in Vindax, Cointiger, Binance
  • Attractive bonus
  • Supreme agent policy


  • Airdrop Program
  • TRADE (coming soon)
  • Rabbiz farm (coming soon): A high yield farming provider available from the DeFi protocols; optimizes the yields that are received using the latest blockchain techniques.
  • Rabbiz Game (coming soon): Shooting Ball is an attractive and interesting game. Complete the games to earn the token reward.


  • Phase 1: Quarter 01/2021 – Quarter 02/2021 Rabbiz Marketing and Airdrop
  • Phase 2: Quarter 02/2021 – Quarter 03/2021 IEO Program
  • Phase 3: Quarter 03/2021 – Quarter 04/2021 Rabbiz floor listings: Timebitex, Cointiger and ecosystem development
  • Phase 4: Quarter 04/2021 – Quarter 02/2022 Rabbiz exchange listings: Kucoin, Mxc, Binance and ecosystem development
  • Phase 5: Quarter 03/2022 onwards: Rabbiz develops an existing ecosystem and develops a new generation of crypto wallet, Crypto Exchange and Blockchain

Rabiz Token Distribution:

  • 35% for Ecosystem
  • 15% for Staking và Pool
  • 20% for Company
  • 10% for R&D Team
  • 3% for Seed Round
  • 7% for Early Round
  • 5% for Strategic Round
  • 5% for Public Sale 

Good news for investors: Rabiz is now  in Phase 2 – IEO Program:

  • Total supply: 14,000,000 Rabbiz (Rbiz)
  • Time: 19/06/2021-31/08/2021
  • Minimum volume: $100
  • Including 4 Blocks:
    – Block 1: $0.1
    – Block 2: $0.12
    – Block 3: $0.14
    – Block 4: $0.16
  • If tokens are not sold out at the end of trading day 31/08/2021, the remaining tokens will be burned to create scarcity for Rabbiz tokens. By burning coins, Rabbiz reduces the long-term demand for the exchange’s coins, making it more attractive in the long-term because of the growth of the guaranteed coin value and the support of the beneficial storage mode for the company.

In a short time, with the IEO Program, Rabiz has affirmed its position in the cryptocurrency market: in the rankings of reputation and monthly transaction rate, Rabiz is always in the top with big name ones in the world. Compared to the initial schedule, the project has gained outstanding success with 70% of tokens sold, raising huge interest rates for investors.

From now on, each token will give you a new-rank profit. This is a golden opportunity that any visionary investor will not miss. Block 1 is the safest and most secure investment for everyone, especially beginners. Time is running out, you know what to do now, right?

And last but not least, Rabiz’s smart users, please note two major milestones in the near future so as not to miss the opportunity to get rich:

  • In the next week, Rabiz will conduct whitelisting for users. 
  • In September, Rabbiz will start listing exchanges and expanding the ecosystem. This is a development that is expected and well received by global investors.

Rabiz is shaped by pioneering technologies and sustainability to decentralized applications, systems, and societies. Customers who accompany us in the first steps will always have special offers and have a solid foundation to develop smart strategies. Together, nothing is impossible. A prosperous, sustainable future awaits us with Rabiz.

The pandemic has shifted the whole world to go virtual. Online payments are in progress more than ever. As the popularity of digital money grows, so do fraudulent sources.

VCash Pay (VCP), is a decentralized secure digital money that is mainly focused on repairing the limitations that exist in the financial systems today. VCP is sustainable and upgrades according to the current needs. It is fairly simple to pay with, especially for those who are new to the digital world. It is 100% safe and secure and open to all, owing to a more equal world.

It has a considerably low transaction fee which is a practical feature to choose VCP for digital payments. VCash Pay is an all in all digital/virtual money. It does not require mining, printing or minting like cryptos and cash. It is specifically designed and programmed for person-to-person transfer with a very low fee or value. By being the most accessible digital money, VCP connects the world and the global economy. A transaction using VCP is 100x faster than traditional currency and it has absolutely no fuss in the system in terms of formalities.

Its feeless transaction lets users access the benefits of powerful and efficient digital money. Most importantly, VCash Pay is eco-friendly. No trees are cut in the making of it. In the case of mining, other firms are known to use dangerously heavy machinery that has an adverse impact on the environment. VCP resolves this problem by relying on a lightweight and efficient consensus protocol called proof of stake that uses minimum energy. VCP is as instant as it is virtual. Whether it is to buy groceries or to transfer money overseas, VCP does it in seconds. It also reduces the amount approval stages as in credit card or bank payments.

VCP is a holistic payment system with versatile transaction types with a wide range of features.

Media Contacts:

Website – https://vcashpay.com/

Email – [email protected]

Telegram – @vcashpaygroup

Binamon is an NFT and blockchain-backed gaming metaverse where users can enjoy collecting digital monsters and have fun in battle royales using them. Contrary to collectable card games’ norm of leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, Binamons live on the Binance Smart Chain. 

The platform has several admirable gaming modes, ranging from collecting Binamons, Battle rounds and Multiplayer. Moreover, users can stake their NFT Binamons to earn mouth-watering returns. Gaming on blockchain technology with NFTs has never been more fun and easier than it is with Binamon.

The Binamon universe has its native token, the $BMON BEP-20 token. Minting $BMON generates the BEP 721 NFT Binamons that gamers can battle with via smart contracts dubbed Booster. 

A Metaverse of Digital Monsters 

Living on the Binance Smart Chain, NFT Binamons are digital monsters that come in different characters, including Attack, Element, Class and Hompower. Each Binamon character harbours its power and resiliency within the game. Additionally, the characteristics determine both the intrinsic and market value of a digital monster.

Binamon the game uses Epic Games’ AI graphics technology, Unreal Engine. A die-hard gamer that acknowledges the engine is quite familiar with titles like Fortnite, The Last of US Ⅱ, Call of Duty Black Ops Ⅲ, Street Fighter V and Final Fantasy Ⅶ(The Remake).

The Binamon mobile app will offer gamers a digital wallet to hold their $BMON tokens. The wallet facilitates a P2P marketplace for investors who prefer to trade their tokens across the metaverse. You can also use the mobile app to monitor the number of tokens you own, not leaving behind $BMON transactions.

Battle with NFT Binamons and Earn $BMON 

As mentioned earlier, these NFTs are acquired via minting the $BMON token. The process brings forth 3 Binamons that are distinct in both powers and features. Probability calculations are the determinant factor to separate the features of the Binamons after the minting process is done.

You can wage your $BMON tokens to battle other users in a winner takes all battle mode. A dismal percentage of the tokens will be burned during matches while smart contracts oversee matches. If you are worried that you cannot punch above your weight class, do not panic; matches are set up with Binamons of the same class. 

Binamon Tokenomics

Since the platform works on the BSC, below is the breakdown of how its tokens are distributed;

  • Token Ticker- $BMON
  • Total $BMON supply- 300 Million
  • The initial number of $BMON in circulation- 150 Million
  • Initial Market Capitalization- 7500 BNB
  • Total Market Cap(Diluted)- 15000 BNB
  • Seed Round Participation totals- 1500 BNB
  • Presale Participation totals- 2500 BNB

The sales round dates and numbers are as follows;

  • During the seed round, the token’s price stood at 0.0000283 BNB. It took place on June 12th at 18:00 UTC.
  • The presale round is set to go down on June 14th at 15:00 UTC, with the token’s price valued at 0.00003846 BNB.

Binamon plans to use the funds reaped from the sales in the following manner,

  • 20% on development
  • 20% for marketing purposes
  • 20% for expenses incurred during operations
  • 40% on the liquidity pool

Token Allocation

Of the total supply of $BMON tokens

  • 20% will fund the staking pool
  • 17% is set aside for the seed round
  • 10% will oversee the development of the Binamon ecosystem
  • 11% will serve the liquidity pool
  • 10% serves the marketing needs for Binamon
  • 22% goes to the Private sale
  • 5% will account for advisors 
  • Last but not least, the Binamon team takes up 5%

All the tokens utilized through the Booster Smart Contracts, 0.1% used in gaming battle modes and 10% of those collected in tournaments, will be burned. 90% of the tokens collected in tournaments are up for grabs for the winners. 

Additionally, the game will occasionally hold a lottery where gamers who participate can walk away with special upgrades for their Binamons. Some of the tokens taken up during the lotteries will be burned as well.

About Binamon.org

Based in Argentina, Binamon LTD is a gaming platform that uses blockchain technology leveraging the Binance Smart Chain. It focuses on digital monsters that become alive on the BSC as NFT.

The blockchain-gaming x NFT platform is giving away a grand prize of NFT Binamons worth $1M for the early worms on its project. To find out how to participate, visit Here.

For more info on acquiring physical Binamon NFT digital monsters and the platform’s well-planned roadmap, click here.

Follow the Binamon community on Telegram at binamonchannel and Twitter at binamonok.

What is the name of the first blockchain project allowing players to sell shirts to fans? Shirtum! The project, whose concept was introduced in 2021, is still in its development stages but will soon present excellent opportunities for players and fans. 

It’s the dream of almost every fan to own an original shirt or a collectible from their favorite player. However, the only people who access the collectibles and players’ museums are close friends and family members. 

Fortunately, with the introduction of Shirtum, every fan will buy an NFT representation of a collectible or a shirt from the players. Furthermore, to aid in the interaction between players and fans, Shirtum will install functionalities that create, store and Swap NFT shirts.

A Platform for Players and Fans

Shirtum gives players their section called the digital players’ museum, to share their stories about their experiences in soccer. This section shows the shirt of the individual players and a little history behind the shirt, including the price evolution.  

There is a marketplace in the platform where users have the freedom to buy ownership in NFTs that represent the shirts. In the market, users can get the assets directly from the players who own them, from the fans who have already purchased them, or by Swapping them with others. 

Shirtum also installs a fanzone where players’ videos are posted telling stories about their T-shirts. Generally, this is where the player explains the relevance of the t-shirt in their career. 

The platform has a gallery where the NFT users can view all the details about the NFTs they own and prepare them for sale. The gallery acts like an NFT wallet where the user can see all the balances of the NFTs, and offer them for exchange. 

Shirtums inclusion of the museum, marketplace, fanzone and gallery makes it easy for players and fans to interact. Therefore, by only a few clicks a fan will own a trophy from the player’s closet. 

The $SHI Token 

The $SHI token is the native token powering the Shirtum network mainly used in buying digital assets from the platform. Generally, holding these tokens will provide excellent rewards for the users and ample opportunities for starter investors. 

For instance, investors will enjoy opportunities to participate in NFT sales earlier and get discounts on NFT prices. Moreover, by holding $SHI, a user can own exclusive assets, and enjoy getting their favorite player’s experience.

The token economics of this platform apportion 412 million tokens for sales and crowdfunding. The remaining 588 million tokens are shared with the team, founders, treasury, advisors while some are burnt. By burning the tokens, $SHI will remain highly reliable in the long term. 

Don’t Miss Out on the Ongoing Sales

Shirtum planned to have several rounds of its token sale to garner a large community behind them. The first private sale began on June 7 and will continue until June 17. The hard cap in the round 1 sale is €3.3 million. The second round will begin on June 18 to 24th, where the hard cap is €3.6 million.

The conditions for participating in the private sale rounds is investing a minimum of €500(1.5BNB). A wallet will hold a maximum of €50 thousand(150BNB). These tokens will be released using vesting in the months following the presale. 

Shirtum will begin its public offering on June 24 at precisely 16.00 UTC, targeting a €1 million softcap and €5 Million hardcap. The minimum value per account will be €100, while the maximum is €1 thousand. Each token in the public offering round will cost €0.036, and the presale will last for seven days. Anyone interested in investing in the Shirtum project can participate in the presale rounds. 

The platform will be giving updates on the progress of the presales and other events made by the platform. Therefore you can visit their social media pages like Twitter and telegram and be part of their online community.