Decoding the “fever” of the NFT game, the phrase “Play – to – earn” is no longer strange and is always hunted by gamers, but with traditional game methods you have to spend a lot of effort and only get very little profit. Today, no need to have “super” playing techniques and put in many hours of stress, Dragon Pool – a new “wave” of NFT Game and it will be an option not to be missed if you are passionate love making money while playing games.

  1. What is NFT Game? The difference between NFT and the traditional “Play to earn” Game

NFT Game is a video game built on a Blockchain platform in which players can earn valuable items in the form of NFTs. And the interesting thing is, these NFTs can be traded for very high prices, even up to tens of millions of dollars.

Usually the publisher of NFT Games will also create a separate trading platform for Game items. Players can instantly trade those items through smart contracts. Exchange for valuable Crypto like Ethereum (ETH)…

But don’t get me wrong, these game items are completely different from the way traditional Game makers trade items. The following comparison will help you understand better.

NFT + Blockchain Game = NFT Game

The formula to create NFT Game is a combination of NFT which is Blockchain Game. Therefore, the item value of the NFT Game will exceed that of the items in the traditional Game. In place:

NFT Game Traditional “play to earn” Game
Game decentralized blockchain platform Mainly works on publisher servers
Unique, NFT Token Item Item of the same type, custom-made by the issuer
Players holding NFT tokens can participate in voting Right to change the game for the issuer to decide
The possibility of NFT tokens to be highly profitable, the NFT value associated with the underlying blockchain (such as Ethereum) The possibility of the item to be profitable is not high

Currently the number of NFT Games is increasing day by day. Along with that, the number of people interested in NFT Game also gradually increased. You can see this through statistics from Google Trends. That proves that NFT Game has been and will be a craze to sway the Blockchain market in the near future. Because of that, DP Team has developed the Dragon Pool Game set, which, although released late, promises to make a big splash in the modern game industry with its special features and the ability to optimize profits for users. If you are a real gamer, you should definitely not ignore Dragon Pool

  • The wave of Dragon Pool arrives and promises a lot of interesting things.

Dragon Pool is a game built on a combination of NFT IO-game (mobile game) platform and simple antagonistic blockchain. Considered a giant step forward in NFT technology – defining a new skill-based NFT asset class.

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Based on what outstanding features make Dragon Pool expected to become a new “wave” in the Blockchain Gaming ecosystem, let’s take a look at the following highlights with DP. At Dragon Pool, players will get:

  • Completely different from the market trend when the NFT value has no specific measure, based on sentiment to determine the value. At Dragon Pool, all players’ efforts, skills, thinking and tactics will be accurately valued through the Dragon rarity that they own.
  • Dragon Pool is a complete game ecosystem, connecting players and developers to create a strong exchange, connection and exchange community;
  • User-friendly interface, with only $6 which is a great starting cost is too great for you to own Dragon eggs and participate fighting if you have a good strategy to protect your Dragon from being killed, you can profit earn up to several thousand Dollars;
  • Is a solution to increase income without age and industry limits.
  • The trading market opens right in the game for players to buy and sell Dragons with each other.

Dragon Pool has many other features that make you “surprise” when participating, from conquering different difficulty levels in the game to high-class tournaments to create a playground in the gaming community. In addition, there are many attractive reward programs with high value held regularly according to the specified season.

Don’t miss your chance to become one of the strongest Dragon Warriors in Dragon Pool history!

The valid investor who would love to collaborate, invest, or get involved with the Dragon Pool project can get in touch with the team at [email protected]

Read full contract:

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Every investor has a need to find a potential coin to Hold and Trade. Choosing the right, standard at the time of investment in the current market is always focused and carefully considered. So what will DP-NFT Token bring to investors when participating and holding the opportunity to buy Coins at the time of Presale Round through Whitelist.

Potential when participating and holding the opportunity to buy Coin in the community sales round.

If you are a follower of the digital currency market, surely you cannot help but know the Seed round, Private sale and Presale round. So what makes Whitelist always the most anticipated phase of smart Coin investors?  So what makes these opening rounds always the most anticipated period of smart Coin investors:

Low starting price: Investors will only lose a much lower amount of capital than the time after the coin increases in price.

Hold a large amount: When buying Coins at Seed Round, Private Sale or Presale, investors will hold a large amount of Coins in hand and reserve waiting for the exchange to sell for profit.

No pressure: Investors do not need to stress by closely monitoring the market like trading coins.

Low difficulty:  The form of holding coins only requires investors to learn about coin potential, fundamental analysis of coins.

Catching the trend: When holding Coin at this time, it is equivalent to investors who are leading the trend of the market.

Profit optimization: For Holders who know how to manage well, they even get more coins if they take Staking  for rewards, this is also a way to maximize the potential of existing assets of the owners  Investors.

Market impact: The fact that a series of investors hold the entire coin reserve that the issuer launches makes the scarcity and “hot” of the coin increase, leading to the difference between Supply – Demand, impact on their prices – the obvious is the expected growth.

So how to handle Dragon Pool’s DP-NFT in the smartest and most profitable way? Whitelist is an indispensable stepping stone to advance to the Presale round and listing on exchange, what you need to care about is to focus and maximize the opportunity to participate and refer other investors to increase the ranking – increase your chances of buying coins on the Whitelist

Because of:

– The whitelist will limit the number of wallets that can buy coins.

– The purchase price at the time is the best price.

DP-NFT Token – special policy for investors in the Presale Round through Whitelist.

For the Dragon Pool Game system, DP-NFT will satisfy both the starting price requirements and the predictable growth forecast. Dragon Pool has many other features that make you “surprise” when participating, from conquering different difficulty levels in the game to high-class tournaments to create a playground in the gaming community. In addition, there are many attractive rewards programs with high value held regularly according to the specified season. In particular, the best price policy for investors when buying coins at Whitelist.

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In addition, an advantage in the Dragon Pool Game system is that not only investors who need large capital, but also small and medium investors can participate to increase their chances of making money in this market. The combination of gaming and profit optimization is a great thing for investors after stressful working hours.

What DP-NFT is sure to see strong growth in the coming period, with the development team’s wallet lock for 24 months certified by and confirming the value when listing on exchange will increase many times.

Token Allocation:

Advisor: 3% – Lock

Dev: 24% – Lock

Marketing: 12% – Lock

Agency: 10% – Lock

Play to earn: 26% – Lock

Listing: 12% – Lock cakelp

(Lock for 24 months opened every month 1% by and

Presale: 12%

Airdrop: 1%

Read full contract:

Expected to launch in December 2021 – DP-NFT Token has a great belief that it will quickly conquer investors thanks to its advantages and differences.

The private sale is ongoing, with the launch date yet to be announced. The valid investor who would love to collaborate, invest, or get involved with the Dragon Pool project can get in touch with the team at [email protected]

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A key milestone has been reached by one of the most talked-about DeFi projects of the Summer, with the release of the Quarashi Network’s next-generation mobile platform.

With an October 1st launch date for the ICO, the Quarashi Network’s privacy and anonymity-focused app recently went live on Google Play and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. 

In a short space of time, the Quarashi Multi Crypto Wallet VPN Privacy Chat App received more than 5000 downloads. From the near 2000 reviews on Google Play to date, Quarashi has scored a perfect rating, justifying early excitement about the Quarashi Network project.

Having made waves and enjoyed noticeable attention in a successful pre-sale, the Quarashi network has managed to capture the zeitgeist of today. The frustration with data harvesting and the lack of true privacy, especially in social media, has been brought to the fore over the last couple of years. Whilst the coronavirus pandemic saw a huge shift towards working and living online,  2021 has seen a belated but welcome focus on security and privacy, or indeed, the lack of, with the messaging apps we all have traditionally used. 

Facebook, the social media giant, actually saw its number of daily active users in the US and Canada fall by two million for the third quarter of 2020, declining to 196 million from 198 million in the second quarter of the year. Meanwhile, Twitter has seen a steady decline in its active users since 2019.

More and more people are turning to encrypted chat apps for their communication. However, most messaging apps only provide you with end-to-end encryption (E2E). There has been a lack of true anonymity in apps with many chat apps claiming to offer privacy but still, ask you for personal information such as an email or a telephone number to use the service. This is not the true anonymity and privacy that people want.

Quarashi offers a fully decentralized, blockchain-fueled community-driven chat app built on the principles of true privacy and anonymity, very much in the spirit of the initial blockchain projects almost a decade ago. 

Quarashi does not request or require any personal information to use. No phone number, email address or even location is requested ensuring maximum untraceable anonymity at all times.

The Quarashi app is ad-free and third party access free. There are trackers and information sharing. To ensure complete safety there is a self-destructing option that deletes the message after a certain period of time. Message history is also hidden and a  secure screen option is available which means people are unable to take screenshots; an often used method of data and privacy leaks.

The icing on the cake? The Quarashi app can act as an offline wallet without even necessarily needing a sim card.

However, it is the appeal of the all-in-one Quarashi ecosystem and the privacy it offers, that can help explain the rise of the Quarashi Network since its August launch. The Quarashi multi-crypto wallet currently supports around 9000 digital currencies and usability on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain Networks. The wallet offers a unique interface that enables users to complete anonymous transactions, even using a text address or QR codes. Just a single wallet offering maximum privacy is needed for multiple assets – all of which can be tracked with charts by the user in real-time. Private keys are stored securely in the blockchain. However, they can always be imported to any non-custodial wallets such as Metamask or Trust Wallet if needed.

Privacy and anonymity are central to the core of the Quarashi Network. Within the decentralized Quarashi ecosystem, there is also an IDO launchpad and VPN. The launchpad provides multi-chain compatibility, giving early access to new cryptocurrency projects through the platform in a secure and transparent manner.

The VPN adds that extra layer of security of privacy and protection. As well as acting as a barrier against malware, phishing attacks and viruses, the VPN and bowser functionality enables safe and private trading of international markets, ensuring optimal anonymity and security in whatever you do.

The Quarashi Network ecosystem is powered by the native digital asset – $QUA token – a multi-functional token utilized in the Quarashi platform. It is an ethereum-based (ERC-20), deflationary, fairly issued and 100% transparent digital currency that can be used for secure and anonymous transactions with low liquidity risk.

As the global crypto community continues to grow at an exponential rate – the market size for cryptocurrency will get to $1087.7 million by 2026 – the Quarashi Network offers easy access to those not yet initiated in the crypto world. By bridging the gap between crypto and everyday messaging use, with full privacy, Quarashi Network provides the all-in-one solution that not just the crypto community have been clamouring for. 

People’s privacy and data security matter more than ever before. As governments around the world impose draconian measures and policies designed to limit our freedoms and our privacies, and as ‘Big Tech’ gets only bigger with the profits made on the back of our data, Quarashi Network is the Next Generation of platforms that takes the power back to the user. 

With the latest key milestone of the App going live on Google Play reached, the team at Quarashi Network are advancing through their roadmap at an impressive pace. The Quarashi app has been a resounding success and the number of downloads increasing daily. The next big milestone is the ICO stage 1 on October 1st.

The eagerly-awaited ICO comes off the back of a successful pre-sale and launch. Investor interest has been steadily increasing in the Quarashi Network project and the completion of several key milestones combined with a clear and defined white paper and roadmap means that Quarashi Network may not be a name you are familiar with just yet, but soon will be.

The Next Generation of decentralized ecosystems, offering a complete all-in-one truly private solution, is here and we will be hearing a lot more of the Quarashi Network in the future.

The ICO stage begins October 1st. More details can be found here:

After a recent presale of BNBCH, the BNB Fintech is announcing new developments. Among the developments include token price increases and listings in top sites. 

BNB fintech is a network introducing crypto-focused payment solutions for the benefit of enthusiasts. At the start of October 2021, the network held its public presale and sold 280k BUSD in merely 7 minutes. 

Later, four top crypto networks Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Livecoinwatch, and Worldcoinindex, listed the BNB Cash coin. The listing comes when the network is planning to launch services very soon. According to their Twitter page, Worldcoinindex listed BNB Cash as a utility token. 

After the start of the presale and listing on Coingecko, the BNBCH vastly grew in value. For instance, within 24 hours of launch, the BNBCH value increased from 0.016 to 0.089. A few days later, the coin hit $0.174195, an over 1000% increase. The community has been vastly supporting this project recently. 

As mentioned earlier, the BNB fintech prides itself in providing top payment solutions based on crypto. 

BNB Fintech’s Payment Solutions

As a payment gateway or payment solution, this platform introduces multiple tools to achieve its objective. One such tool is the P2P crypto marketplace. In the marketplace, individuals will buy goods and services directly from merchants using cryptos. The primary token used will be BNB cash. But, in the long run, the network will add more tokens as they aim to reach the entire crypto space.

Another tool coming soon is debit card support. Due to the increasing use of Debit cards, it’s generally a good idea for BNB Fintech to provide a similar solution. They plan to work with Simplex to help integrate BNB Cash into popular debit cards like Mastercard and Visa. 

BNB Fintech also introduces a point of sale system. Today merchants may fear accepting crypto because they don’t have a proper tool. Yet, BNB Fintech will launch the POS, which will track crypto transaction flow in real-time. 

As a final tool, BNB fintech will integrate a wallet option. The primary role of this wallet will be hosting the rest of the network’s services. Although this product is paramount, this will be the last feature to launch. 

Based on Binance Chain

BNB Fintech leverages blockchain technology to provide much-needed services to crypto enthusiasts. They use the Binance smart chain, and as such, the BNB Cash token is a BEP-20 token. But why BSC?

The BSC proves to be the best alternative for the Ethereum chain. Projects are currently switching from Ethereum because of high gases and low speeds. Yet, BSC provides services at more affordable costs and high speed. Hence, users of BNB Fintech will enjoy services at friendly fees and maximum scalability. 

BNB Fintech and Audit Report

As a Defi network, auditing is paramount. Due to the increasing numbers of scams in crypto, it’s often hard for people to trust a new project. That’s where BNB Fintech recently underwent an audit to certify that its contracts are reliable. The audit was conducted by a popular Defi auditor, Solid proof. The network gave BNB the go-ahead to continue with the business since smart contracts are safe. 

Apart from the audit, Solidproof conducted a KYC scan on the BNB Fintech team. A KYC scan aims to ensure that people connected to the project are not fraudulent. KYC scans, therefore, test the money laundering risks associated with the project. But, Solidproof scanned the BNB Fintech team and did not report any issues. 

According to their roadmap, they will be conducting another audit in the first quarter of 2022. Certix, a top blockchain auditor, will conduct the audit. The goal again is to ensure all their services remain reliable and trusted by users. 

To be a member of the BNB Fintech community, please, visit their social pages. 


Arker network has announced the upcoming launch of a crypto-rewarding game. Currently, Arker has many tools, which help pay the gamers using crypto assets. As the developments continue, Arker will be launching on Android, iPhone and Steam devices.

In Arker, the gamer controls a heroic character tasked to regain control of the Ohm kingdom. The fighters do not fight alone but will join a clan and act as a team. This multiplayer game provides PVE/PVP options. Additionally, it combines skills, equipment, runes, pets, and characters for a better experience. 

While the primary intention is having fun, Arker allows gamers to earn money. It assumes a play-to-earn model where gamers play and gain financial rewards. 

The Dual Token System

Arker adopts a dual token system with both assets helping complete different services. Foremost, the network has the ARKER token with a total supply of 200 million. Arker token’s primary role is governance. Holders will vote for game developments and designs based on the number of tokens held. 

The Second token available in the Arker gaming network is FoA. FoA (Fragments of Arker) helps run in-game activities like rewarding, purchasing skins, and NFTs

One outstanding feature of the FoA is its deflationary nature. The platform will burn 15% of every in-game transaction value. Since the total supply is 540 million, burning tokens ensures the numbers reduce. As the numbers reduce, demand for FoA increases, thus rising values.

Earning Rewards in Arker

As a gaming network, Arker provides different ways to earn rewards through gameplay. One way to earn rewards is fighting other gamers and earning the FoA tokens. 

The network provides daily missions where the gamers will earn the FoA token for free. This daily mission involves the gamer vs the network’s AI. Every online gamer can take part every day by logging into the account and completing missions. 

Additionally, gamers can play a ten-person game (guild war). In this guild wars, the person who gets the highest score gets token rewards. Thus, the guild war option offers more rewards. 

Moreover, the network has the PvE option where users collect items to sell in the marketplace. Among the collectibles are runes, summoning scrolls, skins, and also FoA tokens. Some runes will help improve the characters’ stats. 

Finally, the network will hold special events for participants to gain rewards. There are in-game and off-game events available. The off-game special events include bounty hunts, contests, airdrops, and marketing campaigns. As a network user, you can take part in such events, and earn FoA.

Currently, the battle modes available are PvP and showdown. In PVP, users must buy tickets using FoA and fight other ticket holders. The winner earns gold, experience, and FoA tokens. The loser gains gold and experience. See, it’s a win-win situation for every gamer. 

Another available battle mode is the showdown, where you fight your character’s clone. The idea here is to gain experience. 

Join The Community

Arker aims to reach as many gamers as possible in the blockchain space. Hence, gamers and blockchain enthusiasts can join the social media communities shown below. By joining the pages, you will get updates about the project promptly. 

Solidproof, a German-based project, has integrated the placeholder for its auto tool. According to Solidproof, the auto audit tool will bring efficiency to audits. Once Defi projects add Solidproof as their trusted auditors, launchpads will get the benefits of the auto tool. More launchpads will be allowed to embed it to their sites.

One such launchpad is Unicrypt. The auto tool will work with its currently prevailing manual audit system, and people can use the beta version first.

Audit Auto Tool allows developers to submit their projects for auditing quickly. Additionally, they can request a manual audit. This in-depth testing process should reveal if a project is unguarded. 

The tool is an algorithm targeting to find vulnerabilities in smart contract codes. Thus, it follows instructions without making any common human errors common in manual audit systems. Moreover, it reduces the time used in audits, enabling a swift process. The primary role of this new tool is audit efficiency.

Solidproof Services

The DeFi revolution offers promising financial opportunities. However, it also comes with considerable dangers. DeFi projects and their users are always vulnerable to illicit attacks. Ultimately, decentralized finance doesn’t only attract revolution and capital. It also charms fraud, cybercrimes, and money laundering. For instance, from January to July of 2021, hackers have stolen over $474 million from DeFi platforms alone.

Because of the risks, the need for optimal safety is more imperative than ever. Solidproof comes in to provide sober solutions. With modern and innovative security solutions, this platform aims to make the crypto space safer for the community.

Free Audit Program

Just recently, SolidProof began a free audit program for DeFi projects. The firm was planning to show appreciation to its supporters by establishing a free audit contest

The platform gave the community a chance to vote for the projects they find most suited to get a free audit and report. 

Solidproof and Unicrypt 

Solidproof has been making great partnerships with popular Defi launchpads.

Solidproof partnered with Unicrypt to support its entry into the Smart Contract audit market. Unicrypt uses KYC systems provided by SolidProof and PassorFailMe to ensure user safety. The network highly backs that tokens launching on the ILO platform contact their KYC partners. 

By doing so, they will receive KYC and auditing reports. It accelerates the chances of survival in the DeFi space. It is crucial since one minor mishap in security can cause the whole project to fail. 

Today, Solidproof is leading a modern generation of audit companies. The firm is striving to make DeFi safer for all participants. The platform recently audited heavy ilos: Coinxpad, vEmpire, Bnb cash. Anyone can link with Solidproof on their Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and Website.

Ravendex has announced the release of its first decentralized exchange on the cardano blockchain.

You can view the platform’s demo here.

According to the Ravendex team, the $RAVE token is built on the Cardano Network and has a total supply of 1 billion tokens. Holding the token offers you the opportunity to interact with the Cardano network, endorse or give liquidity to Cardano projects, and staking.

$RAVE Token Private Sale to early adopters is ongoing and the sale rounds will be in different stages.

First Phase For Investors

The first phase of the Rave token sale is through the Private Sale for early adopters. The sale will commence on October 5, 2021, and interested investors can leverage the opportunity to invest in the token by joining the sale through this link:

The team explained that the public sale is in five phases with 100 million $RAVE tokens available for sale for just 0.00225 ADA per token. 

Public Sales

The public sale phase will open the way for the seed phase where 200,000,000 $RAVE tokens are available for sale at a slightly higher 0.0027 ADA per token. Investors are encouraged to seize the opportunity to acquire as many tokens as possible before the token goes public in anticipation of its future appreciation. 

The Ravendex team has made further information available for interested investors on Medium through the link: Crypto lovers who desire to be early birds are encouraged to check the information out. 

Vision of the leadership

The Ravendex leadership has expressed its desire to create a fully decentralized autonomous organization for the massive Cardano community where they can come together and make their voices heard by voting on viable projects. 

The team explained that the Ravendex project was built on the Cardano ecosystem with the objective of solving two main issues with the cryptocurrency market. They intend to be the one-stop decentralized finance hub on Cardano. They intend to concentrate on two main features with the potential to create value for the projects built on the ecosystem.

The leadership explained the rationale behind building RavenDex on the Cardano blockchain. The goal is to “guarantee seamless cross-border transactions with low fees.”  To achieve its lofty goal, the team intends to take the Cardano ecosystem beyond this level, on to the next level. 

Creating a platform where investors won’t have cross-chain transaction glitches, the RavenDex Cross Chain Exchange and Swap Protocol has guaranteed increased trading volume and liquidity on its platform. 

Investors are advised to link socially with RavenDex on its official social media pages below: 

Social links




Media contact

Company: Ravendex Labs

Contact Name: Raven

E-mail: [email protected]


DefiConnect, the African DeFi startup, is delighted to announce its listing on Coinsbit. Coinsbit is a cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates the buying of lucrative crypto assets. By listing DFC, the exchange will become only the fourth exchange to list the crypto beside Hotbit, Pancakeswap and Latoken.

The DFC listing will enhance the functionality of DefiPay, a payment gateway that enables merchants across the DefiConnect ecosystem to accept cryptocurrencies. DeFiConnect is set to start lead generation for DefiPay as it warms up for the launch of the payment solution in a month. 

Merchants can leverage the payment platform to run their e-commerce businesses efficiently. Meanwhile, people from all walks of life can use the platform to pay for multiple services, including transport, medical bills, shopping, etc. DefiPay also features a mobile app that conveniently allows users to scan goods for pricing and make payments in cryptocurrency.

The DeFiConnect model seeks to tap into the decentralization and security and real-life use cases of the blockchain to shift the dynamics of the financial economy. The platform offers its utility token, DFC, which serves as a passing link to users seeking access to the entire DefiConnect network. It is a revolutionary platform focused on building real-world applications that integrate the benefits of the DeFi ecosystem into everyday life.

The token allows DeFiConnect to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the crypto world. DFC is currently listed on top platforms in the crypto space, including PancakeSwap, Hotbit and CoinMarketCap.

Offering Lucrative Opportunities for Enterprises

DeFiConnect seeks to increase transparency into business with its extensive usability that allows for the building of real-world applications in multiple sectors. Such sectors include logistics, transportation, digital marketing, and health. 

One of the products offered by the platform is the multi-level marketing (MLM) Launchpad that gives institutions the capacity to develop robust marketing campaigns. The innovation circumvents the drawbacks of the traditional MLM business by tapping the immutable and permissible nature of the blockchain. This approach allows the MLM Launchpad to offer clients enhanced security and zero risks.

DeFiConnect has also dedicated significant resources toward the healthcare sector via its Decentralized Health and Insurance Marketplace (DEHIM) application. The product enables stakeholders in the health sector to gain access to a wide range of services.

Doctors, clinics, labs and other healthcare providers can leverage the DeFiConnect health package to access electronic medical data protection and management, automated data-driven medical procedures, and point-of-care genomics management. DEHIM also offers easy access to booking procedures and low-cost medical operational expenses.

Individuals can access decentralized health-related services via the platform’s mobile health app and remote monitoring services. These features enable users to secure electronic medical data on an immutable blockchain network and keep track of their vitals and fitness. 

User data can be quickly sent to certified medical professionals in case of an emergency or used for personal purposes such as self-care and personal monitoring. Another component of the health package is the insurance marketplace, where users can access a wide array of personalized health plans from insurance providers. 

Individuals and healthcare providers looking to enrol on DEHIM healthcare should purchase the DFC token, which automatically opens up access to the system.

Token Farming on DeFiConnect

DeFiConnect integrates a model that allows investors to plant seed tokens and reap crypto dividends with a rate of return of up to 190%. The token farming feature combines two conventional profitable investment methods (dividend payment plans and growth funds).

The model enables token holders to stake DFC and harvest daily earnings of 1.24% at any time. The growing use cases of the platform in real-life departments guarantee investors that the token will continue to grow in value.

Stakers enjoy free transactions and complete control of their funds as the DeFiConnect platform has eliminated all third-party involvement and expenses. They can also monitor the growth and daily profit accumulation of their planted tokens in a transparent manner.

Connect with the vibrant DefiConnect community of over 26,000 active members on Telegram. Visit their website for updates on their latest developments.

Making crypto green again, that’s the philosophy EcoWatt lives by. Ecowatt is a socially-minded next-generation renewable energy company that aims to disrupt the green energy market by leveraging the blockchain and loyal crypto community to accelerate the shift to green & sustainable energy. Currently, they are preparing the launch of its Initial Exchange Offering which will be listed on Bitforex in October 2021 with an estimated market cap of 60 million USD at launch. 

What Is EcoWatt?

EcoWatt is the world’s first store of value on the blockchain, which is backed by renewable energy assets with recurring revenue streams from government contracts. Ecowatt is a Climate change Governance Token whose value and utility will be decided by a real-life green asset portfolio that includes solar, wind, hydrogen, and geothermal power plants. 

The EcoWatt tokens are backed by green power assets that turn sunshine into clean power and hold government contracts for up to 20 years. This makes them the first blockchain initiative dedicated to accelerating the green energy transition and by putting a real-world use case onto the blockchain. The Ecowatt token (EWT) can be staked by the community of users and they can leverage up to 50% of the token value for an instant low-cost liquidity loan while also earning daily rewards. 

Their premiere use case however is to offset carbon emissions and make enterprise partners green with carbon credits verified on the blockchain. To reduce the carbon impact in i.e. crypto mining, EcoWatt uses green electricity and carbon offsetting that it receives from planting trees to generate Carbon Credits. 

According to their Tokenomics, their initial target portfolio of 1000 MW (1 billion Watt backing 1 billion Tokens) will be avoiding 750.000 Tons of CO2 emissions with green electricity production and planting 1 million trees annually. This way, the enterprise partners (crypto miners) stake EcoWatt and receive verification of the corresponding carbon credits required to be certified as a green company. 

Bitcoin Mining uses 96.5 TWh of electricity annually according to the Cambridge Electricity Consumption Index, meaning that EcoWatt needs only 1.5% of market adoption to be 100% staked during the issuing phase.

The tokens also give access to Governance Decisions that bring the community and miners together to determine how best to create environmental and social impact projects while contributing to wider crypto market adoption. 

Problem In The Industry And How EcoWatt Addresses It

The global electricity market is mainly controlled by governments and hedge funds. This creates scarcity and inaccessibility to retailers and other small-scale consumers. EcoWatt aims to disrupt the unequal supply chain of electricity to make it accessible to the retail community, which they believe is for the first time ever. EcoWatt opens doors for people to participate in the explosive growth potential as the world becomes more electrified and green. EcoWatt’s scalable platform is built using Polygon (Matic) ERC20 standard and utilizes smart contracts. 

What difference can Ecowatt Bring To The World?

EcoWatt prioritizes the environment and social impact over profits. It empowers the community to get a stronger grip on renewable energy and helps in accelerating its growth at the pace of large organizations. EU statistics say that every 250 Watt of solar power saves 500 Kg of CO2 emissions per year by replacing 250 Watt of coal power. EcoWatt has a mining pool target of 1 billion Watt and it will be saving 750,000 Tons of CO2 emissions per year. Facilitating everyday people to make an environmental impact by holding the tokens. 

EcoWatts Energy’s vision is to build a 100% sustainable planet and it contributes to the UN Agenda for 2030. The community will also be planting up to 1 million trees annually to further contribute to this cause. 

To know more about Ecowatt visit here

To engage with the management & community visit here

Media Contacts:

Name – Matisse Eykelberg

Company – EcoWatt

Email – [email protected]

Location – Dublin, Ireland

Project DogeX is an innovative new token launching Thursday October 7th on the BSC network. The project integrates exciting marketing strategies and intriguing ‘never done before’ tokenomics with the aim of setting the standard for innovation, creativity and community building on the Binance Smart Chain.

The Project DogeX team has invented a ‘first of it’s kind’ higher low coin; in essence ensuring stable, and consistent growth of the coin alongside an exciting NFT use case being developed.

With a verified doxxed Developer and project leader, a Certik and Techrate audit complete, and a 10,000 strong international community, DogeX is one of the most bullish tokens in the meme-coin space to date according to thousands of investors across the BSC space.

The magic behind DogeX

Since its inception, the very foundation of DogeX has been focused on marketing strategies executed akin to a Fortune 500 business; like sending an Elon Musk themed plush toy to space (and trending on Twitter)!

The 30 strong DogeX team members are being named the holy grail of blockchain teams. Their developer comes riding high off the back of the highly recognised Saint Token. Meanwhile their Marketing team is a collective group of seasoned digital guru’s with robust backgrounds in E-commerce, Influencer marketing, and viral brand awareness for big-name brands.

DogeX also has some of the most omnipresent international marketing plans ever seen. From viral exposure in Russia, Japan and China, countries once ignored by 99.9% of projects, the team is doing everything possible to be seen by eyes worldwide.

DogeX has key partnerships on the horizon with mega-successful tokens, as well as a completely new NFT concept to be fully announced in Q4 of this year that will help increase the value of holders tokens.

$50k Giveaway & Lamborghini Go-Kart

The DogeX team knows how important it is give back to their community, and that’s why they’ve decided to do a giveaway competition for over 100 BNB ($42k)

They’ll be giving away 10 BNB to 10 lucky people, alongside an exclusive DogeX themed Lamborghini Go-Kart. They’re the first project to organise a competition of this scale, ever adding to the innovative aspect of this project.

The deadline for the giveaway is the 30th of October, and you can find out how to enter here.

The Innovation of DogeX

DogeX has a vision to surpass Doge in popularity. To do this, they’re going to rely on keeping the world on the tips of their toes with exciting new features, giveaways, and announcements.

But how does DogeX actually work and what separates it from thousands of other projects out there today?

Well, funny you say that. They’ve got some super helpful videos explaining the tokenomics that absolutely anyone can follow along and understand. The team hopes to continue bridging the gap between retail and the crypto community, by launching viral guerilla marketing campaigns across metropolitan cities from London to Los Angeles.

Project leader ‘Falcon’ envisions a world where DogeX becomes a household name in the cryptocurrency space, one with longevity stretching years into the future. In a sea of scams, the innovation and transparency of DogeX is truly what sets it apart from the rest of the pack.

Another astonishing innovative that the DogeX team launched was their unique animated clips featuring AI generated voice overs from famous names like Elon Musk and Richard Branson.

The team is also keen on engineering new ways to keep retail and discovering their project. That’s why their team coded brand new referral bots, and giveaway bots to incentivise users to bring in new members, while rewarding those who completed the latter.

Another feature that the DogeX team curated is their highly addicting minigame which encourages users to tweet their score, thus boosting the brand awareness of the project. Users have found themselves spending hours at this trying to get the highest level where a prize of 2 BNB was rewarded to the winner.

Breakthrough Tokenomics for DogeX

The team has prioritised chart sustainability with breakthrough and ‘first of it’s kind’ tokenomics on the BSC network. Here are some of the features outlined below in simplified terms:

Stairway to Space:

Stairway to space is a daily higher floor mechanism that ensures the chart forms a daily higher low. The floor price is randomly set during the day at a random time and not communicated with the community nor the team.

Golden hour

Golden hour is a 0% buy tax hour period and 48% sell tax hour. The following hour, all sales will be taxed 24% then back to regular selling tax after that hour.

Buyback wallet

The auto buyback wallet will create random chart pumps throughout the day based on volume.

Antibot measures

We’ve added extensive antibot measures that will help deter bots from playing with the project.

Anti whale measures

Large wallets always keep communities second guessing the true sustainability of their tokens, so for that reason, DogeX has introduced the max sell to 2% price impact (or 20 BNB per day) whichever is lower, which we will raise over time.

They also added a max supply of 1% per wallet to prevent one wallet holding too much of the supply.