In years to come, we know what happens if the network is broken and millions of connections are destroyed at the same time. The pandemic also has the possibility of opening a completely different world economy from the current one which has been maintained for decades.

When major economic events result in shocks, it will take several years for us to completely realize the impacts of the crisis. Frequently,  these crises are spiral lines in unpredictable directions.

Would anyone have thought that the mortgage default in American suburb in 2007 resulted in  the financial crisis in Greece in 2010? Would anyone have imagined that the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange in 1929 had contributed to the strong rise of European fascism in 1930?

The world economy is a network of interlacing, complicated and unlimited connections. We can see the direct relations: the shop address you bought, the boss who gave you the monthly salary, the bank which provided you with a home loan. However, if it is expended to 2 or 3 relations, you will hardly confidently talk about the way these relations work.

These will make  economic losses by Covid 19 become worse and worse.

In years to come, we know what happens if the network is broken and millions of connections are destroyed at the same time. The pandemic also has the possibility of opening a completely different world economy from the current one which has been maintained for decades.


After the economic crisis in 2008, there were many economic applications born, became successful and worthy billions of dollars such as Grab, Uber and Airbnb.

It is the first time the world has witnessed the largest economic recession in history with the bankruptcy of many companies and corporations. While people lack jobs, many enterprises have difficulty in recruiting the right labourers, which will result in many damages. Therefore, to solve this issue, Lohitgroup has developed a smart platform which helps people wishing to have a part-time job and enterprise look for workers at low price. As a result, the platform Workbooking was born. In addition, when the economy starts to recess, many people will have to work online. Thus, Workbooking by Lohitgroup is expected to be one of the apps worth billions of dollars to make India become a powerhouse that owns  a great deal of billion-dollar applications equivalent to available resources.

Workbooking was born to help job seekers get access with enterprises to raise their income as well as individuals hoping to employ one through a smart platform such as AI…Job seekers are easy and quickly to find the most suitable job owing to automatic selection features based on geographic location, timetable, job nature and salary. It also means that recruiters can look for the right candidate. Its mission is to bring jobs to billions of labourers all over the globe. Workbooking is the best connection between employees and available employers to make use of excess resources in society.

In addition, to integrate into the digitizing economy, Lohitgroup has been developing a lot of platforms based on Blockchain technology such as Crypto Exchange, smart and convenient  Crypto wallet. We also apply Smart Contract into practical application. 

Nowadays there are many big exchanges in the world such as Binance, Okex, WazirX, which has been developing in India. Furthermore, the new policy enacted by the government has had an impact on the digital market. In the future, India is a potential market in Blockchain and Crypto. The crisis in 2008 created a new market called Crypto.

LHO Token is used for intermediary trading in the ecosystem. LHO is operated as a Share of Lohitgroup. It reflects the growth of the Lohitgroup. LHO Token used for intermediary transactions in the ecosystem, including all applications and projects. LHO Token has been listed on the Vindax exchange and is trading at $ 0.095. LHO’s highest translation price has reached 0.3$

Over the past 10 years of formation and development, the Crypto market has reached a capitalization of approximately 250 billion dollar. There were many countries accepting e-money; and Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) play an important part in shifting from traditional to digitizing economy. These days, Lohitgroup has still been in the process of transmitting, applying Blockchain and AI into business management and making use of the strengths of these technologies to spread all over the world in the most rapid way.

Economic crisis is a rule that has been repeated for many years in history. Through each occurrence, there are many new business models born in accordance with the development of the economy and social circumstances. The businesses may completely disappear if they don’t change and gradually adapt with unpredictable fluctuations in society. The typical example of this point is Nokia in the last decade. Because the innovative, fast-moving businesses will dominate the market, impact on society and develop strongly . Have you chosen a direction for your business yet?

Weeks before the halving on May 11, a majority of crypto and mainstream media platforms speculated on the pre-halving and post-halving price of bitcoin and what it meant for investors and the crypto market at large. While this was ongoing, the price of bitcoin soared to the $10,000 mark in what at the time signaled the beginning of an impending bull market. However, a few days before the halving, a series of events led to a bitcoin flash crash that left some traders at the receiving end of the famed volatility of crypto assets.

Subsequently, pundits have blamed bitcoin’s pre-halving dump on the actions of one or more whales. This theory claims that whales, who have significant bitcoin holdings, had capitalized on the speculative nature and immaturity of the crypto market to invoke a “Bart” pattern and profit from the surge in halving FOMO. Some experts theorized that whales had one way or the other fueled the impressive recovery of bitcoin following March’s price slump and moved to short it after it reached the $10,000 mark. Others opined that whales decided to sell their bitcoin once they realized that the digital asset could not break beyond the $10,500 price resistance level.

What Is A Bart Pattern?

Regardless of the variations in prevailing narratives, one thing that remains constant is that bitcoin had experienced a Bart pattern, which connotes a possible attempt to manipulate the crypto asset’s price. This price pattern, named after Bart Simpson’s peculiar head shape, is characterized by a sudden uptrend, followed by sideways movement, and finally, a sudden drop. Although this pattern is not native to the cryptocurrency, there are, however, reasons to believe that it has become a common element of today’s crypto market. This price pattern became prevalent at the end of the bull run of 2017.

The lack of liquidity in 2018 spurred whales to induce market trends that ended with them coming out on top. The same is true of the pre-halving dump. A report claims that whales began to bet against bitcoin while most margin traders were going long. At the end of the onslaught, $200 million worth of long contracts had gone up in smokes. While this development would have adversely impacted traders with short-term trading strategies, it is not as devastating to long-term investors.

How To Avoid The Impacts Of Bart Patterns

One of the few ways crypto participants can evade Bart patterns is to accumulate coins and hodl until market conditions become favorable. In line with this food for thought, crypto proponents are constantly searching for platforms or programs where they can legally earn cryptocurrencies. As such, it comes as no surprise that platforms like AlphaPlay are coming to the fore. At AlphayPlay, users have access to a p2p crypto gaming infrastructure where they can bet on the real-time prices of crypto assets. The assets available for betting include Bitcoin, Ether, Tron, and EOS. Users can try to play without registration using 1000$ demo money.

Additionally, the platform has introduced a way to earn crypto through its Alpha Gambling Loyalty Program tied to the crowdsale of the Alpha ERC20 token. The token sale started on April 26 and will end on the 8th of August. Token holders are receiving 6% of the platform’s revenue as bonuses. Likewise, members are inviting new users and earning 4% of the turnover on the referrals’ gaming activities. Lastly, they are winning up to 90% of the platform’s turnover as prizes.

Another viable escape from Bart patterns entails traders to learn how to identify and respond to potential price manipulations. To do this, traders ought to realize that not all bull flags are what they seem. Experts advise that traders need to ascertain the entities driving a new and sudden spike in prices, especially when demand for short contracts precedes the emergence of a huge buy order. In such cases, whales liquidate short margins and subsequently dump their coins at the peak of a buying spree.

Other Bart Pattern Theories

In some quarters, the Bart pattern is associated with Wall Street’s ploy to profit from the inexperience of new crypto traders. This notion describes how Wall Street, with the help of bots and algorithms, has enabled a continuous price manipulation cycle in the crypto market. Also, some believe that these recurring themes are somehow connected to crypto exchanges. According to a report, all a crypto exchange needs to do is take advantage of the lack of regulations and create false orders to fool traders into believing that there is a strong demand for bitcoin.

“These exchanges paint the tape to create the appearance of substantial trading activity and use different market manipulation techniques against their customers. One such technique is spoofing or phantom bids. The exchange places a buy order only to cancel it second/minutes later, or just before a trader wants to actually fill the order and sell his bitcoins. As soon as the order is placed, the price jumps, giving a false sense there is actually strong demand for Bitcoin,” the report reads.

Irrespective of the many theories explaining these events, the fact remains that the crypto market is far from being resistant to manipulations. Consequently, this has crippled the chances of a bitcoin ETF and caused regulators and institutional investors to have a rethink of their stance on crypto assets.

DogData IEO and Listing with is the first on_block explorer to use blockchain and a P2P token ecosystem to manage decentralised Dog care practises to improve Dog welfare and save Dog owners money. DogData leverages the benefits of the exchange of knowledge and experience between Dogs breeders and pet Dog owners using advanced technologies and a gamified erc20 Ethereum based token exchange system to make Dog welfare rewarding.

DogData is the first ever platform to tokenize exchanged community interaction ( knowledge and experience Data) that are rewarded with Dog breed specific suggested product and service discount tokens that create an ecosystem using the results of data analysis (AI) from Dog life data recorded immutably on blockchain for erc20 Ethereum based token rewards.
On_block Explorer technology is used to immutably record DogDog life data, puppy births, microchip numbers and vaccination immunisation blood test dates. ( including Rabies and Coronavirus )

First MVPs

In 2020 which was launched in 2019 by Dog industry leading experts has grown quickly to become the first of its kind web3 community platform connecting pet Dog owners and professional Dog breeders using blockchain to record life data and a token ecosystem to reward community interaction with over 15000 new users in the first four weeks, modernising, disrupting and potentially completely decentralising, the multi trillion dollar worldwide Dog breeding industry. users Data analysis (AI) designed to learn algorithmically and capable of being able to guide nurturing better human Dog welfare practises, saving money and time through efficiency and historical genetic Dog life data analysis. 

  • The DogData Blockchain privately securely  records immutably a pet Dogs life registry, Birth Certificates, Achievements, Offspring, Veterinarians Vaccination Immunisation blood test dates and death. DogID Uses Ethereum erc721 asset token

  • Tokenized knowledge exchange marketplace rewarding and gaining life experience knowledge and Data using Ethereum erc20
  • DogData deep learning agent 
    • Hereditary genetic fault analysis for breeding 
    • Dog breed pet finder using Socio data analysis for specific breed suggestions
  • DogData tokenises the platform’s communities pet Dog product or service needs as a point of sale discount after analysing comparatively Dog breed specific user data suggesting the independently proven affiliated suppliers breed sensitive product or food. Either drop shipped or via crypto payment on mobile using QR code as reference for a crypto payment gateway used by participating mass retailers 
  • Android and iOS Mobile app with Facebook API search for a local Dog related event or create and ticketise your own Dog related event 
  • Dog sale Smart contract for tracking the Dog conditions P2p using blockchain 


 Future developments ;

👉Online Community Virtual DogShow ( starting June )

👉Travel solution 

👉Accommodation solution

👉Virtual pet sitter online puppy watch

👉Facebook integration and DogShow entry

👉Biometric AI Development 


Important Dates to remember for the IEO on BITFOREX –

Subscription Time:

Round 1: 2020/05/18 17:00(GMT+8) – 2020/05/20 17:00(GMT+8) 

Round 2: 2020/05/25 17:00(GMT+8) – 2020/05/27 17:00(GMT+8)


Subscription Price:

Round 1 = 0.008 USD / ETHBN

Round 2 = 0.010 USD / ETHBN


Subscription Amount:

Round 1 = 375,000 USD 

Round 2 = 375,000 USD


10% bonus for all investors above USD 5,000 in any round

Trading time:

2020/05/29 17:00 (GMT+8)


Official exchange announcement:


More Details about DogData – 


Follow DogData on all the Social Media Channels –  


Ten years have passed since the birth of cryptocurrencies and since the publication of the Bitcoin White Paper, blockchain technology has not stopped evolving.  At the same time, the way of working to obtain better productivity has also undergone a drastic evolution.  Things have changed a lot since the days that anyone could generate returns from their desktop computer.  The appearance of big competition on a global level, driven by the advances in technology, has meant that only the biggest players in the system have found investing in blockchain to be attractive and profitable.  For this reason, today we present to you:  Kuailian’s Ecosystem.

Discovering Kuailian

Kuailian is a company that benefits from a complete ecosystem of services to access the world of cryptocurrencies.  We also have at our disposal the tools based around blockchain technologies, which are accessible to all and where no great knowledge of the systems or heavy investment in technology is needed.


Kuailian’s Main Characteristics

It would be very difficult to define Kuailian with one main characteristic, given that we have at our fingertips a complete ecosystem, with each section being as equally as important or even better than the previous.  However, we can say that our main differentiating attribute is our commitment to be honest and transparent, all thanks to and made possible by blockchain tools and technology.

All of the activity carried out on Kuailian can be viewed in real time.  You can audit your own accounts, decide when you want to schedule a transaction (remember that the blockchain registers are public) and we can assure you that your cryptocurrencies are working and generating results.

If required, you can consult the legal registrar in Estonia; all the information is available on Kuailians website and social networks.

Kuailian Smart Pool and Proof of Stake Technology

Not all consensus mechanisms to verify transactions are like Bitcoin (Proof of Work).  Huge operating costs and powerful equipment is needed to work with them and these soon become outdated.  There are other cryptocurrencies which need to have a predetermined amount of the coin in question to be able to carry out transactions.  For this reason, it makes a lot of sense to build up our cryptocurrencies by using a company like Kuailian, which works with this technology, is known in the market and is able to carry out these transactions (on which great returns can be achieved).

But the advancement in technology never stops (and neither does Kuailian’s).  The most powerful and modern networks use consensus mechanisms.  If you have Heard of Kuailian, you Will already know that one of our main products is Master Nodes.  To summarise, this product is able to carry out high performance transactions and in Kuailian, supports a range of consensus mechanisms like the following: PROOF OF STAKE, DELEGATED PROOF OF STAKE, THRESHOLDED PROOF OF STAKE, MASTERNODES,  PROFIT SHARE, PROOF OF AGREEMENT, PROOF OF HISTORY, PROOF OF AUTHORITY, TENDERMIT, HIGHWAY, BYZANTINE FAULT TOLERANCE (BFT), NON-BFT, MULTI-BFT, SHARE PRACTICAL BFT, ASYNCHRONOUS BFT – FUTURE CASPER Y  OUROBOROS.

It is here that Kuailian maximises their capacity, by making it available to ordinary people that wouldn’t otherwise be able to access it, due to the volume of cryptocurrencies that would be needed and the knowledge required to work with them.  Therefore, Kuailian uses a long-term stake strategy of 1000 days and will also be adding Simple Way Staking (Stake/Unstake), to the services they offer.

Kuailian and its automated systems

Kuailian has made it possible for everyone to participate in Master Nodes.  So that access to these is not limited to the few, we have pooled them together and then divided them.  Furthermore, it is possible to automatically receive some of the rewards generated in Smart Pool.

Following is a description of the easy process of signing up to Kuailian

  1. Create a Kuailian account
  2. Complete the KYC (given that we are a company which is registered legally within the European Union) and pay the inscription charge (50.95 dollars, paid in Ether).
  3. Purchase as many Kuais that you want, priced at 100 dollars each (paid en Ether). A Kuai is not a token nor a cryptocurrency.  It is the measurement unit which can be used for staking a license in the software for 1000 days.  The more licences you buy, the better the returns.
  4. Indicate the Ethereum purse where you want us to deposit your profits daily.

The way the Kuais are organised is very interesting. One one hand, it is accessible to everyone due to the low cost and on the other hand, it allows the users contributions to be sent to Smart Pool, our own system which has been developed in Kuailian to automatically administrate all of the cryptocurrencies that have been contributed by the users, that have been created in Master Nodes.  Twinned with the fact that each week, new Master Nodes are opened up for new licences to be acquired (by new users or existing users).

The contributions made by the users are administered by a system of Machine Learning, that carries out a Deep analysis in the cryptocurrency market, and based on the results, sets up the most profitable and liquid Master Nodes.  In other words, your rewards can be exchanged for Bitcoin or can be transferred to Ether.  The system operates around these so as to maximise the global efficiency of the ecosystem.

Finally, we would like to highlight the fact that the benefits generated by our contribution to the system are shared out on a daily basis.  This is a great advantage of Kuailian, as we are normally used to using big interfaces that demand a minimum amount to be able to make a withdrawal and can take a number of days or weeks to process the payments, or that we rely upon authorisation to have our money made available!!  Kuailian’s, in its bid to be transparent, offers its users a system, which is programmed by their technical team, a Smart Dispersion Contract , developed around the blockchain of Ethereum, which shares out the profits on a daily basis between the users, without any errors or deception (in fact, this contract can be viewed in any Ethereum blockchain explorer).

Extra:  Kuailian Bank, Smart Pool and all the other services offered by the company, have an individual affiliation programme, through which each user will generate profits when their referral signs up to become a Kualian user.


Kuailian Bank and its next innovations

Kuailian is very clear that the future is with blockchain, and they dedicate their complete ecosystem to it.  They have closed many different deals to be able to offer financial services.  These days, “FIAT” coins can be deposited and exchanged for cryptocurrencies. In the near future, a wallet and a debit card will be added along with dataphones and other financial services that will allow an expansion in the services offered.


Smart Pool Will also expand and develop new options, for example, High Frequency Trading (HFT) and an arbitration system; all of this through the artificial intelligence system that carries out the administration of the ecosystem.


A constantly expanding ecosystem

But Kuailian isn’t just a finance ecosystem.  Without a doubt, like blockchain technology, it goes beyond that.  The main objective of Kuailian is to access the resources based on blockchain technology that already exist on the market; to make them more efficient, more transparent and to give our users an experience they’ve never had before.  Very soon Kuailian Travel Ecosystem will be added, the first service that will be outside of the ‘financial’ sector of the company and that will open the gate to the arrival of new market resources that will turn the company into a reference point in the world of blockchain.



If you are looking for a company that will bring nearer your entrance into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and more accessible, Kuailian is your best ally.


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Our economy and financial system are primarily focused on the short term and on self-interest. In the neoliberal world, we are constantly dealing with crises: climate change, depletion of natural resources, loss of biodiversity, inequality, hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. Global capital, multinationals, and large banks are too powerful. Covid-19 pandemic and the rapid global spread of the virus make this international entanglement even more clear and the change to a more local-to-local society the more urgent.

The effective transition towards sustainability and prosperity for everyone

We start with a reassessment of our ‘values’ concept, envisioning the kind of world we want to live in and considering a system that is more sustainable and prosperous. More and more people accept the belief that things can be done differently and better and feel an urgent need to turn things around now so that self-interest cannot dominate the world anymore.

Introducing a cashback system

The cashback system, as a mild form of basic income, refunds everyone that buys local and sustainable products and services. This makes these products more affordable. This puts pressure on the current system, where managers of large companies (that are too big to fail) achieve maximum profits for their shareholders and bonuses for themselves with global oligopolistic competitive methods. It is time that the interests of the environment, employees, consumers, and other involved parties were taken into account.

Supporting Local-2-local communities

Local-2-local communities are competent to reconnect producers and consumers via trust-building in short chains and to introduce new fair forms of money via community coins. They have the ability to close ecological cycles locally and build sovereign regions by own governance. As a result, multinationals get fewer opportunities to operate in a global market. They can then no longer play countries against each other and gain benefits such as tax reduction.

Introducing a new cryptocurrency system based on blockchain technology

A new cryptocurrency system, the L2L coin, ensures that consumers and connected companies at the local level can easily find each other and do business. Unlike fiat money or other stable coins, which are subject to inflation, the L2L cryptocurrency, based on its own blockchain, will show a steady rise in value. The local communities are linked worldwide and the decentralized blockchain guarantees openness and transparency. This prevents people from having to take on debts with banks, limiting the power of the banks.

The 2local platform is well underway. Currently, the website, Whitepaper, and Blogs are available at 2local. Information is disposable in 24 languages/countries/communities. For mobiles an account with a wallet for members, KYC Check, MVP 2.0 Android and iOS apps are operational. There are about 30.000 verified account holders. Crypto and fiat money is accepted. 2local is active on social media with about 130.000 followers and 65 social community managers.

The 2local platform is ready to take the next step: developing a marketplace app, a new build blockchain 3.0 with cashback system and multi-currency wallet, and coin design for a rising exchange rate. 2local invites you to actively participate in the follow-up process and take part in testing the system.

Be part of this revolution and save people and the planet by achieving a sustainable and prosperous world!


Please contact us via [email protected]

The 2local Team

Eunion is an AI-enabled professional transaction clearing platform. In the traditional financial market, the clearing platform is a clearing system of multi-bank transaction to realize connectivity between the commercial banking system. In the cryptocurrency industry, clearing platform is an important part of the rapid rise.

Eunion is an efficient matching engine of Eunion Trade developed based on the rich clearing experience of traditional financial market, which can not only cooperate with various exchanges and also can be used in A-share, Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, index, etc. With the speed advantage of ultra-high frequency trading, the auto-programming conducts the clearing transactions through the enormous amounts of orders to obtain profit in advance. Efficient and accurate operation makes Eunion an important part of the entire financial market.

At present, Eunion has become a clearing firm of 132 digital currency exchanges in the world and also the largest clearing firm of Huobi (digital virtual currency) exchange — one of the world’s largest exchanges. The reasons for the rapid development of Eunion, aside from its own factors, the main reason is that the problems of transparency and customer trust the digital currency faces receive growing attention from the industry.

If you have bought encrypted currency through website or APP, such as Coinbase, OKEX, Binance, Poloniex, Kraken, these are centralized exchanges. Centralized exchanges have been invaluable in the development of digital currency. Without the digital currency exchanges, there would be no the booming digital currency market today and the blockchain technology would not be widely known. Whereas, relative to the traditional financial trading market, the trading platform of blockchain has some differences. These differences bring convenience for the development of blockchain technology as well as risks for the industry development.

The exchanges in the sphere of blockchain have a similar structure with the traditional financial exchanges, but there are also some differences. From the modes of operation of traditional financial exchanges, its constituents include investor, branch investor, retail investor, next the security company, the trading venue (only refers to the floor trading venue) and finally the supervisory agency. Usually, the investor opens an account at the security company and entrusts the security company to place an order. The security company accepts the order of the investor and collects a commission. Then the sales order will be traded in the trading venue by the security company, which is called commissioning. The investor is called trustor and the security company is called trustee. In other words, general investors are not exposed to the exchanges. Because the exchanges adopt the membership system. Only those who become a member of the exchange and have the trading seat can they accept the commissioning of other investors. This determines the institutional investor, namely the security company. The exchange mentioned here is a non-profit legal person, who accepts the leadership, management and supervision of national securities authorities. The securities exchange does not take part in securities trading on its own or decide on the security price.

As the trading platform of digital currency does not get a parent agency to separate its client’s capital and its own capital, the user’s trading process has been greatly simplified. Meantime, it plays the role of bank. This reflects in that when the investors conduct floor trading on the trading platform of digital currency, it has the demands for trading, secured financing and legal currency conversion. And the exchange provides the derivative financial services, such as Deposit and withdrawal of digital currency, asset trusteeship, deal matching, assets clearing, leverage trading, KYC, etc.

From the model comparison of the two, we can see that the traditional financial exchanges rely on the brokers. It is of a pyramid structure: users gather at the broker, the funds are deposited in the bank and the securities are registered and settled in the third-party institutions. Essentially, the exchange only offers the functions of matching, supervision assistance, information assistance, etc. Given the decentralized characteristics of digital currency, the trading platform of digital currency is of a flat structure, because the assets management is built in the exchange. Hence, no trading platform needs a third-party institution to register and settle the digital currency, which comes with the easy deployment characteristics of the business architecture. User flow and capital flow end up gathering in the digital currency exchange. But seen from the whole industry, these advantages deliver the following problems to the trading platform of digital currency: 1. Insider dealing. The exchange amounts to a black box. An opaque internal operation will bring huge risks. 2. Absence of supervision, imperfect information disclosure, the risks of exchange escaping with money. 3. Position risks. The user’s funds are totally deposited in the exchange. 4. Benefit-oriented. The development of blockchain is considered after the profit. 5. The risk of exchange bankruptcy. The above problems are not rare in the history of digital currency exchange.

As opposed to the traditional financial field, the absence of fund custody institutions is the most important reason for the above problems the exchange faces. Eunion provides an approach to such problems. As for the digital currency business, it means Eunion will open an account in the users’ mainstream exchange. While the users’ are not directly deposited in the exchange, as Eunion’s assets network is set in the blockchain, which is similar to a decentralized exchange. The account opened at Eunion is an on-chain account. It means that Eunion provides users with the access to the exchange and acts as the assets custody institution for the exchange.

Eunion can do this because Eunion has the following advantages. First, the team has rich clearing experience. Eunion’s trading team was founded in 2013 in Europe where the financial industry is developed. It is engaged in providing the global investors, financial institutions with clearing transaction services in the field of digital finance and helping customers to obtain stable income from clearing transactions through designing, developing and operating the transaction procedures. After years of business integration, for the time being, the team has various trading strategies and supplies the retail investor and institutions with transaction advisory and services, mainly for traditional securities, US stocks, Hong Kong stocks, A-share, futures options, gold and foreign exchange trading. In 2017, the European company was established and formally carried out the digital currency trading business. And Eunion set foot in the new finance. After two years, Eunion has got a full picture of the trading characteristics of the digital currency sector and obtained enormous amounts of industry resources.

Secondly, Eunion team firmly believes that compliance operation is the future prospect of the digital currency business. Therefore, it has obtained the compliance licence given by the relevant institution very early. In 2019, Eunion trading team earned thetop level of European regulatory license MTR; meanwhile, it passed through the rigorous review of US Department of The Treasury to receive the regulatory license MSB. MTR is a financial license regulated and presented by FINANTSINSPEKTSIOON to supervise companies engaged in financial services-related business. In Europe, a company must apply for MTR to operate business legally. US MSB (Money Services Business) is administrated by the FinCEN under the US Department of The Treasury. The mainstream global trading platforms are as follows: Huobi, binance, OKcoin all have MSB license.

Finally, Eunion has won a large number of international awards because of its outstanding technical strength. In February 2019, Eunion team won the honorary title of “Partner of World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit” at World Blockchain Conference (WBC) held in Russia. In May, at Malta Blockchain Summit, Eunion team’s outstanding contributions in the realm of financial technology and security innovation won the conference’s recognition and rewards again. In September, at the PICANTE TECH Conference Europe held in Prague Czech Republic, Eunion won the huge award of “Best Technology of Fintech” once again.

In reviewing the development of blockchain industry in the past decade, the blockchain technology has been sought after by many technology geeks and financial idealists due to its technical characteristics of decentralization and free agent trust. Just because of this, however, the industry development has been dogged by self-discipline of practitioners, hacker attack, etc. If blockchain technology wants to gain wider popularization, the standardized development of the whole industry is a problem we must to fix. So Eunion will be actively applied in the global financial transaction system along with the continuous development, which will not only capture the profits in the traditional financial transactions but also fix the industry status in the encrypted currency business.

Media Contact

Company Name – Eunion
Email[email protected]
Website –

Singapore, 30 March 2020 – Smart city blockchain protocol developers, Building Cities Beyond (BCB) Blockchain, announced its strategic partnership with blockchain security company, Chains Guard Technology late last week. The partnership will see the Singapore-based developers strengthen security services on its blockchain ecosystem – which currently includes live applications such as smart water meters, financial transactions, agriculture traceability and decentralized games.

In lieu of the partnership, BCB Blockchain will look to introduce new security measures– such as code reviews to detect smart contract threats and prevent the loss of assets and valuable data.  On top of that, both parties will provide smart contract security audits and service terminals for industry applications powered by the BCB blockchain protocol. Security services includes network security, on-chain data analysis and digital asset compliance that pledges for a safer and more efficient public chain ecosystem.

BCB’s plans to tighten security underlines its efforts to expand its blockchain-powered smart city ecosystem and provide a comprehensive infrastructure. Co-Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Vanessa Koh of BCB explains “Being the leading developer in blockchain protocol, we are constantly enhancing our technology capabilities. As we look to explore further into the fields of smart transportation, logistics, agriculture and energy, we must not forget the importance of security. We are certain that the partnership with Chains Guard Technology will help us strengthen our blockchain security proficiencies and create more effective solutions for empowering cities”

About Chain Guard Technology

Chains Guard Technology focuses on the security of blockchain ecosystems and provides security services including but not limited to exchange houses, e-wallets, main chains, and mining pools. The team from Chains Guard Technology has a comprehensive public chain vulnerability mining and project code auditing capabilities. They can provide comprehensive on-chain data traceability and project code audit services, as well as chain security evaluation and chain security rating services. Chains Guard Technology has assisted EOS, Ethereum, and other official well-known public chains to discover and rectify loopholes in their security systems.

About BCB Blockchain

BCB is Blockchain 4.0 which integrates Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Robotics and hardware to create a smart city solution that interconnects cities across distances and improves the quality of life for people, businesses and governments. BCB Innovation Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company, founded by GBCI Ventures Pte Ltd. With more than 500 staff and seven offices across seven countries, BCB visions to create and support the economies of 1000 smart cities of the future. For more information, visit

Press Contact

Thasleem Nisha
Account Executive, DIFY
[email protected]
(+65) 8422 7990

Khairul Sufiyan
Senior Account Manager, DIFY
[email protected]
(+65) 8588 4820

Blockchain, the most versatile next-generation technology of late, has been deeply affecting the industrial orientations since its very emergence. A decade down the lane and this ingenious technology has already transformed a large segment of the global economic and commercial sectors. Bitcoin was the first best invention with blockchain that turned the world around towards the flexibility and potential of this technology that experts still continue to explore and experiment with. The trend of cryptocurrency that this contrivance stirred, has not stopped ever since.

In the current times of technological advancements, every next day is marked with a new turn of events in the blockchain ecosystem, compelling the analysts, investors, capitalists and crypto masses to closely scrutinize the highs and lows in the industry and the factors affecting it. The Internet is loaded with thousands of sources enthusiastic towards conveying the developments to the world at large. However, this may make keeping abreast of the relevant news and details an overwhelming task for crypto denizens, especially those making a fresh entry into the sphere. Crypto Sharks, the online Bitcoin News Videos platform is an initiative directed towards addressing this concern. 

It is a fact widely known that moving pictures stimulate the senses better. The present digital era is the witness for the digital media, especially millions of videos circulating among a huge section of the global population on a daily basis. Taking a cue from the trend, Crypto Sharks is presenting people with insightful bitcoin news videos that are short, crisp and on-point for them to view and understand at their convenience. The platform provides bitcoin-related news in the form of videos rich in illustrations, graphical views, expert advice, and other critical details, all compiled in a single concise visual product.

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The total market capitalization for PayQ, a company known for implementing block chain for Frictionless Payments, based at London has surged almost 50% this year to around $1.2 billion. That’s about that same valuation for the Silicon Valley-based giant Maverick, another darling of the Fintech world.

The CEO and Founder of PayQ, Shibabrata Bhaumik announced in a recent TEDx to expand its horizon of cashless payments for global merchants who are dealing with high-risk industries and assured that PayQ aims to go beyond the traditional payment method to revolutionize the e-commerce industry.

He added, “Innovativeness is crucial and it is the cornerstone of PayQ business.” At the early start of 2020, PayQ has scooped up customers like Big Airline companies from Russia, the early proving ground for PayPal and Stripe.
The jockeying between PayQ and Mavrick in market valuations is a bright spot for European entrepreneurship. Investors are also betting heavily on these Fintech companies as they grow in leap and bounds due to exponential digital payments.

Today digital transactions and end to end encryption is huge thing for both companies and it’s the essential thing when it comes to online payments, which is security! And that’s where PayQ impresses its users with a brilliant multi layered security system that is advanced enough to ensure that customer’s vital data stays safe and highly secure and encrypted by Tokenization.

Right now, PayQ operates in 196 countries with promising e-commerce opportunities globally and with persistence and resilience; PayQ overcame the challenges and now it is providing integrated local payments along with credit and debit card payments.

Based on the interview, the tech innovator Shibabrata Bhaumik is no stranger to challenges or roadblocks, but has always found a way to rise to the occasion and reach success. The key to success in the online payments business is mastering interrelated issues such as cyber security, the banking industry, and the interface between public policy and global trade.

Bhamik seems adept in all.

Strategy: Shift to Alternative Payment Methods

PayQ aims to enter the Asian market early this year, starting from Malaysia, followed by Singapore, Thailand and India. This will ripe for a shift to clean and fast electronic transactions and extended to embrace the technical requirements of multicurrency payment systems and diversify the need and requirement of every merchant as well as considering the affordability of the merchant from the new ecosystem.

“It might appear that with new connectivity of Asian Market and integration of third-party features along with onboarding more Asian banking partners might climb the price however it will be the other way round,” he says.

“We’ll continue to go the other way. We already offer rates starting as less 1.5% with guaranteed freedom of mobility and no hefty commission or penalty of discontinuing from PayQ if the merchant is not satisfied with our services. This will create a constructive and tangible impact on the payment eco system where the current providers are charging anywhere in between 2.5% to 3.5% and a huge set up cost from every merchant. Our innovative digital payment services will revolutionize access to digital commerce, will boost up new merchant to sell their services or goods globally, will improve cashless payments and reduce reliance on paper currency.”

About Shibabrata:

Shibabrata Bhaumik is a philanthropist, an angel investor and an entrepreneur whose brainchild is PayQ. Being a pioneer in the world of digital payment, he is also renowned as a startup coach. PayQ aims to connect entrepreneurs with their clients no matter where they are, and make payments instantly without many hassles. The instant sign up, dynamic descriptor along with their simple & transparent pricing system makes them the perfect option for entrepreneurs worldwide.

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It was a great relief for the crypto community in India after the Indian Supreme Court lifted a central bank-imposed ban that prevented cryptocurrency businesses from accessing financial services. Some exchanges added support for bank account transfers within hours of the court ruling.

Binance and its local subsidiary have set up a new fund to reinvigorate growth in blockchain startups in India following a Supreme Court decision to allow banks to service crypto firms.

Binance and India-based bitcoin exchange WazirX – which Binance acquired last November – announced Tuesday their new “Blockchain for India” fund would incubate and invest in local startups that contribute to the creation of a sophisticated cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem for the subcontinent.

The fund will make investments anywhere between $100,000 and $5 million.

Highlighting that India had one of the largest developer and software engineering talent pools in the world, WazirX founder and CEO Nischal Shetty said in a statement that the new fund would make full use of the “incredible potential that the Indian blockchain ecosystem has to offer.”

The new fund would be open to collaborating and co-investing with other local funds sharing the same goals, Shetty said. There will also be an initiative for supporting blockchain development and incubator programs in Indian universities.

Rival Mumbai-based exchange CoinDCX announced last week it had pledged $3.1 million towards an education campaign to promote cryptocurrency adoption in India, according to a press release.