The network is a recently launched NFT marketplace based on the Binance smart-chain to provide ample opportunities for artists. Generally, the platform has vast services for collectors, investors, art fans, and gallerists.’s decision to use the Binance smart-chain as the hub was due to the increasing issues in the Ethereum network. Ethereum, which has served for several years as a smart-contract platform, is facing severe scalability issues. Moreover, the gas prices have in the past months been surging. However, the BSC option offers scalability and lower fees. Therefore, users will pay favourable fees to the BSC and enjoy superfast and reliable services. At, artists, gallerists, and collectors will freely interact by leveraging the marketplace.

The Auction and Marketplace Feature is implanting a new NFT marketplace to help auction and sell the NFT created within the platform. All artists can be part of this great marketplace by filling in the necessary application. Social media channels are giving more information on how to apply to be a marketplace participant. Moreover, a team of experts will contact the chosen candidates. The chosen artists will have the freedom of mining NFT tokens, be it videos, audio, and images. All mined NFTs are auctioned at the best price possible as decided by the artist. Once an auction is live, the bidding process for owning the NFT will commence. Accordingly, the users will bid as from the last highest bid, and each bid will carry a fee of $0.2. The highest bid after the auction ends will win the bid. Generally, this marketplace will allow artists to display different qualities and formats of their works including, 3D and 2D versions. By providing options to users, the platform eases the creation and selling of Art. Since is based on the Binance smart-chain, participants in the marketplace will pay the network fees. Artists and content creators are part participants in a new business model that helps them market their work. Currently, many valuable items gain value because of their long-term reputation. For instance, an item like gold has gained its value, not because of its significance but because of reputation. The idea of society valuing products and services based on reputation is also common in Art. For instance, Art that comes from reputable people always gets a high value. However, is redefining the art valuation. will not base the value of the artwork on reputation. Instead, Art will be owned and sold to persons who truly see their value. The artists in the network will gain full recognition for their work. For Artists and Fans will offer educational opportunities to help market the NFT and blockchain world. This platform will help educate users by providing crypto-related content and personalized tutorials for the artists using the platform. Accordingly, will allow the average user to learn more about the artists in the network. will provide more information about the artist, including reviews, bio, interviews, etc. Therefore this platform will help at marketing both the artwork and the artists behind it. Token has its native token ART that helps in powering up the entire platform. This BSC-based token will provide users with multiple utilities, including the platform’s governance. The token holders can vote on any proposals given for the network. The total supply of the ART token is 100 thousand, and the platform has already burned 58 thousand ARTs tokens. The current circulating supply of the ARTs token is 42 thousand. NFT network has two wallets. It has a deployer wallet used to provide liquidity in decentralized exchanges. The second wallet option is the burning wallet, which has 2 thousand ARTs put aside for burning. Accordingly, 8 thousand ARTs are going to be used for the team and marketing. The old holders of the ART token will have more privileges than the new holders since they will attend the opening of the marketplace. Persons holding more than 200 ART when the platform launches are entitled to receive NFT tokens freely. But where can a user purchase the ART token? Currently, the tokens are sold on the BSC-based PancakeSwap Dex, which offers vast opportunities for exchanging tokens. You can visit the page and enjoy the rewards.

Following increase in TVL, Venus replaces previous oracle solution with Chainlink network to achieve maximum data feed security

Today, Venus, a money market and synthetic stablecoin protocol built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with over $11 billion total value locked (TVL), has now fully upgraded to Chainlink as its sole oracle solution. With Venus, lenders can provide liquidity on various assets to earn interest via an algorithmic money market. Said market is powered by price data from oracles, which determines the value of underlying collateral lent and borrowed by users, enabling both loan issuance and loan integration. Going forward, lending markets on the Venus protocol will leverage Chainlink to price collateral during both loan issuance and liquidation processes, ensuring Venus is always fully collateralized and referencing fair market prices.

“As the market leader in providing lending to the BSC ecosystem, it was critical that we scale up our security by upgrading to Chainlink as a means of thoroughly protecting our users’ funds and guaranteeing they always get fair market prices. Not only are we able to leverage Chainlink’s time-tested security, but it’s native operation on BSC allows us to get consistently fresh data for a much lower price.” — Joselito Lizarondo, Founder Venus Protocol and CEO of Swipe Wallet.

As the most widely used and time-tested decentralized oracle network across all blockchains, Chainlink provides the much needed security, reliability, and data quality needed to scale Venus’ rapidly growing ecosystem as the protocol’s TVL increases. Already securing over $15 billion worth of smart contracts across multiple blockchains, Chainlink has become the industry

standard for oracles thanks to its high quality data, proven reliability, decentralized security, and proven performance.

Chainlink Co-Founder Sergey Nazarov said, “We’re thrilled to be helping secure Venus and enabling a fair and transparent lending environment on BSC. As the value secured by Venus has continued to grow, and after conducting extensive review of their DeFi contracts’ security, they’ve rightly chosen to upgrade their oracle mechanism to something more secure. We’re seeing a consistent trend where, even if an application builds its initial version using a less secure oracle mechanism, for the protocols like Venus that succeed far beyond all others, their need for security and reliability guarantees also grows, leading to greater due diligence about their oracle’s security, which in almost every case has led these teams to use Chainlink.”

The Chainlink integration gives Venus access to price feeds that are secured by numerous independent, security reviewed node operators that source high quality data from numerous premium off-chain data aggregators. These feeds are also decentralized at both the data source and oracle network level, and can be independently monitored on-chain and verified within reputation frameworks, proving the quality of their performance and the strong crypto-economic incentives backing them.

About Chainlink

Chainlink is the most widely used and secure way to power universally connected smart contracts. With Chainlink, developers can connect any blockchain with high-quality data sources from other blockchains as well as real-world data. Managed by a global, decentralized community of hundreds of thousands of people, Chainlink is introducing a fairer model for contracts. Its network currently secures billions of dollars in value for smart contracts across the decentralized finance (DeFi), insurance and gaming ecosystems, among others.

Chainlink is trusted by hundreds of organizations to deliver definitive truth via secure, reliable data feeds. To learn more, visit, subscribe to the Chainlink newsletter, and follow @chainlink on Twitter.

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About Venus

Venus Protocol is an algorithmic-based money market system designed to bring a complete decentralized finance-based lending and credit system onto Binance Smart Chain. Venus enables users to utilize their cryptocurrencies by supplying collateral to the network that may be borrowed by pledging over-collateralized cryptocurrencies. The difference of Venus from other money market protocols is the ability to use the collateral supplied to the market not only to borrow other assets but also to mint synthetic stablecoins with over-collateralized positions that protect the protocol. Venus utilizes the Binance Smart chain for fast, low-cost transactions while accessing a deep network of wrapped tokens and liquidity.

Visit to learn more.

The Caesar is the Binance Smart Chain community that provides the ultimate tokenomics within the Defi realm to the holders. Avail of the free Airdrop program soon. Here, we are excited to share with you the CAESAR token.

An Airdrop for all, we are sharing $CSR.

Reward: 2.000.000 CSR

Referral: 500.000 CSR

It’s simple, just follow the steps in the form below

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More About CAESAR

Caesar promises the holders to earn passive income through its high yields and liquidity protocols effortlessly. The users earn huge rewards simply by holding the $CAESAR on the Binance Smart Chain. The best part of Caesar is its liquidity lock feature. In general, the 50% supply is used after the initial burn. While 45%, 2.5%, and 2.5% of the liquidity locked is for 12 months airdrop and team. The platform ensures fair distribution without whales. The high token safety features change the code of $CAESAR, and no ownership will be renounced.

Some of the best features of the Caesar Token:

  • The high-security standards and fair distributions.
  • High meme potential.
  • Code of $CAESAR cannot be changed under any circumstances.
  • 10% of the tokens are burnt on each transaction.
  • Simple rules ensure good yields.
  • In general, 5% of tokens are burnt on sending $CSR black hole holders.
  • 4% of each transaction distributed among existing holders.
  • 1% of tokens are sent to animal welfare groups worldwide.


Unlike other blockchain platforms and communities, 100% of the token transfer fee is automatically and instantly redistributed among the existing token holders. Moreover, the continuous telegram and Twitter engagements resolve all the queries of the users soon.

Anyone can create a BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain with any name to avail of the Caesar tokens. The people looking to buy the Caesar token can use either mobiles or desktop versions. First, buy the Caesar tokens using Pancakeswap. Trust wallets are one of the easiest ways to use Pancakeswap on mobiles. While in the desktop version, the MetaMask is the easiest way to use the Pancakeswap to buy Caesar tokens.


  • Symbol: CSR
  • Type: BEP20
  • Maximum supply: 1,000,000,000,000
  • Supply after initial burn: 500,000,000,000
  • Liquidity locked: 450,000,000,000
  • AIRDROP: 25,000,000,000
  • Rocket fuel: 25,000,000,000
  • 50% burn
  • 45% liquidity locked
  • 2.5% Airdrop
  • 2.5% Rocket fuel

To know more visit their website:

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Casper Network, is an enterprise-level commercial public chain that is building an open platform optimized for enterprises and developers. The project is the first blockchain that works on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and is developed based on CBC technical specifications that were partially designed by Ethereum developers. The CBC specifications opens up opportunities for developers to create a new economy and enables users to tokenize almost any asset. Casper is the first live proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain built off the Casper CBC specification. The Casper platform is designed to boost the adoption of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and DApps on a global scale. With a strong focus on the future, Casper is created and designed to ensure the platform will develop according to the evolving needs of its users. As per the official whitepaper, Casper is optimized to suit both enterprise and private uses. One of the main missions of the Casper platform is to give entrepreneurs and developers a secure, decentralized work environment utilizing the best capabilities of blockchain technology. Casper’s native token CSPR will soon be listed on the MXC exchange and Huobi Global for the first time worldwide. Here is a detailed look at the upcoming listings that demonstrate how in-demand and exclusive the CSPR token is!

MXC to List CSPR in Innovation Zone

MXC will list CSPR in the MXC Innovation Zone at 19:00 on May 11th and open trading for the CSPR/USDT trading pair. According to the official announcement, deposits will be opened at 18:00 on May 11 and CSPR Trading & Withdrawals will be opened at 19:00 on the same day. The exchange has also revealed that airdrops and CSPR giveaways are coming soon. Founded by blockchain industry experts back in 2018, MXC exchange has evolved into one of the world’s leading crypto trading platforms. By listing CSPR, the Singapore-based exchange has once again proven its commitment to offer crypto enthusiasts globally with secured, fast, and user-friendly digital asset trading services. The exchange will make the best efforts to choose high-quality coins/tokens for its loyal users. However, users should keep in mind that crypto investment is subject to high market risk and do their own research into any token before putting money into it; MXC will not be responsible for any of its users’ investment losses. As MXC CEO John Chen Ju pointed out: “MXC’s listing of CSPR shows the proactiveness and agility of MXC Exchange. We constantly partner with the best of the cryptoverse, to bring the best to our users” Similar to MXC, Huobi Global – a leader in the crypto trading world since 2013, has also announced the listing of CSPR in the sector of Huobi New. Huobi will open CSPR deposits at 10:00 on May 11th and CSPR spot trading for CSPR/BTC and CSPR/USDT will be opened until the deposit volume meets the demand of market trading. Huobi will then open CSPR withdrawals at 10:00 on May 12th.

Why the Casper Project?

Casper is the first live proof-of-stake blockchain with the objective of accelerating the integration of blockchain tech into the business processes of enterprises across the globe. The network accelerates enterprise and developer adoption of the blockchain through its fast and productive platform with the most advanced database-scaling solution. Businesses can choose to build private or permissioned apps on the network while developers can build efficient decentralized apps based on the Casper network. Furthermore, CBC-Casper provides flexibility for the project’s consensus protocols, facilitating the easy adjustment of tokens’ blocking time depending on network conditions. This feature makes the Casper blockchain processes deterministic, not probabilistic, allowing it to evolve and meet user needs in the future. In Feb this year, CasperLabs announced a collaboration with the blockchain service network BSN. The strategic partnership integrated the Casper network into the global BSN infrastructure, while integrating the scalability, security, and decentralization features of Casper with the BSN ecosystem.

About MXC

Currently, MXC Exchange has around 5 million users in more than 70 countries around the world. This achievement is a significant milestone, and the platform aims to become a go-to platform for new and experienced investors as they move forward. The exchange spreads across five countries, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, and the United States where it is fully licenced. MXC offers a high-performance trading engine that developers with expertise in banking technology developed. With every second reliability, the exchange alone delivers 1.4 million transactions and adds improved performance. Singapore and Korea host its server clusters. For more information about MXC, this ever popular one-stop-shop for crypto exchange services, simply join any of the platforms on which MXC interacts with its community: Twitter, Facebook, Telegram or Instagram.

Littcoin is one of the best blockchain entertainment communities providing financing services. Also, it’s well-known for affiliate programs, engagement communities, quadratic voting systems, and automatic liquidity protocols. Using Litt, the community has framed an exclusive rewards engagement system and incentive system. One can buy, earn a stake, and redeem Littcoin on the platform. In addition, the users at the Littcoin get access to enjoy numerous facilities such as music events, festivals, member’s only events, and other perks. One of the best features of the Littcoin is the users get special respect and attention from the team. The thoughtful and strategic token distribution of Littcoin is as follows.

The token distribution of the Littcoin includes 12% of marketing, 20% of the team, 20% of exosystem, 10% of the reserve, 10% of business development, and 28% of Pancakeswap. The user has a great chance to earn Littcoins from referrals. Whenever a community member refers to a friend, the current community member makes a good amount of Bitcoins. Moreover, the users can give feedback, answer trivia, polling questions, and other events. The most entertaining part of the community is participating in the challenges. Usually, every trade at the platform activates the automatic liquidity protocol that goes into the various pools.

Littcoin comes with cheaper transaction fees and high transaction speed facilities to make the customer feel comfortable and safe. In addition, Littcoin partners with multiple brands and companies to promote globally. The blockchain events, summits, social media, and crypto campaigns of Littcoin encourage people, offer a range of financial solutions, and help them to understand more about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

In general, Littcoin has a strategic process of implementing projects. Initially, the team creates and develops ideas with goodwill. Then, it shares with the community members and welcomes a group of people into the project. To improve finances and ensure financial freedom, the developer came up with new integrations and ideas. Finally, after testing, reviewing, and analyzing the voting process, the team launches the application. Finally, Littcoin deploys the coins for regular trading at BEP20 or ERC 20 exchanges.

The huge Littcoin telegram network informs, educates, and engages the users. For the people who would like to start the crypto journey, Littcoin paves a foundational path. In a nutshell, it’s an all-in-all platform with high-security standards.


  • Token Name: Bitcoin
  • Token Symbol: LITT
  • Token Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Decimal: 18
  • Specification: BEP20

To know more visit Littcoin website

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Join Telegram Community – is the New Generation online Cryptocurrency Casino entering the market of all Crypto enthusiasts and Casino gamblers alike. Casino is offering a wide range of games for Cryptocurrency owners, users, players or gamblers from around the Globe. It will officially start operating on May 21, 00:00 AM EST. The history behind the reaches much further into the past. Over the last few months the new Crypto Casino has been built upon the previous experience the BetGalaxy team has from operating the TRON(TRX)–onchain Casino that was able to bring together a significant gaming audience and an amazing and still devoted TOPIA community. Now we believe that BetGalaxy are about to launch their new product that will capture ears and eyes of any serious Crypto Casino player and much wider Cryptocurrency communities! is a ready-to-go platform currently supports 16 cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals and features more than 1,500 games from leading Crypto Casino software providers. Moreover, it offers superior and lucrative bonuses, including some exclusive promotions for early customers. What makes to stand out from the pack is the combination of its appealing and user-friendly interface, unique Reward Models, Galaxy Boost system, highly competitive House edge and strictly defined UTO-token tokenomics. In total of only 1M (1,000,000) UTO tokens will ever be in circulation. Out of the total token count exactly 900,000 UTO tokens have been already sold and/or distributed among early investors and the remaining 100,000 UTO tokens are scheduled to be offered for the final sale over the last 10 days before the launch of Casino.

Games Offered’s New generation Crypto Casino features popular provably fair crypto-oriented games — DICE, CRASH, WHEEL and HI-LO, the last of which will be incorporated shortly after the official launch date. On Top of this the Crypto Casino comes with the standard offer, including more than 1,500 online video slots and table games. Customers will also get to play live dealer Casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and much more, provided by popular Game Development Studios such as Evolution Gaming. Further to this features a selection of game shows in its Live Casino section.

Summary of Unique Features at

Aside from numerous entertaining games, offers several interesting and highly competitive features that make it unique. First of all, it has a robust VIP Rank system. Players can progress through Ranks by playing games on the site, all wagers placed will accrue towards the next Rank acquisition. Whenever a player reaches a new level, they will receive a one-time reward, the highest tier receives $62,500. Moreover, every new Rank comes with increased prizes, such as better cashback deals, additional bonuses for referrals, Galaxy Boost, and more. This interactive VIP scheme is bound to add another layer of immersion to the platform. The Casino will feature a Referral program that can help players earn additional bonuses by inviting others to join and play on the Casino. However, what makes it unique is the fact that both the referral’s wagers and their losses count towards the referrer’s prizes. As a result, the referrer can earn up to 15% of House Edge returns from the referral’s wagers. also offers an above-standard Cashback Bonus that follows the same formula. A total of 15% of the House edge will be returned to the player’s balance regardless of whether they win or lose! This is vastly different, unparalleled from cashback bonuses in other Crypto Casinos, where players are usually expected to lose their wagers in order to become eligible for such a promotion! Casino also adopts a Sophisticated Bet Verification System, verifying every single bet placed. Therefore, users can proclaim the highest confidence that will offer the utmost level of Fairness for any participant to enjoy and rely upon! Finally, features a huge knowledge base in the form of an FAQ section. On top of that, visitors can seek on-site support using the live chat feature. Alternatively, they can send a message via Email or Telegram.

GalaxyBoost Feature

GalaxyBoost is a special and unique feature that has the potential to provide a passive income to its participants. Simply put, based on the entire amount of the previous week’s wagers, the platform will give weekly bonuses to those users who are a part of GalaxyBoost. In total 11% of the House edge is awarded to GalaxyBoost participants.

Casino Launch Promotions

All new players who sign up for the Casino will have a chance to claim exclusive promotions. Namely, a Start-up promotion will provide the first 2000 New Users with a free bonus of $10 in Ether, which will be credited instantly to the user’s account balance upon signup. The Casino will officially open its virtual doors on May 21 at 00:00 AM EST. The Casino has prepared several other rewards for its loyal users. For example, the first all 72 hours of operation cashback rewards will be rewarded at 1.5x the normal amount. The first five users who get 100 referrals will receive a one-time bonus of $5,000 each. That same amount will be rewarded to the first five users that will make it to the VIP Rank 9. Finally, the top 15 players who wager the most money during the initial 14 days will share a $25,000 prize pool.

Dividends for Token Holders

The token that is a part of the Casino’s ecosystem is called UTO UniTopia token. All UTO token holders will accrue dividends from the wagers that users make on the platform. The token can be traded on at current time of this article, and the casino team is actively working on listing it on other popular cryptocurrency exchanges. As outlined above The Final Public Sale of the remaining UTO tokens (100,000) will start on May 11, ten days before the official Casino launch on May 21. Please see for more information.

Plenty of Things to Come

The upcoming UTO token sale and the official launch are just the beginning of a long journey planned by the team behind First of all, the platform will introduce New in-house Galaxy Games, which will only be offered by The in-house game that is currently in its latest development stage is Hi-Lo, and it will be the first title to extend the Casino’s portfolio shortly after the launch. will initially focus on and release Casino games, however the next steps in their expansion plans is the integration of the Sportsbook into the platform. Finally, the team behind is actively working on acquisition and operation under the Curacao eGaming Licence Authority in order to bring its business to the highest competitive level. Who’s Behind is owned and operated by the team of Topia Network, a decentralized app and gambling platform originally based on TRX Blockchain that has been part of the cryptocurrency gaming industry since 2018.  Topia Network is responsible for dApp Casino operating on the TRX Blockchain. The team consists of developers, engineers, blockchain experts, and casino management.
When it comes to Breast Cancer Awareness, several organizations turn their efforts towards prevention and self-exam initiatives. With massive new cases of breast cancer diagnosed each year globally, preventative care and early diagnoses are more critical than ever. Mcdonalds Coin (MCDC) gamified token on xDai has launched a new social media photo filter, McTitty Challenge to support these organizations. Mcdonalds Coin aims to spread awareness and encourage charitable donations to organizations supporting those struggling with breast cancer. To participate, take exciting photographs of friends, loved ones, enemies, frenemies, and willing acquaintances using the McTitty Challenge filter. Then proceed to post these pictures to social media with the tag #McTittyChallenge #MCDC. Then you are required to tag three friends to do the McTitty Challenge and share everywhere. Lastly, you are required to donate to your breast cancer organization of choice.

Breast Cancer Management

Breast cancer is a major health crisis for women globally that develops from breast tissue. One in eight women is affected with breast cancer in her lifetime. At the moment, there is no known cure for breast cancer, and its early diagnosis is imperative to survival. Early symptoms of breast cancer may include a lump in the breast, a newly inverted nipple, dimpling of the skin, a change in breast shape, and a red or scaly patch skin. It can grow more significant in the affected breast and spread to nearby lymph nodes or through your bloodstream to other organs. Breast cancer cases are increasing in the developing world because of increased life expectancy, western lifestyles, and increased urbanization.  Even though prevention measures can reduce some risks, most strategies cannot eliminate most breast cancers developing in marginalized countries where breast cancer is detected in its last stages. Thus, early detection remains the key to breast cancer control. Presently the only breast cancer screening procedure that seems effective is mammography screening. Mammography screening is costly and feasible in countries with advanced health infrastructure that can afford long-term organized population-based screening programs. Several Non-profit Organizations have directed their efforts to help individuals in diagnosis, treatment, and counseling. Some of the top breast cancer Non-profit Organizations listed that deserve your support include the following;

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The organization was founded in 1993 by Evelyn Lauder, a breast cancer survivor and senior corporate vice president of Estee Lauder Companies. It is a non-profit organization that has raised over $500 million to support clinical and translational research on the disease at medical institutions in the United States and abroad. The independent foundation currently funds about 300 researchers in 15 countries. Lauder is also the co-founder of the original pink ribbon established in 1992 with Alexandra Penney. To assist, please donate to BRCF online, through the mail, or over the phone.

Susan G. Komen Foundation

Established in 1982, the Susan G. Komen Foundation raises awareness, supports research, and pays for community health and education programs worldwide. The organization conducts its multi-city Race for the Cure charity run event annually that is considered the most successful breast cancer fundraiser globally. The charity’s funds give a boost towards breast cancer research, screening, treatment, and education. In 2018, the Dallas-based charity devoted $26.18 million in breast cancer research grants. To assist, please donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation online

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Established in 1991, the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) targets to help women affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support. The organization devotes over 80% of its funds to programs. The Texas-based charity provides free mammograms to women in need; NBCF also funds breast cancer education programs, awareness campaigns, and research. To assist, please donate to NBCF online or through the mail Other foundations that you can contribute to include;Breast Cancer Alliance, Breast Cancer Society of Canada, Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. American Cancer Society – Breast Cancer Research, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
In the world of crypto, memory is only short-term. A month may feel like a year and a week like a month. While no crypto has been around for decades, surviving for even a few years is enough to gain recognition. However, the cryptocurrency world has experienced immense growth and development since its arrival. Thus, more people are becoming interested in this modern financial system for the convenience and better returns it offers. Cryptocurrencies are nothing if not volatile and unpredictable. Fortunately, there are some free educational platforms like the Shrimpy Academy, whose main aim is to educate newbies on the basics of the crypto world. This guide will explain why every novice trader would benefit from this platform.

What is Shrimpy Academy?

Shrimpy Academy is a free educational platform for crypto enthusiasts. It is made for both beginners and experts who desire to learn about the disruptive industry of blockchain technology. Users have the opportunity to master trading, investing, blockchain fundamentals, cryptocurrencies, and the newest DeFi products. Though freely accessible to the public, the content in the cryptocurrency market is more often than not horribly scattered, subjective, deceiving, or poorly organized. Moreover, most users find futuristic concepts like decentralized technology daunting, especially in the manner in which they are presented on most platforms. Beginners struggle with new vocabularies and alien concepts that only make understanding crypto seem impossible. Realizing this, the Shrimpy Academy decided to re-envision the way that people comprehend blockchain technology by creating an educational center that offers guides on important decentralized topics. Their website covers all crypto basics starting from the least to the most difficult. Users can explore content based on their level of experience, whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Shrimpy Academy Categories

The Shrimpy Academy also allows users to learn about the crypto market through different categories. That way, readers can explore distinct sections of the crypto market individually, which makes the learning curve gradual but comprehensive. Visiting categories is great for binge-readers who prefer learning one thing at a time or for traders only interested in a particular segment of the industry, all while explaining every concept in-depth. Some of these categories include: Beginners should start their journey by reading the beginner’s guide to crypto, which provides basic information regarding cryptocurrencies, blockchain networks, investing, and trading. It also gets one ready for reading Shrimpy Academy’s learning material.

Understanding the Fundamentals

For Shrimpy Academy, learning does not have to be dull. The platform plans to enhance the learning experience by developing a lessons-based system that applies traditional schooling methods by subdividing extensive contents into sizable pieces for an easier understanding. Moreover, Shrimpy Academy offers constant updates, weekly crypto newsletters, and Shrimpy announcements to ensure that users stay up to date with all developments in the blockchain industry.

Shrimpy Academy’s Undertaking

If you are looking for a straightforward way to learn more about cryptocurrency, Shrimpy Academy is the way to go. They are convinced that digital assets will sooner or later disrupt the world, and because of that, Shrimpy offers a trading platform as well. Thousands of new tokens have arrived, investment convenience has not been enhanced, and mass adoption of cryptos is still unfeasible. The complexity of the crypto markets is one of the main barriers to entry into the market. However, Shrimpy’s mission is to change how people manage their cryptocurrencies for the better. The end goal for their trading platform is to help investors:
  • Manage assets on multiple exchanges
  • Monitor all aspects of their portfolio
  • Automatically diversify portfolios within seconds
  • Instantly execute trades on more than one trading platform, all from one place
The only way to ensure widespread crypto adoption is by making cryptocurrencies easily accessible, all while educating the masses on how they work. Shrimpy backs this vision by offering portfolios that are effortless to manage, improving the availability of different coins, and removing barriers to entry into the market. This encourages everyone to take advantage of the ever-growing asset class.

Shrimpy Pros and Cons

  • Free to use
  • Enhanced security
  • Social trading platform that allows duplication of other trader’s strategies
  • Automated portfolio rebalancing
  • Well-organized educational guides on cryptos
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Lacks Crypto signals


Shrimpy is a free platform for all to sign up and utilize. You are only needed to sign up to get a straightforward way to manage your portfolio. The best part is, they have a community of enthusiastic crypto investors and are open to suggestions that can help improve user experience and delivery of services. Visit the Shrimpy Academy website today and follow them on Instagram and Twitter to always stay updated. Their active community on Telegram can also help you out with any burning issues you may have. Shrimpy tries its best to cater to all your needs when it comes to matters cryptocurrency. Once you learn the basics from Shrimpy Academy, you can indulge deeper into trading, technical blockchain features, and crypto investing. The critical part is to start small if you are a beginner, and the rest will follow.
Splash Network is a whale community-driven DeFi token and decentralized protocol that integrates economic and charitable features into its platform. Splash is among the pioneering charity-based protocols on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Splash team decided to build the project on BSC since this fourth-generation is more scalable, efficient and charges lower fees than Ethereum. The Binance chain also supports some of the latest DeFi features, including yield farming and staking. The Splash network just concluded its token presale, which saw healthy participation from members of the crypto community. The presale hard cap was reached ahead of schedule, and the SPLASH token is now listed on PancakeSwap, the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) on BSC. The listing means that token holders can access deep liquidity from the DEX, which serves as the main on-ramp into the BSC ecosystem. All team tokens will be locked inside PancakeSwap liquidity pools (LPs) for five years.

Creating a Community of Good Whales

The Splash Network has found an innovative and exciting way to capitalize on whale participation. In most cases, crypto traders dread whales who often slow down a coin/token’s flight to the moon. At Splash, whales are an essential part of the community, where they serve as the primary helpers of the network’s charity mission. To entice these investors with dip wallets to join the community, Splash offers them whale-specific features that encourage large-scale participation. One of the primary lures for whales is the platform’s gem feature, where investors can learn about the most lucrative projects in the DeFi space that promise high returns. This gem feature is available on the platform’s paid telegram signal groups for users holding specific minimum amounts of the SPLASH token. Apes (average investors) are also catered for on the network and often get tips on how to trade like a pro. This category of users on Splash can access whale courses and instructional video tutorials that demonstrate various whale strategies they can use to maximize their profits. Dubbed “Whale School,” this feature educates apes on the various pros and cons of using specific whale strategies on different exchanges and helps them act and think like a whale. Investors also get tips on what type of tokens/coins to invest in, how to determine buy and sell targets, and how to take profits off apes who jumped into the green without doing proper market analysis.

Integrating Charity Into the Decentralized Economy

The main objective of the Splash Network is to help institutions in need via its charity program while giving its community the exciting opportunity to invest in a promising turdcoin. Every trade contributes toward generating liquidity locked inside PancakeSwap LPs while also contributing to a charity pool run by the community. 2% of all fees on the network are automatically sent to a charity wallet to help some charitable organizations that are at the forefront of helping folks in need as well as tackling environmental issues. The Splash community gets to vote and decide what sort of strategic partnerships and charity events to be a part of in the future. 5% of the fees go to the community as a reward for holding the SPLASH token. These holders earn staking rewards through “static reflection” as they watch their balance on the network grow indefinitely.

Why You Should Trust Splash

Splash has a transparent group of staff that is available 24/7 to answer any queries on their Telegram channel and Twitter page. The protocol also has a user-friendly website with an enticing and secure user interface. As mentioned above, the liquidity on PancakeSwap will remain locked in the LP for five years to safeguard investors against a rug pull. To further instill trust in the crypto community, Splash concluded its first third-party audit, which Solidity Finance conducted. Finally, Splash is also 100% community-driven, which means that token holders vote on all aspects of the project, including fees, future upgrades, token burns, charitable causes, and more.
MXC Exchange has partnered with Polygon, formerly referred to as Matic, which is a platform for developing blockchain networks. The exchange has recently attracted a lot of attention, with a  daily trading volume of about $4 billion. As a result, it has earned a spot among CoinMarketCap’s top 80 best and largest exchanges. It also recently announced a collaboration with the Solana Foundation and OKEX to launch two new investment funds to support the Solana ecosystem. The goal of the Solana and Polygon partnership was always to cultivate close cooperation with some of the most exciting blockchain ecosystems.

Why Partner with Polygon?

There’s a lot attracting users to the MXC platform. Compliance licenses have been issued in five separate countries, so users know that the platform is safe. They also sell spot trading, leveraged ETF, options trading, and staking services in addition to these services. MXC also strives to be as open as possible to its customers and to set objectives that are both positive and practical. The Polygon project is one of the most recent attempts at interoperability which scaling blockchain and aims to overcome certain perceived shortcomings of interoperability initiatives such as Polkadot and Cosmos. First, the Ethereum virtual machine is compatible with those used to create Ethereum Apps and solidity programming; its competitor Cosmos uses a virtual WASM-based machine. In another case, the shared security model of Polygon is entirely optional; for additional security purposes, sovereign platforms do not have to lose any independence or versatility. It claims to be sufficiently versatile to provide any scalability solution—over and above existing plasma chains, ZK-roll-ups, and positive roll-ups. An overall image of the future can be deducted from the description done by the COO and Co-Founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal –  “MXC is one of the world’s most innovative exchanges, and we’re pleased to closely collaborate with the team to make Layer 2 even more accessible through direct Polygon withdrawals/deposits and further research”

Building Through Polygon

With Polygon, developers may launch preset blockchain networks with their needs-specific attributes. Users can further customize it with a broader range of modules that enable developers to build sovereign, more functional blockchains. Chains started with Polygon are able, thanks to the arbitrary messages passing capacities of Polygon, to communicate with the other chain and the Ethereum. This ability will allow a range of new applications, including interoperable decentralized applications (dApps) and easy value exchange between various platforms.

Polygon Layers

The best way to define the polygon architecture is that it is a four-layer system composed of the layer Ethereum, the safety layer, the networks layer of Polygon, and the implementation layer. The Ethereum layer is a series of smart contracts on Ethereum. These smart contracts manage transaction finality, staking, and communication between Ethereum and the assorted Polygon chains. The security layer runs side-by-side with Ethereum and offers “validators as a service” to the chains to take advantage of an additional security layer. The Ethereum, as well as safety layers, are optional. In addition, two compulsory layers exist. The first is the Polygon network layer, the ecosystem of Polygon-built blockchain networks. Each has its community and is in charge of local consensus management and blocks production. The second is the execution level used to execute smart contracts by Polygon’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

MXC to Continue Growing

With the addition of Polygon in its partnership boat, the exchange is headed for the moon. The price of Polygon Network’s MATIC scaling solution has risen to a record high above 60 cents for a fourth straight day. Layer two scaling projects like Polygon, which facilitates quicker and more affordable transactions using side chains that operate alongside the main chain, have increased demand for network overload and high-cost transactions on the Ethereum blockchain hence we can expect the exchange to keep growing.
As MXC CEO John Chen Ju very well pointed out: “MXC is continuously pushing boundaries, while holding on to its values and beliefs. Fruitful partnerships with valuable players of the crypto-sphere will drive the industry forward and only time will show the devotion and professionalism MXC continuously offers”

About MXC

Currently, MXC Exchange has around 5 million users in more than 70 countries around the world. This achievement is a significant milestone, and the platform aims to become a go-to platform for new and experienced investors as they move forward. The exchange spreads across five countries, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, and the United States where it is fully licenced. MXC offers a high-performance trading engine that developers with expertise in banking technology developed. With every second reliability, the exchange alone delivers 1.4 million transactions and adds improved performance. Singapore and Korea host its server clusters. For more information about MXC, this ever-popular one-stop-shop for crypto exchange services, simply join any of the platforms on which MXC interacts with its community: Twitter, Facebook, Telegram or Instagram. You can visit these pages for further information on the platform.More details related to Polygon and it’s 2020 rebirth can be found on their official website or on any of the social media platforms on which they actively discuss with their increasing community: Telegram, Discord, Reddit or Github.