Recent studies indicate that the total amount of digital payments may inch closer to $4,934,741 by the end of 2020. As technology continues evolving, more payment solutions come up as well. 

In the end, users globally join the systems hence accelerating the payment volumes to spike. Nowadays, people prefer operating with digital payments rather than handling physical money. 

Digital funds carry more efficiencies as they are way safer and convenient, which is why Apollo Fintech plans to introduce Knox World Pay, a modernized financial system, pushing for mass adoption of digital payments worldwide. Further, utilizing Apollo’s blockchain technology will bring bonus benefits for Knox users.

Overview of Apollo Blockchain Technology

Distributed Ledger Technologies are applicable in various sectors, including health, supply chain, businesses, and many more. In finance, blockchain technology can be defined as a public recording of every successful transaction.. It is a brilliant financial innovation that is managed by the crypto community 

Ideally, blockchains comprise some significant components like blocks and nodes that ensure a virtual currency’s practical functionality. Blocks, for instance, are responsible for storing data associated with any payment made. It is difficult to manipulate with the transactional data contained in the block since each of them has a unique tag that distinguishes it, commonly known as a hash. 

Nodes, on the other hand, are replicas of blockchains ledgers accessible on a computer device. Nodes uphold the integrity of the blockchain network, and the most exciting part is that anyone can develop their copy of a particular digital currency’s transaction history. The Apollo blockchain is no different from the explanation above, as most of the functionalities are similar. 

Apollo blockchain offers various services that include handling tokens and digital currencies, providing market evaluations, and designing other blockchain developments. Below we evaluate what this blockchain technology has in store for Knox World Pay System.

What Relationship Does Apollo Blockchain Share with Knox World Pay?

Besides having a broader understanding of Apollo blockchain, you will get to experience what the feature-rich advancement will do for Knox World Pay. In simple terms, Knox World Pay poses as the first blockchain-based financial system. 

As part of their main accomplishment plans, Knox seeks to attain digital currencies’ global mass adoption. So how does the new financial system plan to integrate with Apollo blockchain?

Speedy Transaction

We all need to make payments in our everyday life; however, it takes time to transfer funds, especially sending across the border. Knox World Pay mitigates this problem by providing fast transaction processing within seconds courtesy of the Apollo Blockchain. 

Moreover, it is understandable that not everyone can afford a computer or smart mobile device to make digital payments. Knox eliminates that barrier because users will be able to transact through a simple mobile SMS. Therefore, Apollo blockchain catalyzes the transaction speeds on Knox World Pay. More offline options available on Knox include blockchain-backed bills, QR codes, among others.

Eradicates Deception

No one would wish to trade in an ecosystem with lower transparency levels. It destroys the system’s reputation, and eventually, users flee to alternative platforms. Nonetheless, establishing Knox World Pay on the Apollo blockchain levels up the transparency levels since all remittance data is available on the public ledger. Hence, it safeguards Knox users from anyone with manipulative intentions.

Maintaining Security

At Knox World Pay, the network of agents located in different regions provide financial services to its clients. After welcoming users to the ecosystem, they can deposit some funds on their accounts through the agent’s assistance. Nonetheless, it gets to a point where users question the payment system’s security as they don’t want to risk anything. 

Most systems today don’t pay attention to security issues raised by users. At the end of the day, cyber-criminals gain access to your funds and get away with it, leading to massive losses. Knox World Pay maintains a user’s security on their digital assets with the help of Apollo blockchain. 

Whether it’s depositing funds through agents, sending or receiving funds from friends, families, or colleagues, Knox users are safe from any attack on their funds. To add more security features, it guarantees an anonymous environment when transacting to protect users’ identity

Blockchain Sharding

Database glitches are a common occurrence in every system as long as it is automated. It causes lots of delays on the user’s end, causing frustrations and incomplete operations. The scenario is different on Knox World Pay, considering Apollo blockchain makes use of the sharding protocol. Maintaining the whole system can be costly because the equipment needed is quite expensive to sustain the database. 

Sharding protocol can divide the database into smaller parts called shards. That way, even if the fragments are independent of other shards, it gets easy to manage the rising traffic on the database. For Knox World Pay, downtime cases will ultimately be low thanks to the Apollo blockchain database sharding.


Leveraging the Apollo blockchain assures Knox users of some peace of mind when engaging in payment activities. Protection is one aspect that stands out because, without security measures, no user would want to associate with the ecosystem. Additionally, Knox has no limitations to servicing a specific region as it is a global financial system. 

Therefore, even people living in the most remote areas have access to Knox’s services. It is truly an advanced system that will empower investors and the whole economy to transact under one umbrella. As more currencies flock to the market, crypto users need to have a convenient way to execute their daily transactions and also get banked by Knox World Pay.

Dettapay is working to create an innovative blockchain-based solution that functions as a payment system in both digital and traditional sectors.

The platform integrates the Dettapay marketplace, a global e-store where individuals from around the world can pay for goods and services safely and conveniently. 

All remittances are paid through the network’s native ERC-20 token, DETTA. The utility token also gives users access to a broader market spread on a global scale. 

The new ecosystem is currently analyzing the best technical solutions to change fiat currencies to the DETTA token when a customer is paying with a Debit or Credit Card. The platform will support top currencies such as USD, EURO, and UK Pound. 

The Dettapay team will be joining forces with cybersecurity firms and Identity protection companies to integrate the utmost security. This way, clients can transact with the peace of mind that their funds are safe from hackers, and their identity is protected. 

Users on the payment platform get lucrative rewards and discounts for initiating payments with DETTA, which should create increased demand for the token. 

DETTA facilitates the stress-free availability of goods and services on the ecosystem’s marketplace while giving users unprecedented freedom of trading with any amount. 

The DETTA Token Presale Is Almost Here!

The DETTA token presale will take place on November 5, 2020, offering contributors 300,000 tokens out of a total 1 million supply. The exact presale time will be announced closer to the date on the Dettapay telegram group dettapay.

Interested individuals will be able to purchase DETTA on the decentralized DistX Token Sale Platform, with the minimum contribution set at 0.5 ETH and maximum contribution at 25 ETH.

1 ETH Presale = 150 DETTA and 1 ETH Uniswap = 120 DETTA

In case the project doesn’t reach the hardcap, the Dettapay won’t burn any unsold tokens, but rather channel them directly to marketing and partnerships.

The division of the DETTA tokens comes in several phases. Team members will receive 20% of the initial tokens. The team tokens will be locked for six (6) months using DistX Token Lock Option.

The tokens to be sold via the presale amount to 30%. 10% of the tokens will be reserved for staking rewards.

Another 30% of the tokens will go to marketing, partnerships, and other services.

The Dettapay team plans to list the final 10% of tokens to Uniswap within 48 hours after completing the token presale. These Uniswap liquidity tokens will remain locked for one (1) year with DistX Token Lock Option. 

The next step for the Dettapay project will be submitting applications and listing details to CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.

At the end of 2020, Dettapay has arrangements to list DETTA on major crypto exchanges, thus giving users diverse options to consider when looking to exchange other currencies to DETTA or vice versa.

Your Best Store of Value

Dettapay brings a host of benefits that make its platform relevant for payments by both crypto and traditional sectors. 

The platform offers a modern payment system that focuses on user privacy. Moreover, users can enjoy easy availability of goods and services on the ecosystem’s global e-store via the DETTA token, which is a store of value that has a real-world use. 

Dettapay will be partnering with top-notch startups to help enhance DETTA’s full potential as the primary currency in the ecosystem. 

Users will be able to shop with DETTA in the same way they would use fiat, either on the Dettapay marketplace or with the network’s partnering companies. 

Useful links

Telegram: Dettapay

Website: Dettapay

The DEXToken Protocol continues on schedule towards its December 2020 public Beta release date. This unique decentralized platform plays a vital role in the Flowchain ecosystem. Specifically, the DEXToken Protocol builds a decentralised exchange platform featuring an unique AMM and effectively connecting Flowchain IoT ecosystems to decentralized finance. 

Staking is a Feature Users Require 

Staking is a blockchain-related process that involves a user locking their cryptocurrency in a smart contract for an agreed amount of time. Stakers receive rewards for their services. There are various reasons to stake cryptocurrencies.

8-Rounds to Stake

In the DEXToken protocol, staking is how the firm increases liquidity. DEXToken does away with initial coin offerings and instead introduces DEXG staking. The firm plans to host eight staking rounds in total. The next round, named LUNA, is set to begin on October 23, 2020. Users that participate in the event receive a respectable reward of 5,250 DEXG. 

LUNA Staking Round

The staking period for this staking event is October 23 – 30, 2020. DEXTokens AMM calculates the staking rewards for each round and mints new DEXG tokens at the start of the round. These rewards are what introduces more DEXG into the market. This approach allows DEXToken to enjoy a very predictable supply. It also allows investors to earn a substantial amount of DEXG in the form of staking rewards. 

BPT LP Token 

To participate in the event, you need to add DEXG to the Balancer shared pool. Once your funds are sent, you will receive a receipt in the form of an equivalent value of BPT LP tokens. These tokens are permanent records of your investment.

Private Alpha Release

According to company executives, DEXToken will unveil the DEX private alpha in the coming weeks in November. This release will allow a select few to experience the DEXToken protocol first hand. 

It will also allow developers to ensure that everything functions perfectly for the public beta release scheduled a month later. The team will monitor where delays occur and make corrections to streamline the platform moving forward

A Superior Platform

The DEXToken Swap Exchange provides investors with a superior UX when compared to its predecessors. The upgraded protocol allows new users to research and execute top quality trades directly from the interface.  Also, investors experience less slippage using this decentralized system.

DEXToken eliminates one of the DeFi communities’ biggest flaws. Since most DEXs don’t utilize an order book, they need some way to ensure their offerings are in line with the overall market sentiment. In the past, Oracles served very important roles. Oracles are off-chain sensors that can monitor real-world data. 

What’s an Oracle?

Oracles can send and receive this data to the network nodes. In this way, they help bridge the network limitations of blockchains and allow developers to dream up even more impressive Dapps. Despite these advantages, oracles have one flaw that may prove to be too much for the market to bear, they are centralized.

Centralization Woes

It’s not wise to have any centralized systems entering data into the blockchain. When the wrong information is sent to the blockchain, it may be impossible to delete it. Faulty oracles can make a blockchain’s data unusable. Consequently, more platforms than ever want a smart alternative to the status quo.  


The AMM (speculative’ Automated Market Maker) is an alternative to price monitoring oracles in the market. This protocol takes into account the pool liquidity levels to provide a reliable and secure method to determine the actual value of tokens within the ecosystem. 

DEXG Token

The DEXG is the governance token in the ecosystem. It’s the token that users hold to participate in voting. The token plays an essential role in providing liquidity for the swap exchange as well.

DEXToken Beta Launch Approaching

As DEXToken’s Beta launch nears, the firm has already kicked up its marketing. The project has a lot of attention at this moment. You can expect DEXToken to see more adoption as the LUNA staking round is only days away.

The SYNC Network offers DeFi users a practical solution through tradable stakes bonding Uniswap liquidity pairs with a fully trustless ERC-20 token (SYNC).

SYNC offers users the opportunity to earn interest by staking a cryptographic bond to Uniswap liquidity pair tokens (Crypto Bonds).

Crypto Bonds are a new type of fully tradable ERC-721 NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) that lock liquidity on Uniswap and bond it with SYNC tokens. 

SYNC tokens locked inside of Crypto Bonds can be paired with other crypto assets to form a unique asset that rewards the user with interest for their time commitment. The ERC-721 trade on the NFT market place, creating a new and unique speculative market for crypto investors.

The SYNC Fair Release Schedule (FRS)

SYNC promises to revolutionize DeFi by boosting the liquidity structures of every pool that associates with it. 

This modernized project increases the liquidity power of specific pools through the Crypto Bonds and also deploys a tactic meant to increase the stability of the SYNC token in conjunction with their respective pools.

SYNC tokens will be distributed via a Fair Release Schedule set to commence in about 20 days. 300 Million tokens are available for minting for a period of 360 days, with the FRS set to conclude in November of 2021. 50% of the available supply will be available in the first month. First mover advantage could potentially be very incentivizing. 

Crypto Bonds are an entirely new asset class that offers users a pioneering speculation tool where groups of interest-earning assets can be traded as one item. They spread downside risk across all the assets bonded to them. Moreover, trading on a secondary market doesn’t impact the spot price of the assets contained within the Crypto Bond.

Investors in the SYNC project stand to earn lucrative interest with quarterly CryptoBonds scheduled to pay out interest on the SYNC tokens every 90 days. For term CBonds, interest is locked for a duration of up to 3 years.

The founders are allocated 15% of the ETH and 15% of the Operational SYNC received in the FRS. 50% will be used for the creation of network CryptoBonds with a large portion going to projects that partner with SYNC Network.

Meanwhile, 10% is set aside for the marketing and advertising budget and 10% for the development of future DeFi financial products.

How to Create a CryptoBond

SYNC Network is launching its own Crypto Bond builder. To create a Crypto Bond, investors are required to have Uniswap liquidity pool tokens (LPT) from one of the SYNC network’s whitelisted pairs.

Next, users should select how many LPTs they wish to bond, and the SYNC interface will auto-populate the SYNC tokens required. SYNC Network requires users to add 50% SYNC to every Crypto Bond to guarantee the maintenance of the token’s strength while supporting assets in the liquidity pools bonded to it.

SYNC tokens are set to be paired with over 150 different liquidity pairs. They have an undefined total supply with inflationary and deflationary attributes. Once a Crypto Bond is created, it cannot be changed, altered, or canceled. 

Owners can view their holdings via custom digital documents that display all the relevant numerical info in an easy to view way. They can also transfer their Crypto Bonds to another wallet address at only the expense of a GAS fee. 

Furthermore, investors will be able to trade their Crypto Bonds at market value via either auction or the SYNC network’s automated bond market maker.

Visit for more details.

We all love the romantic idea of copying a professional trader’s trades. However, the main issue with this concept is that it’s mostly being offered by market maker brokers that never have the client’s best interest at heart.  Usually these brokers make a profit at the expense of their clients’ loss. In that case, how can you trade in peace knowing this? Impossible. 

Tycoon is here to offer the real experience, crypto social and copy trading connected directly into the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges using real assets and all of it while giving you full control over your funds as they’ll stay exactly where they belong, in your account.  

One of the most important points you need to know about Tycoon is that the business model is designed to properly have the client’s best interest as a number one priority; we can only make a profit if our traders are on the same path. This means you’ve finally found a real business partner, whether you’re a professional trader or a follower trying to copy a guru’s trading technique.   

What is Tycoon?

Understanding the whole essence of Tycoon lies in its creation. On a summer evening in 2018, two best friends were talking about the problems clouding the crypto trading sector. They decided to come up with an idea that would change the lives of every trader forever. In that case, Tycoon came to life as the first true Copy Trading platform. The platform is the first fully autonomous, user-friendly, and trustworthy social crypto trading platform that uses real cryptocurrencies. It brings to you all the help you will need to bring out every potential in crypto investments.

This platform aims to bring a connection between professional traders and users’ aimed to profit from copy trading, also known as followers. Tycoon allows followers to leverage its CopyTrader functionality to copy other experienced traders’ portfolios fully-automatically. Moreover, Tycoon embeds the Tycoon Token, which is live on the Ethereum Mainnet, to act as the native medium of exchange on the platform next to BTC and ETH.

Why is Tycoon a Game Changer?

Most of the social trading platforms out there are offered by market maker brokers that never have the trader’s best interest at heart. However, Tycoon only works with real cryptocurrencies traded at the world’s leading exchanges such as Binance, so it’s safe to say that this is as real as it gets when it comes to social trading. 

What would be the point of Copy Trading if you’re not doing it with the real asset itself? Many companies offer social trading services inside market maker brokers where the client’s best interest is never at first place. 

Tycoon only makes a profit if traders make a profit, so this is one of the very few businesses that have the client’s best interest as a core principle. 

The technology allows beginners to follow different traders at once, therefore fully diversifying their trading portfolios. They can learn from the existing traders, follow their strategies, and enjoy significant returns without actually trading themselves.

This new platform allows followers to copy the trades of any professional trader without sending away their investment out of their own accounts on their preferred exchange.

Amongst other innovative functionalities, Tycoon includes:

  • Copy Investments Capabilities

The social crypto trading platform gives investors ‘followers’ ability to copy investment strategies fully-automatically. Beginner traders can start copy-trading without entrusting their wealth to untrustworthy parties, institutions, or individuals.

  • Trader Ranking/Classification

Tycoon platform classifies traders using different attributes, including experience, assets used, etc. These classifications ease the process of searching for traders with specific characteristics. Traders need to consistently provide value to the community to be able to achieve higher ranks.

  • Complete Confidentiality and Security

Many social networking platforms are clouded with severe insecurity and privacy issues. Most networks transparently display individuals private trading data, thus increasing phishing and hacking chances. However, Tycoon completely encrypts confidential information and secures user data in the highest possible way. Users have the option to operate freely and anonymously on the platform. Moreover, this platform encompasses additional security by implementing Two-Factor authentication, KYC and professional backend security.

  • Maximum Traders Benefit with no Additional Efforts

Experienced traders enjoy profits based on their followership and the profits gained by the followers. Higher following and investments translate to higher profit-shares. Traders do not manage the followers’ assets at any time. They just trade as usual on their desired exchange. Tycoon does the job independently.

How Can You Become Part of Tycoon?

The Tycoon Tokens’ maximum supply is 140 million tokens. They plan to sell 60% of the leading token supply in private and public sales. The easiest way to enjoy the tycoon platform’s benefits is to buy a portion of the token, especially during the ongoing public sale.   

Holders of the Tycoon Token will have early access to the platform during the launch.

The minimum tokens purchasable in the public crowd sale is 2000 tokens, each valued at 0.1 US dollars during the crowdsale. Right now Tycoon offers an immediate Bonus of 10% on every purchase in the shop.

The referral program gives a 15% token commission for every successful recommendation to both parties. Moreover, If a trader’s referral purchasing volume reaches $5000, the trader will earn a $500 worth bonus on top. 

Apart from the value benefits, Tycoon users will enjoy being part of the Tycoon platform’s growth, ultimately translating to cryptocurrencies’ growth. 

So, What’s coming next? 

The official tycoon platform is about to launch in the second half of 2020; however, the platform will undergo a series of updates to ensure it hits the highest standards. Moreover, the platform plans to embed more prominent exchange partners to widen its reach.

Before the end of the first half of 2021, Tycoon is planning to launch a mobile app to natively integrate your notifications on your mobile. These future additions will lead to the growth and development of the entire platform. Now is the best time to invest in the medium to enjoy discounted prices and be the first to enjoy the new most secure investment app.

In a Nutshell

It is a new era where we wish to maximize the profits we make from cryptocurrencies. Tycoon is here to finally bring professional traders and new investors together on a beautiful and simple copy trading platform.

As the ultimate social trading platform, Tycoon offers professional traders to generate revenue from their audience by trading professionally and conscientiously with their funds.. Being the follower offers you an opportunity to diversify your assets while learning from the best. As the pro trader, you can be sure of rewards from others utilizing your skills and earning from them.

All you have to do is buy the Tycoon token from today to join the great community. Furthermore, it will give you an earlier access to the site after the token sale to commence your trading.

Defichain (DEFI) – a UK-based company focused on de-fi blockchain development has confirmed it will digitize finance, making it more transparent and better than ever for everyone. To learn more about the positive changes that will be brought about by Defichain, also learn about the advantages of De-fi blockchain technology – a powerful and powerful tool in digitizing the financial background.

Decentralized finance—often called DeFi—refers to the shift from traditional, centralized financial systems to peer-to-peer finance enabled by decentralized technologies built on the Ethereum blockchain. From lending and borrowing platforms to stablecoins and tokenized BTC, the DeFi ecosystem has launched an expansive network of integrated protocols and financial instruments. Now with over $7 billion worth of value locked in Ethereum smart contracts, decentralized finance has emerged as the most active sector in the blockchain space, with a wide range of use cases for individuals, developers, and institutions.

Whereas our traditional financial system runs on centralized infrastructure that is managed by central authorities, institutions, and intermediaries, decentralized finance is powered by code that is running on the decentralized infrastructure of the Ethereum blockchain. By deploying immutable smart contracts on Ethereum, DeFi developers can launch financial protocols and platforms that run exactly as programmed and that are available to anyone with an Internet connection.

The breakthrough of DeFi is that crypto assets can now be put to use in ways not possible with fiat or “real world” assets. Decentralized exchanges, synthetic assets, and flash loans are completely novel applications that can only exist on blockchains. This paradigm shift in financial infrastructure presents a number of advantages with regard to risk, trust, and opportunity.

Litecoin, which Launched in 2011, is the 3rd most attractive crypto. It has a wide acceptance, shown by its high market cap of $3.03 billion and a unit price of $46.29. Litecoin’s hub is the bitcoin blockchain; thus, Litecoin enjoys many attributes similar to bitcoin. However, unlike bitcoin, Litecoin has a coin supply limit of 84 million coins, four times that of bitcoin’s 21 million supply limit.

Although Litecoin investment is highly lucrative, its growth is still stagnating. For instance, there is a significant difference between Litecoin’s market cap and those of bitcoin and Ethereum, which are $195 billion and $38 billion, respectively. However, Litecoin has to assure investors of top security and privacy in transactions to hit greater heights. Some analysts think that Litecoin heads to becoming a privacy coin to bolster transaction security. Since it currently operates on an open blockchain, investors have to protect themselves from insecurities and scams. 

The, a crypto tumbler with the capability of mixing Litecoin, is here to guarantee you as an investor, complete safety and privacy of transactions.’s Litecoin Mixer is a crypto mixing platform initially made for bitcoin, recently introduced a Litecoin tumbler. A Litecoin mixer is an automated service that bolsters coins’ privacy and security while transacting. Since Litecoin is blockchain-based, every transaction is open and transparent for every user. The transaction openness goes against the fundamental right of personal and transaction privacy. However, the Litecoin mixer ensures that the transactions remain entirely private and anonymous.

How Does a Litecoin Mixer Work?

The backtracking of transactions is very easy in the blockchain. Sometimes even the bad actors backtrace coins planning a phishing attack at the owner. Litecoin mixers make it impossible to backtrace coins to a particular account. When is reviewed, it is noted that they achieve that by mixing coins in a large pool and releasing coins with zero details. Mixing coins bars 3rd parties from accessing your new Litecoin address, ultimately guaranteeing security from alien organizations and criminals. A tumbler, therefore, ensures that coins remain untraceable and personal details remain anonymous. 

Litecoin Mixer’s Data Collection and Storage Policy

Most crypto wallets collect a lot of personal data and store them for future use. Many wallets require your name, important dates, telephone number, identification number, email addresses, and sometimes even bank account numbers. Giving these details to an outsider is risky since it exposes you to phishing and hacking risks, ultimately leading to loss of wealth. 

The Litecoin tumbler does not store transaction details; instead, the autonomous system deletes all the details after every transaction. It only keeps the information about uncompleted transactions to protect you from losing your coins. However, after completion of the transaction, this tumbler mixes the coins and erases all previous data. Moreover, the Litecoin mixer doesn’t store logs; thus, it cannot sell data to any external organization. Zero records are equal to optimal anonymity for investors.

Every time you use services, you receive new coins, effectively reducing the chances of backtracking. These coins are similar to newly mined coins due to the mixing process; thus, they contain zero background information.

The platform uses full proof algorithms that ensure that users are safe from phishing sites and suspicious websites. Additionally, the tumbler has no dark web affiliations; thus, unwarranted third parties won’t facilitate transactions.  

Importance of Using a Litecoin Tumbler 

Mixing coins comes with a wide range of importance to the users. However, leveraging as your official coin tumbler comes with many extra security and cost benefits.

  • This Litecoin mixer enhances the confidentiality and anonymity of transactions. With transaction confidentiality and anonymity, you can freely donate using Litecoins.
  • You can avoid hacking attempts on cloud crypto exchange and wallet platforms. 
  • High liquidity- Unlike any other mixer in the vast crypto market, has high liquidity. The liquidity is owing to the platform’s capacity to mix several cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. 
  • Using the, tumbler charges a lesser fee than any other mixer in the market.

Final Word

Although currently, trading or storing Litecoin comes with severe risks, aids investors maximize their security. The platform completely hides transaction details from any unauthorized party; it erases all details immediately after transaction completion. does not ask for private information. The platform conceals transactional data from the source address to the destination address, ensuring the users’ full privacy and transactions. 

Currently, the platform supports three different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. However, in the future, the platform will merge more cryptocurrencies to widen its reach. Using guarantees you topmost privacy and security when storing and trading your Litecoin., a world leading decentralized exchange (DEX) offering an advanced, secure, and transparent crypto trading platform, is going live. 

The platform promises to pioneer decentralized exchange offerings with truly global deployment. There will be stable and efficient services to millions of cryptocurrency investors globally. 

The DEX deploys 11 witness nodes distributed in 8 countries on four continents, ensuring users’ ultimate trading experience worldwide. Sikix also provides lightning-fast network speeds, allowing users to complete an order in 3 seconds. 

This new exchange achieves excellent trading speeds without compromising transactions’ security due to its advanced consensus mechanism of ByteTrade Blockchain. 

The “Match-Chain” built on the ByteTrade 2-layer blockchain structure makes Sikix unique from other decentralized exchanges by providing stable and high- speed order matching services. 

In ByteTrade, users can enjoy secure on-chain trading experiences as fast as 1 second. Furthermore, the multi-platform nature guarantees the ability to trade anywhere and anytime.

Getting Started on Sikix

Users can start trading on the unique platform by creating an account and entering their login details (name and password). After that, the system will offer a mnemonic phrase, which is essential to save for future account access restoration.

Next, account owners must verify their email address, phone number, and install Google two-factor authentication for their account. These measures help boost security on Sikix and protect accounts from frauds and scammers. Multi-signature in all supernodes further bolsters security on the platform.

Sikix Exchange strives to return to decentralization by allowing each owner to keep private keys by themselves and master 100% of fund management rights. It locks all users’ assets in smart contracts.

The decentralized trading system currently supports BTC, USDT, ETH, CMT, and other top blockchain assets. In the future, it will add more crypto assets.

Don’t miss the opportunity to use the services of the Sikix decentralized exchange and become truly independent.

Sikix Partners With MoonPay

Sikix has now partnered with fiat-to-crypto provider MoonPay to offer users a seamless means to purchase various cryptocurrencies in minutes.. 

The DEX will host MoonPay’s payment services on its website to facilitate purchases of over 50 crypto assets with all major debit/credit cards. 

Users can also buy crypto via bank transfers (EU and UK), virtual cards, and new mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay.

MoonPay accepts payments in over 160 countries globally, including the US, Europe, Japan, Vietnam & South Korea. By partnering with the prominent payment provider, Sikix exchange aims to make crypto accessible to everyone. 

The exchange has deployed a referral program dubbed “Refer a Friend” that pays a commission to attract new traders to the platform. 

The program follows a well-designed 5-tier affiliate reward system that allows users to earn a commission from their friends’ friends. The DEX also offers a nice bonus for NGN coin users by enabling them to deposit Paystack. 

About MoonPay 

MoonPay is a fintech startup developing the new standard for fiat-to-crypto giving ordinary folks a seamless way to move between fiat and cryptocurrency at the few clicks of a button. 

MoonPay’spayment gateway accelerates the mass adoption of digital assets by making it easy for new users to onboard straight into crypto via a simple checkout journey. 

Among the more recent platforms to partner with the payment provider is Binance DEX, which recently launched a fiat-to-crypto service through MoonPay. The service now enables users from more than 40 countries around the world to purchase BNB with fiat.

More recently, on Sep. 23, new DeFi protocol RioDeFi unveiled a partnership with MoonPay to facilitate effortless purchases of its RFUEL token. Other top platforms like Changelly and have also partnered with Moonpay. is committed to realizing a decentralized and autonomous platform that combines reforms and practices across organizations and laws on a global scale. TELLUS will practice the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto, realize the dream of using blockchain technology to benefit mankind, and continue to promote the development of human society. TELLUS will sponsor these acts like increased energy conservation, recycling and responsible consumption, habitat conservation; and we aim to empowered marginalized groups, revitalized deprived neighborhoods, improved educational attainment, reduced community violence; we also concerns about health and well-being, for example, increased preventive and reduced health risk behaviors, improved access to health care.


The core of is which is the world’s first complete decentralized financial ecosystem, dedicated to the realization of multi-chain finance, integrating decentralized financial services such as cross-chain, lending, oracles, transactions, games, asset management, derivatives, insurance, etc. , Full service to users who use platform. can perform fully decentralized, non-access cross-chain lending and transactions, and provide users with executable transaction prices very efficiently and accurately, provide users with secure asset management and airdrops, and allow users to experience NFT combined with games The charm of finance, as well as the safe, threshold-free decentralized insurance service. will be combined with current mainstream public chains, such as ETH, TRON, EOS, Polkadot, etc., so that users can call protocols to implement DeFi function applications on different public chains. was initiated by (Tellus DAO). Tellus DAO members come from all over the world, technicians come from Google, Microsoft, etc., and others are located in any corner of the world (early blockchain evangelists, blockchain enthusiasts, etc. ), we will all continue to contribute our strengths to the platform firmly and unremittingly to achieve our goals.

Contact: Tell Us

Email:[email protected]

Location: New York








The UNICAP.Finance project offers a crypto exchange-traded fund (CETF) that holds digital assets such as cryptocurrency, tokens, and coins. The company created FINEXPO and currently has a total value of $250,686 locked into the fund accounts.  

The UNICAP team has analyzed the market and created a secure, profitable, and transparent token fund with a DeFi ecosystem. Users on the platform can access lucrative DeFi instruments such as token staking and liquidity pool investment.  

Participants in the project can earn additional profits from their inactive crypto assets by creating a collective crypto investment fund.  

The CETF divides ownership of itself into UCAP tokens held by investors; thus, each token holder indirectly owns the fund’s assets. CETFs are priced continuously throughout the 24-hour-trading, thus guaranteeing price transparency. 

The UNICAP Pre Public Swap Level 1 

UNICAP allows users to swap UCAP tokens for some of the most liquid and promising tokens such as USDT, TUSD, USDC, PAX, BUSD, and DAI.  

Their pre public swap level 1 will offer 300,000 UCAP (0.30%) at USD 0.8 – 1 per UCAP while the private swap offers 250,000 UCAP (0.20%) at USD 0.8 per UCAP. The total sale allocation is capped at 100 million tokens. 

The token swap to user funds is multi-leveled with a minimum of 90 levels. The price will increase by $0.1 on every next level (300,000 – 1,000,000 tokens). 

The starting price for the token sale is $1-$1.5, which will increase up to more $20 by the end of allocation of all tokens, allowing the first fund investors to earn lucrative returns. 

Users collectively invest in the fund by swapping their crypto funds to UCAP tokens. The swapped UCAP tokens are allocated at the fund accounts and will initially be 90% collateralized with real crypto assets and liquidity tokens. 

The company management will reserve 10% of the supply allocation for control, development, and listings at the leading exchanges. This reserve fund will also support the UNICAP ecosystem via project advertisements, referral programs, and airdrops. 

After the pre-public swap period, tokens will be listed on Bittrex, OKEX, Huobi, Binance, FTX, BitHumb, UpBit, BitFinex, and more. Liquidity pools will also be created at all leading DeFi platforms. After Pre Public Swap Levels and listings are finalized, tokens will swap at a price set by each exchange.  

Swap UCAP Tokens to the “Buy Back” Fund 

Following the initial token listing, investors will have the opportunity to buy UCAP tokens into Stablecoins via the “Buy Back” fund. This feature will be available after level 90 with the minimum “Buy Back” swap amount set at 5,000 USDT. 

All tokens returned to the collective fund will be frozen and swapped to cryptocurrency in the future with 5% off commission. 

Alternatively, investors can use their tokens as a financial instrument for DeFi liquidity pools on Uniswap or exchange trading.

Join the UNICAP Token Sale Now! 

The UNICAP CETF and the DeFi ecosystem provides a transparent, reliable, and low-risk platform for investors to earn income from collateralized token swaps.  

Interested investors can join the platform by opening a Personal Account at

Referral program 5% and internal exchange.

The UNICAP team also expects professionalism and courteousness at all times. Any FUD/bad behavior/bad language/spam from any member will result in an instant ban.

All members should also be aware of scammers. Admins on the platform won’t PM directly (to prevent spoofing) and never ask for payments.