There has been a boost to the decentralised finance services ever since the pandemic started. As people have lost jobs and received pay cuts, everyone is on the lookout for alternative sources of income. Cryptocurrency with its numerous slots of investment and trading has proven to be a great asset and has seen continuous growth in 2021. Liquidity mining, yield farming and staking can ensure large returns on crypto assets. Liquidus addresses some of the prevalent issues that most investors face in DeFi and has come up with a solution to make sure that everyone can leverage maximum benefits. 

What is Liquidus?

Liquidus is an application that makes the DeFi space accessible to all kinds of audiences. It has put together the best of platforms like Nexo and Celsius that are known for their modest and simple nature. Liquidus combines such simplicity with much higher APY earnings. The collections of tools available in Liquidus relieves users of complicated procedures that arise with handling transactions manually. Liquidus is also a tool that makes way for easy staking on crypto assets on leading DeFi platforms. It helps users to earn premium rates in the decentralised economy by simplifying liquidity and staking. 

Features of Liquidus

The main goal of Liquidus is to make DeFi as simple as possible. Tokens can be added to liquidity pools that are (whitelisted by Liquidus) with just a single click. Liquidus will guide users throughout the process with additional educational insights. This drastically reduces the chances of risky mistakes. 

The platform has smart automatisation and the platform recommends opportunities according to the changing APY rates. Liquidus AI will continuously scan the holdings and will suggest alternative pools on competing platforms that offer higher interest rates. Users can decide to move their funds using the automated interface of Liquidus. Liquidus Boost enables users to earn additional APYs on their assets. The boost feature will allow up to 200% additional APY on their liquidity pools for a period of 24 hours every week. 

To know more about Liquidus, visit: 

DeFi Connect, the African DeFi startup, is excited to announce the coming launch of its payment platform. According to a recent announcement made by its CEO at a conference, DefiPay will be rolling out in the coming weeks.

The project is claiming the attention of the blockchain space with its various real-world use cases. DefiPay will be a pathway for merchants to efficiently run their e-commerce businesses. According to the platform’s team, it works similar to Paystack but runs solely on cryptocurrency payments.

Furthermore, other users can leverage the platform to pay for several services, including shopping, hospital bills, and transport, among others. It will release a mobile application that users can scan goods for the pricing. DefiPay will be usable across the DeFi Connect network to increase the usability of its platform.

DefiPay is the tip of the icing as DeFi Connect has other features on its platform for user convenience. Other exciting news is Hotbit’s upcoming listing of DeFi Connect’s token, DFC, set for September 29. According to the recent announcement made by Hotbit, the DFC/USDT deposit function will launch at 5.00 am. while the trading function starts at 7.00 am. UTC on the same day. Hobbit stands as the third platform listing DFC besides Latoken and PancakeSwap.

Revamping Blockchain Technology

The DeFi Connect platform prides itself as a uniting power for users while offering lucrative opportunities for businesses. It leverages the positive characteristics of blockchain technology, including safety, scalability, decentralization, and real-life use cases.

The platform hopes to shift the dynamics of the global financial sector through innovation. However, finance is not the only sector the platform wishes to revamp. Its extensive usability is spreading into logistics, transport, and health. In the future, it hopes to explore more possibilities through its straightforward implementation capabilities.

One advantage that the platform offers its users is indiscriminate participation. It favors different people within society, including business people, civil servants, and social workers. Networking is at the center of its objectives, providing users with the services they need and businesses with clientele. It targets the unemployed and underemployed, hoping to create progress within African countries.

Moreover, DeFi Connect believes that its platform can extend transparency into businesses and the political arena. In turn, this factor will save time and additional costs incurred with the traditional systems.

DeFi has been a competitive sector within the crypto community, expanding the services that crypto could offer in the past. DeFi Connect’s integration of yield farming on its platform allows users to earn passive income while remaining incentivized.

DeFi Connect Tokenomics

At the core of DeFi Connect’s ecosystem is the DeFi Connect Coin, acting as a bridge between digital currencies and traditional finance. The coin has an initial supply of 200 trillion, with 20% dedicated to its presale, which ended in July.

The rest of the coins are distributed as follows: 60% to yield farming rewards, 10% to promotion, 3% to contest, 5% to development, and 2% to airdrops. DeFi Connect hopes that its coin will receive listings on top exchanges to diversify where it is tradeable.

DFC yield farming is a lucrative opportunity offering users up to 190% APY on your held tokens. As time goes by, the platform will cut down the percentage by increasing DFC’s circulating supply. The coin has earned a listing on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko, making it easier for users to follow its progress.

A Special Focus on Health

As mentioned earlier, DeFi Connect targets different sectors, including transport, digital marketing, and logistics. However, the platform has dedicated a considerable amount of its resources to the health sector. The vision is to provide access to decentralized health-related services on one platform.

DEHIM healthcare is a feature aiming at making health record storage easier for both users and healthcare providers. The only step you need to be automatically enrolled in the system is purchasing the DFC token. You can then monitor your health situation wherever you are while accessing personalized health plans. Furthermore, it strives to protect user health records by leveraging blockchain technology.

One of them is a health insurance marketplace enabling insurance packages providers to list their services on the platform. Furthermore, users can search for whatever plan suiting their health needs. On the other hand, the DeFi Connect health app helps you monitor your vitals and health data. In turn, you can easily keep track of your health conditions and fitness.

The above is a glimpse of the vast array of activities the platform hopes to implement in the long run. To be a part of its growing community and get updates on when some of these features will launch, join DeFi Connect’s Telegram page!

Baby Bitdoge, a blockchain project enabling participants to collect Non-Fungible Token (NFT) for play-to-earn game is launching soon! The NFT and play-to-earn game trends are warming the economies with their hot waves. Even major companies such as Visa, MasterCard, Alibaba, Twitter, CNN, Epic Games, Microsoft’s Minecaft are stepping into these crazes. According to DappRadar, the sales volumes for NFTs had ascended from $94,862,807 (total sales volume on 2020) to $2.5 billion in the first half of 2021! During Covid-19 pandemic, crypto game Axie Infinity had experienced an unexpected boom and had reported to hit $1.1 billion in sales, breaking NFT sales record and became the highest-grossing NFT project.

Baby Bitdoge inspired by Bear brick concept is a fashion icon that ready to launch in the virtual world! In recent years, gamers are purchasing cool or cosmetics item that do not posses any other effects that make the game characters stronger, but only enhance the appearance. However, the digital assets in traditional games does not posses any value in real life. Therefore, Baby Bitdoge is launching NFTs, a tokenised artwork that enabling users to buy and sell like any other piece of property.

Baby Bitdoge NFTs can be collected through mystery box or traded in Bitdoge marketplace. In each mystery box, users can collect one out of six parts of Baby Bitdoge NFT of different themes. Each NFT is limited for one million unit only and these limited edition NFTs can be used in battling game! Users can play can earn Baby Bitdoge token, which in turn can convert into fiat currencies by winning battles. Baby Bitdoge wants to let your creativity to fly, users can create their own Morph Bitdoge NFTs at Bitdoge Canvas. As what the developer said:

“We won’t limit ourselves from being creative, and neither should you. Your creativity is deserved to thrive!”

More than that, Baby Bitdoge wants to protect users from cryptocurrencies inflation, and creating farming system where users can earn Baby Bitdoge token rewards automatically by staking. Users can watch the number of tokens increase without doing anything.

$Baby Bitdoge is governance token with hyper-deflationary burn rate, which can preserve the tokens scarcity and value. $Baby Bitdoge can continuously incentivise users by yield system. More than that, $Baby Bitdoge can be used to purchase Baby Bitdoge NFT, in-game item and Morph Bitdoge NFT. $Baby Bitdoge holder can also be engaging in decision making on the development of the community.

All NFTs from Baby Bitdoge are tradeable. Users not only can earn by playing and farming, but also can earn by trading NFTs. Baby Bitdoge is designed with complete features that enabling win-win situation for all. Hence, be prepared to watch the Baby Bitdoge community to grow!

ArtVerse, a blockchain-based art platform, is preparing for its presale launch on Bitrue. The platform plans to distribute ArtVerse’s native token, AVT, with the event rolling out on September 27. Currently, Bitrue is hosting a warmup before the presale date, offering a giveaway of 13 billion AVT.

Users can take advantage of the 4 options available on the platform. The first giveaway involves BTR holders, whereby you will receive the airdrop according to the BTR amount you hold. To be a part of this giveaway requires you to sign up for the airdrop on the Bitrue event page.

The second giveaway requires you to share the event on social media platforms to have a chance of receiving a random amount of AVT between 1 – 100,000. Furthermore, anyone who shares it on Twitter automatically gets entered into a grand prize drawing for 1 million AVT.

The third giveaway involves you sharing the event and getting valid referrals with a chance of earning 100,000 AVT. Notably, all referrals should successfully pass KYC verification. You will receive your reward as soon as a referral passes the verification.

The last giveaway will let you earn a bonus if your referrals purchase AVT during the presale. The prize pool division will depend on how much the referrals buy and their number in total. ArtVerse will disburse all the rewards on September 30 at 1300 hours except for the third giveaway.

The AVT Token Presale

VT is an ERC-20 token behind all activities on ArtVerse, with a total supply of 21 trillion tokens. The project will be dedicating 4.2 trillion coins to the presale, available only on Bitrue. As an investor, you should be careful of any other platforms that may pose as AVT distributors.

Here is a breakdown of the rest of the tokens:

  • 10% to the private sale
  • Foundation operations – 25%
  • Team – 20%
  • Community yield farming – 15%
  • Development costs – 10%

As per Bitrue’s Twitter post on September 23, AVT yield farming has kicked off; users can stake their coins to earn passive income. It incentivizes the process by offering rewards to users who participate in the staking pools.

Users will use the token to pay for transaction fees on the ArtVerse platform, with a 5% charge on all fees. 50% will reward users who stake the coin, while the other half will assist in strengthening the platform’s content creators for better art.

Lastly, the coin holders will have an added advantage of gaining governance and voting rights; they can participate in decision-making processes on the platform.

Make sure to be part of all giveaways and the upcoming presale by signing up on Bitrue. Also, do not forget to be part of ArtVerse’s growing community on Twitter for more information.

About ArtVerse 

ArtVerse is a decentralized art platform hoping to provide creators with the best marketplace for their art NFTs. Furthermore, it hopes to bring trust back into the art industry, considering counterfeits in the market.

The project is leveraging blockchain technology for transparent and immutable transactions on its platform. Creators have a trustworthy space to create art while having favorable circulation in the market. The lack of intermediaries eliminates additional costs associated, helping content creators to maximize their returns.

ArtVerse works on the Ethereum blockchain, a blockchain that claims a top name in the crypto industry. It offers an expansive space for value addition and cross-chain communication. Furthermore, it provides the much-needed resources for NFTs’ progress. Currently, ArtVerse is making the most out of ERC-20, ERC-172, and ERC-1155 tokens for its economic structure.

ArtVerse further explores the future of data storage through technology similar to IPFS. This factor adds to the platform’s security as unapproved parties cannot alter the data on its chain.

About Bitrue 

Bitrue has been pivotal as far as ArtVerse and AVT are concerned, being the first exchange to list AVT and hosting the presale. Bitrue is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange that not only supports crypto trade but also offers crypto management services.

You can trade your crypto, invest through its high-interest BTR lock-ups, acquire Bitrue loans, participate in advanced trading options, to mention but a few. Moreover, it has access to lucrative cryptocurrencies in the market today that you can invest in. ArtVerse stands to benefit immensely from the exchange’s liquidity and user base at large.

German blockchain startup bitsCrunch is looking all set to revolutionize the NFT ecosystem. bitsCrunch has launched two of their most significant and important products: Scour, a Wash trading detection tool and a NFT Analytics Dashboard that provides analytical information based on Key Performance Indicators. Together these products can make NFT marketplaces much more reliable and transparent.

But that’s not the end of the story – a third platform, known as Liquify – Fair Price Estimator,  is also under development and almost on the verge of going live. It will allow people to arrive at the fair price of any non-fungible token, and it is being tested with one of the renowned NFT marketplace. The company is also building a Digital Asset Forgery Detection System (currently in the MVP stage) to prevent forgeries in the NFT marketplace.

The core products of bitsCrunch

As explained above, bitsCrunch has a number of products in its portfolio, some of which are live and some under development. But their core products are following ones:

  • Scour Wash Trading AI Application – A platform designed to detect and flag wash trades in NFT marketplaces. 
  • The Analytics Dashboard, which comes with built-in NFT Analytics based on certain Key Performance Indicators (KPI) like floor price, MarketCap, primary and secondary sales, etc. 
  • The Liquify Price Value Estimator AI Tool helps in determining the fair value of digital assets. It is currently in the MVP stage and in testing with Rarible Marketplace. 
  • The Digital Asset Forgery Detection System, which is an AI model to flag forgeries, illegal copies and bootleg digital art contents to protect the creators. 

The problems bitsCrunch is solving 

The NFT ecosystem is plagued by a number of issues, which include asset forgery, wash trading, unfair valuation, unavailability of reliable information, etc. Due to these issues, fraudulent activity is not uncommon in the NFT marketplaces. Each of the platforms developed by bitsCrunch aims to solve these problems. The company wants to act as a watchdog supported with AI technology to find out manipulators and their activities in the NFT ecosystem.

What makes bitsCrunch stand out?

The entire project is aimed at increasing the trust, safety and adoption of NFTs, which makes them the guardians of the NFT ecosystem. bitsCrunch is also not limited to any single blockchain platform, and solutions developed by them work across Ethereum, Polygon, Polkadot and Avalanche blockchains. They also share impactful insights from the data sourced by leveraging the power of analytical systems. 

Why does the market need this idea? 

There is a need to combine data, technology and people in a context to best understand the stakeholdership of digital ecosystems. As we move into a virtual world because of the pandemic, there is a greater need for AI and blockchain technology to come together for developing reliable automated solutions that can cater to our various requirements. That’s why the role of companies like bitsCrunch is even more important today than it has ever been before.

About bitCrunch

bitsCrunch is an Indo-German Blockchain Analytics startup specializing in the blending AI with blockchain technology. Founded in 2020, the company is on a mission to leverage the full potential of AI to bring about new blockchain-based services that are safer and trustable, starting with the services for the NFT ecosystem. 

To learn more, visit:

Media Contacts: 

Name – Akansha Kesarwani

Company – bitsCrunch

Email – [email protected] 

Location – Munich, Germany 

The latest celebrity athlete to enter the NFT space is NBA star, John Wall with his ground-breaking project Baby Ballers. We’ve seen the likes of Tom Brady, Steph Curry, Odell Beckham Jr., and others enter the crypto and NFT space of late. Some have decided to create their own NFT platforms/ projects while others have partnered up with some of the biggest platforms to curate their own drops.

John Wall’s Fascination With The NFT World

John Wall recently tapped into Twitter showcasing his interest for the NFT space. Since then, the NFT community has welcomed him with open arms. Although most fans shilled their favorite NFT projects to him via Twitter, many suggested him the idea of creating his own NFT project.

This suggestion fascinated John Wall most of all because he wanted to find out what the process and the journey of creating a NFT would be. Once he began to understand the flow of creating NFTs, he wanted to create his own project that would be backed by a good cause.

The Good Cause

John Wall’s biggest why in his life is his children. He not only wanted to inspire his children, but he wanted to support children everywhere by partnering with his foundation – the John Wall Family Foundation.

Over the past few years, John Wall’s foundation is a fully registered charitable organization that has helped thousands of people. From distributing meals during Thanksgiving to partnering with the Salvation Army for back to school donations, John Wall’s foundation has helped youth with tons of blessings.

Now, John’s got his eyes set on combining the NFT space with his charitable organization. He plans on taking proceeds from his upcoming NFT drop to help fund youth sports and plans to take aim at inspiring kids that anything is achievable by executing on this project.

The NFT Project

John Wall recently announced the launch of his own NFT project, which is titled – Baby Ballers. He plans to launch this project on September 30th, 2021 which will feature 4,000 mints to be available to the public.

After getting a sneak peak at some of the designs via their website, parents and NFT enthusiasts everywhere will graciously appreciate his efforts. The NFTs themselves feature unique babies with different traits playing sports.

The roadmap for the project seems very promising with the ability for NFT holders to get access to giveaways for items such as courtside tickets, jerseys and more. This is definitely a NFT project that you want to keep your eyes on!

Want to learn more? Join them on socials!


TangoChain announces the launch of the world’s first blockchain that is 100% made of gaming applications, play-to-earn games, and NFTs. It’s the first blockchain which is entirely a game host that supports gaming platforms.

The blockchain project intends to enable gamers to earn lucrative profits and create non-fungible tokens(NFTs).

A Third Generation Blockchain

TangoChain is a third-generation blockchain platform. Two generations are in existence so far.

The first generation lies with the pioneers like Bitcoin and its first forks such as Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. They introduced the concept of cryptocurrencies as decentralized currencies with an open ledger system to the public. 

The birth of Ethereum and DeFi ushered in the second generation of blockchains. DeFi opened up the blockchain world to a host of applications, tokens, and passive income-generating features. Most of the vibrant blockchain projects currently are hosted by this generation of blockchain.

TangoChain could offer the ushering of the third generation of blockchain. The hallmarks of this generation lie in a fully specialized blockchain whose infrastructure and services align towards its role. Contrary to that, TangoChain fully focuses on gaming, and NFTs features rather than adding them as features. 

The blockchain boasts of infrastructure optimized to onboard as many innovations supporting the gaming world as possible. The platform also integrates protocols that feel more native, as opposed to other blockchain platforms.

Proof of Game Consensus Protocol

No specific feature shows the trajectory of a blockchain other than its consensus protocol. In TangoChain’s case, it has proof of game protocol to govern its operation.

To understand how it works, a review of some common consensus protocols could help a lot. Bitcoin and Ethereum use a proof of work consensus. Miners verify transactions by solving a difficult computational equation called a hash. For proof of stake protocol, users stake their crypto holdings to verify transactions.

TangoChain’s proof of game enables users to secure the network, verify transactions by simply enjoying their favorite game. All the while, they earn a reward for their gaming effort, a win-win situation for all.

Zk SNARKs Proof

Even better news for the verify is the Zk SNARKs proof method. It enables the entire process of securing transactions and the network hassle-free. It can be split into S-N-AR-K, standing for Succinct, Non-interactive, Argument, and Knowledge.

The process is Succinct, meaning the proofs are very easy to verify given their small size. It holds even when the process under verification is quite complex.

It is Non-interactive since it doesn’t require constant communication between the promoter and verify. One’s gaming experience won’t be interrupted by annoying questions regarding transaction verification.

Argument refers to the way the proofs are referred to formally. On the other hand, knowledge refers to the level to which the proved can evidence their existence. 

The proof process allows for a faster and energy-efficient way of implementing Tango’s Proof-of-game protocol.

The Gaming Console is Native

Tango aims to ensure that a gamer’s experience is complete and flawless. Comprehensively, its gaming console seamlessly connects to the Tango network and other blockchains natively.

It has a native wallet that omits the need to seek off-chain services altogether. The wallet comes with a user chip that is swappable for convenience.

A gamer with little technical experience has easy access to a complete gaming catalogue as a result. It is accessible on Android, allowing users to play as they earn at their convenience.

The Gaming World is on the Cusp of Revolution 

The advent of blockchain has revolutionized the way people transact by removing the need for third parties. Costs of sending remittances around the world plummeted while speeds and convenience improved.

But Tango is gearing towards the creation of a third-generation blockchain. It’s 100% leaning on gaming in terms of its infrastructure gives a good user experience. The protocol enables people to earn as they enjoy it while the platform is open to gaming innovations. It is safe to say the gaming world could be on the verge of a huge change and revolution.

The Birth of TangoChain

Tango will start its raising through VCs aiming to raise a total of 50M BUSD. Due to it being a blockchain for gaming, which will also have hardware consoles where gamers turn into validators for the blockchain, Tango is a lucrative option for crypto investors to invest in. The following is how the raise will be conducted:

  • Seed Round 5%: (25% TGE, 3 month lock & 24 month linear vest)
  • Strategic Round 5%: (15% TGE, 3 month lock & 18 month linear vest)
  • Private Round 5%: 5%  (15% TGE, 2 month lock & 12 month linear vest)
  • IDO 5%: Unlocked
  • Advisors 5%: (25% TGE / 24 month linear vest)
  • Team 15%: 22,500,000,000 – 7 years vested
  • Liquidity 30%: Unlocked
  • Development 20%: (0% TGE / 60 month linear vest)
  • Rewards 10%: (0% TGE / 60 month linear vest)

What is Hodlnaut?

Hodlnaut is a crypto lending company located in Singapore with the goal of delivering cutting-edge financial solutions to cryptocurrency users. The business currently has more than USD $500 million in assets under management, and it’s growing at a monthly rate of around 20%.

Hodlnaut is a cryptocurrency lending and borrowing platform that offers Bitcoin interest rate of up to 7.46% (as of September 8, 2021) in comparison to Blockfi’s 4.9% return on investment. There are no fees for making a deposit, but there is a small fee for withdrawing your funds. Users on the site have the option of investing in cryptocurrencies including Dai (DAI), Ethereum (ETH), US Dollar Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC).

The Singapore Fintech Association has recognized Hodlnaut’s certification. It is also currently undergoing the process of obtaining a license under the PS Act 2019 (by the MAS) and aims to be the first regulated entity in Singapore within the Crypto Borrowing and Lending Space.


+ Up to 12.73% APY on cryptocurrencies

+ Weekly compound interest

+ No minimum investment amount

+ Unlimited lending duration


– 6 supported assets (larger platforms have 30+)

– Relatively young platform (2019)

– There is no Crypto credit card offered

History of Hodlnaut  

In April 2019, Bitcoin maximalists Juntao Zhu and Simon Lee launched Hodlnaut in Singapore, a project dedicated to help hodlers maximize the productivity of their crypto assets. The service has also expanded dramatically from over 100 users in 2019 to 5,000+ today. In addition to this, the team has increased to over 20 headcounts at its headquarters in Singapore.

What Does Hodlnaut Have to Offer?

Hodlnaut allows users to earn better interest rates on their cryptocurrency deposits by enabling them to borrow money at favorable rates. Vouched and authorized institutions receive the entrusted assets as loans.

Currently, interest is offered by Hodlnaut on the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Dai (DAI)
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

There is no minimum deposit required and the money may be withdrawn at any time. The following annual compounded interest rates (APY) is available for Hodlnaut’s supported coins:

  • Bitcoin (BTC): up to 7.46% APY
  • Ethereum (ETH): up to 7.46% APY
  • Dai (DAI): up to 8.32% APY
  • USD Coin (USDC): up to 12.73% APY
  • Tether (USDT): up to 12.73% APY

You can check their interest rates here.

The amount of interest is determined by market conditions and the previous month’s earnings. Users may earn interest on a daily basis, which is transferred to their account every Monday at 5pm GMT.

Token Swap

The new token swap function allows HODLers to trade between different assets within the Hodlnaut platform. This enables users to choose the type of asset in which they would like to earn interest in and rebalance their asset holdings without leaving the Hodlnaut platform.

Users will be able to execute transactions more swiftly with the feature, which will provide a seamless user experience by eliminating the hassle of a two-step trade process and superfluous wallet transaction fees. Users may exchange two tokens directly within the Hodlnaut dashboard without having to go through a separate wallet transaction.

What is the best way to get interest on Hodlnaut?

You’ll see an overview of all the assets on the platform and their interest rates after logging in to your account. Head over to the “Deposit/Withdrawal” tab at the top of the page to choose the asset you would like to deposit and retrieve the deposit address.

After you’ve copied the deposit address, you may send your crypto assets to it. If you keep your cryptocurrencies with a crypto exchange like Coinbase, you will be able to transfer them to the Hodlnaut deposit address within a few hours.

If your account has been credited, Hodlnaut will notify you by email.

Hodlnaut Fees

While there are no minimum deposits and lock-in periods, there is a small withdrawal fee to note depending on the currency.

As of 8 September 2021, the withdrawal fees are as follows:

  • Tether (USDT): 10 USDT
  • USD Coin (USDC): 10 USDC
  • Dai (USDC): 10 DAI
  • Ethereum (ETH): 0.0036 DAI
  • Bitcoin (BTC): 0.0004 BTC
  • Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC): 0.0004 WBTC

Customer Service at Hodlnaut

How does Hodlnaut stack up to the competition in terms of customer service? For any queries, you can email them at [email protected]. If you live in the United States, allow for extra response time since Hodlnaut is headquartered in Singapore and operated by Singapore Time.

What is the Best Way to Open a Hodlnaut Account?

To create an account with Hodlnaut, head over to  You will then be required to pass the mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) verification procedure. The good news is that signing up and performing KYC is simple using the Hodlnaut iOS Mobile App or the web platform. Bitcompare readers can get a sign-up bonus of $20 when opening a new account with Hodlnaut and depositing at least $1,000 USD equivalent in any asset class in a single transaction 1 week from the first deposit.

Why is KYC verification necessary? 

It’s part of a larger Anti-Money Laundering (AML) initiative that ensures each consumer’s identity, risk, and suitability. Although KYC verification procedures were originally only used by traditional lending companies, they’re becoming more popular among fintech businesses.

How does Hodlnaut keep my money?

Hodlnaut uses Fireblocks’ multi-party computation wallet architecture to safeguard your assets. When a user joins Hodlnaut, they are assigned a unique address by Fireblocks. Before being lent to one of the company’s institutional partners, these funds are secured with Fireblocks’ wallet infrastructure and kept in its vaults.

Safety Measures

Hodlnaut is a certified Fintech Company by the Singapore Fintech Association, and it utilizes cutting-edge security measures to guarantee client money is safe.

The platform uses Fireblock’s multi-party computation wallet infrastructure to safeguard the private keys for accessing any crypto assets. The cryptocurrencies are initially stored in the Fireblocks wallet and subsequently transferred to Hodlnaut’s cold wallet or given to borrowers. Hot wallets are not used, which might expose users to security risks and have resulted in a number of crypto platform breaches in the past.


Overall, the services and products provided by Hodlnaut make the platform highly attractive for everyday investors who aim to maximize the productivity of their crypto assets. When compared to other platforms, the interest rates of up to 7.46%% on Bitcoin and 12.73% for stablecoins are one some of the most favorable in the market.

Furthermore, as a hedge against a portfolio’s volatility without incurring any trading fees, the Token Swap is an excellent feature.


Like any other universe, the one in which NFT Heroes live is constantly growing and shrinking, creating and destroying. When the universe welcomed in the new creatures who call themselves Unicrypticons, they had been traveling onboard the spaceship Unicruiser, which had fallen out of a black hole. Unicrypticons are the manifestation of the multi-chain decentralized protocol Unicrypt. The project is represented by 50 unique Partnership NFTs. 

The Story of Unicrypticons: Who They Are and Where They Come From

The two companies, NFT STARS and Unicrypt, have formed a strategic partnership that will benefit the communities of both companies’ products. The two teams will work on the development of the token-locking mechanism that will be implemented in Galaxy Staking. NFT STARS and Unicrypt will also carry out joint marketing campaigns to raise awareness among their communities about their products and services. 

In turn, Unicrypt’s presence in the SIDUS metaverse is to be marked with 50 unique Unicrypticon NFTs – creatures who made their way to SIDUS by chance. The Unicruiser spaceship carrying 50 Unicrypticons on board had been traveling across the universe on a mission, but when the spaceship lost control, it fell into a black hole. The Unicrypticons lost track of all time, unable to tell how long they had been resisting the gravitational pull of the black hole. A miracle helped them to escape the deadly event horizon and led them straight to the outskirts of the city. 

The 50 Unicrypticon travelers quickly integrated into SIDUS society, led by their congener Unicrypt NFT Hero, who was also a passenger on board the vessel. When Unicrypt NFT Hero realized he could help bring economic recovery to the city, the 50 Unicrypticons decided to help accomplish the task.

To be eligible to acquire one of the 50 Unicrypticons, users need to follow the company’s updates on social media, where the team will be distributing the special modificators needed to create a Partnership NFT Hero. You need to apply here to participate. Make sure to fill the form!

Partnership NFTs enjoy similar opportunities to other NFTs within the SIDUS ecosystem. Users will be able to receive royalties, stake their NFT for additional rewards, utilize the wrapping NFT feature and transform their avatar into a gaming character. 

About Unicrypt

Established in 2020, Unicrypt provides an exhaustive range of decentralized services, all interconnected across different blockchains. So far, Unicrypt supports Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Matic/Polygon and xDai Chain. Its list of multi-blockchain services includes liquidity lockers, token vesting, token minting, farming, staking and a decentralized launchpad. 

Unicrypt is trusted by over 8,000 DeFi projects and has $500+ million worth of customers’ liquidity locked in. Over 30,000 users benefit daily from its outstanding services. 

Learn more about Unicrypt on their Website, Blog, Twitter and Telegram channel. 

About NFT Heroes

SIDUS: The City of NFT Heroes is an NFT avatar collection and gaming DAO metaverse developed by the NFT marketplace NFT STARS in partnership with an international collective of modern artists known as NFT256. The collection features 6,000 unique characters (Original, Rare, Legendary, Partnership and Exclusive NFT Heroes). Each NFT Hero can be used as a social media avatar or be transformed into a gaming character in the SIDUS DAO metaverse.

SIDUS is a play-to-earn metaverse where NFT Heroes equip themselves with next-gen guns from the NFT Marketplace and fight with other users in the Battle Arena. SIDUS: The City of NFT Heroes also provides users with multiple earning opportunities, such as NFT staking, wrapped NFT functionality and royalties.

Learn more about the project on its official media pages: Website | Twitter | Discord

BankerDoge is an existing Defi service platform that is now launching its own token through DxSale on September 13. Earlier pre-sales have already raised over 1,100 BNB for the project and this launch will be the largest BSC token launch of this month with a goal to raise 3,500 BNB. It is one of the only legitimate BSC projects backed by an expert team. 

About BankerDoge 

BankerDoge is a platform that adds decentralised finance services that include staking, liquidity pool farming, time-locking, and trustless DeFi lending to all BSC tokens. The company partners with other tokens to create staking systems and mutually beneficial contracts that will help with the growth of Banker token. 

Idea behind BankerDoge 

BankerDoge has an existing use case at launch: the project adds utility to existing tokens by building them custom staking vaults that support their unique tokenomics. The vaults are specifically designed to reward longer-term token holders and support those who are committed to the projects with their stakings. Members use the Banker token to enter and exit their vault or they will pay the fee that is used to boost the price and APY of the Banker token. 

Over $2,000,000 USD has been staked in the BankerDoge vaults before their token even launched. 

Tokenomics of Banker 

With built-in reflection, different buy and sell fees, dynamic auto buy-back and burn, the Banker token features cutting-edge tokenomics built right into the smart contract. In addition to this, the token also receives external boosts to price, demand and APY through their vault system. The team calls it “externally boosted tokenomics” and it is believed to create significant growth and demand for the token. The Banker team is aiming to be listed on multiple major exchanges in the first month of its launch. 

The team behind BankerDoge 

BankerDoge comes with the support of an experienced and advanced team that is fully doxed and already has created a successful cryptocurrency project: They are aiming to expand their footprint by building this new project that actually works together with their first. 

The core team, based in the United States, are all college graduates who have worked with major corporations like DELL, HP, Disney, Wells Fargo and more. Their identities are all public and you can learn more about them and the project at

About BankerDoge

BankerDoge is a decentralised finance platform with its own cryptocurrency. It includes services like staking, liquidity pool farming, time-locking, and trustless DeFi lending to all BSC tokens.

This project of BankerDoge adds utility to existing tokens. It does it by building customised staking vaults aimed to support the tokenomics of those crypto projects. As a part of the project, BankerDoge also partners with others to create mutually beneficial contracts that are good for Banker token. 

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