Singapore, 30 July 2020 – Global digital asset exchange platform, ExMarkets, announced the launch of their off-chain staking feature which will be available to traders from 31 July 2020 onwards. The new feature will provide users with an opportunity to earn passively, by dedicating designated amounts of coins to participating projects in the ExMarkets staking wallets. Earnings from the staking feature will vary based on pre-agreed rates, and paid out on a weekly basis.

ExMarket’s off-chain staking feature will also allow users to earn compounding interest, by giving users the option to reinvest the rewarded tokens back into the staking pool. In addition, the digital asset exchange platform is currently looking to integrate an alternative reward payment option in its second phase of off-chain staking development, allowing users to directly receive Tether (USDT) as a payment reward. Staking pools for participating projects will be allotted a limited-amount, and will be operated on a first-in-first-served basis — with participating projects to be announced via its social media platforms and official Telegram channel.

Tadas Kasputis, Founder of ExMarkets says, “At ExMarkets, we are always looking to introduce features that will be value-add to our trading community. The off-chain staking feature is one that we are extremely excited to introduce and adds another layer of investment mechanics to our platform.”

New Home-Page Optimized for User Experience

On its mission to enhance user experience, ExMarkets also recently released an upgraded home-page for the exchange platform that strives to streamline the overall trading process. Apart from the new look, the latest enhancements include a simplified registration process with no Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedure for crypto to crypto trading. Users will now be able to register an account with just an email and password and be given access to deposit, withdraw and trade anonymously. The close-to-instant log in system is expected to improve convenience by eliminating the tedious proceedings without compromising on security. The revamped platform will also be charging 0% fees for all deposits and withdrawals, assuring users of no hidden fees in their crypto bags.

Tadas also shared, “The platform is surely growing into a recognized brand in the industry and we would like to continuously improve our services to best suit the interests and needs of the traders and projects onboard. We believe ExMarkets’ unique positioning and user-focused model will bring in new people into the crypto ecosystem and help them achieve better financial independence”.

The Future of ExMarkets

As it looks towards the maturity of its ecosystem, ExMarkets will be implementing social trading on its exchange platform. The unique feature, which is gaining momentum in the crypto and forex trading space, allows new traders to kick-start their trading journey by following the professionals as a lead. The new-comers will precisely replicate the tactics of the experienced traders to stimulate similar personal benefits in exchange for a small subscription fee. This is in line with ExMarkets’ goal of simplifying crypto trading for everyday users and bringing more crypto-enthusiasts onboard. 

About ExMarkets

ExMarkets is a digital asset exchange platform powered by the state-of-the-art trading engine developed in-house. Ever since its launch 18 months ago, ExMarkets has been rapidly growing and currently has about 160,000 traders accounts across the globe with a total trading volume exceeding USD 25,000,000. ExMarkets users also participate in token sales of blockchain projects through ExMarkets Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) LaunchPad. Upon the registration of an account, users are allowed to make deposits in Euros, Bitcoin, Ethereum, as well other supported cryptocurrencies and tokens. With more than 100 trading pairs, ExMarkets have hosted up to 60 IEOs – making it one of the most active IEO startup accelerators worldwide. For more information, visit 

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Smart contracts are indeed an icing on the already revolutionary concept of blockchain technology. These pieces of code in the form of agreements and contracts self execute themselves on the occurrence of certain events. There are several advanced smart contracts in the market, but even the most successful ones are troubled with drawbacks.

Akodax, a technology firm, has harnessed the strengths of these successful ones and has also addressed their drawbacks. Based on these, it has built a proprietary smart contract that is fair and inclusive for every potential participant. Apart from this, it presents a collaborative environment where everyone can join and gain the promised benefits.

The contract is built on the Ethereum blockchain, where users can save their assets, and further multiply those. All in all, Akodax presents a stable passive earning opportunity for each and every participant on the platform. It works in a very simple manner. Each new user is placed under the previous user via the smart contract, and they can start by investing small amounts in ETH. Once the transaction is verified, they can then receive payments from other users through an instant P2P framework. Additionally, users can also earn through referrals.

Akodax is powered by an advanced Torus System in the form of a leak-proof ETH vault. The Torus System deploys an automated feedback mechanism that only considers every user within the network. Thus, this system eliminates the hassle of stagnant rounds and presents a profitable prospect for everyone where they can earn in a stable manner, just with a minimum investment of 0.25 ETH.

Akodax also provides wallet support to all its users. It supports Coinbase and Trust wallet for smartphones and Meta-Mask Google extension wallet for computers. These three simple and easily configurable wallets can be used for Akodax transactions, thus adding an added layer of convenience for all its users.

All in all, Akodax is a well-rounded platform that offers benefits to its users through multiple channels. These benefits are founded on the following pillars – MLM commission, advanced smart contract benefits, collaborative economy, international benefits, reinvestment opportunities and many more.

The company’s tag line ‘Earn For Life’ sums up its potential economic offerings, and is indeed a refreshing perspective in the world of crypto. To know more, please visit the official website.

Company Name: Akadex
Telegram group – @akodaxofficialgroup

Weiss’ significant technology and entertainment industry experience includes his current role as General Partner and Chairman of Global Blockchain Ventures and as former President, Worldwide Operations, Disney Parks and Resorts 

Dubai, UAE, July 21, 2020, PlayFuel, the company bringing the power of blockchain technology to the gaming world today announced that Al Weiss was appointed Chairman (non-executive) of PlayFuel (PLF)-PFL International FZ-LLC (PlayFuel).

PlayFuel has created a platform that allows developers to earn revenue by integrating blockchain technology into their games.  A key part of its platform is its successfully introduced PLF utility-token based on the ERC-20 standard.   Players of PlayFuel enhanced games mine PLF-crypto tokens just by playing.  Tokenized blockchain gaming will allow players to trade their tokens in various digital asset exchanges, while building confidence in exchanging authentic in-game items, as blockchain will remove fake and repetitive ones. For game developers, it provides a means of fairly and reliably monetizing their creations.  PlayFuel believes that blockchain gaming will transform today’s gaming industry into a better, more scalable, and more profitable one.  

“Al Weiss helped introduce 1.3 billion Chinese to the modern leisure industry and entertainment experience by opening Disney Parks in Hong Kong and Shanghai,” said Mr. Geun-Woo Lee, owner and CSO, PFL International FZ-LLC.  “His outstanding leadership as Disney‘s President of worldwide operations for resorts and theme parks, combined with unrivalled expertise in crypto business will surely give a powerful impetus to PlayFuel.” 

Al Weiss is the General Partner and Chairman of Global Blockchain Ventures, a blockchain-focused venture capital fund focused on investing in disruptive, decentralized, and synergistic technology fields to drive real world adoption for economic growth and positive social impact.  Prior to that he held multiple positions at the Walt Disney Company, culminating as President of Worldwide Operations for Disney’s $10 Billion+/95,000 employee Walt Disney Parks and Resorts business. He serves on multiple boards and has been a crucial part of many mergers and acquisitions across industries. 

“Blockchain technology has the potential to transform virtually any industry, and entertainment is among those with the greatest potential, said Al Weiss, Chairman (non-executive) of PlayFuel.  “I look forward to supporting the PlayFuel team in reaching their ambitious goals of transforming the gaming industry for players, developers, and society as a whole.” 

About PlayFuel

PlayFuel is bringing the power of blockchain technology to the gaming world to transform it into a better, more scalable, and more profitable one.  Its platform allows developers to earn revenue by integrating blockchain technology into their games.  Players of PlayFuel enhanced games mine PLF-crypto tokens just by playing.  A key part of its platform is its PLF utility-token which has been successfully listed on twelve top exchanges: BW, Coinbene, STEX, Crex24, Hotbit, DigiFinex, Bilaxy, BigOne, Coinsuper, Exmarkets, Lbank, and Mercatox.

  • 8 million will be set aside specifically for game developers in the region
  • Partnership with leading accelerators in Southeast Asia (SEA) to incubate the selected project
  • Collaboration with an educational institution to extend support to aspiring blockchain talents in Singapore

Singapore, 23 June 2020 – Building Cities Beyond (BCB) Blockchain has announced the launch of its BCB Innovation Grant. The Singapore-based blockchain developers for smart city solutions will be looking to award USD15 million worth of grants to projects developing on the BCB protocol, as it looks to ramp up the development of its ecosystem. BCB’s launch of the grant comes alongside news of partnerships with leading accelerators to incubate selected projects.

The BCB Innovation Grant aims to boost key development areas of the BCB ecosystem, and will target up to 1,000 projects within Asia. The USD15 million grant will cater to the tech startup ecosystem in the region, with grant participants also gaining access to BCB workshops and facilities to assist and bolster their development capabilities. As part of its plans to attract developers to its platform, BCB will set aside USD2.8 million of its innovation grant to fund game development projects on the BCB platform. In doing so, the Singapore-based company hopes to use game development as a means to introduce and encourage developers to its blockchain protocol.

Douglas Gan, CEO of BCB Blockchain, said “As BCB continues to grow its ecosystem, we realize the vast potential of blockchain technology in everyday applications. We are looking at holistic approaches to support and reach out to existing and upcoming projects on the BCB protocol. The launch of the grant is part of this approach, as we look to support our partners in the midst of a challenging economic climate.”

Incubating Innovation: Partnership with SEA’s Leading Accelerators

As part of the company’s efforts to encourage innovation and strengthen its own ecosystem, BCB Blockchain has also announced partnerships with some of the leading accelerators to co-incubate startups in Southeast Asia. Building on their earlier partnership with the Department of Science and Technology Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (DOST-PCIEERD), the Singapore-based company recently signed MOUs with associations such as Access Blockchain Association, a registered society under the Ministry of Home Affairs in Malaysia; as well as accelerators such as Meet Ventures and Hashed Labs — an Accredited Mentor Partner (AMP) of Enterprise Singapore.

The partners will look to identify growth-stage projects and collectively offer multi-layered support to any challenges the startups may face with regards to funding, technology, working space and business development. Through the partnerships, BCB is striving to boost the startup community, especially those looking to reinvent themselves to survive hits of the pandemic.

Nurturing Singapore’s Future Economy

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently addressed the nation on a post-pandemic future, where he discussed “Future Economy” strategies. As innovators and one of the region’s leading blockchain technology companies, BCB will look to support the upskilling of existing professionals and nurture future talents in Singapore.

The blockchain-based smart city protocol is partnering with the Institute of Blockchain Singapore (IBS) to extend its initiatives and facilities to students and upcoming technopreneurs. Students will also be able to participate in BCB Hackathon, set to take place in the coming months to showcase their concepts and score commercialization opportunities. BCB is also reaching out to other higher learning institutions to co-create workshops and educational events in the region.

“The strategic partnerships with educational institutions and accelerators will seek to address gaps in nurturing future talent, and provide support for projects as well as upskilling opportunities for developers looking to step into the blockchain space.”, added Douglas.

Interested participants will be able to sign up via the online registration form available at For more information, kindly visit .


  • Ends –

About BCB Blockchain

BCB is a leading blockchain protocol which integrates Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Robotics and hardware to create smart city solutions that interconnects cities across distances and improves the quality of life for people, businesses and governments. BCB Innovation Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company, founded by GBCI Ventures Pte Ltd. BCB has been growing steadily in the past year through vertical and horizontal market expansions. With more than 500 staff and seven offices across seven countries, BCB aims to create and support the economies of 1000 smart cities of the future.

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Fundraising is one of the most crucial tasks for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses, especially for those which are new in the space and trying to establish themselves. With so many barriers and complexities, it is quite difficult for MSMEs to successfully secure capital investment in the traditional financial markets. The most common fundraising channels are – venture capital, crowdfunding platforms, bank loans, friends and family.  However, most of these require businesses to already have a steady cash flow and revenue level plus usually a personal guarantee by the owners.. 

In this context, digital money is a low barrier micro-financing method. Superexchange platform and financial supply tool AladiEx is empowering MSMEs by providing them with a blockchain-based fundraising platform through which they can create global investor connections and raise funds through instantaneous transactions. The platform is powered by a native token named ALADIN (ALA), which businesses can use to secure the funding they require. 

What makes the platform so exciting is investors and crypto enthusiasts also get an opportunity to invest globally in promising businesses through digital currencies. To put it simply, AladiEx is a blockchain-powered superexchange platform which acts as both a financial supply tool for MSMEs and an advanced trading platform for crypto traders and investors. As a part of its upcoming platform update, AladiEx will launch its fully functional basic exchange and OTC trading platform on the 15th of June, 2020. 

AladiEx Provides a Win-Win Situation

The AladiEx blockchain-based platform enables small businesses from anywhere across the world to connect with investors and present their fundraising goals. Being powered by blockchain, AladiEx executes the fundraising process through encrypted algorithms and secure identities. Businesses registered on the platform are duly verified and they use the ATO (AladiEx Token Offering) methodology and their newly created tokens by AladiEx to secure funding from investors. Fundraising on AladiEx is driven by the businesses meeting certain KPIs so that they can move on to the next funding round. Hence it is fair to say that AladiEx presents a safe and secure fundraising environment that investors can trust upon. 

Apart from being beneficial for MSMEs, AladiEx also offers an advanced trading platform where investors can trade and manage their assets using top class trading tools. Hence, it is a unique financial supply tool that addresses the existing pain points of both businesses and investors, thus creating a secure investment platform. 

Summing it Up

If you are a crypto enthusiast, business professional looking to venture into the crypto space. or a seasoned trader, AladiEx’s upcoming OTC and Basic Exchange launch will interest you. The platform’s basic exchange will be fully functional from the 25th of June. Moreover, it will also launch its OTC trading platform on the same date. This will enable traders to trade in crypto directly, without any intervention from a third party or the exchange itself.  Initially members will be able to trade BTC, ETH, USDT and ALA the native token of the exchange.

To know more about AladiEx and receive upcoming updates, please visit For exchange related details visit For any other query, please join the official Telegram Group of AladiEx.

Crypto  currencies have not only changed the world’s expectations surrounding money. They’ve also continued to evolve in their own space since the first Bitcoin block was mined back in 2009. Since then, thousands of unique Crypto currencies have popped up. Of these, Btc remains the most popular.. Beyond its anonymous nature, btc has the potential to change the way we bank, make transactions.  Although btc has helped change payment methods around the world and is the premise of Crypto currency, btc still has many disadvantages such as: Risk of Unknown Technical Flaws, Higher Transaction Fee, Highly dependency on Pool System and Large Organizational Miners.

Born with the mission of becoming a global payment platform A coin can solve the problems that btc is having,  a coin will replace btc in the future.  That’s why Bitcoin Red Diamond  appears. Bitcoin Red Diamond  is a peer-to-peer  currency and can be termed as a modified version of the technology on which btc was built.

Bitcoin  Red Diamond will surely be more advanced than Btc and would eventually become today’s leading Crypto  currency. Bitcoin Red Diamond  is the best performing coin in the  market, characterized by anonymity and decentralization. Bitcoin Red Diamond  develops the main ecosystems based on Casino, Advertising, E-commerce industries.  Through  Bitcoin Red Diamond ‘s proprietary 3SPoS protocol, it is a new upgrade of DPoS consensus algorithm with 3 master node layers that can help the system handle more than 1,000,000 transactions per second.

With our main features:


With Bitcoin Red Diamond ‘s proprietary 3SPoS protocol, it is a new upgrade of DPoS consensus algorithm with 3 master node layers that can help the system handle more than 1,000,000 transactions per second.

No internet required

Bitcoin Red Diamond  tokens can be completely traded between 2 wallets without the Internet. This is the advantage of Bitcoin Red Diamond ’s algorithm system, we connect people without using an internal network.


Full encryption of transactions between wallets. Our platform leverages blockchain technology to ensure a fair, transparent and effective method of betting between individuals. There are no middlemen involved, everything important is governed by the Smart Contract.

Minimize resources

The Token will be automatically generated until the total supply reaches without mining like Btc, minimizing unnecessary waste of resources as well as reducing negative impact on the environment.

 and The Bitcoin Red Diamond  Ecosystems


Provide an easy to understand interface with simple account creation, user friendly profile management and account management.


Provide transparency and fair gaming experience to players. Betform uses a transparent way of generating the outcomes of its games with our tested and certified Bitcoin Red Diamond  system. 3SPOS algorithm as the back bone for decentralized applications. Our games are safe, fun, and private


Bitcoin Red Diamond  helps people interact in an environment that is mechanized through decentralization. Using blockchain technology to provide a trust less free market ecosystem by leveraging smart contracts for autonomously managed peer-to-peer interactions.

Bitcoin Red Diamond  would continue the Bitcoin ‘s mission by taking control of finance from Banks and governments and give it back to the original deserving people, but at faster speed and without relying on pools and minimal transactional costs.

With those advantages and 3SPOS algorithm platform, Bitcoin Red Diamond  will develop strongly in the future. If you missed the opportunity to own Bitcoin  in 2008, Bitcoin Red Diamond  will be the second opportunity to help you change your financial resources.

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Varied circumstances across the world have led to an increase in the popularity of digital currency. Just within a few years of its introduction, the world of cryptocurrencies has witnessed the growth of various forms of crypto-assets designed for varied purposes. 

Nevertheless, the majority of the cryptocurrencies available in the market have errors or flaws. This makes it challenging for these digital currencies to function most effectively when used as alternate modes of payment instead of the fiat currencies. This is where PZM Cash comes into active play.

Solution Offered by PZM Cash

Technically, the flaws exhibited by the different cryptocurrencies introduced in the market are largely based on various algorithms used. It was one of the primary reasons behind the inception of PZM Cash that came into being with an all-new and highly improvised PoS consensus. 

This digital currency has been specifically developed for facilitating efficient, effective, and fast payments in the dynamic and diverse digital community. Dissimilar to the other digital currencies available out there, PZM Cash operates in a completely different manner.

The growth of this digital currency community is closely related to the contributions made by the individual participants. Moreover, the success factor of this digital currency depends on unprecedented growth in the use of this currency for balancing demand and supply forces and scalability features.

Understand the Technology behind PZM Cash

The underlying algorithm of PZM Cash is quite exclusive. It comes as an upgrade of the PoS or Proof of Stake consensus. The functionality of this cryptocurrency is entirely dependent on the network that runs on the financial supply within the ecosystem. 

The innovative and decentralized technology behind PZM Cash is quite fast and possesses the ability to generate new blocks in average of just 60 seconds. Thus, PZM Cash can make way for instant cross-border financial transactions. 

The cryptocurrency makes use of Web3.js technology, allowing users to utilize its wallet on varied platforms where digital currencies are used as a payment mode.

Advantages of Being a Part of the PZM Cash Community

There are large scale advantages that come from being a part of the PZM Cash community. 

The benefits are as follows:

  • Automation of all business procedures through the introduction of a mutual settlement system. It also makes way for the introduction of the system of intelligent contracts, countering falsification, and tracking contractor reputation.
  • Users get access to a fast-developing and solvent consumer base. It further helps them in scaling their business and increasing profits.
  • Users also get the scope of building long-term relations along with value chains.
  • The reputation of a business and its status increase with the evolving environment.
  • Users also get access to funding venture capital finances, along with other huge investors. They also come face to face with the foreign market.

Using these benefits of the PZM Cash community, you not only make profits but also create passive earnings.

Singapore, 18 May 2020 – Singapore-based blockchain protocol for smart cities, Building Cities Beyond (BCB) Blockchain announced the listing of its native token (BCB) on the BTSE Exchange. Users will be able to trade BCB with USD and access a variety of features and trading options on the BTSE Exchange. BTSE’s availability of multiple currencies which includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, represents an important milestone for BCB Blockchain as they seek to ease the access to the BCB ecosystem for its growing global audience.

BCB has been growing steadily in the past year across the region, making brisk progress in building an ecosystem that supports the development of smart city solutions – while powering the construction of smart cities.

With regards to the decision to list on the BTSE Exchange, Douglas Gan, CEO of BCB Blockchain, explained, “The BTSE Exchange is a safe and guaranteed option. BTSE is a member of the Liquid Network and supports more than 15 universal currencies at the moment. I believe the listing will be a stepping-stone in BCB’s expansion plan to reach more markets in the near future”.

The BTSE Exchange has been making steady progress in its operation since its inception.  With the recent Bitcoin halving event, expectations of an increasingly active market are on the rise. BCB sees the listing strategically complementary to BTSE’s presence in the market, which is in line with BCB’s growth directives and roadmap to deepen its market presence and roll out its collaborative projects in countries such as Singapore, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

Jonathan Leong, Co-Founder and CEO of BTSE said “BCB is an innovative smart city blockchain protocol, which has been in operation since 2018. We hope to see more exciting projects like BCB in the industry and on the BTSE Exchange.”.

About BCB Blockchain

BCB Blockchain is a leading blockchain protocol built to power smart cities with the mandate of empowering an entire ecosystem with its technology. BCB provides an ever-growing ecosystem of smart city solutions through emerging technologies and is dedicated to developing a safe, sustainable, and secured solution that enhances the quality of life. The BCB tokens not only support the fundamental operations of the BCB ecosystem but also allow users to access Dapps, smart contracts, BCB-powered applications, as well as participate in community voting. As BCB looks to expand its services in different sectors and industries, the adoption of BCB technology and tokens are expected to increase. For more details, visit

About BTSE Exchange 

BTSE is a financial technology company that utilizes Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies to develop solutions that empower you to take control of your financial freedom. As part of a suite of financial services designed to introduce innovative digital assets to the traditional finance landscape, BTSE’s developments include spot and derivatives trading, OTC, and lending services. For more information, kindly visit

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Turkish Cryptocurrency Exchange Vebitcoin offers versatile and advanced trading facilities, aimed to drive faster crypto adoption across the world.

Though the choices available for cryptocurrency trading is growing by the day with hundreds of platforms popping up, very few are actually suitable for investment. And there are quite a few reasons for this scarcity. Most of the crypto trading platforms out there in the market lack the fundamental qualities. These include – a reasonable trading fee, enough liquidity, adequate trading tools, security, de-risking mechanisms, enough trading pairs, and most importantly a robust trading algorithm. Moreover, beginners and amateurs in the crypto space find it even more difficult to make investment decisions as most of the trading platforms do not provide adequate information about the market to help make trading calls.

However, Vebitcoin is one of the few crypto trading firms which have actually addressed all of the above issues and is gradually establishing itself in this space. It aims to ramp up cryptocurrency adoption across the globe by allowing users to attain financial freedom through its versatile and easy to use platform.

About Vebitcoin

Vebitcoin is a Turkish crypto trading exchange that was founded in 2017 and is owned by Vebitcoin Teknoloji A.Ş. It enables users on the platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using a wide range of advanced trading tools and mechanisms. Despite being based out of Turkey, the platform is multi-lingual with three supported languages – Turkish, English, and Russian. Moreover, Vebitcoin is not only suitable for seasoned expert traders, but it is quite simple to use even for beginners and amateur traders.

Vebitcoin Technical Architecture

Ever since the inception of blockchain, one of the key hurdles has been scalability. To address that, Vebitcoin has developed a multi-layer architecture that supports as many as 1 million transactions per minute. Moreover, it is equipped with some of the most advanced security features, that offer transparent, safe, and quick trading on the platform. Users can choose from a wide range of crypto available for trading on Vebitcoin, and it is regularly adding support for newer trading pairs. As of now, there are 25 cryptocurrencies that you can trade with, on Vebitcoin.

Traders, especially beginners often get caught up in the complexity of crypto trading platforms. However, Vebitcoin is extremely user-friendly and also offers 24/7 customer support, in case users come across any difficulty while trading. Moreover, the platform has a wide resource hub, that comprises of all kinds of market information, which users can access without even registering on the platform. Hence, it is fair to say that Vebitcoin also has an educational aspect to it, apart from its top-class trading platform.

As far as the trading fee is concerned, Vebitcoin charges a mere 0.20%, which is way below the global industry average. Moreover, it does not charge any withdrawal fee. All transactions on the platform are highly secure since these are powered by a well-coded smart contract.

Vebitcoin Partnerships

The platform has recently partnered with one of the largest crypto banks in the world, BitGo. As a part of this collaboration, all products and assets on the exchange are backed by an insurance policy.


You can know more about Vebitcoin




The US-based fintech firm Doch LLC has introduced a unique AI algorithm to help traders and investors reduce risks and maximize profits even in the highly volatile crypto market.

There is no denying the fact that trading on financial markets is arguably the most convenient way to invest and earn significant returns. These markets mainly comprise commodities, derivatives, Forex, and more importantly cryptocurrencies. They offer high liquidity, and the globalized nature of this space makes asset management a breeze.

However, while financial trading can reflect huge rewards, it also involves a certain amount of risk – simply due to the volatile nature of the market, regulatory bindings, and chances of price manipulation. Many have lost a fortune owing to these issues, but some perform cryptocurrency arbitrage to take mitigate volatility risks. They basically take advantage of the difference in the price of crypto across multiple exchanges and buy & sell them in a profitable manner.

However, crypto arbitrage is not the long-term solution simply because:

  • The method is not suitable for large volumes of trade
  • Buying and selling on multiple exchanges involve individual transaction fees
  • Exchange rates change within a split second that might defeat the whole purpose of utilizing the market volatility and making profits.

Doch LLC has come up with a feasible solution to help financial traders give themselves the maximum chances to earn high returns even in a sensitive market.

About Doch LLC

Doch LLC is an American fintech company that aims to optimize the financial portfolio of investors and traders, through its single window platform for Forex, cryptocurrency, direct selling, and E-commerce. Moreover, the platform also offers 24/7 integrated customer support for all its users.

What’s unique about Doch LLC?

Doch has harnessed the benefits of crypto arbitrage (as mentioned before) to develop a product called Doch LLC AI TOT. This is a cryptocurrency arbitrage engine that works within the Doch Exchange and has the ability to buy and sell multiple crypto pairs to generate profit from the spread differences. It is equipped with a quadrangular strategy AI algorithm that addresses the disadvantages of crypto arbitrage and enhances its efficiency by manifold. The engine basically detects and calculates the spread differences between as many as 4 crypto pairs, and executes the most profitable trade in a matter of seconds.

To put it simply, Doch LLC AI-powered trading algorithm saves a lot of crucial trading time by executing simultaneous buying and selling across multiple external exchanges – the time that can actually be the difference between huge profits and massive losses. And the best part is, all of this operates from within the in-house Doch Exchange. So you do not need to go through tedious KYC processes on multiple platforms, nor do you need to pay withdrawal and deposit fees for each individual exchange, as in the case of traditional crypto arbitrage.

Doch LLC’s AI TOT quadrangular strategy algorithm is basically powered by three main components – Big Data, Machine Learning, and Real-time trading. The platform is supported by its native token named Doch Coin. You can know more about it here:

Summing Up

Doch LLC has already partnered with prominent names including – Microsoft, Visa, Mastercard, Corent, Zendesk, and Thunes.

The other aspects of Doch LLC’s financial service platform are – Doch Travel Portal, Doch Gaming and Casino Site, Doch Mall, etc.

The company has a number of upcoming launches scheduled for this year. You can know more about those at

Contact: [email protected]

iOS App: