The total market capitalization for PayQ, a company known for implementing block chain for Frictionless Payments, based at London has surged almost 50% this year to around $1.2 billion. That’s about that same valuation for the Silicon Valley-based giant Maverick, another darling of the Fintech world.

The CEO and Founder of PayQ, Shibabrata Bhaumik announced in a recent TEDx to expand its horizon of cashless payments for global merchants who are dealing with high-risk industries and assured that PayQ aims to go beyond the traditional payment method to revolutionize the e-commerce industry.

He added, “Innovativeness is crucial and it is the cornerstone of PayQ business.” At the early start of 2020, PayQ has scooped up customers like Big Airline companies from Russia, the early proving ground for PayPal and Stripe.
The jockeying between PayQ and Mavrick in market valuations is a bright spot for European entrepreneurship. Investors are also betting heavily on these Fintech companies as they grow in leap and bounds due to exponential digital payments.

Today digital transactions and end to end encryption is huge thing for both companies and it’s the essential thing when it comes to online payments, which is security! And that’s where PayQ impresses its users with a brilliant multi layered security system that is advanced enough to ensure that customer’s vital data stays safe and highly secure and encrypted by Tokenization.

Right now, PayQ operates in 196 countries with promising e-commerce opportunities globally and with persistence and resilience; PayQ overcame the challenges and now it is providing integrated local payments along with credit and debit card payments.

Based on the interview, the tech innovator Shibabrata Bhaumik is no stranger to challenges or roadblocks, but has always found a way to rise to the occasion and reach success. The key to success in the online payments business is mastering interrelated issues such as cyber security, the banking industry, and the interface between public policy and global trade.

Bhamik seems adept in all.

Strategy: Shift to Alternative Payment Methods

PayQ aims to enter the Asian market early this year, starting from Malaysia, followed by Singapore, Thailand and India. This will ripe for a shift to clean and fast electronic transactions and extended to embrace the technical requirements of multicurrency payment systems and diversify the need and requirement of every merchant as well as considering the affordability of the merchant from the new ecosystem.

“It might appear that with new connectivity of Asian Market and integration of third-party features along with onboarding more Asian banking partners might climb the price however it will be the other way round,” he says.

“We’ll continue to go the other way. We already offer rates starting as less 1.5% with guaranteed freedom of mobility and no hefty commission or penalty of discontinuing from PayQ if the merchant is not satisfied with our services. This will create a constructive and tangible impact on the payment eco system where the current providers are charging anywhere in between 2.5% to 3.5% and a huge set up cost from every merchant. Our innovative digital payment services will revolutionize access to digital commerce, will boost up new merchant to sell their services or goods globally, will improve cashless payments and reduce reliance on paper currency.”

About Shibabrata:

Shibabrata Bhaumik is a philanthropist, an angel investor and an entrepreneur whose brainchild is PayQ. Being a pioneer in the world of digital payment, he is also renowned as a startup coach. PayQ aims to connect entrepreneurs with their clients no matter where they are, and make payments instantly without many hassles. The instant sign up, dynamic descriptor along with their simple & transparent pricing system makes them the perfect option for entrepreneurs worldwide.

Contact Details:

Name: Liliana Summers

Email: [email protected]


Contact No: +441213680164

It was a great relief for the crypto community in India after the Indian Supreme Court lifted a central bank-imposed ban that prevented cryptocurrency businesses from accessing financial services. Some exchanges added support for bank account transfers within hours of the court ruling.

Binance and its local subsidiary have set up a new fund to reinvigorate growth in blockchain startups in India following a Supreme Court decision to allow banks to service crypto firms.

Binance and India-based bitcoin exchange WazirX – which Binance acquired last November – announced Tuesday their new “Blockchain for India” fund would incubate and invest in local startups that contribute to the creation of a sophisticated cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem for the subcontinent.

The fund will make investments anywhere between $100,000 and $5 million.

Highlighting that India had one of the largest developer and software engineering talent pools in the world, WazirX founder and CEO Nischal Shetty said in a statement that the new fund would make full use of the “incredible potential that the Indian blockchain ecosystem has to offer.”

The new fund would be open to collaborating and co-investing with other local funds sharing the same goals, Shetty said. There will also be an initiative for supporting blockchain development and incubator programs in Indian universities.

Rival Mumbai-based exchange CoinDCX announced last week it had pledged $3.1 million towards an education campaign to promote cryptocurrency adoption in India, according to a press release.

Today we live in the information age, and access to information is unlimited. And that produces the paradox of misinformation. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have someone to trust, with access to truthful information and advanced tools for any activity related to the investment. This is the case of with its investment based on trading with AI.

The main point of WorldMarkets

Today, the most interesting feature of WorldMarkets is, without a doubt, its trading system based on artificial intelligence (AI). It started as a gold and silver price monitoring system, and they have evolved it over time until it became a complete system.

With their AI tool they can help their clients to invest without having to spend hundreds of hours searching for the right utility and potentially investible assets.

The process is quite simple, first you have to create an account in WorldMarkets. You should keep in mind that, being a real company with licenses to operate, they have certain limitations by countries (international embargoes to countries like North Korea, for example). Then the deposit is made in the desired currency, admitting a lot of means of payment, which include traditional currencies and the most important digital currencies, of course Bitcoin and some more.

Once we have a balance in our account, we have to configure a couple of options such as the level of risk and the moment our money will begin to be operated by the artificial intelligence (AI) based trading tool. We can stop it at any time and withdraw the profits whenever we want.

Two of the most interesting features of this trading system is that we have operating compound interest from the first moment (the benefits begin to be automatically reinvested as soon as they are collected, so that they generate more benefits on them). The other interesting feature is that WorldMarkets will only charge you commission on benefits, operations that do not yield benefits will have no commission.

Main advantage of trading with AI: its profitability

When you talk about investment, the main characteristic in which potential investors are focused on is, obviously, the profitability that a system or product is capable of producing. And this is one of the great strengths of the system: its long-term profitability.

The AI trader operates with artificial intelligence 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, identifying satisfactory operations or arbitrations between exchanges.

The system began operating in February 2017 and today, when 3 years of system life are reached, we have an average return of 21.77% per month. A very high and very interesting result, since it barely has months “in red”, and the months “in green” weigh much more in the total.

With these figures, results (with compound interest) of + 481% during 2017, + 647% during 2018 and + 718% during 2019 have been consolidated.

The big difference that WorldMarkets offers us with its automated trading system with AI is that the results are audited and verified by external companies, having a monthly report with the operations and results of the corresponding month. This increases customer confidence through transparency.

Other advantages of trading with AI from WorldMarkets

Security is one of the main concerns of WordMarkets, so the access account is protected with an encryption system, 2FA access and all kinds of modern protections. But, in addition, the trading operation itself is also protected against system failures, since it has implemented scientific and statistical methods to control the risk margins of operations and thus protect the profitability and duration of the entire system.

The other great advantage that WorldMarkets offers us is its generous affiliation system. By which we can act as ambassadors for the company, since they share with us 50% of the commissions generated by a client that we have brought to the platform. Recall that WorldMarkets only charges commission for trading operations that are beneficial to the customer, so it will be with those operations with which we will prosper all the members of the system, thus collaborating with it to be sustainable and profitable over time.

Other services offered

With their long experience in the bullion market, they offer us to buy and sell coins or bullion of the main raw materials and precious metals. In addition to remote investment (without owning the good) and even vault services: a vault or remote safe where your gold bars are stored in exchange for a small commission.

They also allow us to operate in the cryptocurrency market through their associate BitMex.

Finally, and as a sign that they are a very complete portal, they allow us to train in the world of trading at no cost with an interesting video section. Remember: information is power.


If you are looking for an easy and profitable investment intermediation service, WorldMarkets is a very interesting idea. And especially through its flagship product: the profitable investment vehicle based on AI for trading.

Official Links is pleased to announce the Holder Rewards Event in appreciation of NWC holders and the community, following the token’s new listing on HitBTC exchange.

Exchange listing of the NWC token began in the fourth quarter of 2019, and the token is now listed on its 6th exchange. This would not have been possible without the NWC token holders and the entire community. As such, Newscrypto is hosting the Holders Reward event and the airdrop campaign as a way of giving back to their loyal supporters.

To participate click here.

Holder Rewards Event Details will run the event for ten months. During this time, NWC holders will receive some reward simply for holding an NWC token. To participate in the event, investors must hold a minimum of 5000 NWC tokens. will issue the rewards as follows:

Holder event will last for 10 months, during this time you can earn rewards in exchange for holding a NWC token.


  • 5,000 NWC tokens= 400 free tokens
  • 10,000 NWC tokens= 1,000 free tokens
  • 20,000 NWC tokens= 2,300 free tokens
  • 30,000 NWC tokens= 3,500 free tokens
  • 50,000 NWC tokens = 7,000 free tokens
  • 75,000 NWC tokens= 11,000 free tokens
  • 100,000 NWC tokens= 20,000 free tokens
  • 200,000 NWC tokens= 50,000 free tokens

After buying the number of tokens that they want, investors will need to hold these digital coins for at least three months. Investors can then officially join the Holder Even by applying through this link after securing their tokens. The event starts 08/03/2020 and token holders cannot join if they bought their NWC coins before the start of the Holders Event.

To join the NewsCrypto Holders event, click here.

You cannot join the event if you bought tokens before the event started. The Holders event starts on March 8th 2020 and it lasts 10 months.


Opportunity for the Holders

If you can calculate the real value of tokens once you stake them for a month it turns out to be a huge profit, let see how.

For example If you get 50.000 free tokens in 3 months which is equivalent to 1350usd which means you will be earning 450usd per month without doing anything !


About is the go-to platform for any crypto trader. Through the platform, traders get access to trading tools, advanced indicators, educational programs, and community predictions. These features allow traders to access any information they would need concerning cryptocurrencies in the market. Currently, there are 64,566 registered users.

All transactions on the NewsCrypto network are underpinned by the platform’s NWC token, which complies with the Stellar Lumen token. NWC token performs both utility and value-transfer functions on with wallet support from Solar, Ledger, and Trezor. There are currently 279,990,970 tokens in supply, and Newscrypto has a market cap of $2.6 million.

To participate in the holders’ event and community airdrop click here.


First words of the reference Cryptoadventure

Decentralized International Conference(DIC) provides an excellent ecosystem of networking and learning opportunities without interruptions with emphasis on comfort and communication. After learning from genuine world-class experts and wayseers, meeting achievers shaping the B2B ecosystem, all attendees will get the chance to grab a drink and relax while networking at the evening social gathering.

Starting from 2020 the conference, the Spring Edition which focuses on the European Country (2 October 2020 – Russia) which focuses on the “Future of Decentralization”.

This initiative will establish a wave of new technology of the electronic market in the Republic, it is also going to allow to achieve a new level of financial growth, and to recognize new powerful factors for growing the well-being of the populace.

This system will have the ability to withstand global corporations as well as their fiscal genocide policies against freedom-loving and hardworking citizens, that are levied against them round the World.

It’s imperative to circulate data in all languages which the convention”Future of Decentralization” will be held in Russia.

But at the very first stage, the principal recipients of thoughts of decentralized country construction will still be”unrecognized” nations, plus they want blockchain technology for a breath of fresh air.

Hence, the Donetsk People’s Republic now functions as a unifying force – a platform for dialogue between like-minded individuals – that the multinational blockchain- countries of their future. At a free Republic, most innovative thoughts and promising technologies are almost always welcome.

The conference will transform into a productive stage for finding viable vectors to the improvement of a genuine potential for unrecognized states. A huge scope trade of conclusions, thoughts, and innovation will attract agents of various countries: business analysts, government officials, lenders, IT specialists, and blockchain tech experts.

Sudan Gold Coin with the token name SGC Token is among few Cryptocurrency which is backed by real physical resources. It is a unique blend of Real Gold Mining and Blockchain Technology. SGC Token aims to solve the uncertainty problem currently faced on the cryptocurrency market.

Gold has been one of the most valuable things in the world since ancient times: it was a standard for price determination, references to gold can be found all over the world in popular wisdom thoughts and quotations. This means that gold will always be one of the world economy’s value benchmarks, and many physical currencies rely somewhat on gold.

But in the IT age, where people try to invent something different every day, new concept cryptocurrencies are introduced onto the market. They allowed people to buy, sell and trade with reduced risks through the internet but there is still one big problem that should be solved: stability and predictability of any cryptocurrency.

Sudan Gold Coin is the world’s first blockchain alternative, where the coin’s value is tied to the gold market price. The total amount of tokens that will be issued without further releases is 999,999,999 tokens. At the pre-sale stage, one token’s price will be $0.1 USD, depending on that, the price at Main Sale will be 0.75–$1 USD. investor becomes the owner of a certain amount of gold after buying tokens, which they will be able to operate within a decentralized exchanger, based on a Blockchain Technology.

In the cryptocurrency marketplace, SGC is a pioneering coin whose value is backed by actual strength. This is a brand new age of e-commerce and the value of a fully virtual advantage is rigidly tied to Real Gold’s burden.

SGC is launching the IEO on coming 26th Feb 2020 on a reputed Korean Exchange ChainX, you can buy the tokens directly from the exchange here –

Crowd sale

Crowd Sale will be having different stages of sales. The SGC project closed its Pre-Sale with a cap of US$ 250,000. For now, the project is in the stage of Private Sale, plans are under way for the main Sale.

Tokens are called Sudan Gold coins-SGC tokens, and are made specifically for this project’s use. In total there are 999,999,999 SGC tokens in circulation. Price for one SGC token is expected to be 0.75 dollars.

Crowd sale is one way to earn tokens but there’s so much more. Working on marketing campaigns like social media campaigns, different translations, and signature campaigns will earn you tokens.

If you are anxious to find out more about the project and what it is about, take a look at the following for details:

If you want to look at the social network for the success of projects:

On bitcointalk:

More statistics about the venture can be found here. Check out these link, and find the answer you’ve been looking for. Don’t forget to take a look at the main website and find out everything about it on:

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Bitcointalk ANN:

Conventional cryptocurrencies have had a fair share of criticism, such as Bitcoin. Their main drawbacks include lack of physical support and reliance on peer-to-peer device transfers. Since no one can see the money, the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies has long been in doubt by critics. The asset-backed cryptocurrencies idea originated as a solution.

If it’s your first time learning about asset-backed cryptocurrencies, there are digital currencies that are linked to the value of physical assets like real estate, oil, energy, minerals and even precious metals like gold.

What are gold-backed cryptocurrencies?

Gold-backed cryptocurrencies are digital currencies tied to gold. It means that while the crypto coins are on a distributed ledger and therefore easy to exchange, they also have something intrinsic value that is missing in conventional cryptocurrencies.

How do gold-backed cryptocurrencies work?

The basic concept of the gold-backed cryptocurrencies is certainly convincing. A digital token that represents a certain value of gold is released. A token X coin, for example, represents the worth of one gram of gold.

A reliable third party stores the gold to which the token is hinged. Certain token-holders may exchange the gold.

The value of the gold-backed token shall be equal to the prevalent rate of gold at any given time. That means it will still be priced at the current gold price should the token fail to take off. When the token gains popularity, on the other hand, its value will grow above that of gold.

Difference between gold-backed cryptos and other cryptocurrencies

Besides intrinsic value, its entry-level costs are the other difference between gold-backed cryptos and mainstream cryptocurrencies. Most of the investors in their early days who were quick to buy mainstream cryptocurrencies had to spend only pennies. Nevertheless, for a cryptocurrency backed by gold, the minimum investment must be equal to the current gold price.

The difference between these two classes on cryptocurrencies is their price fluctuations. While the price of digital mainstream coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum will rise and fall to any point, cryptocurrencies backed by gold have a built-in stop loss.

As we have already stated, the value of a cryptocurrency backed by gold cannot fall below the value of gold. When such a coin achieves huge popularity, its price could well rise above that of gold. But if the gold-backed crypto isn’t doing well, its value will stay at a gold pace.

Now let’s look at the best Gold backed cryptocurrency which is going to launch soon.

Sudan Gold Coin

Sudan Gold Coin with the token name SGC Token is among the few real Gold backed Cryptocurrency. It is a unique blend of Blockchain and Real Gold Mining Technology. SGC Token aims at addressing the confusion that the cryptocurrency market is currently facing.

The project will also indirectly invest in Sudanese gold mining operations to give users of the open platform the right to purchase the gold mined in Sudan. Furthermore, the Sudan Gold Coin (SGC) Project provides its crowdsale investors a unique opportunity to participate in a project in which both crypto and real-world assets are linked to digital tokens (Sudan Gold Coin), with the additional right to purchase a predefined amount of physical gold.

 Important News 

SGC is launching the IEO on coming 26th Feb 2020 on a reputed Korean Exchange ChainX, you can buy the tokens directly from the exchange here – and also from the official website –

Benefits of Mining Gold in Sudan

Sudan is one of Africa’s largest countries, covering approximately 1 881 998 square km. This ranges between 8.45-2, Sudan3.8 N latitudes and 21.49-38.34 E longitudes. The population is 33,419,625 million. 

Sudan’s mining sector contributes to the national economy by about 8 percent. Gold, chromium ores, gypsum, salt, and building materials primarily cement raw materials are the only resources mined in Sudan today.

With such a large area and diversified geology fusing across the borders of seven countries, Sudan has enormous mineral potential yet to be assessed and developed.

Geological studies indicate the diversity and abundance of Sudan’s mineral resources, especially gold, with the majority of deposits having geology and structure highly favorable for exploration and mineral mining.

Nevertheless, to develop and improve the infrastructure suitable for mineral exploration, the large area of Sudan requires considerable resources and investments that the country currently lacks. Therefore, the Government is now taking numerous steps to encourage investment (i.e. FDI) in precious metals (gold and other) mining, especially in the northern, northeastern and Blue Nile regions, making the development of the mining industry a priority task for the Ministry of Energy and Mining of Sudan.

Sudan has a huge mineral potential that awaits exploration, evaluation, and growth, namely in gold mining.

Infrastructure is evolving, and the investment climate at the national level is supportive and encouraging so the gold mining in Sudan will be beneficial.

How the SGC will be a revolution for Gold Mining

Sudan Gold Coin (SGC) is a revolutionary Blockchain project aimed at developing a groundbreaking decentralized network for the exchange of gold and other precious metals and receiving information on the gold and precious metals markets.

The project will also indirectly invest in gold mining operations in Sudan to provide the right to buy the gold extracted in Sudan to users of the open platform. In addition, the Sudan Gold Coin (SGC) Project offers its Crowdsale investors a unique opportunity to participate in a project in which both crypto and real-world assets are connected to digital tokens (Sudan Gold Coin), with the additional right to purchase a predefined amount of physical gold.

The SGC plans to run a gold mine, which incorporates mineralization on the surface and is dispersed spatially in a manner that is ideally suited to open pit mining methods. Gold quality distribution and the findings of preliminary mineral processing studies suggest that traditional Heap Leaching methods and CIL (Cyanide-In-Leach) can be used to extract the gold from this deposit.

The necessary equipment requires to open pit mining is 30 ton excavators and trucks. Mining is planned on a schedule of 6 days per week, with two 8-hour shifts a day, 312 days a year. Ore production is expected at a nominal rate of 2000 TDP, which is equivalent to 740,000 tons per annum if $10 million is raised. As stated, the project can be scaled so that the output of the ore increases proportionally.

Capital investment amounts to $9,864,000, if $10 million is raised during the Crowd sale. Given the project’s high scalability, the capital investments are $24,660,000, if the desired $28,000,000 is raised. The Project’s total operating cost is about $35.98 per ton of mined ore.


Contributing to the SGC Project is one of the best opportunities to have access to the SGC Network and the right to buy Gold, tangible assets of everlasting worth, with SGC tokens.

Important News 

SGC is launching the IEO on coming 26th Feb 2020 on a reputed Korean Exchange ChainX, you can buy the tokens directly from the exchange here – and also from the official website –

Native Gaming is an ambitious new online casino that allows players to Be the House by directly staking in the bankroll. Stakeholders receive Gross Gaming Revenue generated by 5,000+ Casino Games from over 70 game providers including Evolution Gaming, Netent, Play n Go and Microgaming.

Native Gaming has recently announced their proprietary Social MMO Sweepstakes Casino featuring the first of it’s kind, patent pending, Native MMO Slot Video Game. Unlike traditional online slots games that all use the same, spin and a chance to win, the Native MMO Slot game is a full video game that replaces the traditional, casino-style slot mechanic with a monster catching system similar to the popular pokemon games. Monsters can then be used to battle and earn money or cashed in directly to the casino. Native Gaming has not announced a release date for the Native MMO Slot game yet but they are running a great No Deposit Free Spin Bonus to tide us over in the meantime.

Natives (An identity given to stakeholders in the Native Gaming Casino) can invest in Native Gaming through the ‘Be The House’ program. Invest and become part of the Online Casino Bankroll where other Natives pool their bankroll against all bettors on the site. This requires Natives to use a web3 browser extension like Metamask or a mobile Dapp Browser like Trust Wallet. By sharing the ‘house edge’ (varies by game) with other Native stakeholders it allows players to grab a piece of the profit! As the bankroll grows so does Natives’ bankrolling of the house edge. The Native Gaming bankroll system is based on blockchain technology and allows for permissionless investments & divestments in a transparent nature. It consists of three bankrolls based on existing cryptocurrency: Ethereum (ETH), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), and DAI (a decentralized, collateral-backed stable coin pegged to $1USD) each with their own smart contracts.

When each client deposits into the bankroll their funds are placed into our bankroll contract and NTV tokens are awarded in return. The ETH-based NTV tokens are called NTV-e tokens, the WBTC-based tokens called NTV-b tokens, and the DAI-based tokens called NTV-d tokens. The price paid for NTV tokens depends linearly on the total supply of the specific bankroll token. In other words, when someone buys NTV tokens the price for that token will increase accordingly. Similarly, when someone sells NTV tokens, the price of that token will decrease. Buying and selling tokens immediately would ensure that they receive the same amount of ETH, WBTC, and/or DAI that they started with, this means no entry or exit fees.

When the ‘house’ is winning, the revenue is used to buy NTV tokens that are then distributed proportionally based on the current USD value of their staked NTV. When the ‘house’ is losing the staking contract sells a proportionate amount of staked NTV tokens to cover the losses.

While it may seem rather complicated at first, the bankroll system is quite simple. To receive your share of casino revenue, just buy NTV tokens with ETH, WBTC, or DAI then stake them. If you ever want to realize your profits, you just unstake your tokens and sell them back to the NTV exchange contract.

With the growing demand for crypto exchange, users are in search of user-friendly tools to enable secure trading. Brexily offers a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is expected to bring about a revolution in the field of crypto exchange across the globe.

With the world moving towards digitalisation and paperless work, cryptocurrency has evolved as the most significant digital currency. The improved liquidity and quick access that cryptocurrency brings further increases its popularity among the people. To enhance the experience of trading of cryptocurrency, Brexily provides the best platform to the users. The launch of Brexily is expected to take the cryptocurrency exchange platform to a whole new level. With cryptocurrency expected to experience high user growth in the near future, Brexily helps in filling the gap and providing optimum solutions.

According to the official spokesperson of the company, Brexily is the first of its kind, a cryptocurrency trading platform that comes with zero trading fees. The platform is all set to provide innovative solutions to the users. By providing a user-friendly and secure platform, the company enables easy buying as well as selling of cryptocurrency among the users. Additionally, the users can also benefit from the reward programs and the community-based loyalty programs offered by the platform.

Brexily is designed with the aim of providing the users much more than a simple decentralised exchange of cryptocurrency. Apart from zero trading fees, the platform of Brexily offers several unique features for the users. One of the prominent features is the community rewards, which credits a welcoming bonus to the account of the user on signing up in Brexily. On inviting friends to the platform, Bexily rewards the users with a referral bonus.

The crypto exchange platform of Brexily also features a multiway payment option. The multiway payment option enables the users to purchase cryptocurrency through the use of debit or credit cards on the Brexily platform. The third-party integration also allows the users to reload as well as receive funds with the use of crypto in any currency. With a multi-layer security feature, the platform helps in providing optimum security to all the activities and transactions of the users.

Through an online crypto marketplace, Brexily extends its services to enable the user to shop online, book hotels, purchase flight tickets, reload mobile balances, and make utility bill payments through the platform. Starting from groceries and food items to electronics and fashion items, the platform enables users to shop for everything. Brexily aims at making the crypto market easily accessible to the users, especially the ones who are new to the cryptocurrency exchange market. It offers valuable services to the users who lack the understanding and knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.

By offering crypto debit cards, Brexily helps in empowering the users. With the easy and hassle-free conversion of the funds, the users can be highly benefited. Being accepted worldwide, the crypto debit card allows the user to spend or withdraw the required amount from the funds anywhere and anytime. The platform also offers the flexibility to choose between physical and virtual cards for convenience and control over the financial funds. Shopping through the prepaid cards offers the users an opportunity to earn exclusive rewards. Moreover, the safe and secure payment system ensures protection against security threats for the users.

Brexily has a team of professional experts continuously engaged in providing support to the users and ensuring better user experiences. With experience and expertise in the field, the experts strive to offer the best value to the users. Along with services, the team provides constant support to the users. The dedicated customer support team will be available 24/7 to help in solving all the issues and enquiries from the users. 

About the Company:

Developed by Everus Technologies and set for its official launch in May 2020, Brexily will be positioned as one of the key solutions within the Everus World Ecosystem. As well as benefiting from the existing 100,000 global Everus wallet users, Brexily will attract a new audience of cryptocurrency users who are seeking a secure and user friendly platform for cryptocurrency trading.

Other Solutions in the Everus World Ecosystem include:

  • Everus Wallet – Launched in 2017 along with EVR token, the Everus wallet provides users with a secure and user-friendly solution for storing and managing their cryptocurrency portfolio. As well as supporting over 100 cryptocurrencies, Everus wallet also provides access to a variety of exclusive features, providing users with the ability to generate income from their cryptocurrency assets.
  • PSIGEN – Developed exclusively for the Everus Wallet, PSIGEN A.I trading bot provides fully automated trading across a variety of leading global cryptocurrency exchanges, generating passive income for users in Bitcoin, 24 hours a day.
  • EVR+ – Providing users with an alternative form of investment; generating long term passive income in the form of Bitcoin. Users receive daily dividend earnings of up to 18 months with a high-interest rate.
  • EverusPay – A cryptocurrency payment solution providing online merchants with the ability to accept payments in over 100 cryptocurrencies online. Merchants benefit from fast and secure settlement anywhere in the world in leading currencies, including EURO, USD and GBP.
  • EverusFinance – Set to launch in 2020, this blockchain-powered lending platform provides users with the ability to borrow in a variety of leading currencies against their cryptocurrency assets. With its fast and straightforward application process, this platform is set to revolutionize the way users across the world access lending facilities.