Nowadays, trading bitcoins and buying or selling them is growing in India. Various websites are offering these type of bitcoin and altcoins trading services but only certain websites are categorized under the most-trusted category with reference to their easy usage and popularity. There are many websites and apps to buy and sell bitcoin in India. Here is the complete list of Best Crypto Currency Exchanges In India (Bitcoin + Altcoins)


Note: Due to the RBI circular, crypto exchanges are not able to let traders liquidate crypto assets. That means banks accounts can not be used for buying crypto anymore and similarly you can not sell crypto  and receive Rupee in your bank account through exchange. To deal with it few exchanges has launched Peer to Peer Exchange (P2P) where users can buy and sell crypto directly to each other. Till the further order from authorities users will only be able to trade between multiple crypto assets on the exchanges listed below.


Best Crypto Currency Exchange In India



koinex loop

Koinex is the most advanced, popular and reliable exchange in India. It deals with multiple crypto currency pairs including USDT. Koinex is the first India exchange which offered Taker-Maker model in Indian crypto market at a small trading fee. Users can access Koinex platform through desktop as well as mobile application. Koinex also launched P2P exchange where users can directly exchange, buy/sell their cryptos.

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WazirX is a newly launched cryptocurrency exchange, started trading from 8th March, aims to become the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange operating in India. It plans to launch a fully functional crypto exchange that will support different cryptocurrency pairs, WazirX has also introduced its own token, the WRX Coin, you can earn 100 Free WRX by joining this exchange.

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Backed by BillDesk, Coinome is one of the most trusted exchanges in this list and probably you can say one of the best. Bill desk is a popular payment collection gateway. Coinome is a place the whwere user can buy Bitcoin instantly truly as they offer E-KYC.


Unlike other exchanges, their KYC is not manual. Buyer has to enter Aadhar number which will be instantly verified through OTM on your Adhar mentioned the mobile number.  You can easily deposit money into Coinome through e-transfer. Coinome supports multiple crypto coins, the list includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Visit Coinome Exchange




CoinDCX is a crypto-to-crypto exchange as well a p2p crypto exchange, which offers crypto users freedom to legally buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies in 100-plus available pairs in BTC/ETH. CoinDCX also launched a p2p exchange is also known as DCXInsta. Trading fee at this platform is 0.20% only. CoinDCX platform is available in both web application as well as mobile app.

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CoinDelta is a relatively new exchange that offers to trade in multi-cryptocurrency. It is the first Indian exchange which provides multiple markets including ETH-INR, BTC-INR and LTC-BTC etc.


Similar to other India exchanges they have strict KYC and you need to link your bank account before starting trading with CoinDelta. You can deposit INR in wallet via transfer (IMPS/ NEFT/RTGS). It charges a fee of Rs.20 for transfer per transaction.  Currently, Coindetla supports Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Omisego, Qtum, and Bitcoin Cash.

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BuyUcoin is another India’s market leader in Cryptocurrency market. It provides easy and trusted platform to buy, trade, store, and accept many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum classic, List, NEM, Civic, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and many more.

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Koinok Exchange Review Interview with Founder

Launched a few days ago, KoinOK is a digit asset trading platform which offers users to buy and sell popular digital assets (cryptocurrencies) in an open order book. KoinOK trying to provide a one-stop solution for trading cryptocurrencies in India in a fast, easy and secure way. They are currently running in Beta mode and supported cryptocurrencies are Repple and Ethereum. Interview with KoinOk’s Founder



LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer exchange for Bitcoins. It is a marketplace where you can buy and sell Bitcoins to and from another user of this site. Read more on LocalBitcoins.

Localbitcoins review - Buy bitcoin face to face locally

It works similar to the concept of Quickr classified in India, traders, create ads with the price and list the payment method they want to offer. You can browse LocalBitcoin for trade ads and find out listings with a payment method you want.



Founded in 2015, Zebpay is the first and mobile app based Bitcoin exchange in India.  Zebpay is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in various parts of India. Users can buy, sell, keep and spend their Bitcoin using Zebpay app secured by a 4-digit pin and a fingerprint(optional). As instructed by authorities, Zebpay follows strong KYC and AML policies. Visit Exchange site


Features of Zebpay:

  • User-friendly site.
  • Performs verification process upon user registration.
  • Support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

Download App || Get Free Bitcoin With ZebPay is a platform that helps to buy the Ethereum and few other coins with the use of INR currencies.  In this platform, you can easily trade the Ethereum unlike other platform. where a buyer also need a seller to perform the transaction. User can buy Ethereum directly on this platform without any wait. Review Exchange is currently working on INVITE only mode for new registrations. You will be able to join only through an invitaion of the existing user of the exchange. Normally, once apply for Signup, you will be in wait list and your KYC verification may take a bit long time. CoinFunda have partnered with Ethx, we are sharing our Invite code to with our audience to setup account on instantly.

  • You will also get ETH worth Rs. 200 once you created an account with the link below.
  • You will also get ETH worth Rs. 200 once you created an account here.

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It is a renowned bitcoin company in India and is highly recommended for new bitcoin users due to its user-friendly interface and easy usage facility. An attractive thing of Unocoin is that updates are made periodically with the implementation of various additional features. It is an exclusive platform for those users who made bitcoin investments as a System Investment Plan (SIP). Here, the maximum investment amount is 50 k and the investments are often made on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. The mobile application provided by Unocoin supports the transaction of bitcoins through mobile phones. Download from App store.


Features of Unocoin:

  • Provides security with the help of an option called ‘2-step authentication’.
  • Sells bitcoin automatically.
  • Offers ‘Over the counter trading’ or OTC trading.
  • Offers a strong API integration facility for the purpose of bitcoin payments.
  • Delivers human-readable bitcoin wallet addresses with the help of an option called ‘Netki’.

History of Unocoin:

Unocoin was launched in Bangalore on September 28 at the Global bitcoin conference. It has been started with the investment of about 1.5 million US dollars ($1.5 million) made by the US and Indian citizens. At the time of its start, it holds around 30 employees and 100,000 users totally.

Characteristics of SIP or System Investment Plan:

  • It is a conservative methodology of acquiring bitcoins.
  • It offers low risk and efficiently cuts down the financial expenses.
  • It requires a fixed investment amount from the user at regular intervals.



It is an Indian website used for the purpose of Ripple trading only. (Visit BTCXndia)


Features of BTCXINDIA:

  • Easy usage with regular trading updates.
  • Offers robust API facility.

User Registration:

The users have to fill the KYC form for initiating a bitcoin trade on this website. After filling the form, the users need to wait for 48 hours in order to get an approval. Only an approved user is allowed to access this site.


We will keep this article updated once we find out any new cryptocurrency exchange operating in India. Please provide your feedback related to above exchanges in the comment section below.

In the past days, trading of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins was not that much familiar in India. But nowadays, buying and selling (trading) of bitcoins have gained a massive attention of the cryptocurrency traders in India. Offcourse, bitcoin trading is now considered as a highly profitable process, in comparison with the other cryptocurrency trading methodologies available in the market. Many exchanges are reported massive signups daily and due to the high amount of traffic to buy bitcoin in India sometimes exchange have to disable new user signups.

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The profit rate in bitcoin trading mainly depends upon the type of trading platform chosen by the trader. It is really safe to go for Bitcoin purchase from a variety of sources (Bitcoin exchanges), instead of preferring a single source. Why because, if a trader buys a large number of bitcoins in a single exchange, the chances to adopt losses are extremely high. But if he goes for a variety of exchanges, he will acquire huge gain. The following are some of the notable platforms to buy Bitcoin in India:


Note: Due to the RBI circular, crypto exchanges are not able to let traders liquidate crypto assets. That means banks accounts can not be used for buying crypto anymore and similarly you can not sell crypto  and receive Rupee in your bank account through exchange. To deal with it few exchanges has launched Peer to Peer Exchange (P2P) where users can buy and sell crypto directly to each other. Till the further order from authorities users will only be able to trade between multiple crypto assets on exchanges listed below.


Best Exchange to Buy Bitcoin in India- 2019


WazirX: WazirX, is just launched, act as a traditional cryptocurrency exchange with several different crypto pairs currently supporting Bitcoin, Litecoin and DASH trading. Wazirx will have its own exchange-backed token named WRX Coin, similarly, like Binance or Cobinhood, crypto platforms, have done in the past.

Visit WazirX Exchange


Koinex: It is a distinct Bitcoin trading website, which also supports some other cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash and so on. Koinex has a tiered maker-taker fee schedule like Coinome.

Sign up for Koinex


Coinome: It is the best as well as an innovative exchange for bitcoin trading. It is a perfect marketplace for instant bitcoin purchase. It holds a simple, user – friendly interface, which allows even the new users to have accesstor this platform. In addition to bitcoins, it is also a supporter of Litecoins. A familiar but oldest payment collection platform called Bill desk is the backbone of this exchange. A unique feature of Coinome is that it contains an option called E– KYC, where KYC is done at an instant manner.

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CoinDCX: CoinDCX launched crypto-to-crypto exchange as well a p2p exchange, where crypto users will have the freedom to legally buy, sell and trade crypto in 100-plus available pairs in BTC/ETH. CoinDCX p2p exchange is also known as DCXInsta. Trading fee at this platform is 0.20% only. CoinDCX offers web application as well as mobile apps to access this platform.

Visit CoinDCX Exchnage


Coindelta: It is similar to coinome and allows the trading of multiple currency types like bitcoins, litecoins, ethereum, and Ripple and so on.

Sign up for Coindelta

Unique features of coin delta:

  • It is a simple but highly reliable platform for bitcoin trading.
  • It holds a better performance rate and facilitates faster payments.
  • It contains a special support team, which is available on a 24 * 7 basis.
  • It supports all kinds of crypto currencies.
  • It imposes only very low trading charges.


BuyUCoin: BuyUcoin is another India’s market leader in Cryptocurrency market. It provides easy and trusted platform to buy, trade, store, and accept many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEM, Civic, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash etc.

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LocalBitcoins: It is the one and only trading platform that accepts cash payments. It is designed especially for Indian traders. It ensures safety with the help of an aspect called two – factor authentication.

Sign up for LBC


Unocoin: It is a perfectly suitable platform for beginners (new users) to perform bitcoin trading. It contains a simple user – friendly interface that facilitates the bitcoin investments in the form of SIP (Systematic investment plan).

Download Unocoin App


Zebpay: It is a simple, easier and faster exchange for Bitcoin trading. It is designed exclusively for those, who want to do Bitcoin trading in mobile phones. It has a special mobile application for the purpose of making trades and it fixes the best rates for bitcoin purchase. The users of this platform an make their secure transactions in the form of bits. You may download Zebpay from playstore. Read the article on How to get free Bitcoin on Zebpay.


The above listing is purely based on priority, which normally involves the aspects like easy usage and popularity.

Fieldcoin is a blockchain-based platform that connects landowners with investors and financiers. This facilitates property or land transactions to be carried out immediately, without intermediaries and in a secure environment.

Traditionally, at the local level, lands were negotiated in words. However, during the last few decades, globalization has distanced the owners from local investors. During the last few years, land owners and agrarian businesses have noticed how intermediaries changed – a change that affects both local economies and global markets.


Fieldcoin is using the current legal framework combined with blockchain technology to allow for faster and cheaper transactions. In this situational framework, Fieldcoin Ltd. provides sufficient tools to restore natural order.

The Fieldcoin platform is a digitized ecosystem for management and transfer without the high commission costs. It is a meeting point in which to trade locally or globally immediately and reliably. There are 2 ownership levels: “offchain”, to comply with national regulations and “onchain”, registered and negotiable in the blockchain. In their documentation they detail the offchain operations as follows:

“Fieldcoin Ltd or a third-party company DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) owns the property titles registered in the national land registry. The owner of the token owns a part of the company that represents the specific land acquired in the platform.”


Digitizing the Agricultural Sector by Offering Empowerment and Infrastructure Is Fieldcoin’s Immediate Objective

This is where onchain operations come into play. Logic is imposed and offers solutions to problems that have haunt us for decades. Sometimes, we see how some initial offer does not consolidate the idea presented, for different reasons. It is for this reason that the operating ecosystem must be precise and orderly. Creating a stable transactions instrument is the starting point. Taking advantage of the potential of blockchain technology, the platform will facilitate the process of operating with lands, thus opening an ecosystem of incalculable magnitudes.


The agrarian and industrial sector are inevitably united for logical reasons. However, the digital breach has increased in this pairing. It requires global solutions that promote the digitization of the sector that are solid and reliable.

For this, the founders and a large team of professionals have coordinated efforts with the Fieldcoin platform being the resulting product – a decentralized global marketplace that is involved in a whole platform of agrarian services and operations.


Fair Empowerment and P2P Crowdfunding, First Steps to Consolidate Adoption

FieldCoin will provide a transparent environment where collective financing will be promoted. In order to improve the sector, current innovations and results will be progressively seen. In the agricultural business sector, we find a broad spectrum in which to deepen.

Online management is something rooted for new generations. However, agriculture is a sector in which more traditional owners and investors converge. Fieldcoin puts a global market that operates 24/7 in the palm of your hand. In that market, another use case for the FCO token will take shape – funding. In the third quarter of 2019, the first agribusiness crowdfunding round is planned.


The platform will process proposals for improvement, research, scaling, and renovation among others. If we take into account the owners’ side, the change is total. The uncertainties and extra costs associated with intermediaries – operations with points of opacity, delays in collections, and abusive commissions – are all but eliminated.

Supporting the local farmer requires planning and, Fieldcoin will provide agricultural scaling plans. The synergy is materialized by supporting modern techniques, enhancing profitability and sustainability. The most realistic and innovative agricultural projects will be chosen and investors will be part of the equation with their contributions.


A More Efficient, Liquid and Sustainable Market That Offers Economic and Social Benefits

The Fieldcoin platform offering multiple use cases, all of which are linked together by the FCO token. Through the platform, land owners can access and manage a complete and diverse range of services.

In terms of buying or selling land, the panel offers an interactive portal from within its software. Buyers across the globe are connected through a panel oriented to crop management. The panel is meticulously designed, in addition to acquiring offers management on these plots or lands.


If on the other hand you want to build infrastructure or assess land, the panel itself consists of the necessary functions and enables access to a large team of professionals available to offer 24/7 support, something never seen in the rural sector. In addition to the aforementioned, on collective financing initiatives, liquidity variants are offered.

The FCO tokens will be considered valid as collateral, facilitating liquidity in the form of loans to token holders. In terms of liquidity and use case, the Depository Network (DEPO) has secured the first place. The decentralized multi-platform collateral Infrastructure will list the FCO token, accepting it as collateral for loans and deposits.


Utilizing traditional methods, many landowners receive payments for their crops months late. Therefore, the fact of tokenizing lands in a p2p ecosystem will offer a time frame according to natural needs. We will no longer see the producers having to wait months to be paid for their efforts and harvest. It’ll be finished with FCO.


Details About the FCO Token Sale Offered by Fieldcoin Ltd

FCO is an ERC-20 token whose value has been set at $0.05.  The token sale will be offered in 2 different stages. Out of the 1 billion total token supply, 790 million are available for purchase by investors. The sum is distributed between the initial presale phase and the subsequent public sale. Additional amounts will be distributed as detailed in the white paper.

The first stage (presale) will run from February 4 to 12 and offers investors a 100% bonus for the first $1 million raised.’

The public sale begins on April 2 and will feature variable bonuses. For the first 100 million FCO tokens sold during the public sale, investors will be rewarded with a 50% bonus. The bonus decreases by 10% for each subsequent 100 million tokens.


Traceability from Land to Fork, Management 3.0 in a Fast and Transparent Ecosystem

In terms of services, blockchain technology ensures serious difficulties when someone tries cheat entries or registrations; With blockchain almost impossible to manipulate, the advantages over the traditional paper model for managing data records and their handling are evident. With these advantages, an entire ecosystem of global renewal enters the scene based on the traceability of food. The first to notice the benefit is the consumer, who enjoys freshness in their daily food guaranteed via blockchain.


The proposed model registers food inputs and outputs on the blockchain. Besides saving paper costs and rudimentary traditional methods, it speeds up the mobility of data interoperability because it is public and everybody can check the transaction history.

Times are changing, and new technologies offer greater accuracy managing Big Data. In terms of human resources, that records are stored publicly, reliably and safely brings effectiveness and profitability to management. In this way, professionals in the sector can spend less time in banalities and provide high quality information to customers, farmers and plot owners.


The Platform Will Promote Training and Sustainability, Both Local and Global Levels, Through the Fieldcoin Foundation

If you find the project presented by Fieldcoin Ltd (London, UK) interesting, we invite you to discover more. From the following official links you will be able to find information about the initiatives of The Fieldcoin Foundation. Among some initiatives are: The program of access to basic services such as water and electricity. Promote local employment through agricultural education and improve logistics by improving infrastructures in the prolific zones and their respective roads; Facilitate access to areas of interest for the project, local communities and their stakeholders.


Official Fieldcoin links:

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is fast becoming an attractive market for the development of biomass as an energy source. TerraGreen shall for the initial stages operate its  renewable energy business models in the ASEAN bloc, primarily due to the unique regulatory framework provided by the form of feed-in-tariff (FiT) and auxiliary legal structures. By, the

The robust FiT mechanism allows for the ‘assetization’ of renewable energy. This makes energy a viable and sound long-term investment for companies and industries, by the mechanism of providing guaranteed access to the grid along with a favorable price per unit for this new ‘energy commodity.’


A pre-existing (2007) Memorandum of Understanding between representatives of the ASEAN member nations is currently fostering an atmosphere conducive for the creation of the multinational power grid, along with the large-scale identification of suitable power generation units. The ongoing and proposed power grid interconnection projects have the combined aim of the project is to interconnect ASEAN countries in order to promote power trading and exchange across the South East Asia.


The tokenized energy units will be cryptographically linked with the TerraGreen Coin and mounted on blockchain. This unique digital ‘energy value’ asset has the potential for creating a revolutionary and ‘trustless’ mechanism for micro-managing biomass wastes, ranging from agricultural, farming and forestry sectors.


The following factors are crucial for the success of TerraGreen project in ASEAN context –

1. Energy production

2. Energy consumption

3.Market liquidity


Unique Use-case: The Indonesian Energy Scenario

According to estimates, Indonesia only produces 146.7 million tons of biomass per year, equivalent to almost 5000 GJ in terms of energy production. Having said that, biomass is largely concentrated on the Island of Kalimantan, Sumatera, Irian Jaya and Sulawesi. The power generation is estimated to be about 150 million ton of biomass residues every year, equivalent to roughly 470 GJ per year. The major sources of biomass energy in Indonesia –


The major sources of biomass energy in Indonesia are –

  1. Rubber wood Residues (120 GJ per year),
  2. Rice Residues (150 GJ per year),
  3. Sugar mill residues (78 GJ per year),
  4. Palm oil residues (67 GJ per year),
  5. The combination of plywood residues, logging residues, sawn timber residues, veneer residues, and coconut residues (20 GJ per year)


Another important source of biomass waste is the municipal solid waste (MSW). As of now, all of these organic (domestic) wastes are either dumped in a landfill or burned in an incinerator, before their conversion into usable forms of renewable energy. A project like TerraGreen holds many prospects for the future, with the foremost advantage being the commodification of renewable energy. It would be interesting to see how the powerful new venture pans out.

“Ninety percent of what we see today won’t exist in 10 years’ time, but 10 percent of it will change the world” – Chris Larsen, Ripple’s CEO.

This statement might be the summary of it all. The world is constantly changing, and with this change, new technologies and approaches are revealed, defining the future business and communications.

Global cross-border payments have been the main driving engine behind the recent international commerce great upsurge. However, in order to fuel this growth even further, new approaches and technologies must be utilized.


According to recent research released by McKinsey&Company, Global payments revenues grew 11% in 2017 (Figure 1), which is the highest growth rate for the past five years and are expected to grow in a steady pace in conjunction with the growth we see in cross-border payments and across all international commerce segments. Companies like Alibaba and Amazon are record-breaking year after year, with smaller manufacturers and SME’s now, more than ever, are able to take advantage of less conventional payment solutions like e-wallets, real-time payment systems and credit-cards, allowing them to sell their products and services to a rapidly growing number of new markets and customers now connected to the digital commerce and ensuring increasing customer demand.

Global digital commerce volume exceeded $3 Trillion in 2017 and is expected to more than double by 2022. Such enormous growth cannot rely solely on the current payment solutions, and new, already existing, technologies must be utilized to support this growth.


The growth we notice is not passing over without complications. Growing demand for quick settlement, transparency, AML and regulatory constraints, push costs up and require new technologies to support further growth.

Blockchain platforms like Ripple and others were developed to address each one of these constraints, implicating cross-border payments by providing a standardized, decentralized infrastructure; full visibility for fees, delivery and status; Transaction route optimization and costs reduction.


As the hurdles for blockchain based payment systems adoption are decreasing, more and more financial institutions are exploring ways to implement this technology in their core solution offering. As more financial institutions will embrace this technology than more SME’s will be able to utilize it to expand to new markets and segments.

What was once a slow, not-transparent and relatively expensive process might soon become much more frictionless and cost-effective, supporting the international commerce growth and even motivate industry leaders and newcomers exploring new technologies and approaches fueling this growth even further.


The UK-based electronic money institution (EMI) MoneyNetint, has recently announced the deployment of the blockchain-based payment platform developed by Ripple enabling MoneyNetint to connect with other global financial institutions already deployed on the RippleNet and utilize the wide range of new corridors and local payment schemes now being available. This new service will enable merchants of all sizes, operating on a cross-border basis, to expand their operations while reducing costs by opening a corporate account with MoneyNetint.

Since the establishment of MoneyNetint in 2004, the company has positioned itself as one of the more reputable private payment companies in its field. Its platform enables the transfer of secure payments online through electronic wallets, local payment schemes and international bank transfers, as well as currency conversions in a fast and cost-effective way.


About the author

Avi Starodubsky, the head of business development and strategic partnerships at MoneyNetint has been a key part in establishing a global strategic approach and driving the company’s efforts to maximise the value proposition to its customers.

The practice of trading goods and services between individuals and corporations is coming to a full circle with magnification of the digital era. The Barter system that was so long being read among the pages of the past has dynamically revived and is ruling the present times of digital currency. ‘Trade in goods and services’, was recorded to be a market worth 31% of France’s GDP in 2016 and 32% in the following year. And today, with Blockchain technology shaking the roots of centralized organizations and imposing transition into a decentralised world, it is high time that the comprehensive field of trade shed its old ways and walk under the torch of the progressive technology ahead. The ShareMeAll Project has made a move to pursue just that.


Blockchain is a public ledger where every transactional activity carried out over registered servers is chronologically stored and secured under a system of shared trust. Supporting the arrangement are smart contracts which are governed and regulated only by computer codes which trigger automatically when the conditions of its execution are met. ShareMeAll, the exchange and sharing alternative community project, has made an attempt to apply the integration of these two powerful aspects of the technology into the concept of Bartering. The Blockchain powered platform allows its users exchange or sharing of goods, services, assets and everything else ranging from a part or all of their homes to their cars, furniture and more.


The project has created an internet and mobile platform,, that provides its users access to eSwitch® tokens, the cryptocurrency designed to be used on the platform for performing trade and availing other benefits offered on the platform. The project is focused on bringing people closer and creating a community that provides and draws benefits mutually from its members. With the use of the Blockchain technology, the proceedings within the platform are made transparent, direct and instant. Smart contracts are introduced to stamp the deals with concrete details that are public and accessible to all those that the contracts bind. Altogether, the ShareMeAll Project tries to fabricate an idea and usage of blockchain and cryptocurrency among all sections and all classes of people all over the world.


The eSwitch® token pre-sale is currently live and can be entered on the ShareMeAll official website. The project has developed 60,000,000 eSwitch® tokens; of which, 25% i.e 15,000,000 are decked for pre-ICO.


The unique concept of trading objects, skills and everything tradable is resonating with a large chunk of intellectuals on the global scale. The project is determined to revolutionize the persistent trading system, reform it and render it a new dimension altogether.

The DAICO is a new method for raising funds, proposed by Vitalik Buterin in 2018. It represents the union between a normal ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The goal is to minimize the complexity and risks associated with these.



We have been hearing a lot about ICO, but only few people know about a new method for the decentralized collection of funds, called “DAICO”: Vitalik Buterin talked about it in 2018: DAICO involves the merging of the elements of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) and the so-called ICOs, in order to minimize the risks associated with the second one.


How does DAICO work?

The development team that intends to raise funds for their public project builds a DAICO contract, which starts in “contributory mode” – specifying a mechanism by which anyone can contribute. Once the fundraising has been completed, the possibility of contributing to the ETHs is lost and the initial balance of the token is placed; from that moment on, tokens can be exchanged. Within the smart contract, the tap function (unit: wei / sec) is inserted, which determines the amount of funds per second that the development team can request from the contract.


Function Meaning Link to the code
TAP Voting to determine the increase or decrease of funds granted to the development team.


Self-destruction A vote that will determine the destruction of the Tokens and the reimbursement of the ethics collected to the respective investors
Vote The integration of a voting system can guarantee a highly democratic vote without weight differences as it happens with DPoS solutions


One year passed since Vitalik Buterin talked about DAICO, but finding projects that use the DAICO – reducing the risks for the investors – is not very common.


One of the real case is Followine, an innovative Italian start-up founded in June 2017 with the aim of developing a system capable of effectively fight the phenomenon of wine counterfeiting. On their website ( you can find more info about what is a DAICO, how does it work and how it reduces the risks for the investors.


Another project that ran a DAICO is The Abyss, a gaming platform with versatile social features and earning opportunities, designed to be your sole gateway to MMO games universe. You can find more info about this project here


Last but not least, Goal Gorilla launched a DAICO to offer a blockchain based solution that will help online communities, continue to play a central role in mobilizing connection and social change. Another project website is (


DAICO does not mean “perfection”: but running a DAICO means offering much more guarantees to the whole blockchain investors’ community. That is why it is essential ending with a question: being given the fact that the DAICO is considered a useful tool for reducing the risks connected to the ICOs, why several projects do not use it and do not think about the investors’ needs?

Even though gambling takes place all around the world, most providers are dubious and insecure. That’s what keeps a lot of people out of the industry, even if they like the concept of gambling in general. There are many concerns like the type of bet, payout, winning criteria, trust, which prevents people from taking part in gambling on a daily basis.

However, there is one new application called “betbox” that is trying to transform betting as we know it and offer a sustainable ecosystem with individual events to a broad audience.


Betbox is unique in its setup, as one of the key features of the betbox dapp is that it makes use of blockchain technology to monetize social events and other features and make it accessible to people around the globe in a user-friendly way.

As you probably know by now, blockchain technology has the potential and features to transform any industry, and betbox is trying to bring the essence of blockchain to create a safe and completely legal environment for gambling, challenging and everything related to this sector.

Below you find some of the features that make betbox the best destination for people who are interested in taking part in a new era of entertainment:


Honest Results

Decentralised storage of data is one of the key features of the betbox ecosystem. Betbox creates a transparent and secure event environment by storing all monetary information securely in smart contracts.

That along with the implementation of decentralized wallets and distribution of wagers through smart contracts ensure that all events are ruled and managed entirely fair without being vulnerable at any given time.


Various Betting Types

The betbox ecosystem supports various event types including private betting for people within a closed circle or public betting where everyone within the platform can participate.

You can also list personal challenges as bets within the platform and others can bet on whether you can complete the problem or not. But this is not the only way to interact on the betbox ecosystem. The company’s main focus is to deliver entertaining and unprecedented features for lottery games and other monetized events to spice up the engagement with the user.


Secure and Assured Payments

Betbox makes receiving and making payments for bettings easier with the addition of a secure wallet within the platform. All the payments within the betbox ecosystem are created using decentralized wallets which can store many currencies including the native token “betbox coin”.

Final Words

If you are looking for a safe, transparent and legal platform where you can take part in blockchain gambling and create individual events on your own, then betbox is the best and only option you currently have.

Try their MVP

ERC20 tokens are used exclusively on the Ethereum platform. The term ERC20 stands for “Ethereum Request For Comments” and 20 is an unique ID number that is used to distinguish the token standard from other tokens. The ERC20 tokens follow a list of rules and regulations on the Ethereum platform. An ERC20 compliant token or smart contract brings certain benefits to its users. There are few wallets supporting ERC20 tokes which makes it difficult to choose best ERC20 wallets for you.

The Ethereum Blockchain supports more than 550 ERC20 compliant coins and smart contracts, so one need to be really diligent and careful while choosing their wallet for storing ERC20 coins.

Points to remember while choosing your ERC20 wallet:

  • The wallet should support ERC20 coins.
  • Control over pvt keys of the wallet.
  • The user interface should be easy and simple to use.
  • Look into the security features.
  • A 24/7 backup team in case there is any problem.
  • An active community platform for further development of the wallet.


List of Best ERC20 Wallets:

Let us now look into some of the best ERC20 wallets for Ethereum Tokens:

  1. Ledger Nano S: Ledger-Nano-S

    Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet that can easily be plugged into any USB port. It supports multiple coins and tokens. It has an OLED screen and a side button on the device. You can use the button to view and check all your transactions and your balance in the wallet. It is backed by a great support team and is constantly under development and will include more currencies in the future. The security features are quite strong in Ledger Nano. It is secured by passphrases, PIN codes and seed keys that makes it one of the most popular and secured wallets in the ERC20 platform. Buy Ledger Nano S Wallet

  2. Trezor:

    trezor model t - tezos walletTrezor is another hardware wallet and is one of the oldest wallets that are active so far. It contains an OLED screen and the user interface is very simple. Trezor has a very unique sleek design and has touch buttons and magnetic dock that gives a safe hold to the wallet. Users need to store its 12-digit passphrase as a backup for future references, loss or damage of device. The wallet has seed keys, PIN code protection and passphrase features that make the wallet extremely secure. Trezor is slightly costlier than Ledger and costs around $110 and it comes in three different colours white, gray and black. Buy Trezor Wallet

  3. MyEtherWallet:

    myetherwalletMyEtherWallet is an open source web wallet and its user interface is very easy to use. It is completely secure as it is an offline wallet and it stores no personal information or data of its user in its server. Users have full control of its private keys and hence it is very secure. MEW is a hot wallet so it is recommended not to store large amounts in this wallet. However, it can be used along with Ledger Nano S and in that case it comes completely secure and can store bigger amounts of funds. MyEtherWallet can also be used to store coins on Trezor and Ledger Nano through its web browser. Get MyEtherWallet Now

  4. MetaMask:

    MetaMaskMetaMask is a web wallet and is completely free to use. MetaMask browser allows you to store send and manage your ERC20 coins. Users have full control of its private keys of the wallet. Users can smoothly switch between their own network browsers and the Ethereum network. Users can also access DApps and smart contracts securely through this wallet. Get Metamask Wallet

  5. Atomic Wallet:

    atomic walletAtomic wallet is a desktop wallet. It is one of the best wallets by far as it supports all ERC20 coins. Users have full control of their private keys and seeds as all of them are stored in the device itself and none is shared in the browser or server. Users are still advised to safely store their seed passphrase for future use. The Atomic Wallet is available in Android phones as well. The iOS version will soon be launched. Another unique feature of Atomic Wallet is that it has its own official token called the AWC. Get Atomic Wallet

  6. Coinomi:

    coinomiCoinomi is a mobile wallet. It is a multicurrency wallet and supports forked coins. Coinomi also supports the ERC20 coins and is backed by a very good community of developers. It stores all your private keys securely within the wallet itself and you have full control of your funds. It is an HD wallet protected by a PIN code, a seed code and a passphrase feature. However, you have to activate its token feature by adding your set of tokens. You can download the Coinomi App into your Android phones. The iOS version will be launched soon. Get Coinomi Wallet

  7. Trust Wallet:

    trust wallet - best ERC20 WalletsTrust is a mobile wallet. It supports ERC20 coins as well as ERC223 tokens as well. Users here need not worry about security as all their private keys are stored locally. It supports multiple coins like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS, Callisto, Otum, BAT, Augur and more than 30,000 other ERC20 coins. You can also connect with other DApps through this wallet. Trust has also partnered with the Kyber network that allows it to trade with other exchanges. Get Trust Wallet

  8. MyCrypto:

    mycrypto wallet - Top ERC20 Wallets for ETHEREum tokensMyCrypto wallet allows complete control of your private keys and you are in full control of your funds. It never stores personal data, password, or private keys. MyCrypto is completely free and there are no transaction fees. You can run MyCrypto from your computer without an internet connection. Users are advised to keep a record or backup of their private keys in case of any loss or misplacement. Get MyCrypto Wallet

  9. Coinbase Wallet:

    Coinbase-walletCoinbase is one of the safest crypto wallets for storing your ERC20 tokens. It stores all your digital collectibles and assets securely. Your private keys are secured through a biometric authentication feature. The wallet allows you to buy or sell your crypto assets through other exchanges available in the crypto market. Get Coinbase Wallet

  10. Parity:

    parityAnother popular wallet for your crypto coins is the Parity wallet. It is a desktop wallet. It is also a full-node wallet and is available for Windows, Ubuntu, Docker as well as OSX. It has a GUI based web browser that allows its users to access DApps. Parity also hopes to support ERC223 coins in the near future. Get Parity Wallet

  11. Mist:

    mistMist is often considered as the official wallet of Ethereum as it is backed and developed by the developers of the Ethereum Blockchain. Mist is a desktop wallet and it has a built in Shape-Shift trading feature which allows its users to exchange their tokens easily from their wallet. It is in fact one of the most secure wallets with an added multi signature feature. Download MIST Wallet

  12. Guarda Wallet:

    guardaGuarda is a mobile-based wallet and is currently available for Android phones only. Users have full control of their keys and their funds. The private keys are securely stored in your own device and none is shared to the wallet servers. It also has an exchange service within the wallet through which you can securely trade your coins. Guarda is a multicurrency wallet and supports not only ERC20 coins like Guarda Ethereum, Guarda Ethereum Classic but other currencies like Guarda Bitcoin, Monero, etc. Guarda has partnered with Changelly that allows them to exchange currencies. Download Guarda Wallet

  13. Eidoo:

    eidoo walletEidoo is a multicurrency light wallet that supports ETH, ERC20 as well as ERC223 tokens. Eidoo was initially launched as a mobile wallet for Android and iOS phones, but now it is also available as a desktop app as well. It will soon launch its hybrid exchange where users can exchange tokens with very minimum fees. Eidoo also plans to launch some new features in future like DApps, an exchange marketplace and also a cryptocurrency debit card. Eidoo is completely free to use and can be downloaded into your desktop from the Eidoo website and to your mobile phones from Google Play. Get Eidoo Wallet

What Is Internxt?: Internxt is an online open – source, innovative and decentralized platform with a variety of websites, applications and distributed files. It is simply specified as a brand new internet with an efficient cloud computing system. Its decentralized cloud helps in solving the Internet’s technical flaws. It comes under the category of finance and it allows the users to access crypto currencies with the help of its blockchain technology.


It modifies organization of the internet by introducing revolutionary and effective technologies. It permits crowd funding with a total supply of around 49,375,000.


Intenxt is the next generation internet, which was founded on 1st July, 2017 in Valencia, Spain. Fran Villalba Segarra is the Founder as well as the chief executive officer (CEO) of this platform. The legal entity that is operated behind internxt is ‘Internxt Universal Technologies SLU’.


Why InterNxt?

Nowadays, the modern internet is being organized in such a way that all the applications, files and websites are hosted by enterprises on centralized servers. This affects the users’ privacy, since all the details are open to everyone. In fact, anyone can use google to track information about anything from anywhere in this world.


It is very dangerous to keep all the files in a single server, since hackers can easily track the information on those files. But a decentralized platform like Internxt will never ever allow any hacker to get information. Even if a hacker tries to track details beyond this, he or she will only be able to track a bit of an encrypted file. They cannot be able to get the complete information. The reason behind it is that the hacker will not know the targeted server for making an attack.


Since internxt is a decentralized network, it enables splitting of files into several pieces and also allows encryption of those pieces. Then with the help of peer – to – peer mechanism, the encrypted pieces will be spread across different servers. Internxt will permit access and pay for those people, who are hosting the file pieces.


How to Buy InterNxt (INXT)?

Currently, INXT token is listed on the following exchanges. You can exchange them against your BTC or ETH.


Best Internxt (INXT) Wallets:


A Recap of Internxt ICO:

Internxt is a legally registered entity in Valencia, Spain as Internxt Universal Technologies SLU. Internxt lunched there ICO program to allow users to participate in the development with minimum goal for the project is 500 ETH, and Maximum limit of 150,000 ETH. With the thought, If ICO crosses maximum goal limit they will be able to develop the complete environment while with minimum raised cap of 500 ETH Internxt will be able to develop a basic version decentralized file storage technology (dCDN). Even if they fail to raise the minimum cap they will continue with the development of the technology.

  • 10 % bonus tokens will be given for first 15% INXT sold.
  • 5% bonus tokens will be given for second 15% set of tokens (so up to 30%).
  • For the services, INXT token will be used as a payment method.
  • Tokens will be issued as per ERC20 Ethereum standard.
  • Tokens issued per ETH: 300
  • Minimum ether to collect 500 ETH
  • Maximum ether to collect 150,000 ETH
  • Tokens generated for Internxt’s team 2.5% of total sold tokens after the ICO
  • Tokens generated for Internxt 5% of total sold tokens after the ICO
  • Date and Time of start September 7th 2017, 07.00PM GMT 22
  • ICO Completed on: September 28th 2017, 07.00PM GMT


Unique features of Internxt:

  • It is highly safe and secure in nature.
  • It protects the privacy of the users. It overcomes all the privacy issues associated with the modern internet.
  • It offers several rewards to highly experienced writers, who are able to write perfect and efficient reviews.
  • It uses the best decentralized technologies, while compared with the other competitor sites like the crowd funding platforms.
  • It does not require any specific technical knowledge for accessing it.
  • X Core and X Cloud will now come with live support.