Cindicator is a decentralized online platform or network for the effective management of assets. It generally works behind the idea of hybrid intelligence. It introduces a shake in the world of finance. It is based on ethereum blockchain and is a combination of several machine learning models and a diverse variety of financial analysts.


It avoids the uncertainty of the new economy by introducing the technological and social infrastructure, which will take powerful decisions. It accepts only ethereum (ETH) payment method. The users of this platform can download this application either from the google play or the Application store. The tokens of cindicator are usually referred to as CND tokens, which are ERC20/Ethereum tokens. They are mainly used for giving rewards on a monthly basis.


It comes under the categories of Artificial intelligence (AI), Hedge funds, Predictive analytics and bi data. It was founded in 2015 with its head quarters in New York. Mike Brusov is the Founder as well as the Chief executive officer (CEO) of this platform. Yuri Lobyntsev and Artem Baranov are the two co – founders along with Mike Brusov. Its partnership concerns include the following:

  • Venture partner – ‘Bitfin capital’
  • Acceleration partner – ‘MOEX or Moscow exchange’
  • Crypto fund partner – ‘The token fund’
  • Technology partner – ‘Microsoft’


Best Cindicator Wallets for CND Tokens:

Cindicator Token known as “CND” is an ERC20 token which is supported by following list of wallets:

Read more for full List of ERC20 Wallets.


Best Exchange to Buy Cindicator (CND) Tokens:

Cindicator token is listed on few exchanges incuding the decentralized exchange also. But most of the volume is coming from the Binance only. Below is the recommended exchange for trading Cindicator (CND):


Merits of hybrid intelligence:

  • Intellectual asset monetization without any funding risks.
  • Detailed and updated analysis of expectations, market growth opportunities and industry type.
  • Tools offered for making investments and providing complete details about the investments.
  • Crypto currency ratings and indexes.


Unique features of Cindicator:

  • It is a community – driven platform that offers several rewards to the valuable users.
  • It effectively manages the capital invested by the investors in the crypto – currency and financial markets.
  • It gives full authority to the users to have access over its data and products.
  • It contains a qualified team of experienced professionals.
  • It is an open – source platform, whose application can be downloaded easily without any charges.
  • It lets the users to make financial forecasts.
  • It motivates users to purchase tokens.
  • It protects users from fraudulence and unauthorized attacks.
  • It uses several powerful algorithms for the effective management of funds.


About Cindicator App:

Android users may download Cindicator app from Google Play Store. This app is useful for future financial forecast and trading signals. This app allows user to forecast and earn prizes for accurate predictions.

What you get when you download Cindicator app:

  • Earn passive income from your intellectual work.
  • Enhance your trading and market analyst skills.
  • Public recognition of your analytical skills.


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Matryx is an online decentralized platform or network for collaboration. This collaborative platform helps the users in earning various rewards, sharing the results and solving the problems. It uses the technology of blockchains to perform validation of contributions made by each and every active participant in the platform. It performs the addition of each and every submission to the marketplace and matrix library, in order to facilitate purchases that are to be held in the future. It comes under the categories of VR and gaming. It is comprised of the following three essential aspects:

  • An efficient marketplace
  • Digital assets library and
  • A bounty system.


“Our goal is to make Matryx the de facto standard for decentralized collaboration, proving that a global community of collaborators will yield innovation faster than work attempted in siloed teams,” said Steve McCloskey, Chief Executive Officer, Nanome.

“Matryx aims to create an environment that encourages healthy competition and the open exchange of ideas for critical fields like math, science, technology and engineering. By leveraging Blockchain-based bounties, we’re also able to reward contributors openly, encourage future collaboration, and evolve the platform as user needs demand.”


Matryx is basically a Nanome product, where Nnanome creates a link between research, engineering, and science with the help of blockchain technology and virtual reality. Nanome had created a VR interface known as Nano – one and a VR mathematics toolkit known as Calcflow. The major motto of Matryx is to establish STEM and knowledge collaborations. It requires resources that satisfy the R & D demands, in order to reach its motto.


Steve McCloskey is the Founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this platform. The matrix tokens are usually referred to as MTX tokens, which are nothing but ERC -20 tokens. The major responsibility of these MTX tokens is to sell, purchase or remix assets.


Best Matryx Wallets for MTX Tokens:

Matryx Token known as “MTX is an ERC20 token which is supported by following list of wallets:

Read more for full List of ERC20 Wallets.


Best Exchange to Buy Matryx (MTX) Tokens:

Matryx token is listed on few exchanges but most of the volume is coming from the Huobi only. Below is the recommended exchange for trading MTX:


Significance of blockchains:

The blockchain smart contracts overcome or avoid the friction due to tracking and contributors’ compensation. The winners are getting rewarded at the end of each and every round of the bounty competition. Also, the creation of new generation will happen after giving the rewards. The tournament contracts are responsible for the management of those iterations done across the platform.


Unique features of Matryx:

  • It is an innovative and research – oriented ecosystem with a variety of ideas and public collaborations.
  • It offers several rewards and bonuses to its valuable contributors. It uses MTX tokens for providing those rewards.
  • It allows open access to its users since it is a highly transparent platform.
  • It is highly flexible in nature and it leverages system with smart contracts.
  • It allows anyone to post matrix bounties.


How does it actually work?

Matryx uses smart contract systems (via Blockchain) to generate bounties and incentivize solutions. Problems will be posted, along with a bounty for a verified solution, users can collaborate to solve these problems, share results, and win a reward for contributing their effort. All submissions received by them will be added to the library and marketplace for future purchase through MTX tokens. By using a token, Matryx can support ongoing upgrades, and platform features and improvements, as user demands dictate.

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Monetha is an online trust worthy platform of commerce. It is not a currency, but it is a kind of payment processor. Its operations are running globally and it uses the technology of blockchains. It is an Ethereum (ETH) based network that offers an effective and outstanding payment solutions for merchants all around the world.


Its partnership concerns include KR token, coin telegraph, and blockchain news and so on. It insists the customers to pay for its in – app services and subscriptions. Its blockchain continuously monitors and records all the details related to the buyer – seller relationship. The users of this platform can make payments via their Ethereum coins. It keeps track of the information about the warranty conditions, wallet address transfers, transaction time, and delivery time and so on. It was launched in January 2017. Andrej Ruckij and Justas Pikelis are the two co – founders of this platform.


Best Monetha Wallets for MTH Tokens:

Monetha Token known as “MTH” is an ERC20 token which is supported by following list of wallets:

Read more for full List of ERC20 Wallets.


Best Exchange to Buy Monetha (MTH) Tokens:

Monetha token is listed on few exchanges but most of the volume is coming from the Binance only. Below is the recommended exchange for trading Cindicator (CND):


Unique features of Monetha:

  • It is a decentralized platform that finds applications in payment sectors, e – commerce sector and in the retail sector.
  • It is a reputed network that uses smart contracts to maintain the relationship between trust and commerce.
  • It avoids or overcomes the complications associated with a system of commerce.
  • Its payment processor is highly trustable in nature, since it uses a system called DTRS (Decentralized Trust and Reputation System).
  • It is highly transparent, since anyone can view the reviews posted by the customers, who have used the platform.
  • It facilitates the exchange of ethereum tokens with the local or fiat currencies of the users.
  • It uses a special algorithm to predict the quality of each and every transaction done across the network.
  • It allows the merchants and clients to view their ratings, rate among themselves and also to solve or file a claim.
  • It contains a special storage that stores information about each and every transaction in the system in a safe and secure manner.
  • It is 10 times faster and five times cheaper than the other commerce platforms.
  • It performs faster transactions, which mean that the transactions can be done even within minutes (approximately 2 min).
  • It imposes one – time charges for transactions, which is normally around 1.5%.
  • It does entertain any intermediary or middleman between the users and the customers.
  • It performs only a single step for processing of transactions.
  • It ensures high scalability and avoids all the latency issues.


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EventChain is an online platform or network, which is the future of smart tickets. It is a decentralized ticketing platform that permits users from anywhere in the world to buy tickets at any instant of time. It brings massive ticketing of blockchains. It helps the users in buying and selling tickets in an efficient manner. It uses the technology of blockchains to provide several counterfeit solutions.


It purchases services and products from across 180 countries all over the world. This platform is being funded by a variety of billionaires, crypto currency experts, and entrepreneurs. The data or information available in the smart contracts are extracted from the Oracle of Eventchain. It’s three technological layers include Dapp, Web3, and Web2. Events can be created anywhere with the help of its desktop or mobile application. The users of this platform gain a smoother and faster experience of ticketing.


It mainly focuses on the addressing of issues related to ticketing aspects. Around 205000 vendors all around the world are offering services to this exclusive platform. Ashton Addison is the Chief Executive officer as well as the Founder of Eventchain. The tokens of Eventchain are usually referred to as event coins or EVC tokens or Eventchain tokens, which are nothing but ERC – 20 tokens and are used for ticket purchase and event creation. The users can set the appropriate conditions for selling tickets. They also have the authority to control the resale of tickets.


Best EventChain Wallets for EVC Tokens:

Eventchain Token known as “EVC” is an ERC20 token which is supported by following list of wallets:

Read more for full List of ERC20 Wallets.


Best Exchange to Buy EventChain (EVC) Tokens:

EVC token is listed on few exchanges but most of the volume is coming from the Mercatox only. Below is the recommended exchange for trading EVC:


Unique features of Eventchain:

  • It contains a simple and easily usable interface with blockchain support.
  • It is a highly scalable, transparent and fair platform since it displays the availability of tickets publicly with the help of its blockchain technology. This means that the users can be able to track the amount of sold and a number of tickets left unsold.
  • It permits the users to buy tickets in a quick, easy and instant manner.
  • It is compatible with both IOS and Android devices.
  • It avoids the possibility of selling a ticket multiple times since it provides a distinct sequence number to each and every ticket.
  • It permits the ticket resellers and vendors to build and develop their reputation in the secondary market with the help of its integrated reputation system.
  • It uses completely programmable smart tickets, thereby enabling the code of smart contracts at a fixed price.
  • It avoids the malicious attacks and fraudulence associated with the centralized ticketing systems, thereby providing an effective and decentralized solution.
  • It enhances the amount of ticket purchase by the distribution of smart tickets over an unlimited number of websites.
  • It facilitates priority seating and VIP access.
  • It contains a professional database, which holds details about the events, users and the history of tickets. All the excess data or information is stored on the blockchain of Ethereum (ETH).
  • It verifies or monitors the smart ticket transaction validity in a most efficient and reliable way.
  • It cuts down the outrageous costs associated with ticket purchase.
  • It overcomes the issues of ticket counterfeiting and ticket scalping.
  • Its stake holders include party organizers, event managers, ticket providers and social clubs.
  • It holds a wide variety of payment gateways and offers several discounts such as reduced ticket costs and early bird discounts.
  • It offers only very low processing charges for all the ticketing transactions done across this platform.


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Utrust is an innovative and revolutionary platform or network, which is the future of payments that are made online. It uses the technology of blockchains and is the safest and best platform in the world for making online payments. It generally acts as a third party mediator and the users of this platform can purchase products by making crypto currency payments. Some other platforms similar to Utrust are Bitpay and PayPal.


It holds only 200+ merchants at the initial stage. But now, the platform has been expanded to around 1000+ merchants. It is an Ethereum (ETH) based platform that uses ERC – 20 tokens. Its token is not only a spendable token, but is also an investment made by the users. It was launched in June 2017 and is based in Switzerland. Nuno Correia is the chief executive officer (CEO) as well as the founder of this platform.


Best Utrust Wallets for UTK Tokens:

Utrust Token known as “UTK” is an ERC20 token which is supported by following list of wallets:

Read more for full List of ERC20 Wallets.


Best Exchange to Buy Utrust (UTK) Tokens:

Utrust token is listed on few exchanges inducing the decentralized exchange also. But most of the volume is coming from the Huobi Global only. Below is the recommended exchange for trading Utrust (UTK):


Utrust vs Paypal vs Bitpay – Feature Comparision:

Utrust vs paypal


Unique features of Utrust:

  • It is a highly volatile platform that offers a wide range of benefits to both the buyers and sellers.
  • It gives a special protection mechanism upon ground breaking purchases.
  • It overcomes the risk factors like fraudulence or scams with the help of its payment protection strategy.
  • It mainly focuses on the product’s protection from purchase till delivery.
  • It allows real time transactions at a much lower cost.
  • It protects the users’ payments from unauthorized hacking.
  • It avoids fraudulence of credit cards and nasty chargebacks.
  • It facilitates the conversion of payments into fiat currencies, in order to give protection against the price fluctuations of the market.
  • It supports multiple crypto currencies at one time.
  • It ensures immediate or faster conversion of fiat currencies.
  • It offers only a very low or zero conversion charges to the users.
  • It has acquired the best seller ratings because of its high performance.
  • It is compatible with both IOS and Android devices.
  • It gives a commission of around 1% to the users.
  • It ensures convenience and safety of funds.
  • It facilitates efficient dispute resolution.
  • It contains a dedicated team of professionals with experience in the fields of cyber security, banking, crypto currency and Venture capitalism.


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The cryptocurrency exchange is a marketplace where you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies. You can exchange cryptocurrencies for other digital or Fiat currencies like US dollars. In return, these exchanges charge a small amount of fee for all the transactions done. The platform also provides direct trading between individuals who want to exchange their currency according to their own exchange rate. There are certain exchanges where you can trade cryptocurrencies at prices set by the brokers. For professional traders, these exchanges provide various tools and features, but for that you need to have a verified account.


There are numerous cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. Investors generally choose an exchange based on factors like its reputation, ease of use or the one that ensures the maximum security. Each cryptocurrency exchange has its own set of rules, payment methods, exchange rates, verification requirements as well as geographical limitations.

Let us now look into some of the best cryptocurrency exchange 2019 list.


Recommended: List of Best Decentralized Exchange 2019


Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2019



coinbase - best cryptocurrency exchange 2019

It is one of the most popular exchange modes and currently operating in 32 countries. Coinbase with its headquarters in San Francisco is operating since 2011. If you are a novice and want to try your luck in crypto market, Coinbase is your exchange. Coinbase supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. For transactions, you simply have to download the Coinbase app in your Android or iPhone or you can trade in the company’s trading exchange market platform GDAX, which is especially suitable for seasoned traders.

Benefits: Good for beginners with its low exchange rates, security and good reputation.

Limitations: Limited payment options, lack of anonymity and does not support a wide geographical area.

Visit Coinbase Website




Binance or “Binary Finance” is a Hong Kong based crypto exchange platform. Due to recent ban in cryptocurrency in China it is not working in China, but is operating in other countries. Binance has a transaction fee as low as 0.1%. It does not support Fiat coin so you need to buy Bitcoins or other Altcoins in order to trade in the platform. The user interface is provides a Basic View and an Advanced View both for beginners and pros.

Benefits: Low fees and wide variety of crypto coins like Ethereum, Tether etc.

Limitations: Some investors are sceptical about joining the exchange market due to its recent ban in China.

Visit Binance Exchange


Launched in 2013, Huobi Group made a crypto currency exchange that now allows users to trade more than 190 crypto currency pairs. Features of this exchange include the ability to deposit and exchange many different currencies, with a low 0.2% trading fees and 24/7 customer service.

Pros: Available on Mac and Windows operating systems as well as through iOS and Android apps.

Cons: Has accused of falsifying trading volumes in the past.

Visit Huobi Exchange




Popularly known as “The Peoples Exchange”, it is based on Hong Kong and relatively a new exchange. Here, you can trade on KuCoinShares or KCS, BTC, ETH, NEO, USDT to name a few. It supports all the major Altcoins and some of the new crypto coins as well. The transaction fees are as low as 0.1% and the withdrawal fees depend on the type of coins. There are discount offers also for the KuCoin Share holders.

Benefits: The UI is easy to use. The exchange is specifically beneficial to traders who want to trade on rare coins.

Limitations: The exchange is considerably new so it is yet to gain its popularity. Trading volume is low as compared to other exchanges.

Visit KuCoin Exchnage




Bitfinex is one of the most secure exchange platforms right now. It is not accepting any new small accounts and engaging in securing only the existing working accounts. Bitfinex offers browser notifications and has a very tech savvy interface highly preferred by the experienced traders.

Benefits: Good for serious traders.

Limitations: Limited Altcoin selections.

Visit Bitfinex Exchange




Based in Seattle, Bittrex is an US-based cryptocurrency exchange and supports over 190 cryptocurrencies worldwide. Bittrex charges a transaction fees of about 0.25%, which is relatively high compared to other exchanges. To open an account in Bittrex, you need to log in through your email ID. However, for withdrawal of funds you need to submit your KYC documents and contact number, and a two-factor identity authentication process. However the process is not so lengthy.

Benefits: A highly secure exchange platform with unique identification process.

Limitations: Slightly higher transaction fees.

Visit Bittrex Exchange




An exchange exclusively for the Koreans where other Fiat currencies can be exchanged. The interface is very simple and easy to use. Bithumb is one of the biggest exchanges in South Korea, allowing buy/sell/store Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bithumb offers extra services like gift vouchers and remittances.

Commission (Maker / Taker) – 0.15% / 0.15%  (0.01% / 0.07% – If using discounted fixed amount coupon)

Benefits: An easy exchange place for Korean Won currencies.

Limitations: It does not have a price history chart and such is not beneficial for day traders. You have to have access to Korean Won in order to work in this exchange platform.

Visit BitHumb Exchange




BitMEX, short form of “Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange”, is an advanced derivatives trading echange plateform for cryptocurrencies. BitMEX provide an interface for investors to deal with global financial markets with bitcoin.

Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges, which exchnage one cryptocurrency for another, BitMEX is focused towards derivatives trading. BitMEX provides perpetual swap contracts and also daily and weekly futures contracts.

Visit BitMEX Exchange




Started in 2013, HitBTC is a multi cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform with support a big list of tradable digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, tokens and ICO as well.
Since its begining, HitBTC has continued to add new tokens and tools to its platform It also includes an ICO feature that provide new tokens to the exchange.

Benefits: High liquidity, Low fees, Stable uptime, Fiat deposits and withdrawals.

Problems: Was hacked in 2015, Currently does not provide mobile app.

Visit HitBTC Exchange




Another new exchange is Cobinhood with zero transaction fees. Its UI is very similar to that of GDAX. One feature of Cobinhood is the ICO Underwriting Service. This means that if the ICO of a coin ends, it can immediately be listed in the Cobinhood exchange.

Benefits: No fees and similarity to GDAX is often preferred by some traders.

Limitations: Very few people know about this exchange.

Visit CobinHood Exchange




Founded in 2011, it is a US based Bitcoin exchange and offers a two-step authentication process, a highly secured wallet and insured cold storage. You can start trading by opening a free account and customer support is available round the clock.

Benefits: Multilingual UI, Highly secure, low processing fees, and good reputation.

Limitations: Not good for novice traders, high deposit fees and limited payment modules.

Visit BitStamp Exchange




Founded in 2011, Kraken is a San Francisco based exchange market. Here you can buy, sell and trade between Bitcoins and other Fiat currencies like Euros, Yen, US and Canadian dollars. Kraken is especially suitable for more experienced traders where they can have access to a wide choice of trading tools. It does not support Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash or Ripple to name a few. Kraken has also partnered with the cryptocurrency bank.

Benefits: The exchange provides low transaction fees, security, good reputation, and is supported globally.

Limitations: Not suitable for beginners.

Visit Kraken Exchange




QUOINEX exchange is a fiat-crypto trading platform that was started in 2014 and was originally known as Quoine Exchange. As crypto is completely regulated in Japan, the platform holds in excess of US$12 billion in yearly transactions.

Owned by QUOINE Corporation, QUOINEX is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and has their offices in Singapore and Vietnam. QUOINE is basically a fintech company completely focused on blockchain and cryptos and it also provides a separate cryptocurrency-only exchange platform known as QRYPTOS.

Visit Quoinex Exchange


Founded in 2013, it is a London based exchange. It allows traders an easy exchange between Fiat and crypto money. The platform is suitable both for beginners as well as professionals. The user friendly UI and trading tools are very easy to use. It has multiple payment options and is used globally. Its mobile app is very simple and easy to use. The CEX Brokerage service allows amateur traders to buy coins at the present market rate.

Benefits: It has a good reputation, user friendly especially for beginners and supported worldwide.

Limitations: The processing fees are high especially for credit cards.

Visit CEX Exchange




Founded in 2014 Poloniex is one of the most popular exchanges today. One of the unique features of Poloniex is the maker-taker feature. If you are a maker you have to pay a maximum of 0 to 0.15% fees on the amount traded. If you are the taker you have to pay 0.10% to 0.25% fees. The Chat Box is another feature where you can chat about anything like addressing about any problem or any other queries. Inappropriate messages are immediately regulated and deleted by the moderators.

Benefits: Low fees, user friendly UI, huge transaction volume, etc.

Limitations: It does not support Fiat coins. The high volumes often cause disruption and clutter in the system.

Visit Poloniex Exchange

HubrisOne Technologies, the company behind HubrisOne’s fast-growing all in-one fiat-cryptocurrency current account has just announced their new private seed round which is live on Seedrs. With over 14,000 users on their waiting list within 4 weeks, HubrisOne is opening the doors for cryptocurrency investors and traditional investors to own shares in their rapidly growing business, the minimum investment is £10.80.

This unique opportunity to own equity and become a full legal shareholder is a first in the cryptocurrency industry. The private round is limited to small number of shares before the public seed round is opened to the general public.

Interested investors can buy shares directly from the Seedrs platform here,


About HubrisOne:

HubrisOne is transforming and disrupting a $600billion industry by changing the way people manage their cryptocurrency assets, manage their current bank accounts, send cross-border payments and more, all within a few taps.

Google Play App Download:

 Apple iOS link:


Note: Each investor that invests through the Seedrs platform is protected and receives full investor protection rights.


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Cloud mining or cloud hashing allows users to buy mining power that of hardware in data centers build by mining companies. There are number of players offer cloud mining in terms of renting their hardware for a fixed period of time. These companies returns the mined results with the users and cut their profit form that results. In this article we will discuss some best trusted cloud mining platform for bitcoin and altcoins.


Choosing which mining service to use is not an easy task because this business is full of scammers. More than 99% of cloud mining providers are fraud. Instead of actually mining any crypto currency, they built an attractive website and start scamming users on the name of cloud mining.


I invested in some of the cloud mining platforms out of them two operators, Hashflare Mining and Genesis Mining, are most reliable and trusted brands offering contracts for several years. Cloud mining is done remotely in the cloud data centers. This enables the users to not bother with any of the hassles such as electricity, hosting issues, heat, maintenance, installation or upkeep trouble.


What are Advantages of Cloud Mining?

Let’s take a look on the advantages of the cloud mining:

  • Higher Profits – because mining providers optimize everything for you, it yields out higher returns.
  • Tranquil and cooler home – no more sound and heat.
  • Less electricity – the consumption of electricity will get a lot lower.
  • ‘No’ equipment maintenance – no need to sell the hardware, when they stop being profitable. No tension of configuration of the hardware.
  • Simple and Ready to use: Signup with these provides and start with in minutes.

What are Disadvantages of Cloud Mining?

And now have a look at the counterpart list:

  • Scam Risk – It always involves a risk of being scammed by a cloud mining fraud.
  • Cost of Mining Operations – users have to pay for the hardware management cost.
  • Unpredictable profit: Profit depends upon various factors. If the value of coin goes down it may become non profitable also.


Is it Profitable?

Always keep in mind that returns are not guaranteed and depend for a part on coin value and mining difficulty, both of which are unpredictable for the future. The lower the coin value, the higher the impact of that fee on mining returns, and the higher the mining difficulty, the less coins the same amount of hashrate will return, and vice versa. If we take an example of Ether mining it was less profitable as price of the Ether was much lower then the current price. If you believe that the value of a crypto coin is going to be very high in 1 or 2 years then it will be much profitable.


My Experience Summary:

I purchased mining contract from 3 different companies. So let me share my personal view on them.

Geneseis Mining: I am very happy with the results I am getting with Genesis Mining. I got Ether and Bitcoin mining with them and getting my payout everyday. As per the current scenario it is profitable and I believe that In future value of Bitcoin and ether are going to be very high. You may find some article on the bogs saying its less profitable. It was the case when value of the coin was much lower when compare with current price. So before making any decision with those article always check when that article was published and what was the value of the cryto coin that time. Calculate accordingly.

Hashflare: Like Genesis mining, Hashflare also providing very good result. It is my recommendation if you want to invest in cloud mining never think of any other option then these two cloud mining providers. These are well established and oldest players in the  market.

Hashing24: I have also done my research on hashing24 mining service and it also seems like a reliable service which is not a scam. Still I have not invested with them so can’t comment on it.

I will also keep you updated about other cloud mining services listed in this article in next few months. After getting my first payout.


Best Trusted Cloud Mining:

There are many websites offering cloud mining. I picked only few of them, those are reliable, trusted and well known players of the market. Now lets take a brief idea about recommended cloud mining services:


IQ Mining

In IQMining founded by, the return on investments is very high. Here users are expected to earn a daily payout of $100 on an investment of just $500. The platform also claims that they will deliver 100% profits to users every 5 days. Another unique feature is that there are no maintenance fees for this platform and it is 100% free. Investors don’t feel any risk involved and IQ Mining itself does the mining job for you and you don’t need any expertise for this.

IQ mining

How to use IQ Mining: There are different investment packages. For e.g. if you buy the Silver package, you will get 10% bonus above your payouts. In Gold package it is 20% bonus.

  • If you invest 0.01 to 0.1 BTC you will get Bronze package.
  • For investments between 0.1 to 1 BTC you will get Silver package.
  • Between 1 to 10 BTC you will get Gold package.

Signup for IQ Mining


Genesis Mining

There is only 1% of companies who actually setup mining hardware and mine crypto coins for you and one of them is Genesis Mining. Genesis mining was started in 2013 an is one of the oldest companies around. Genesis has established a publicly known mining farm in Iceland.


Currently they are offering mining powers for Bitcoin, Ether, Zcash, Monero, Dash and Litecoin. You can start mining within minutes. Available payment options are Credit card and some crypto coins.

Discount Coupon: Copy and paste this code (as shown in image below) at the time of payment to get 3 to 5% discount on your purchase:  1yelG5

Genesis Mining Discount coupon


Visit Genesis Mining


HashFlare Mining

Hashflare is a Europe based bitcoin cloud mining company. The company was founded in July 2013 and started its cloud mining service in April 2015. Hashflare is a part of HashCoins that creates ASIC bitcoin miners. Similar to Genesis mining, Hashflare also offers lifetime bitcoin mining contracts ( remember as long as profitable), Ethereum cloud mining, Zcash cloud mining, Dash cloud mining and Scrypt cloud mining.

hashflare mining review

Similar to Genesis it is one of the two most reputed cloud mining provider with a large number of users. It offers daily payouts and available payment methods are Bitcoin, Credit card, Webmoney, Payeer, Wire transfer and EMC.

Discount: Click on the button below and signup for a account to avail discount on your purchase.

Signup for Hashflare Mining


Another cloud mining service provider that helps you to mine bitcoins and Altcoins in the best possible and easiest way. Its parent company is Cyfuture which is serving for more than 15 years in the Data Centre Industry. Based on State-of-the-Art technology, HashGains uses the best ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) and GPU services available. The platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies and has a 99.9% uptime. There is 24/7 technical support and it also provides legit mining where all the coins are new. HashGains also have multiple Data Centres in India, China and U.S. It also promises to give high ROI on investments made.

Hashgains mining best cloud mining 2018

How to use HashGains: First you need to register in the platform. Then you need to choose your preferred plan and make the payment. After that you can just start collecting bitcoins. HashGains can be used in three methods.

  • Pay per share method where it uses the ASIC mining method, which is one of the basic mining methods used in cloud mining.
  • Proportional Method where miners earn shares until there is a block in pool sharing. After that they earn a fixed number of shares.
  • Bitcoin Pooled Mining method where newer shares are given much more preference than older shares.

Signup for HashGains Mining



MyCoinCloud is a product of Mint SH JSC, which is providing cloud mining services since 2015. Based on state-of-the-art technology, MyCoinCloud token MCC is used to buy shares and after you have done your payment, the subsequent dividends will be accredited automatically to your account. Another unique feature of MyCoinCloud is that by buying shares participants can be co-owners and can earn 8.5% monthly ROI as well.

best cloud mining 2018

How to use MyCoinCloud: You first need to register for an account. Purchase your preferred mining contract and start earning immediately. You can track all your transactions regularly and also do not have to worry about the technical details.

Signup for MyCoinCloud Mining



Hashing24 was developed mainly for individuals who can easily access the bitcoin mining technology without getting into the intricacies and technical complications of cloud mining. The interface is very easy to use and it provides 24-hour customer support by a highly proficient team.


How to use Hashing24: Users have to first register which takes only about 2 minutes and then choose hashpower, which boosts the bitcoin mining process. Then you have to pay for your contract and the order is placed in the largest mining centre BitFury. The mining process starts automatically and you will start receiving bitcoins, which can be withdrawn on the same day. Hashing24 is one of the most stable futuristic cloud mining platforms with a very efficient technical support.

Signup for Hashing24 Mining



Launched in 2014, HashNest is one of the biggest cloud mining companies today. BitMain Technologies is the Parent company of HashNest and its headquarter is in Beijing, China. HashNest allows its users to participate in bitcoin mining through transactions of hashrates and the profits are instantly deposited in the BitMain Wallet. Participants can simply download the Mobile App and use it anywhere and anytime. PACMiC (Payout Accelerate Cloud Mining Contract) is another feature offered by HashNest. Here you don’t have to pay any costs after mining as BitMain already pays for you.

Best bitcoin cloud mining

How to use HashNest: Users first have to register for a HashNest account and will simultaneously get a HashNest wallet. Then they have to deposit bitcoins into the wallet and buy hashrates and the cloud mining starts. The amount paid on HashNest is based on PPLNS or Pay Per Last N Shares method. There is a 2FA or two-factor authentication process for HashNest users for optimum security.

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Final Words:

Hope you enjoyed this article and it will be useful for the user to find-out Best Bitcoin and Altcoin Cloud Mining For 2019  services. It is my advised that never go for any other cloud mining service as most of them are scam. Please share your feedback and experience with us in the comment section below and Let us know if you need any help. Happy Mining!!!

We have over 1500+ cryptocurrencies in the crypto sphere and new are being introduced almost every day. Not all of them, however, could make it to crypto exchanges as some remain stuck at a development stage. Here are 5 cryptocurrencies you can trust and trade with famous crypto exchanges or with popular crypto CFD brokers. Let’s get started with the world’s first official cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.


Bitcoin (BTC) :

Ever since Bitcoin has been introduced it has given investors the pulse of immense joy and a heart attack at the same time. Bitcoin today has become one of the leading cryptocurrency and trends indicate that the price curve of Bitcoin will show positive sentiment. There are three important dates in the history of Bitcoin which can be considered as turning points for the world’s biggest cryptocurrency. The first remarkable achievement was reached on November 29, 2013, when one coin was traded at US$1,124.76. The second one was in mid-November 2015 when the price passed $2200 mark and finally on 15 December 2017 when the price surpassed all expectations and climbed to $19,500. Bitcoin, however, could not hold such an astounding price and felt back to below $7000 on 5 February 2018. Though it is now traded at around $4400, experts predict that the Bitcoin all-time high could be again reached by the end of the year.


Ethereum (ETH) :

The brainchild of Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum is the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency by market capital. Ethereum is also known for the first ever ICO (initial coin offering) in which was generated an enormous sum of $18,439,086 (60,102,216 ether coins in form of bitcoins). At the beginning of April 2017, ether was merely traded at $50 per unit and today one unit of Ether will cost you around $200, which is an astounding achievement in such a short time period. The future of Ethereum and the use of decentralised applications is quite promising.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) :

Bitcoin Cash aims to eliminate the scaling and mass adoption problem of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is becoming more and more popular and the debate between Roger Ver (an early investor in bitcoin-related startups and prominent supporter of bitcoin) and Samson Mow (former COO of one of the largest digital currency exchanges) that took place at Deconomy or Distributed Economy, in Seoul, South Korea on 5th April shows that the adoption of BCH and its scalability in the future is very likely.


Monero (XMR) :

Monero is a descendant of a lesser-known cryptocurrency called Bytecoin. Bytecoin was crafted quite differently from Bitcoin, using the technology known as CryptoNote. Monero’s ability to create privacy in transactions was a technological breakthrough that was recognized within the crypto asset community and the markets. By the end of 2016, Monero had the fifth largest network value of any cryptocurrency and was the top performing digital currency of 2016, with a price increase of 2,760% over the year. Currently, Monero is holding 13th place in terms of market capitalization and one coin is worth whopping $140. The all-time high was an astounding $495.84 on 7th January 2018. Monero is available on a variety of popular exchanges. Most Monero trading volume comes from Poloniex, HitBTC, and Bittrex.


Dash (Dash) :

Dash is kind of similar to Monero in term of its ultimate aim to provide to users top-tier privacy, double-spend-proof and instantly confirmed transactions. Dash launched its blockchain a few months before Monero, on January 19, 2014. Unlike other crypto coins, Dash had instamine where 1.9 million Dash were mined in just 24 hours. Who knew that a phenomenal error of instamine would make Dash popular enough to be on the list of top cryptocurrencies! Today and in the future Dash aims to be the most user-friendly and most on-chain-scalable cryptocurrency in the world.


Summary – Top 5 cryptocurrencies to trade in 2019

In summary, the future of these cryptocurrencies looks bright and it is very likely that their price will continue to grow. These 5 cryptocurrencies are, however, not the only coins that are worth following. Be sure to check out other promising coins as well (e.g. EOS, Stellar, Tron…) and if you decide to invest in any coin use only money you can afford to lose.

What one understands about Bitcoin is that it is a cryptocurrency and world’s first digital system through which transaction takes place. This was one of the first and decentralized networks that came into existence in the year 2009. In this system, there is a direct link between the giver and the receiver. There lays no intermediate to hold onto the transaction or create any problems. Therefore the transaction simple and easy. Over the years people have trusted this network and so therefore now there are huge groups of a businessman, big to small companies use Bitcoin as the source of payment. There are few exchanges in India where users can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies in India.


Note: Due to the RBI circular, crypto exchanges are not able to let traders liquidate crypto assets. That means banks accounts can not be used for buying crypto anymore and similarly you can not sell crypto  and receive Rupee in your bank account through exchange. To deal with it few exchanges has launched Peer to Peer Exchange (P2P) where users can buy and sell crypto directly to each other. Till the further order from authorities users will only be able to trade between multiple crypto assets.


Best Mobile Apps To Buy, Sell and Trade Cryptocurrencies in 2019



Koinex is India’s first and best crypto assets exchange supporting multiple tokens and coins on a single platform. Like an advanced exchange it offers open order book, peer-ta o-peer model, it is the popular and secure platform for the crypto assets in India.


Koinex is designed for cutting-edge technology and provide a secure environment to its users. Currently available a list crypto assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

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WazirX is a newly launched cryptocurrency exchange to easily and securely Trade digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc in India. It is available as a web application as well as mobile apps for android and iOS.


It offers a simple and powerful interface with real-time open order books, trade history, deposit & withdrawals and charting so you can trade in some of the world’s best digital assets.

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CoinDCX launched crypto-to-crypto exchange as well a p2p exchange, where crypto users will have the freedom to legally buy, sell and trade crypto in 100-plus available pairs in BTC/ETH. CoinDCX p2p exchange is also known as DCXInsta. Trading fee at this platform is 0.20% only. CoinDCX offers web application as well as mobile apps to access this platform.

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Started in 2017, Coinome is also reputed crypto exchange backed by Billdesk. Is supports multiple cryptocurrencies and based on the Taker-Maker exchange model. It is the first crypto exchange in India which offered eKYC through Aadhar linked process. It offers both web and mobile application where users can buy, sell and trade their crypto assets.

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CoinDelta is another Indian Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange started in 2017. Coindetla is a web and mobile app based exchange which supports a list of altcoins including BTC and ETH. This app is available for Android and iOS versions.

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This is the most popular app for buying Bitcoin and few supported altcoins as well. It is believed to be the fastest and the easiest way to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies in India. This app believes in the security of people so, therefore, is necessary then they may not allow the customers to deposit or to withdraw any bitcoin. This will be applicable in global exchange for a very short span of time. These are done to avoid technical problems and as the problem gets over they allow in a normal transaction.


Benefits of using Zebpay:

  • Easy top-up service. Just like an individual top up their prepaid connection. Similarly, Zebpay allows the customer to recharge for themselves and their close ones.
  • As we have mentioned above this is a most popular app because it is the fastest and the easiest means of transaction. This is one of the best and high rated apps among the rest.
  • This app gives us something that we all look for i.e. Security. It is proved to be 100% secure.

Zebpay Coupon/Referral for free bitcoins (Rs 100): REF32792234

Use the code REF32792234  while Sign up on Zebpay App or In the Options–>Rewards–> Promo code, in the app.


Unocoin (UnoDAX):


This is another popular app for buy, sell and trade Bitcoin and Ether. This app believes in keeping personal information of their customers while opening an account. They not only collect information but also secure them from technical risk. They made their aims to reach the top global field and make the most of it. They want to be a part of Indian as well as the Global economy. It is available in both app and website version.

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