The majority of people who trade lose as much as 90% of their capital in the first 90 days. However, the remaining traders can make a fortune with their natural trading talents and expertise around execution and emotional control. Those traders belong on TurboXBT because they are the type that can turn instant profits into life-changing results. 

These traders can predict markets as if they were a prophet like Nostradamus or as if they have a crystal ball that offers an advanced look at what’s to come in markets. If you are a professional trading prophet, then you need to try TurboXBT for instant profit.

90% Profits In A Single Trade From Reliable Platform

When we say instant profits, we aren’t kidding. In as little as 30 seconds, as much as 90% profits can be made in a single trade. With a full hour of winning trades, this could earn a trader 10,800% in total profits – enough to potentially retire in a single day, while others are building capital their entire life to reach such growth.

Trading is so fast thanks to the supercharged synthetic short-term trading contacts offered by TurboXBT and because the process from signup to starting trading takes only three minutes or less. Only an email address and confirmation link is required to open an account and make a deposit. Deposits are made to a secure crypto wallet in ETH, BTC, USDT, and USDC.

Accounts are protected by bank-grade security, and the platform boasts 99.9% reliable uptime, meaning that traders can always get a fix of non-stop action.

Free $1,000 Demo Account On A Variety Of Assets

TurboXBT’s short-term trading contracts consist of making predictions on if the market will go UP or DOWN. The other choice is how long of a duration, with the lower durations offering the most risk but the most reward. The high-stakes platform is heavy on the risk, but a free $1,000 demo account is provided so traders can hone their skills before adding their own money.

Conditions on each contract, such as duration or total profits in each time frame, can change based on which of the 17 assets and 38 trading pairs are selected. Assets include Bitcoin, Ethereum, stock indices, oil, gold, forex, and so much more.

The variety is another massive benefit for traders who can access synthetic contracts on so many trading pairs under one roof and from one account.

Get Started Today on TurboXBT With No Fees Or KYC

TurboXBT requires no fees, and the only fee a trader will ever incur is associated with the blockchain network chosen to send deposits. Withdrawals of funds can be made at any time, at no limit at all. 

With up to 90% profits in 30 seconds possible, in just a few hours of trading, anyone can walk away rich with supercharged short-term trading contracts from TurboXBT. There is also no KYC process, so user data is never at risk, making TurboXBT the total package for all types of traders.