Exchanges are taking over the digital market. They are gradually replacing traditional banks and stock investments. Extoid, for instance, is an exchange platform that is spearheading the provision of high-quality services to crypto traders.

Exchanges are now the best platforms to trade on crypto.

  1. Efficiency and reliability

Trading in crypto has been made a seconds-procedure. Just by a push of a few buttons, you can purchase or sell crypto. Payment is made instantly; therefore, after confirmation, crypto is deposited or deducted from your account, respectively.

  1. 24/7 support and trade

Crypto exchanges are available to conduct transactions at any time of the day. There are no certain hours of trade or closing as the sites offer their services worldwide. Fixing an opening or closing time is impossible.

Extoid, for instance, has a team that works on customer services, which are reachable around the clock.

  1. User friendly

An exchange’s website dashboard is usually easy to understand and operate, even for beginners. All the complex and sophisticated procedures are made simpler and more comfortable for the average person.

On Extoid, everything has its button. You can create an account and begin trading in a few simple steps.

  1. Funds are irreversible

Any payment done through an exchange platform is undoable. This prevents many fraud activities that take back their money after receiving payment, leaving you at a loss.

Before completing a transaction, an invoice showing where the money is to be sent is shown. The other party would have deposited the crypto with an escrow account. You are then needed to forward proof of payment to the escrow to receive the crypto.

  1. Transparent charges and bonuses

When performing a transaction, the systems will work out all fees and detail them before you agree to proceed with the transaction.

Most exchanges provide bonuses to encourage their clients; for instance, you get a deposit bonus, a commission on referrals, attaining a specific number or value of trade, and many more. If a trader makes a loss on a trade, they have a plus side where you are paid a bonus, which may turn out to be a profit at the end.

  1. Security of funds

Many crypto exchange websites have security as their top priority. As they are online, hackers spend their time looking for loopholes to bypass the system’s security.

A password protects a client’s account, and others even have offline keys such as USB drives. Some even send a verification code via SMS after bypassing the password to be sure it is the client logging in. Through these and many more state-of-the-art security systems, exchanges ensure the safety of your funds.

  1. Divisibility

Exchanges allow you to buy any amount worth of cryptocurrency. You can get access to even a dollar worth of crypto. Compared to traditional stock investment systems, this is way better. Previously, if you wanted to invest, you need to purchase a whole stock. However, with exchanges, for instance, with bitcoins, you do not have to buy a full BTC. Most exchanges divide the BTC according to its market value to obtain the fraction worth of your money.

Final Thought

Due to competition, exchanges are coming up with the best conditions for trade to attract clients. This is a win on the client’s side.