Another new addition of algorithm by the NiceHash platform for selling and buying hashrate for various crypto algorithms with ZCoin’s MTP algorithm now supported by the service. Unfortunately sellng your hashrate for MTP on NiceHash is only possible on Nvidia with their latest NiceHash Miner Legacy or you can just download the and extract just the ccminer_mtp folder and use the ccminer fork from djm34’s MTP miner with NiceHash support (the original version from djm34 does not support NiceHash).

Unfortunately no other miner currently supports the MTP algorithm on NiceHash for the moment, that covers both the latest WildRig Multi for AMD that has MTP support temporary removed, though it should be back, not the sgminer Fork With MTP Support From djm34. The latest CryptoDredge 0.17.0 miner that also supports the MTP algorithm also does not yet support mining on NiceHash with that particular algorithm for Nvidia GPUs.

Furthermore the ccminer mtp fork for NiceHash that is included in the latest NiceHash Miner Legacy does not seem to be very stable and reliable. Our initial results with it are not very good as if it starts properly on a system with GTX 1080 Ti it works fine for a couple of minutes and then starts returning errors… that is if it starts properly and on some machines it does not even start mining properly. So there is definitely more to be desired regarding MTP support on NiceHash, hopefully third parity miners with MTP support will soon provide updates to work o NiceHash as well and offer better stability.

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