EventChain is an online platform or network, which is the future of smart tickets. It is a decentralized ticketing platform that permits users from anywhere in the world to buy tickets at any instant of time. It brings massive ticketing of blockchains. It helps the users in buying and selling tickets in an efficient manner. It uses the technology of blockchains to provide several counterfeit solutions.


It purchases services and products from across 180 countries all over the world. This platform is being funded by a variety of billionaires, crypto currency experts, and entrepreneurs. The data or information available in the smart contracts are extracted from the Oracle of Eventchain. It’s three technological layers include Dapp, Web3, and Web2. Events can be created anywhere with the help of its desktop or mobile application. The users of this platform gain a smoother and faster experience of ticketing.


It mainly focuses on the addressing of issues related to ticketing aspects. Around 205000 vendors all around the world are offering services to this exclusive platform. Ashton Addison is the Chief Executive officer as well as the Founder of Eventchain. The tokens of Eventchain are usually referred to as event coins or EVC tokens or Eventchain tokens, which are nothing but ERC – 20 tokens and are used for ticket purchase and event creation. The users can set the appropriate conditions for selling tickets. They also have the authority to control the resale of tickets.


Best EventChain Wallets for EVC Tokens:

Eventchain Token known as “EVC” is an ERC20 token which is supported by following list of wallets:

Read more for full List of ERC20 Wallets.


Best Exchange to Buy EventChain (EVC) Tokens:

EVC token is listed on few exchanges but most of the volume is coming from the Mercatox only. Below is the recommended exchange for trading EVC:


Unique features of Eventchain:

  • It contains a simple and easily usable interface with blockchain support.
  • It is a highly scalable, transparent and fair platform since it displays the availability of tickets publicly with the help of its blockchain technology. This means that the users can be able to track the amount of sold and a number of tickets left unsold.
  • It permits the users to buy tickets in a quick, easy and instant manner.
  • It is compatible with both IOS and Android devices.
  • It avoids the possibility of selling a ticket multiple times since it provides a distinct sequence number to each and every ticket.
  • It permits the ticket resellers and vendors to build and develop their reputation in the secondary market with the help of its integrated reputation system.
  • It uses completely programmable smart tickets, thereby enabling the code of smart contracts at a fixed price.
  • It avoids the malicious attacks and fraudulence associated with the centralized ticketing systems, thereby providing an effective and decentralized solution.
  • It enhances the amount of ticket purchase by the distribution of smart tickets over an unlimited number of websites.
  • It facilitates priority seating and VIP access.
  • It contains a professional database, which holds details about the events, users and the history of tickets. All the excess data or information is stored on the blockchain of Ethereum (ETH).
  • It verifies or monitors the smart ticket transaction validity in a most efficient and reliable way.
  • It cuts down the outrageous costs associated with ticket purchase.
  • It overcomes the issues of ticket counterfeiting and ticket scalping.
  • Its stake holders include party organizers, event managers, ticket providers and social clubs.
  • It holds a wide variety of payment gateways and offers several discounts such as reduced ticket costs and early bird discounts.
  • It offers only very low processing charges for all the ticketing transactions done across this platform.


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