Monetha is an online trust worthy platform of commerce. It is not a currency, but it is a kind of payment processor. Its operations are running globally and it uses the technology of blockchains. It is an Ethereum (ETH) based network that offers an effective and outstanding payment solutions for merchants all around the world.


Its partnership concerns include KR token, coin telegraph, and blockchain news and so on. It insists the customers to pay for its in – app services and subscriptions. Its blockchain continuously monitors and records all the details related to the buyer – seller relationship. The users of this platform can make payments via their Ethereum coins. It keeps track of the information about the warranty conditions, wallet address transfers, transaction time, and delivery time and so on. It was launched in January 2017. Andrej Ruckij and Justas Pikelis are the two co – founders of this platform.


Best Monetha Wallets for MTH Tokens:

Monetha Token known as “MTH” is an ERC20 token which is supported by following list of wallets:

Read more for full List of ERC20 Wallets.


Best Exchange to Buy Monetha (MTH) Tokens:

Monetha token is listed on few exchanges but most of the volume is coming from the Binance only. Below is the recommended exchange for trading Cindicator (CND):


Unique features of Monetha:

  • It is a decentralized platform that finds applications in payment sectors, e – commerce sector and in the retail sector.
  • It is a reputed network that uses smart contracts to maintain the relationship between trust and commerce.
  • It avoids or overcomes the complications associated with a system of commerce.
  • Its payment processor is highly trustable in nature, since it uses a system called DTRS (Decentralized Trust and Reputation System).
  • It is highly transparent, since anyone can view the reviews posted by the customers, who have used the platform.
  • It facilitates the exchange of ethereum tokens with the local or fiat currencies of the users.
  • It uses a special algorithm to predict the quality of each and every transaction done across the network.
  • It allows the merchants and clients to view their ratings, rate among themselves and also to solve or file a claim.
  • It contains a special storage that stores information about each and every transaction in the system in a safe and secure manner.
  • It is 10 times faster and five times cheaper than the other commerce platforms.
  • It performs faster transactions, which mean that the transactions can be done even within minutes (approximately 2 min).
  • It imposes one – time charges for transactions, which is normally around 1.5%.
  • It does entertain any intermediary or middleman between the users and the customers.
  • It performs only a single step for processing of transactions.
  • It ensures high scalability and avoids all the latency issues.


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