NiceHash hasn’t added new algorithms for a while now with ZHash being the last new addition in early December last year, so it is interesting that they have added support for BEAM now. This is both good and bad news for some people as the profit for selling your BEAM (Equihash 150,5) hashrate on NiceHash might bring you nice direct profit in BTC, but for the people mining BEAM directly is is not such good news as the hashrate has increased significantly and thus the difficulty is higher as well and less coins are being mined. Pool owners with BEAM support might be interested in checking out the BEAM NiceHash support specs in order to make sure that their pools will be compatible with hashrate coming from the service.

We have already tried some of the popular mining software with NiceHash and it seems that there are no problems connecting and using Bminer and Gminer on Nvidia GPUs does seem to work without problems (remove the SSL option from both miners), however the latest lolMiner for AMD does not seem to support NiceHash mining at the moment in its latest version. The algorithm that BEAM uses is Equihash 150/5, so other miners supporting that algorithm should in theory be compatible with NiceHash as well, though there is no guarantee for that.

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