Even though gambling takes place all around the world, most providers are dubious and insecure. That’s what keeps a lot of people out of the industry, even if they like the concept of gambling in general. There are many concerns like the type of bet, payout, winning criteria, trust, which prevents people from taking part in gambling on a daily basis.

However, there is one new application called “betbox” that is trying to transform betting as we know it and offer a sustainable ecosystem with individual events to a broad audience.


Betbox is unique in its setup, as one of the key features of the betbox dapp is that it makes use of blockchain technology to monetize social events and other features and make it accessible to people around the globe in a user-friendly way.

As you probably know by now, blockchain technology has the potential and features to transform any industry, and betbox is trying to bring the essence of blockchain to create a safe and completely legal environment for gambling, challenging and everything related to this sector.

Below you find some of the features that make betbox the best destination for people who are interested in taking part in a new era of entertainment:


Honest Results

Decentralised storage of data is one of the key features of the betbox ecosystem. Betbox creates a transparent and secure event environment by storing all monetary information securely in smart contracts.

That along with the implementation of decentralized wallets and distribution of wagers through smart contracts ensure that all events are ruled and managed entirely fair without being vulnerable at any given time.


Various Betting Types

The betbox ecosystem supports various event types including private betting for people within a closed circle or public betting where everyone within the platform can participate.

You can also list personal challenges as bets within the platform and others can bet on whether you can complete the problem or not. But this is not the only way to interact on the betbox ecosystem. The company’s main focus is to deliver entertaining and unprecedented features for lottery games and other monetized events to spice up the engagement with the user.


Secure and Assured Payments

Betbox makes receiving and making payments for bettings easier with the addition of a secure wallet within the platform. All the payments within the betbox ecosystem are created using decentralized wallets which can store many currencies including the native token “betbox coin”.

Final Words

If you are looking for a safe, transparent and legal platform where you can take part in blockchain gambling and create individual events on your own, then betbox is the best and only option you currently have.

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