It is most likely that you have heard of Bitcoin, the most successful cryptocurrency, even if you don’t fully understand what it is. Cryptocurrency, which is the name by which digital currencies are referred to, is now becoming more mainstream and not only discussed in tech circles. It is possible to make good money trading cryptocurrency and many forms are now being accepted as a payment method.


In the same way as Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, eSports has become mainstream and the industry has exploded and is the competitive playing of video games in matches and tournaments, both individually and in teams. These have become quite serious events with gaming giants like Luminosity Gaming having teams of pros to compete in near enough every major competition.


By 2021 it is predicted to be worth 1.65 billion dollars as an industry and it is therefore no surprise we are seeing cryptocurrency and esport interlink more and more. If you are looking to invest in eSports through eSports cryptocurrency there are several different cryptos that you should consider.



Skincoin is a universal currency that is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain platform. It was launched in 2017 and allowed users to exchange skins for Skincoins, back and forth at anytime. An API has also been developed, which granted access to third party websites for converting Skins for games such as Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2. The main advantage of using Skincoin is that it can be used universally across many different eSports platforms, making it very flexible.



Firstblood was one of the first providers to integrate digital currencies and eSports and developed a platform that allows both gamers and game curators earn incentives based on their skills in their game of choice. Skilled gamers take part in online eSports games and tournaments, the results of these are verified and incentives are then provided in the form of Firstblood, the digital currency.


This system is unique as it inspires gamers to both develop their skills in eSports and act as a meaningful incentive towards succeeding within eSports. Firstblood offers both free to play and buy in game options and members can create, host and watch others compete. Firstblood is built upon Ethereum and allows users to also bet on eSports events.


Unikoin Gold

Unikoin Gold is now viewed by many as the main cryptocurrency that is used as an eSports betting token now. It is a cryptocurrency that is capitalising on the eSports industry and allows gamers to bet on their favourite eSports teams and players, together with providing the opportunity to win prizes. Unikorn is a decentralised Ethereum based cryptocurrency, which is powered by the Unikrn platform. The token provided can be used to bet on eSports spectator tournaments, peer to peer wagering, jackpot tickets and more.


According to many experts in both fields eSports is currently on the edge on a significant change in terms of incorporating blockchain technology, which is what underpins cryptocurrencies. There are several ways that eSports will do this and the main one is within betting, which is predicted to show massive growth in the years to come.

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