Lisk or LSK is a blockchain based ecosystem solely developed to decentralize blockchain and make it more accessible among the users. Launched in February 2018, Lisk is the brainchild of Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. The talented duo developed an open source blockchain app called Crypti in 2014 and later upgraded and developed a more futuristic blockchain protocol called Lisk in May 2016. LSK is the official token of the Lisk network. Not all wallets support Lisk and there are a handful of few.

Let us now look into some of the features while choosing the best Lisk Wallet.

  • An easy user interface for even those who do not have the technical knowhow about crypto coins.
  • Look into the security features.
  • What does an user expect from his wallet.
  • There should be backup facilities so that you can recover your funds if such situation occurs.
  • Look for wallets where you can control your private keys.
  • 24 hours customer support.
  • There is ample of scope for further development of the wallet.


Ledger Nano S (Lisk Support)

Lisk is now supported by Ledger Nano S wallet. Ledger wallet is a hardware wallet which is highly secure for managing your portfolio for long term investment. You need to install the Lisk app on your Ledger Nano S wallet to manage LSK with the Liskish Wallet. Lisk app is made and supported by the Lisk community.

Before you start


Lisk Hub Wallet

Lisk Hub often referred to as the “all-in-one-solution” this user-friendly wallet can be downloaded in Windows, Mac, web browsers and other operating systems. The interface is quite simple and easy to use. One of the key features of Hub is the Lisk Identity where it asks for the visual representation of the user. After it is done it gives you a 12-word password which is stored in third-party servers. So, users have to immediately write it down and store it in a safe place for security. Once it is done, you are now set and can start sending and receiving tokens. Here in Lisk, you can also vote for delegates. Lisk will also develop a decentralized exchange in the future where one can launch their own ICO.


Lisk Nano

The Lisk Nano is a desktop wallet and is very easy to use especially for beginners. This HD (hierarchical deterministic) wallet is an offline wallet and directly links users to the Lisk network. So, there is no need for blockchain synchronization. Users can easily check their balance and send and receive tokens on the platform. Users here have full control of their private keys. Lisk is available in Windows, Mac and Linus operating systems. Lisk however, does not support two-factor authentication and multiple signature security functions which may be a concern for some of its users.


Lisk Core

The Lisk Core is a technical platform and is specifically designed for technical users who have extensive knowledge of code complications and can handle the platform on their own. As such, it is not advisable for new users. The full node wallet is particularly designed for developers with its highly functional API interface.


Lisk Commander

Lisk Commander is a CLI (Command Line Interface) desktop wallet specifically designed for developers and technical users who are interested in coding. The interface allows users to plug in new commands and use other interactive command line tools as well.


Lisk Paper Wallet

The Lisk Paper Wallet is an offline wallet and is used for cold storing LSK coins. The wallet assures secured storage of your funds without the fear of theft and forgery.


Lisk Freewallet

The Lisk Freewallet is an open source wallet and is mainly developed for Android and iOS users. Its user interface is very simple and easy to use. One of its unique features is the QR code authentication system. There is a passphrase through which you can access your wallet from anywhere and using any web browser. However, one of its drawbacks is that users here do not have access to their private keys and the platform holds full control of the keys.


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