Launched in 2015, the Cardano is a smart contract cryptocurrency platform that is mainly designed to support the ADA crypto coins and allows easy and direct transfer of crypto funds among its users. The platform is also used for functioning of several financial applications among individuals and institutions worldwide. The Cardano platform is completely decentralized eliminating it from the control of any third-party authority. The blockchain based protocol can be used in complicated applications like aerospace and banking sector as well. Lets discuss about best Cardano wallet for 2019

Users who want to store ADA coins in their Cardano wallets should look into the below mentioned features for optimum use and selection of their wallets.


  • Prompt and round-the-clock customer support system.
  • A steady and continuous upgradation and development of the wallet paving its way for continuous development.
  • A simple user interface for smooth functioning.
  • Extensive security system for maximisation of benefits.


Best Cardano Wallets 2019


Daedalus Wallet

Daedalus is the official wallet of Cardano platform. It is an open source wallet and is available for Windows and MAC operating systems. It is and HD wallet (hierarchical deterministic) and in fact assumed to be one of the best wallets for ADA crypto coins. Users can quickly download and set up the wallet. The interface is quite user-friendly and users can view their transaction history as well for future reference. Here, users have full control of their private keys. Daedalus is also claiming to allow third party developers to create applications for increased functionality in the future. Daedalus also supports Cardano paper wallet as well. However, the platform does not support any other cryptocurrencies. The wallet does not support Linux and does not have any app for its iOS and Android users. Link to Daedalus Wallet 


Infinito Wallet

The Infinito Wallet is one of the most popular Cardano wallets and are used worldwide due to its easy interface and 24-hour support system. The wallet is available for both iOS and Android users. Its unique record-keeping feature for transactions allows easy transactions among its users. Users can also record their frequently used addresses for future referrals. The wallet does not store your personal and transaction data in its servers making it a highly secured wallet. Download from Playstore


Atomic Cardano Wallet

Atomic wallet supports multiple currencies, about more than 300 crypto coins so far. The wallet is perhaps the easiest one to handle and is quite secure due to its transparency and convenience. It is secured by its strong cryptography and is a custody-free wallet. It is compatible with multiple interfaces and supports Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and desktop interfaces as well. Link to Atomic Wallet


Yoroi, a Light Cardano Wallet

The Yoroi is a Cardano Light Wallet. The Yoroi is a product of Emurgo and is developed by IOHK. Yoroi can be used by its users for their day-to-day transactions. The private keys are encrypted, and is security audited preventing any disclosure of content to third parties. Users can use the wallet instantly and there is no need to download the blockchain. The interface is user-friendly and is easy to use. Yoroi supports all Android and iOS users. Yoroi is an open source network and supports multiple languages. Link to Yoroi Wallet


Ledger Nano S (Awaited)

The Cardano Ledger Nano S Wallet is an upcoming wallet and is likely to be launched by the end of this year. It is a highly secure hardware wallet and provides offline storage option for its users. The wallet securely stores your private keys and is encrypted by a PIN code. The wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more. There is a two-tier authentication system and OLED support as well. Link to Ledger Nano S Wallet


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