The Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC) is now accepting bitcoin in various transactions.

According to a recent news story from a Cleveland-based newspaper, the local Great Lakes Science Center has announced their adoption of bitcoin in a variety of transactions.

Not only will bitcoin be accepted as a fully valid form of monetary exchange for the daily cost of admission to the museum, but there will also be a four-day sister event, titled the Blockland Solutions Conference, which will accept bitcoin as well.

The Blockland Solutions Conference has the larger aim “to grow a blockchain ecosystem in Cleveland,” and the museum saw the event as an opportunity to “also underscore the museum’s own innovative efforts as it supports the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math,” according to GLSC President Kirsten Ellenbogen.

This move makes the GLSC the third museum in the U.S. to accept bitcoin, not counting museums that are specifically dedicated to Bitcoin. The Museum of the Coastal Bend in Texas and St. Petersburg Museum of History in Florida make up the other two, but the GLSC is by far the most popular of the three.

This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.

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