NEO is a kind of cryptocurrency like bitcoins. It is being declared as the ‘cryptocurrency of the year’ due to its awesome technological impacts. Several decentralized applications are also built with the programming languages offered by NEO.

Many people all around the world have purchased NEO and gas. In order to store them safely, we can go for some of the best NEO wallets that are being available in the cryptocurrency market.

Renowned names for NEO:

  • ‘Ethereum of China’
  • ‘Ethereum Killer’


Difference between NEO and Gas:

NEO: It is used for the creation of various decentralized applicationss. Its total supply is 100,000,000. Division is not possible with NEO. Maximum supply limit for NEO is 100,000,000.

Gas: It is necessary for the operation of NEO. Its total supply is 10,457,112. Division is possible, since it involves a variety of fractions. Maximum supply limit is 100,000,000.


Best NEO wallets:

NEO wallets and exchanges are not that much familiar as ethereum wallets, since NEO is only in the starting stage of development. Anyway, the following list will give you the most reliable wallets for the secure storage of NEO crypto currencies:


NEON desktop wallet:

It is the best and most recommended wallet available in the market for safe neo coin storage. It is designed exclusively for beginners, since it is an easily – usable wallet. It comes under the category of desktop wallets and is usually light – weight in nature.

It was first launched by the city of zion. It protects the coins from theft related issues, since it does not hold any details about the private keys. It is highly compatible with the operating systems (OS) like MAC, WINDOWS and LINUX.

A great advantage of storing coins in NEON wallets is that the users can be able to claim their Gas easily.

The following are the various functions performed by NEON wallets to NEO and Gas:

  1. Coin storage
  2. Transfer or exchange of coins (sending and receiving coins).


NEO – CLI desktop wallet:

It is one of the highly safe and advanced wallet types. CLI is nothing but an abbreviation of command line, which thereby indicates the command prompt operation of the wallet. It permits its users to claim their free Gas. It is compatible with the operating systems like Linux and Windows.


NEO – GUI desktop wallet:

It is one of the official NEO wallets for Neo storage. The users of this platform are having the authority to hold and access their private keys. It can be operated in an offline mode. It is not an user – friendly wallet, but it is highly safe to use. It really takes some time to use it, since it requires complete synchronization of the NEO blockchain. It is compatible with Windows 7 SP1.


NEO mobile wallet:

It facilitates the storage of NEO coins in mobile devices. It is responsible for the transfer (send and receive) and storage of NEO and Gas. Its application lets the users to claim their Gas.

At the initial stage, it has shown some errors, but it is now working perfectly without any sort of error. It provides safety, thereby not allowing the storage of private keys across the servers. It is highly compatible with android devices.


NEOtracker web wallet:

It is a web – based wallet, but can be operated in an offline mode. The browsers like Edge and Chrome are highly supporting these kinds of wallets.

It is quite comfortable for beginners, since its interface is in an user – friendly manner.

It offers high security because of its offline operation. It does not store anything on the neotracker servers, though it is an online wallet.


Functions performed by Neotracker wallets:

  1. NEO coin storage
  2. Coin transfer (sending or receiving coins)


NEO web wallet:

It is the one among the wallets for the storage of NEO coins. It is same as that of the NEO tracker wallet and it facilitates the transfer and storage of NEO currencies. It also has the facility to claim free Gas.

It avoids hacking issues, since it does not hold any details on the servers.


Ansy paper wallet:

It facilitates the long – term storage of NEO coins. It is designed as a piece of paper holding private and public addresses. It stimulates offline storage, thereby eliminating all the theft issues. This wallet does not allow the users to claim their Gas.


The best NEO wallet:

As we discussed best NEO wallet in this article. Thus as a whole, the best and highly recommended wallet for NEO storage is the NEO tracker or NEON wallet.

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