Tezos is a kind of decentralized platform of block chains which was supported first by Tim Draper, a billionaire bitcoin enthusiast. While most of the investors and venture capital firms denied tezos because of the risks associated with this new crypto currency, Tim was the only person who has supported its existence and made investments on it. He was also an early supporter of bitcoin, which is also a type of crypto-currency which is made available in the form of digital or electronic currency.


Tezos is a smart contract platform, which is being designed as an ethereum alternative and blocked Golem and MakerDAO. For smart contracts, it holds a safe language with a mechanism of formal verification, which is nothing but a method that assures the correctness of several code aspects mathematically.


Each and every code used in Tezos is verified independently. It holds several mechanisms of integration that helps the users to make updates periodically to the Tezos system. The in – built consensus mechanism of Tezos enables it to implement the right to vote, in case of protocol modifications.


The introduction of Tezos is a tremendous breakthrough in the history of block chain platforms. It was the first and foremost platform of block chains which operates at the protocol level. It is a self – amending network or platform that satisfies and fulfills the demands and needs of the users with the help of its programmatic voting methodology. It avoids the complications like technological and political problems associated with the earlier crypto currencies like Ethereums and Bitcoins.


Block chain start ups enhance their revenue rates with the help of token creation and trading or selling of those tokens. Tezos is one such token available in the market which will improve the whole world. It is the first platform that overcomes the hurdle of automatic updations, which are not found in some other similar platforms.


The tokens of tezos are named as ‘TEZ’ (in singular) and ‘TEZZIES’ (in plural). The symbol used for tezos’ tokens is ‘XTZ’. Depending on the contributions made by tezos foundation in ethers and bitcoins, the tezos tokens are being allotted.


Each and every obligation associated with the purchase of tezos tokens will be analyzed and managed by the tezos foundation through a Swiss exchange called Bitcoin Suisse AG.


How to Buy Tezos (XTZ) Token?

Trading of Tezos tokens is available on :


Unique features of Tezos:

  • Safety and security
  • Transparency
  • Privacy
  • Usability
  • Scaling
  • Correctness
  • Governance: Tezos supports the stakeholders by introducing various governance rules which approves and authorizes the automatic protocol updates in the platform. If a protocol update is made by a developer, he will get the authorization or approval for his update and will insert or add the bill (invoice) to be paid.


History of Tezos:

An innovative block chain network called Tezos was created by the Dynamic Ledger Solutions Inc of United States. It was based in Switzerland and was introduced first with the hedge fund and Wall Street backgrounds by a husband and wife.

The ICO or ‘Initial Coin Offering’ of Tezos got introduced on May 22, 2014. The founders of tezos.com are Kathleen Breitman and Arthur Breitman, who are highly experienced professionals in the fields of mathematics, philosophy, physics and computer science. In addition, the team of Tezos also holds some other members including Benjamin Canou, Gregoire Henry, and Vincent Bernardoff and so on.


Applications of Tezos:

Tezos finds massive applications in the industry of Aerospace. In addition it is being applied especially in applications with highest bug rates.


Services offered by Tezos:

  • Research
  • Engineering
  • Marketing and communications
  • Legal services
  • Business development.


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