An ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a platform for investors or organizations to raise funds and capital through initial coin offering to fund their business operations, development or other issues. ICOs are gaining its popularity over the years because raising funds through ICOs are much faster and cheaper compared to the traditional modes of fundraising. Moreover, investors also find it lucrative because of its liquidity and investing on ICOs have proved to be much profitable and the returns are also much faster and higher. Today, we will discuss some of the Best ICO in 2018.


ICOs are decentralized and do not require paperwork. Your identity is completely secured and your privacy is kept intact as it does not need detailed information about your profile. Investors and users now have access to a whole new world of crypto assets, and investments have been made much easier. Its rising popularity is now attracting more and more investors who were earlier hesitant to the concept. Below I have enlisted top ICO of 2018.


Best ICO 2018 (Q4)



Bidooh is a blockchain powered digital advertising platform which allows advertisers to use the space to buy, upload ads and manage space for 10 second increments in the world. Advertisers can use phones or desktops to manage the process.

bidooh ico review

Blockchain will provide complete transparency in the system. All the ads are displayed on real time. There are computerized vision cameras within the billboard which record how many people have viewed their ads and stores all information regarding the ads that can be viewed later.

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Metabase Network:

Blockchain has undergone some radical changes over the years and touched the lives of millions of users. But, there has been certain limitations like that of scalability, security issues, and had limited government involvement. Metabase aims to build a more scalable and futuristic blockchain platform to overcome the limitations of the traditional blockchain ecosystems. Metabase is a scalable blockchain platform that will create a more advanced next-generation business structure for developers, investors and businesses of the future.

metabase icoFeatures:

  • Metabase will empower even the small business houses by providing them a very easy interface and platform with easy-to-use tools that can overcome the technological hurdles.
  • Metabase aims to include governance mechanisms into its blockchain and work hand-in-hand with enterprises and business houses.
  • A huge platform for enterprises to create new innovations and technological applications and create a competitive market for peers.
  • A highly secure and scalable platform.
  • A very simple interface with extensive tools and libraries for users.

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Based in Singapore, is the world’s first fiat and cryptocurrency exchange platform. wants to involve not only the industry leaders but also people who do not have that much of knowledge or expertise about crypto exchange market. Just like Binnace, immediate use of the BCT token is for reducing trading fees, additional member discounts, accessing community polling events and  BCT will also be used as a mode of payment for listing on the exchange.

Bcoinsg ICO

Features of BCoin Exchange:

  • High-end security protection system backed by some of the best risk control tools available today supported by bank-encryption tools as well.
  • A multi-currency wallet supporting 10 major cryptocurrencies.
  • A very low transaction fee of about 0.2%.
  • Lightning fast transactions.
  • The ICO provides high liquidity to its investors and is protected by cold storage pool and a reserve pool.
  • Blockchain based ecosystem that ensures secured transactions between partners.
  • The ICO is supervised by a team of expert professionals round the clock.
  • An excellent platform to interact with industry leaders and experts.

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Based on the EOS technology, Platio aims to provide financial and banking facilities through its secure platform. Platio will be available through a mobile interface with smart tools for optimized functionality for the users. You can make all transactions or receive payments through cryptocurrency or fiat currency via card or bank transfer. PGAS is the official token of Platio and is ERC20 compliant. All commissions, fees and payments are to be done through PGAS token only. Platio offers its users plastic or virtual payment cards that are issued by international payment companies.


platio ico


  • Low fees and speedy transactions.
  • Users can transfer fiat, cryptocurrencies, stocks and any assets that are supported by Platio.
  • An interactive messenger system for easy processing of transactions.
  • All services are offered through SWIFT, SEPA and Ripple payment networks.
  • Original Credit Transactions or OCT services will be available to all Platio card users after the completion of all KYC regulations.
  • A futuristic API based online platform for all users.
  • A Smart Escrow Account for regulating and securing high-risk transactions between parties involving high money deals.
  • Escrow accounts will allow cross-border transactions, online shopping, payments to investors and contractors etc.
  • An all-in-one App to manage all assets including fiat and crypto.

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Aerum ICO:

Based on Ethereum blockchain, Aerum is a decentralized platform that aims to rebuild the blockchain 3.0 and create a more robust and scalable blockchain for B2B and B2C applications. The platform will launch all dApps, social networks, games and other marketplaces as well as provide speedy transactions at a very low cost. It aims to provide 500 tps which sums up to 16 billion transactions per year at a minimal cost of 0.05 USD per transaction. XRM is the official token of the ICO.

Aerum Ico Review xrm tokensale


  • Aerum wallet is available for all web browsers, iOS and Android phones.
  • Allows sidechain networks called PetalChain.
  • Real-time transactions at 5 seconds.
  • Cross-chain automatic swaps.
  • Middleware dApp provides cross-chain transactions.
  • A multi-token payment system.
  • ATMOS algorithm consensus mechanism along with PoS system provides smooth functioning of the ICO.
  • An AI based interface.

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Jibbit is a German start-up corporation that aims to introduce cryptocurrency to the Cannabis community. The ecosystem will use the Blockchain technology to explore the Cannabis market and leverage its financial and economic growth. Jibbit will decentralize the Cannabis market and make it free from the financial obligations and influence. Jibbit provides a market place for patients and consumers where they can order there cannabis from home and make payments in Jibbit tokens. The platform also accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, USD, and EUR. The platform connects consumers, suppliers and product manufacturers. Tampering of your personal data is absolutely impossible as all transactions are encrypted in the Blockchain securely. Jibbit wants to make the benefits of crypto world accessible to the world at large. So now you can just sit at home and connect to your doctors or pharmacist for consultation and also supply of medical supplies at your doorstep. It is hassle free and saves your valuable time.

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mycryptobank ICO MCB

MyCryptoBank is a digital bank that will provide all the banking facilities to the crypto community. Until today, the Blockchain market didn’t had a valid crypto bank to take care of its financial and banking needs. MyCryptoBank will bridge that gap. It will function just like the normal traditional banking departments do, but will use the new digital technologies. Banks often block the accounts of companies performing ICO and accepting crypto money. This is a major setback for the crypto community. MyCryptoBank will solve the problem. Now everyone can receive and transfer funds in cryptocurrency and Fiat money. They can also exchange cryptocurrencies into Fiat money in the bank and vice versa. People can now enrol for loans, make deposits and create credits. They can now have ATM bank cards with which they can do online shopping as well as make payments in restaurants and shops. Soon crypto ATMs will be installed for further client convenience.

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Phoneum is a mobile only cryptocurrency platform. Today every household has one or two smartphones. Phoneum aims to simplify the mining process in the cryptocurrency market. Using Blockchain technology the Phoneum ecosystem wants to develop a mining process which will operate only on mobile phones and not on PCs or any other operating system. There will be significant reduction in the production cost and lower the power consumption as well. The free mobile app is available for Android on Google Play and iPhones on App Store. It follows the Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Time consensus algorithm mechanisms, which enables users to earn rewards based on the total time spent on the App. Peer-to-Peer transactions and transaction fees based on the transaction cost of the users. The App is very secure and it will not damage the Smartphone set. The interface is very simple and easy to use even for a novice.

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Final Words:

Our ICO list will help the future investors and marketers to evaluate and gather information about finding the best ICO that suits their need and preference. It is a guide to provide accurate and useful information for even beginners who want to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Due to high risk involved in ICO market, it is always recommended that you should do your own proper research before investing in any ICO.

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