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Blockchain is an ingenious invention and it has revolutionized digital assets by democratizing it and allowing people to have full access to its value and money. But due to rising popularity and huge demand of blockchains and cryptocurrency, there has been several limitations in digital asset investment. Some of the problems are discussed below.

  • Poor legal structure. Many of the investment platforms lack the proper legal structure, are unauthorized and does not follow the legal procedures.
  • Lack of properly secured wallets, insufficient up-to-date security tools and improper software tools often has led to hacking and security breaches in the past.
  • Most of the time the buyers do not have the proper knowledge and expertise to handle the blockchain interface. As a result of which, they are often hesitant to invest in the market.
  • Other investments like real estate, venture capital, equity share often involve huge stake of money, lack of liquidity and risks. Until now this has been accessible only to big investors who have considerably huge sums of money to invest.
  • Moreover, the legal framework and security laws to protect safety of investors in crypto market is far more advanced in developed countries.
  • Intermediaries are often responsible for high fees and commission.
  • There is inequality in distribution of wealth in the masses due to improper and unjustified government policies.
  • Most of the financial and investment products and services are limited in developing countries.
  • Transfer of funds is often cumbersome and expensive due to complications in the system itself.
  • The ICO structure in Blockchain itself lacks proper regulatory measures.


The Solution: SMART VALOR

SMART VALOR is a Swiss company founded in April 2017 in Zug, Switzerland. VALOR wants to give power to its investors to take their own decisions, make their own investments and wants to eliminate all intermediaries especially in developing countries. It wants to make assets more accessible and secure to the investors.


SMART VALOR is a decentralized market platform for alternative tokenized investments. There is a huge market for alternative investments like venture capital, real estate, art deals and many more. But these markets involve huge exchange of money and is often out of reach for the average investors. Moreover, exchange of ownership involves lengthy paperwork and complicated legal agreements. So, there is shortage of liquidity in such markets as it involves huge transaction costs.


Tokenization is the one-time solution for all these problems which will simply transfer the ownership seamlessly without any hindrance. The VALOR token is ERC-20 compliant and is based on the Ethereum platform. VALOR token is used in all transactions, payment of service fees and all other tokenized services in the system.


How does it work?

SMART VALOR will work on two major stages:

  1. The first stage where it will focus on cryptocurrencies and non-security tokens.
  2. The second stage where it will focus on equity shares in new companies, real estate, venture capital and private equity.

Membership in VALOR platform is subject to user’s token holding in the platform. Minimum membership duration is 12 months. Prime partner members can take part in crypto currency exchanges. In order to become a prime partner, one needs to hold 200,000 VALOR tokens.



  • Participants can vote, make decisions, give petitions and participate in polls in VALOR platform.
  • It offers a smart contract-based auction marketplace where both asset issuers and investors can participate.
  • Multi-stage authentication process of user IDs to enable maximum security to the system.
  • A very simple user-friendly dashboard available in both desktop and mobile where users can view the investment plan. Special apps to gauge performance and risks involved in investments.
  • Rewards and bounty programs for participants in the VALOR platform. Users can earn tokens by actively taking part in all VALOR programs. They can also earn by referring other participants to the platform.
  • All tokenized assets are securely stored in VALOR wallets.


Visit ICO Website    Join on Telegram    WhitePaper Download


The main aim of SMART VALOR is to offer digital assets globally to all people in all corners of the world in the most secure and accessible way and to democratize their access to digital assets and wealth.

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