According to CrossRoads Today, the global lottery market was valued at USD 302 Billion in the year 2017, and is speculated to hit USD 393 Billion by the end of 2023. Even with such exponential growth in this marketplace, users continue to witness various critical challenges such as lack of transparency, security threats, slow processing, high commission charges, etc.


To eliminate these crucial hurdles, Donocle has introduced a global lottery network, which is built within the blockchain technology. It allows users from across the globe to seamlessly take part in various lottery activities and earn profitable returns. Additionally, Donocle has integrated Open Data Flow (ODF) system that monitors and verifies the flow of money in real-time, thereby ascertaining trust and transparency. The word ‘Donocle’ is a combination of ‘Donate’ and ‘Circle.’ Players acquire coins and tokens, play the lottery, and upon winning, they contribute a certain percentage of their prize money to charity.


The Effective Raffling Process

The raffling process is initiated when the users purchase lottery tickets using any of the 50 types of tokens currently available on the zone. Consequently, users are offered with a six-digit number from the BTC nonce that is considered as a raffle number. In the end, the total coins paid out to lottery winners are distributed based on the winning ratio. Additionally, the number of coins issued, sales number, and prices are disclosed to the buyers to ensure trust and transparency. As sale progresses, these numbers are regularly updated.


Proof-of-Stake System – Offering Reliability and Security

To ensure secure profit allocation, Donocle has integrated Proof-of-Stake system. POS allows an individual to validate a block transaction as per the coin numbers that he/she holds. Therefore, with the increase in coin possession, players have more opportunities to generate wins/profits.


Additionally, Donocle’s Airdrop is a feature that offers users with the opportunity to earn steady returns. Users can deposit their tokens in the Proof-of-Stake system and receive regular incentives for the same. Airdrop funds are accumulated in the form of coins/tokens that were used to acquire lottery tickets on the platform. By the end of each session, the platform collects cryptocurrencies in the form of crypto coins/tokens, Donocle tokens, or MIB coins. Donocle allocates 10% of these overall funds for Airdrop. Therefore, when users hold tokens in the POS system, they get Airdrop incentives based on the POS proportion.


Donocle Games – Play and Earn

Donocle enables users to participate in various raffle games and earn substantial profits in return. Primarily there are two games on the network:-

  1. 496 Games

In 496 Games, the users have to match numbers from 1 to 49 and the raffle takes place at 00:00 UTC, every Sunday. Furthermore, to determine a winner, the system generates a block in the BTC blockchain for the six canceled blocks. If there is no winner to claim the prize money, it is transferred to the next raffle session until there is a winner.


  1. Mini Lotto

This game determines the winner with the value of nonce of a single block and the winning number is updated at 00:00 UTC, every day. Mini Lotto also enables overlapping of the numbers. Moreover, similar to the 496 Game, if there is no one to claim the winnings, then the money is transmitted to the next raffle session until there is a winner.


A Global Platform Eliminating the Precariousness of the Conventional Lottery System

Donocle is a blockchain based platform that eliminates central challenges of the lottery system. This unified global project has enabled users to participate in various lottery activities in a transparent, secure, and reliable manner, thereby offering multiple opportunities to earn valuable returns.


The ICO period for Donocole Network starts from October 8th ~ January 31st.

The PreSale event includes the following benefits :

  • 08 Oct – 21 Oct | Bonus = 100%
  • 22 Oct – 04 Nov | Bonus = 50%
  • 04 Nov – 18 Nov | Bonus = 20%


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