There is an incredible market for cryptocurrency today and more people are coming forward and investing in crypto assets. But said so, there is still lot of backlogs in the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrencies do not get access to the traditional banking facilities and products available today as compared to fiat currency. Due to trust factor and lack of support from the banking institutions, people feel hesitant to invest in such digital currencies.

The Platio team wants to bridge the gap between traditional banks and digital currencies and make it more acceptable and feature it like any other fiat currency among the masses.


What is Platio?

Platio is a banking ecosystem that wants to provide traditional banking and financial products and facilities to the cryptocurrency users. Platio has its headquarters in London and is licensed by FCA. It is based on the EOS technology and will be available through its mobile interface with smart tools for optimized functionality. It will be available on all web browsers, Android and iOS phones. It will support crypto, fiat, stocks and other assets. PGAS is the utility token of the ecosystem and is ERC20 compliant.

There are three subscription levels for users: Basic, Advanced and Premium. Membership is absolutely free for Basic and Advanced. However, there is a monthly fee for the Premium users.



  • Platio Asset Guard is a unique product based on smart contract, which will guard all assets of the participants against market volatility.
  • Auto Exchange also allow users to protect their assets against market volatility through automatic asset exchange.
  • Standby Transfer. Here if a user is inactive for a specific period of time and the period expires without a login, all his chosen assets can be transferred to his Platio account according to his conditions.
  • Platio offers its users plastic or virtual payment cards supported by international payment companies. It aims to allow its users to convert any cryptocurrency to fiat through the Platio cards. The Platio app will also allow its users to activate or top-up their payment cards.
  • Users can transfer any asset internally be it fiat or crypto through the Platio platform. The transaction fees and processing time is also very low.
  • All services are offered through SWIFT, SEPA or Ripple payment networks.
  • Original Credit Transaction or OCT will be provided to the users for payment purposes. Platio card users can make direct card-to-card payments. To use OCT transactions all KYC procedures must be duly followed.
  • Platio Merchant Processing API will directly link the buyers to the merchant’s websites where they can review and make purchases of the products.
  • Smart Escrow is built on smart contract and it monitors high-risk products and products with high monetary value. It will resolve any problem regarding settlement, terms and conditions of a deal, conflicts regarding payment etc.
  • There is an interactive messenger system for hassle free processing of transactions.
  • Escrow accounts that will allow cross-border transactions, online shopping, payment to investors or contractors etc.
  • The PGAS token will be used for all transactions, payment of subscription fees, commissions etc.
  • The Platio App is the user’s guide to the ecosystem. The interface will help its users to make deposits, withdrawals and all kinds of transactions in the system.


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ICO Details:

  • Token: PGAS
  • Price: 1 PGAS=0.0007 ETH
  • Platform: EOS
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 EUR
  • Hard cap: 34,500,000 EUR
  • Whitelist/KYC: Required


Platio has already captured the European market and it tends to lend its services to Asia as well in the coming years. The blockchain based ecosystem aims to provide a transparent and secured banking facilities and business opportunity to its users. All the assets in the Platio platform will be tokenized and will be stored securely in the crypto wallet or bank account. Users of Platio can also take part and involve in product development and also give their advice and feedback.

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