Blockchain revolution has now emerged as a global technology and its network has reached almost all the corners of the world. Ethereum is the first smart contract platform and perhaps the most popular and widely used decentralized application so far. But now, there are different decentralized applications based on different smart contract platforms that has come into play in the global Blockchain market. There is a huge demand for these applications in the market but most of them fail to achieve the desired result.


The main problem is lack of interoperability of these applications. Due to functional drawbacks and scalability issues their mass adoption is often hindered. These applications often fail to communicate with other smart contract platforms or travel through other network chains. As a result of which, mass adoption and utilization of these Apps are always not possible. Powered by Tezos, OrchestrumOS is a platform of tools that will allow users to develop integrated, inter-operable decentralized applications.


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The Solution: OrchestrumOS

Interoperability or intercommunication between smart contract platforms is the only answer to the problem. OrchestrumOS wants to build an operating system that will unite all the decentralized applications of different smart contract platforms under one platform. OrchestrumOS will convert its regular dApps into iidApps or integrated, interoperable decentralized applications that will foster a cross-chain integration between the dAPPs. It wants to build a seamless open communication network just like internet that will bring together the developer, creator, user and the customer all under a single roof. It wants to empower not only its developers, but all the customers and clients, no matter what their technological knowhow is to build and experience the iidApps innovations. To reveal the possibilities and to hide the complexities OrchestrumOS focuses on the end user. Core product and complementary components target:

  • Businesses
  • Developers
  • Decentralized applications
  • Personal users
  • and Entrepreneurs



  • It will be built on GUI interface.
  • It will connect multiple blockchains and will use its data, functions and assets and at the same time retain security and privacy of its various users.
  • Interoperability between applications while retaining complete transparency between terminal users.
  • It is based on completely decentralized consensus mechanism and does not involve any intermediary or centralized control.
  • Technological interoperability will help users of different decentralized platforms to benefit from solutions that are developed in a particular smart contract platform.


OrchestrumOS is rapidly spreading and it wants to provide its technological innovations to all its users and wants to touch the lives of a common man and cater to their needs. It wants to break the technological barriers and make it more adoptable and widely used in the coming years.


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