Directed money is a form of payment that can be spent on specific merchants or products like gift cards, insurance compensation, discount vouchers, loyalty schemes etc. It allows financers, issuers, and merchants to develop their own business applications. The application of directed money is often costly and fails to achieve the desired results. Furthermore, these are paper or card-based and its centralized structure often hinders its usage.


As we grow old, we are often worried about our financial security after retirement. We invest in various financial tools available in the market like bonds, stocks, insurance plans etc. But we often worry about their reliability and return of funds on investments.


The Solution: MoneyTrack

MoneyTrack is a decentralized Blockchain platform for directed money that will help financers, issuers, and merchants to develop and implement their own applications and also connect with all the players of the market. MTK is the official token of the ecosystem.



  • Smart contracts decentralize the directed money and makes it more accessible and at the same time lowers its operational costs.
  • MoneyTrack aims to develop new protocols that will be accessible to all.
  • A common platform for exchanges between financers, issuers, beneficiaries, and merchants. They can set up their own Directed Money Programs and also state the pricing, features, and commission rates.
  • MoneyTrack will charge a transaction fee which is very minimal. All transactions and service fees are to be paid in MTK tokens. The MTK value is directly proportional to the total volume of transactions processed in the system.
  • Smart contracts ensure full security and confidentiality of all transactions and transfer of funds of the participants.
  • An API based interface which is highly functional and easy to use.
  • The Project is led by a highly capable group of experts, software engineers, cryptography experts and financial advisors.
  • The platform is capable of handling large financial transactions.
  • Smart contracts are based on Tezos Ledger developed by OCamlPro, which ensures reliability and high productivity.
  • All transactions are verified duly to provide a trustful trade relationship between all actors of the market.


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