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Based on Singapore, BCoin.sg is the world’s first fiat and cryptocurrency exchange platform. It provides a unique integrated payment solution and provides a platform for all market players, be it investors, experts or even a common man. BCoin has partnered up with international Payment Gateways like MPay in Malaysia and EMI in Philippines to facilitate e-payment options for users. BCoin will be launching its e-cards or plastic cards soon to cater to the needs of the cashless society. The official token of the ICO BCT will be used in all transactions throughout the platform. The exchange is available in all web browsers, Android and iOS phones.


There are three major membership models in the ICO.

Diamond: User has to  hold 12,000 BCT tokens on the exchange to qualify for this membership and will enjoy an additional 30% discount on trade fees and will hold the Diamond Card.

Ruby: Users here hold 6,000 BCT tokens on the exchange and qualifies for 20% discount in trading fees and holds the Ruby Card.

SAPPHIRE: Users here hold 3,000 BCT tokens on the exchange and qualifies for 10% additional discount on trade fees and also qualifies for the SAPPHIRE Card.

The voting rights also depend according to the membership qualifications. Diamond users hold 4x or 4 times more voting right than an ordinary user. Ruby 3x or 3 times and SAPPHIRE 2x or 2 times.


Salient Features of BCoin

  • Lightning fast transactions that takes only few milliseconds to complete a transaction.
  • The ICO provides high liquidity to its investors and is supported by cold storage pool and reserve pool. It provides high financial liquidity as it is backed by mining operations in Georgia, Ontario and Houston.
  • High-end security protection backed by multilayer security tools, bank-level encryption and tripartite hosting. In addition to this, to access the wallets one needs to get authorization from three different locations.
  • A multi-currency wallet supporting 10 major cryptocurrencies and is very easy to use. The wallet supports all the current industry standards regarding digital wallets and has a multi-layer encryption storage system. The multifunctional wallet will store the digital currencies, support token sale, and will also allow users to access the ICO exchange services.
  • The transaction fees are very low of about 0.2%.
  • The ICO is supervised and monitored round-the-clock by a team of Industry experts.
  • An excellent platform to interact with industry experts and professionals.
  • BCT is the official token of the ICO and is ERC20 compliant. Users can use these tokens instead of fees and get a 30% discount on all fees.
  • Members with BCT tokens will not only get 30% discount on trading fees but also a 60% discount if paid in BCT tokens.
  • Multi-language support currently in English and Mandarin but BCoin will also support languages in Filipino, Korean and Bahasa.
  • A user-friendly mobile interface.


Visit BCoin Exchange || Visit ICO Website || Join Telegram || Download WhitePaper


ICO Token Details:

  • Ticker: BCT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • ICO Price: 1 BCT=0.50 USD
  • Token available for sale: 135,000,000 BCT
  • Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 45,000,000 USD


By the end of 2018, BCoin aims to support 50 most popular cryptocurrencies. BCoin has also partnered up with all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc to keep in touch with the community issues and problems. Problems and queries can be addressed to the official social media channel of the ICO like the Chat bot and the Telegram channel. Moreover, BCoin will undertake comprehensive measures to safeguard the personal and financial data of all its users and see to it that none of these data are compromised and will put a check on illicit activities. This will put an end to security breaches and also ensure safety to its participants. BCoin will popularize the cryptocurrency exchange and make it more accessible for the common man who does not have the specific knowledge, expertise, or technical knowhow of the crypto market.

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