In the past days, trading of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins was not that much familiar in India. But nowadays, buying and selling (trading) of bitcoins have gained a massive attention of the cryptocurrency traders in India. Offcourse, bitcoin trading is now considered as a highly profitable process, in comparison with the other cryptocurrency trading methodologies available in the market. Many exchanges are reported massive signups daily and due to the high amount of traffic to buy bitcoin in India sometimes exchange have to disable new user signups.


The profit rate in bitcoin trading mainly depends upon the type of trading platform chosen by the trader. It is really safe to go for Bitcoin purchase from a variety of sources (Bitcoin exchanges), instead of preferring a single source. Why because, if a trader buys a large number of bitcoins in a single exchange, the chances to adopt losses are extremely high. But if he goes for a variety of exchanges, he will acquire huge gain. The following are some of the notable platforms to buy Bitcoin in India:


Exchange to Buy Bitcoin in India


Koinex: It is a distinct Bitcoin trading website, which also supports some other cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash and so on. Koinex has a tiered maker-taker fee schedule like Coinome. Sign up for Koinex


Coindelta: It is similar to coinome and allows the trading of multiple currency types like bitcoins, litecoins, ethereum, and Ripple and so on. Sign up for Coindelta

Unique features of coin delta:

  • It is a simple but highly reliable platform for bitcoin trading.
  • It holds a better performance rate and facilitates faster payments.
  • It contains a special support team, which is available on a 24 * 7 basis.
  • It supports all kinds of crypto currencies.
  • It imposes only very low trading charges.


WazirX: WazirX, is just launched, act as a traditional cryptocurrency exchange with several different crypto pairs currently supporting Bitcoin, Litecoin and DASH trading. Wazirx will have its own exchange-backed token named WRX Coin, similarly, like Binance or Cobinhood, crypto platforms, have done in the past.  Signup for WazirX


Coinome: It is the best as well as an innovative exchange for bitcoin trading. It is a perfect marketplace for instant bitcoin purchase. It holds a simple, user – friendly interface, which allows even the new users to have accesstor this platform. In addition to bitcoins, it is also a supporter of Litecoins. A familiar but oldest payment collection platform called Bill desk is the backbone of this exchange. A unique feature of Coinome is that it contains an option called E– KYC, where KYC is done at an instant manner. Sign up for Coinome


BuyUCoin: BuyUcoin is another India’s market leader in Cryptocurrency market. It provides easy and trusted platform to buy, trade, store, and accept many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEM, Civic, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash etc. Sign up for BuyUCoin


LocalBitcoins: It is the one and only trading platform that accepts cash payments. It is designed especially for Indian traders. It ensures safety with the help of an aspect called two – factor authentication. Sign up for LBC


Unocoin: It is a perfectly suitable platform for beginners (new users) to perform bitcoin trading. It contains a simple user – friendly interface that facilitates the bitcoin investments in the form of SIP (Systematic investment plan). Download Unocoin App


Closed Exchanges:

Zebpay: It is a simple, easier and faster exchange for Bitcoin trading. It is designed exclusively for those, who want to do Bitcoin trading in mobile phones. It has a special mobile application for the purpose of making trades and it fixes the best rates for bitcoin purchase. The users of this platform an make their secure transactions in the form of bits. You may download Zebpay from playstore. Read the article on How to get free Bitcoin on Zebpay.


Coinsecure: It is one of the most familiar platforms to buy bitcoins. It is built exclusively for those traders with a considerable amount of trading experience, but not for the new users. It is a safe and secure platform, since it involves KYC verification. Its major technology partner is OKLink, which uses several advanced blockchain technologies. It has released its android application, which permits real time bitcoin exchange. Sign up for Coinsecure


The above listing is purely based on priority, which normally involves the aspects like easy usage and popularity.

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