Over the years, the Airline Industry has been successfully providing services and catering to the needs of millions of passengers worldwide with an average of 5% growth per year on world air traveling the past 30 years. Commercial airlines are now the part and parcel of our lives and we can hardly imagine our lives without it. It has made our lives easy, saves our time and energy, shortens distance and costs if compared to the extent of time and inconvenience in other modes of travel. It is specifically advantageous for business travelers who have to travel several times a year and sometimes even to remote places. Airline travel is their only option as it far more comfortable, hassle free and saves time. But with the growing numbers of private airlines across the globe, the aircraft industry has been facing certain challenges.


Problems of Airlines Industry:

  • Often the Airline companies and the users who pay for the services have to face frauds in regard to payment and receiving of funds via Visa, MasterCard and other online payment gateways. The speed of transactions were often slow and the users had to pay high commissions as well. The companies on the other hand has to bear additional operational cost to maintain security in the system.
  • Intermediaries like OTA or Online Tourism Agencies and GDS or Global Distribution System rule the tourism industry today. They make reservations worldwide. Their service fees are already included in the price of the tickets, so the customers are actually paying more for their respective reservations.
  • Additional operational fees like fuel charges, ground handling, and other ancillary charges are included in the air ticket causing an unnecessary hike in price of tickets.


The Aircraft Solution:

Based on the Blockchain Technology, the Aircraft Solution was created to improve our travelling experience, make it more enjoyable and to simplify the existing functioning of the airline businesses. Aircraft System wants to introduce cryptocurrency and Blockchain ecosystem over the traditional methods of keeping and maintaining of records into a more sophisticated and error-free record system. The main motive is to provide a comfortable and secure platform for buying and selling of flight tickets, hotel booking and other entertainment services.


How does it work?

All airplanes will be allotted a special cell carrying a unique serial number, number of seats, type of aeroplane and other details regarding the airplane. The customers will receive a personal code after reservation and confirmation of payment of their respective seats. The customers will be automatically notified about all information regarding change of flights, number of seats etc. The system will also eliminate overbooking of seats. In case of refund of funds Aircraft will ensure that both the parties are duly satisfied.


Aircraft Ecosystem will also introduce Hotel Business System where each hotel will have a special number and customers can view and verify the exact location, star rating as well as number of rooms in a hotel. Customers can also monitor the status of their rooms and report any fraudulent or mismanagement of hotel services. AIRT is the official token of the ecosystem and will be used in all the transactions of the system. The App will contain a wallet for storing and withdrawal of funds. The Mobile App will be protected by a password which can be a TouchID or FaceID.

Aircraft will also be introducing a Bracelet technology, which can be worn as a bracelet. It can be connected to the Smartphone through Bluetooth or NFC-module. Users can have access to nearby cafes, restaurants, cultural events and it will work as a tour guide.



  • Provide quality services to its client.
  • Completely secured facility.
  • Introduces cryptocurrency in an affordable price.
  • Eliminates fraud and disloyal companies.
  • A secure platform for buy/sell of air tickets and booking of hotel rooms.
  • An AI based multifunctional mobile app for convenience.
  • Your personal data will be fully protected.
  • Secured payment and other transactions.
  • An opportunity for tourism companies to participate in the platform.
  • Regular conferences and seminars for improving the services.
  • Waterproof bracelet with which tourists can even make payments through payment cards.


Aircraft ICO Information:

  • Token: AIRT
  • Price: 1 AIRT = 0.60 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD


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Aircraft envisions to solve the low-quality services of the current airlines. It aims to ensure its customers an optimum hassle-free travel experience. Moreover, Aircraft Network wants to revolutionize cryptocurrency and make it available in the tourism industry as well.

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