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Blockchain has been a pioneering invention in modern technological landscape. The Blockchain technology has touched almost all the facets of our lives and has grown immense popularity over the past few years. But said so, Blockchain has undergone some major changes as well. The generation 1 or the Blockchain 1.0, where all crypto transfers were governed by the Proof of Work or PoW. The next generations like Blockchain 2.0 and 3.0 have some improvisations on its basic features and were mostly based on the Ethereum platform with improvement of overall transaction speed, but still it has failed to achieve its desired goal.


The Problem:

Some of the major drawbacks of Blockchain today are scalability which has been a major issue with growth of networks around the world. There is lack of speed in the transactions which includes a considerable amount of cost as well. Another issue is the accessibility issue where many are not aware of the complications of the system itself. Blockchain based systems needs a certain amount of expertise and necessary investments to join the ecosystem. Moreover, Ethereum is the major platform and has set the standards for all Blockchains working presently. It helps in the smooth functioning of the ecosystem with transparency and security. All functioning tools and dApps are developed based on Ethereum and it is ruling the present market. But the interface is still not developed fully, and the cost and speed of transactions need improvement.


The Aerum Solution: How does it work?

Based on Ethereum platform, Aerum is a decentralized Blockchain that aims to rebuild the Blockchain 3.0 and produce a more robust, compatible, scalable, and high-end platform suitable for all B2B and B2C applications.


Aerum will provide a platform for launching all dApps, as well as social networks, games and other marketplaces. Participants can now enjoy fastest transactions at a very low cost with improved scalability. Aerum aims to deliver 500 tps which sums up to 16 billion transactions per year with a very minimum cost of 0.05 USD per transaction. An Aerum user can either be a regular or a delegated user.


A regular user can be anyone without any stake in the ecosystem and can design and publish dApps in the platform and earn tokens. Delegated users are verified users who are recognized by the peer delegates and undergone a scrutiny process. They hold a stake and are voted by other delegates. All participants fall under these two categories.


The Aerum Wallet is available for all web browsers as well as Android and iOS phones. XRM is the official token of the Aerum platform. It is ERC20 compliant and works on Ethereum platform.



Aerum Features:

  • The platform supports dApps and allows free transactions.
  • It allows sidechain networks called PetalChain as well.
  • A very high speed as low as 2 second per block transaction.
  • Real-time transactions as low as 5 seconds.
  • Cross chain atomic swaps allow fast and easy transactions between Aerum and Ethereum wallets.
  • ATMOS, a unique algorithm consensus mechanism along with Proof of Stake (PoS) system allows a very smooth functioning within the system.
  • A unique feature called Middleware dApp provides easy cross-chain transactions.
  • Multitasking wallets for easy use.
  • Free and fast transactions for customers at 5 seconds per transaction.
  • The AI based interface is suitable for all major businesses and market solutions.
  • A multi-token payment system.


Aerum ICO Information:

  • Token: XRM
  • MVP/Prototype: Link
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD
  • Country: Czech Republic


Visit ICO Website   Read LitePaper



Aerum envisions to grow into the fastest dApp platform and provide a readymade high-end infrastructure for developing and publishing dApps. The core idea is not to compete with Ethereum, but to work hand-in-hand with the platform and develop a more profound, decentralized ecosystem which anyone can access and participate and also maintain the network speed and performance quality. The idea is to develop a more practical ecosystem where transactions could be done within 5 seconds as well as would be a value for money for its participants.

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