The eCommerce industry is a booming market and its future seems to be very bright in respect to the global economy. Thanks to the dynamic development of information technology and fast growing use of internet, eCommerce is gradually touching the lives of millions of users worldwide. Nowadays, almost everyone is active on social networking sites and is much aware of online shopping as well. But, people on the other hand have become very busy and they hardly have enough time to visit shops and make their purchases.


So, to save time most people prefer to do online purchases from the comfort of their home. Moreover, people believe that it saves their energy and money as well. The online shopping sites also exhibits plenty of choice, which becomes easier for a potential buyer to choose, compare and buy the product at the best possible price.


It is estimated that most of the retail markets in US are driven by eCommerce and more and more people are now spending money online to purchase products and services. According to the Global E-Commerce Report 2017, it is estimated that USA is the second largest ecommerce market just behind China with an annual turnover of more than $438 billion. It is believed that with the advent of internet and online purchases, about 88% of the Americans purchase online merely by impulse and about 53% believe that their purchases are influenced by social networking sites. But this booming industry is facing its own challenges.


Challenges of the ecommerce industry:

  • The trust factor. Consumers who buy online cannot verify the quality of the products they intend to purchase. So, they solely have to depend on the information that the company is offering on the site.
  • Quality of the products often fails to match the standards as promised on the sites.
  • Often the companies selling their products on online sites fail to generate the right targeted traffic.
  • Finding the products that would generate sales figures and attract customers.
  • Fail to generate prospective leads.
  • Lack of proper knowledge and analysis of the market and the needs of the target customers.
  • Retaining the customers.
  • Long-term growth to reduce production costs.


The What’s On Pic Project:

The What’s On Pic is a unique solution that aims to bring together customers and online social networking sites all under a single platform that will benefit all its participants. It aims to make online shopping more interesting with the help of artificial intelligence or AI based algorithm and improve the experience of its participants.


How does it work?

On What’s On Pic, customers can simply tap on a desired product that they wish to buy and will automatically get diverted into all the possible links selling that product and make the purchase. Customers can also tag a product on the social media websites in their Android or iOS phones as well internet browsers. By doing so, customers get cash-back rewards and publishers of the photos will get rewards for each purchase of the products that they share in their posts.

Check the video below to learn, how does it exactly works:


The App is currently available in iOS and Android phones, but it will soon be available in desktops, Chromes, Safari and Firefox browsers as well. The App is very easy to use and has a very user-friendly interface. The users can easily withdraw the money earned through rewards into their own accounts. The utility token of the platform is AWT token which is ERC20 compliant and based on Ethereum Blockchain. The tokens can be used for all transactions in the Blockchain system. In fact, the AWT token is the fast ever token that will be used in the ecommerce Blockchain based platform.


Features and Benefits:

  • A platform that connects consumers, stores and social media under one roof.
  • The installation and use of the App is very easy for customers and retailers to use.
  • It has covered more than 50,000 stores globally.
  • Both buyers and publishers of the products can earn through use of this app.
  • Verification of tags that ensure quality over quantity.
  • Buyers will trust more as the products are often recommended by friends and families and also by normal daily users with whom buyers can readily identify.
  • An additional incentive based on 10:1 ratio on every earning of $1.
  • Photos that are shared on What’s On Pic are ordinary photos resembling daily lives with which the buyers can easily identify.
  • The platform will generate more leads and customers which will eventually increase their sales.
  • A passive income opportunity for social media users.
  • The interface is very simple and easy to use.
  • A list of verified stores from which consumers can choose and buy their products.
  • Cashback benefits for users.


Whats On Pic ICO Information / AWT Token Sale:

  • Token: AWT
  • PreICO Price: 1 AWT = 0.0025 ETH
  • Price: 1 AWT = 0.01 ETH
  • MVP/Prototype: Link
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Soft cap: 1,821,250 USD
  • Hard cap: 21,987,500 USD
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC


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The ecommerce industry is hugely governed by “impulse purchase” behavioural trait of the consumers. These impulse purchases are often driven by beautiful pictures and layouts of the products and desire to maintain a social status. Keeping that in mind, What’s On Pic hugely practices affiliate marketing with Cashback opportunities and loyalty programs which definitely will attract more consumers. The Ethereum based smart contracts will also lower the costs and time of verifying transactions and deliver cash easily to the wallet of the users. Keeping all this in mind, there is no doubt that What’s On Pic will definitely be one of the leading new-age ecommerce platforms in the world.

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