The digital asset market is a fast growing upcoming market and more and more industries and investors are coming forward to invest and contribute to the growth of this market. It is estimated that by 2022, the digital asset management market is likely to generate 5.66 billion dollars, which can be a great boon to the financial market.


In the recent years due to decentralized and trustless mode of revenue generation, the ICOs have been greatly favoured even in the digital asset management market field by the investors. Blockchain also enables fast and improved liquidity for the marketers. But the Blockchain based digital asset market has certain drawbacks as well. The market lacks quality investors, proper market tools, and often the ICOs have proved to be nothing but scams and have failed to achieve and maintain its market standards.


In view of this, the Iconiq Lab was designed and launched by Iconiq Holding in 2017, which is the first ever decentralized VC or venture capital investment ICO.


What is Iconiq Lab? How it Works?

The Iconiq Lab is a decentralized venture capital club powered by the ICO Accelerator Program. The Accelerator Program provides financial aid, marketing tools and guidance to startups to raise funds and capitals. Iconiq Lab also provides consulting services to small and medium size companies as well as fortune-500 companies so that they can issue their best Blockchain solutions and tokens.


The ICNQ is the utility token of the Iconiq Holding ecosystem and allows its holders to invest in the ICO and participate in the Accelerator Program. The token holders enjoy membership according to their holding and they can later redeem the tokens in exchange of discount vouchers in the ecosystem. Moreover, holders who own €100,000 or more tokens enjoy premium membership benefits. Other than that, there are loyalty programs and reward systems, which interests the holders to have long-term membership in the ecosystem.


The Iconiq Lab by far has received 500 applications from startups of which only 9 has been financed so far. The ICNQ token are ERC20 compliant and is based on the Ethereum Blockchain platform. The smart contracts also ensure scalability and transparency to the functioning of the ICO.


The Iconiq Funds launched in 2018, is another feature of the ICO, which allows its token holders to invest in various crypto investment digital asset funds which are professionally managed such as PIFs (Professional Investment Fund), ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund), and ETNs (Exchange Traded Note). The Iconiq Funds have proved to be an enormous success and guide for investors in the digital asset management market.


Benefits of the Ecosystem

  • Boost the financial funding of the startups and enable them to launch their own ICOs with minimum risks.
  • A global platform for all ICO participants to connect with the bigger players of the market.
  • Legal guidance for organizational setup and management.
  • A cost-effective low fees structure especially for small investors.
  • Huge scope for research and development programs for the ICO.
  • Reward systems for long-term ICNQ token holders.
  • Bonuses and discounts for membership holders.
  • ICNQ holders can also participate in presales of the Iconiq Lab’s Accelerator Program.
  • The Startups on joining get a discount on their joining fees with the help of ICNQ voucher.
  • Privileged access benefits for premium membership holders and get free entry to the Iconiq events as well.
  • All fees are paid through the ICNQ tokens.


Iconiq Lab ICO Information

  • Token: ICNQ
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD


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The Iconiq Lab provides investment opportunities through its global decentralized VC club even to small-time investors and accelerates their investment opportunities in the ICO. The ICO will form a global platform with access to top investment experts in the market who can share their expertise in the platform. It aims to provide exclusive seed-funding opportunity for projects that can be launched in the ICO. The ICNQ tokens which are not been redeemed or distributed among the token holders will be redistributed in the ICO for the upcoming new token holders.

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