Simcord Company has officially declared its active cooperation with the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine. The main goal of this cooperation is to obtain a scientific and legal expert opinion on the subject “Legal basis of the Bitbon System”, which, in turn, should have a positive impact on the international status of Bitbon.


Let us remind you that, on March 13, 2018, one of the scheduled stages of integration of the Bitbon System into the real sector of economy started, which coincided with the launch of the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets. Due to successful launch of the exchange, everyone will be able to use unique technological capabilities of Bitbon Crypto Value with maximum benefit for themselves and their business.


On June 17, 2018, the Company declared the start of public crowdsale of the Bitbon System, which is a crypto platform for Contributing. It is worth mentioning that, prior to public crowdsale, the project has successfully conducted pre-sale and internal crowdsale and raised over $50,000,000.


Furthermore, on October 10, 2018, open Bitbon tender will begin on the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets. A series of successful talks has been conducted with several international exchanges, and immediately after the start of trading on the Bit Trade exchange, the Bitbon quotes will also become available for the world’s largest exchanges.

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