The Merit Network is growing and things are moving at a faster pace now than they were before, so if you still haven’t checked out Merit (MRT), then you might want to do so now. The source code of the official Merit mining pool that is based on CoiniumServ has been released a couple of days ago and this has resulted in a number of new pools for MRT appearing. Below you can find a list of all of the currently available mining pools for Merit (MRT):

The first two are the official mining pools, the third one (IceMining) is currently the largest MRT mining pool in terms of hashrate and is the only one not based on the official code, the rest are new pools based on the official source and they are still pretty small in terms of hashrate and number of miners and could use some hashrate.

The unofficial zjazz CUDA miner for Merit is now available with a special release for 3GB VRAM GPUs (the minimum required in order to be able to mine MRT with your Nvidia GPU. There is also an experimental Linux build of the miner available for people that want to give it a try. You can of course also use the latest official Merit miner for both Windows and Linux mining rigs (also only for Nvidia GPUs). AMD GPU miner for Merit is still in development, though it seems that performance wise it is doing much worse than what Nvidia GPUs deliver in terms of hashrate, so you may have to wait some more before it is made available in a usable optimized form. We remind you that Merit (MRT) is an invite only network and you need to get one in order to unlock your wallet and start mining the MRT crypto currency, we have some invites available, so feel free to request one uing the link below.

Click here to get your invite and register a wallet at Merit in order to be able to try it out…

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