Augmented Reality or AR is a futuristic technology, which is expected to touch the majority of our lives in the coming years. But what do we understand by the term AR or Augmented Reality? Augmented reality is an application that imposes digitally rendered images into the real life environment and creates an illusion or a sense of virtual reality to its audience.


The history of AR dates back to the year 1968 and was invented by a computer scientist called Ivan Sutherland. Recently, with the development of the ARKit and ARCore systems for iOS and Android phones, AR now can be used in smartphones as well. So, AR now used as a mobile technology can be used anywhere by just using the mobile App and we no longer have to wear a special helmet or be in a special room unlike VR or virtual reality to enjoy its benefits. Visit Arround ICO Page

Blockchain too is not lagging behind, and it is using AR in building its AR-based decentralized ecosystem.


What is Arround? How it Works?

Arround is a decentralized AR based platform that uses Blockchain technology to develop its ecosystem. The ARR is the token used for all exchanges in the platform. Any user who creates an account in the system will be provided with a wallet for their transactions.

Watch the video below, “Arround in Action”


Major components of Arround:

An AR marketplace: By 2020, the AR market is likely to reach $120 billion dollars and is estimated to have an annual growth rate of about 65.1%. The mobile application is forecasted to be a breakthrough development in the coming years and is likely to generate humongous growth in revenue.

AR ADNet: The AD Net portal allows all retailers, individuals and commercial houses to offer their own advertising and marketing campaigns from a single location under a single platform. The portal will allow the following features:

  • Users will be registered as an advertiser and have an account.
  • They can manage their campaigns, reports and analytics.
  • They can select and purchase their favourable tariff plan.
  • Client account.
  • An advertising toolkit.
  • Third parties can also offer services to the users.
  • All purchase and lease are governed by smart contracts ensuring security and transparency.

AR Map: The AR Map connects the social network community with the advertising network. Users can use their Smartphone to scan the area of their location using their front facing camera. The GPS will automatically tag the location.

AR Codes: Similar to a QR code, a retailer can use their branded AR code for display purposes, which will be recognized by the AR camera. Furthermore, by using the AR Promoter, retailers can also communicate with their prospective users via the social media network.

AR Store: The AR Store is the place where all purchase, sale, lease, transactions of contents and services are offered. All the content developers will fix a price for their products. All the transactions in the platform are set at fiat money but, accept only ARR tokens in return, which are again stored in the respective wallets of the developers after each successful transaction. Features:

  • Advertisements are permission-based and secured by smart contracts ensuring privacy of users.
  • On exchange of data users can earn rewards from advertisers through tokens.
  • All advertising, promotional, and marketing services will be tracked by Blockchain thus ensuring less scope for error and third party interference.
  • A global platform where all developers both for software and hardware can take part and earn tokens.
  • All transactions are done via smart contracts ensuring full authenticity and transparency.
  • Secures identity of users and no one can track their account without their permission.
  • The AR Social network uses APIs that will allow its contents to be shared in social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and email as well.


Arround solution is the future of augmented reality and will gradually become the backbone of the next-generation AR technologies. The development team proposes to make its initial launch in Russia and gradually expand to Europe, Southeast Asia and North America by the end of 2021.


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Arround ICO Information

  • Token: ARR
  • Price: 1 ARR = 0.035 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Dash
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD
  • Duration:  2018-09-15 to 2018-11-15

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