Coindaily is devoted to the primary market of blockchain projects, and determined to provide one-stop blockchain primary market information diffusion (including ratings), investment decision consultancy, post-investment tracking and management services, and other project- specific customized services for global investors and project parties. We aim at providing users with a friendly, open, and interactive primary market integrated service platform, thus making our own contributions to the prosperity and development of the blockchain primary market industry.
The total amount of the DAILY will be capped by 20 billion with no intention of further issuance. 3.8% of the which will be allocated for the Community Give Back Round, 18.8% for Private Placements, 15.4% for the Cornerstone Investors, 13.0% for Community Rewards and Promotion, 20.0% for the Foundation Reserve, 11.7% for Early Contributors, 9.2% for Platform Development and Operation, and 8.1% for the Team and Advisors.


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