If you are mining any of the popular Equihash variants for GPU you might want to check the latest lolMiner 0.43 as it is an OpenCL miner for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs that supports Equihash 144.5 (ASF, BTG, BTCZ, LitecoinZ, HeptaCoin, Safecoin, Snowgem, ZEL), Equihash 96.5 (Minexcoin) and Equihash 192.7 (ZERO & SafeCash). The main feature of the latest version is the addition of support for the 192.7 algorithm used by oins such as Zero (ZER) and SafeCash (SCASH), there are of course multiple fixes and improvements applied as well. You can find the full changelog of the lolMiner 0.43 below. The lolMiner 0.43 is a closed source miner available wih binary only releases for Windows and Linux. Do note that there is also a built-in developer fee, Equihash 144.5 and 192.7 should have 2% fee and Equihash 96.5 is with 1% fee.

lolMiner 0.43 Changelog:
– Added 192/7 Algorithm (Zero and SafeCash)
– Added support for zergpool Equihash 144.5 auto profit switching
– Added switch to disable memory check ( This allows 144.5 and 192.7 mining on Nvidia 3G and 4G GPUs )
– Fixed support for open source Linux drivers
– Fixed a bug with miner not starting without config file
– Fixed a bug with miner not starting up (hanging in setup)
– Shortened the target printing to the first 16 characters
– Added some colors (very subdued )

For more information and to download the latest lolMiner 0.43 OpenCL Equihash GPU miner…

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