Crypto advertising will get a new boost soon, with the expected launch of the CryptoAdSolution AdExchange scheduled for 2020. The distributed and decentralized ad exchange will replace the existing ad models with a new platform that is transparent, focused on the crypto community and a tool to reach out to the niche sets of promising potential clients.


Work on the CryptoAdSolution AdExchange is in full swing, inspired by the constraints put in place by major internet and social media platforms on crypto advertising and promotions. CryptoAdSolution AdExchange will be based on the Stratis blockchain that allows for adding private side chains, and smart contracts built using C#.


Currently, CryptoAdSolution is serving its advertisement packages on a vast scale, able to attract 99% crypto-related traffic. The ad package offer an ad share of 20% in CADS coins, and are priced at USD 50 each. The packages can be bought at discounted prices from the upcoming pre-sale along with CADS coins.


“With the AdExchange, we also want to use smart contracts to auction advertising space on our platform. It is always in high demand, because the best advertising spaces are in great demand. Furthermore, we have bought a large number of advertising spaces and reserved them for our community,” said a spokesperson for CryptoAdSolution.


CryptoAdSolution is also buying new advertising space, and the AdExchange will also see the launch of a decentralized auction using smart contracts. The AdExchange simplified the complex process of selecting ads, tracking them, and bidding and payment, all of which can be described using smart contracts on the Stratis blockchain.


CryptoAdSolution is a pioneer in the crypto advertising and marketing space, having launched its new ecosystem to create a global marketplace for the crypto community. The CADS coin will have a total supply of 100 million, and the platform will allow crypto projects to reach their intended audience through banners, email lists, videos, PPC and search engine optimization. CryptoAdSolution is also scheduled to launch a mobile advertising platform soon.


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