The Apollo18 Token (A18) seeks to continue the innovation of the cryptocurrency space, expand the infrastructure, and further secure the network. Apollo18’s scaling roadmap utilizes affordable real estate, cheap electricity, and system efficiency. Employing tested data center configurations, Apollo18’s silos will maximize efficiency while minimizing footprint. The Launch Pad, Apollo18’s Research & Development arm, will focus on invention and innovation in the cryptocurrency space. Decentralization is the key to cryptocurrency.


Apollo18’s goal is to lower the barrier of entry for miners by creating cases that are more of a “plug and play” experience, smart power supplies that provide output, and mining pools that benefit the community more than the server administrator. The Launch Pad’s roadmap is dynamic and will constantly be growing and changing. Ultimately, the goal is to forge a new, better path for cryptocurrency mining, fortify the community and, as a result, further secure the blockchain.

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